tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 02

Stars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 02


As in the previous chapter, this story is intended to be read as a script. Remember: all feedback is welcome!

Have fun!


Lorelei hurries down the stairs, dressed in a short magenta skirt, white blouse and black jacket, still fixing her hair. As she steps into her high heels, she notices the big piles of study materials and handwritten papers all over the living room - remembering that Paris is crashing in Rory's room, as Yale midterms are rapidly approaching. Not wanting to wake the girls any sooner than necessary, she strolls through the house as quietly as possible, gathering her things. A few minutes later, she sneaks out of the house through the front door, with her purse in one hand and a stack of legal documents and her car keys in the other. As she walks towards her car, she notices Kirk -- wearing a grey postal uniform - stepping up to their mailbox. With his usual enthusiasm and a sort of childish pride, he makes a few grand gestures to show off his uniform and says: "Top of the morning to you, Lorelei!"

Lorelei: "Same to you Kirk." as she briefly glances at him and recognizes several of the large envelopes in his sack. She walks over to him and says: "I'll take those Kirk."

Kirk looks at her dumbfounded and says: "Can't do that Lorelei, I don't even know who they're for!"

Lorelei: "Kirk, I recognize those envelopes... I have been expecting them for days; trust me, they're for me!"

Kirk: "And I have nothing but your word on that, do I?"

Lorelei: "That, and the address labels!" as she reaches out for the envelopes.

Kirk takes a step back, genuinely surprised and confused by her action and states in a formal, decisive voice: "Lorelei, I must ask you not to touch the mail; you almost committed a Federal offense!"

Lorelei: "It's a Federal offense to touch my own mail?"

Kirk: "I have not yet established that the envelopes in question are in fact addressed to you Lorelei, and even if they were, the forementioned envelopes remain the property of the Federal postal service until I've transferred custody of the envelopes to you by putting them in your mailbox!"

Lorelei snorts and says: "You know, I would love to play this game with you Kirk, but I've got an early meeting to which I am running late... and that meeting would go a lot smoother if I had the plans and cost projections which are in those envelopes, so please give me my mail!"

Kirk: "Come to think of it, I heard quite a funny story..."

Lorelei, fed up with all his musings and delusions: "Oh my god Kirk, I really wasn't kidding about being late and I really need those cost projections; I can't even begin to describe how much I do not want to hear your funny story, so please give me those envelopes before I do something I might regret!"

Kirk: "Threatening a postal employee in the line of duty is a serious offense, Lorelei."

Lorelei looks at him dead serious and takes a moment to compose herself, weighing her options.

Several minutes later, Rory wakes up and takes a quick peek through the window. Seeing the car still parked in front of the house, she stumbles into the kitchen -- wearing grey cotton pajama shorts and a matching top - then down the hall and into the living room, looking for her mom. After calling out to her a few times and a quick look upstairs, Rory decides to have one final look outside before giving up the search. Yawning, she walks into the hallway and opens the front door. What she sees, wakes her up immediately: Kirk is clutching their mailbox, his pants and briefs pulled down to his ankles, while her Lorelei is frantically jerking his -- surprisingly - huge dick; her car keys, purse and the stack of papers are on the ground next to the mailbox. Rory crosses her arms to fight the morning cold and walks over to them, asking: "Mom, what the hell?"

Lorelei, without letting go of Kirk's cock, turns her head and says: "Help!"

Rory: "What are you doing? Well, I can see what... but why?"

Lorelei: "Believe me, the alternative was worse!"

Then she grabs Rory's hand and places it on Kirk's cock, replacing her own hand. Quick as a cat, she grabs all of her stuff, as well as the envelopes from his sack and says: "Mommy's very late, I've gotta go!"

As she watches her mom run to her car, barely holding everything together, Rory shouts: "Hey, no fair... why do I have to finish what you started?"

Lorelei: " I'll make it up to you tonight, I promise!" as she opens the car and throws everything in the back seat.

Meanwhile the sudden lack of stimulus has caused Kirk to wake up from his pleasure induced blackout. He briefly looks at Rory - holding his dick - then at Lorelei and shouts: "Hey, what's going on, you can't just..."

Rory's hand immediately starts flying up and down his hard shaft, not only shutting him up, but also making him tighten his grip around their mailbox. Lorelei, already in the car, turns on the engine and waves at Rory as she drives off. Feeling the cold, morning breeze against her skin and through her cotton pajama's, Rory realizes that she's seriously underdressed for the occasion and asks: "Kirk, can I finish you off inside?"

Kirk: "I am not allowed to enter a private residence without proper cause during work hours, unless there is a clear and present danger to the inhabitants or..."

Rory, already regretting having asked that question: "Never mind Kirk!" and drops to her knees, sucking his hard cock into her mouth and starts bobbing her head up and down feverishly, while still jerking the base of his cock.

Inside the house, the noise of the Lorelei's car driving off has woken up Paris. Following the cold draft entering the house from the front door - left open by Rory a few minutes earlier - Paris eventually ends up on the porch in her purple, silk nighty and can't believe her eyes.

Paris: "My god Gilmore, have you no shame or decency?"

Rory lets Kirk's cock slip out of her mouth, just long enough to yell: "Paris, can you please bring me my coat?"

Paris - very annoyed - turns around and walks towards the coat rack, whispering: "Sure, how about a cup of coffee and some cookies while I am at it?"

After putting on her own coat and grabbing Rory's, she walks outside and heads for the mailbox.

Paris: "The mail man Rory, really? I mean, the pizza delivery guys... I can understand; at least they had a certain physical attractiveness, but Forrest Gump over here?"

Rory: "Be nice Paris."

As Paris hands her her coat, Rory looks up -- as she keeps wanking -- and asks: "Can you take over for a minute?"

Paris: "You can't possibly be serious!"

Rory: "Come on, just for a minute."

Paris: "Don't let my hard nipples fool you Gilmore, they are merely a reflection of the freezing temperature and not of my state of physical arousal... so in other words; I think I'll pass!"

Rory: "Then how do you propose I put my coat on?"

Paris: "Try growing a third hand... use your feet, I really don't care, but I am not touching... that!"

Rory: "Come on, you don't want him to loose his erection do you?"

Paris: "It can fall off for all I care, I feel a spontaneous rash coming on from just looking at it!"

Rory: "Please, please, please... don't make me beg Paris, you know I will!"

Paris: "O for crying out loud!" as she puts her hand on top of Rory's.

Rory smiles and redraws her hand, staying on her knees while she puts on her coat; meanwhile Paris continues the hand job - a lot faster and more powerful than Rory - while she ostentatiously looks way from Kirk and whispers: "I swear: how you and the rest of this backwater town have never been on Jerry Springer, I'll never understand!"

Kirk, immediately reacting to the new technique, opens his eyes, looks up at Paris and stutters: "Who... who are you?"

Paris, very annoyed with the situation, turns to him and snaps: "The tooth fairy okay?"

Her foul mouth combined with the fact that she's tugging his dick a lot harder than Rory, sets Kirk off almost instantly; without any warning, he begins ejaculating long, thick, gooey strands of cum all over Paris' naked legs. She goes ballistic and shouts: "Are you freaking kidding me! Now you're cumming?"

After looking at Kirk's contorted face for a second, she realizes she's not going to get a coherent answer from him any time soon and so turns to Rory - who has just realized what's going on and jumps out of the way -- and repeats her rhetorical question: "Now he's cumming?"

Rory, safely out of his line of fire, gets up and finishes putting on her coat while she replies: "Don't look at me, I didn't know he was going to explode so suddenly."

Although genuinely offended and angry, Paris keeps tugging hard at his dick and shouts: "Do you see what this garden gnome is doing to me?" as the both of them look down at Kirk's cock, shooting squirt after squirt of thick cum all over Paris' legs.

Rory, truly impressed: "Wow Kirk, been saving up huh?"

"Stop encouraging him!" Paris shouts. As her irritation surges, so does her rate of tugging as she really starts milking him now. Kirk grasps the mailbox even tighter and really hangs onto it - his eyes clenched shut, his mouth half open without producing a single sound -- as his knees are starting to give way.

Rory: "How was I encouraging him, I was just asking if..."

Paris: "Just be quiet, haven't you done enough?"

Rory: "You're not seriously blaming me for this?"

Paris: "I'd blame Humpty Dumpty over here, but I doubt that he can tie his own shoe laces without an instruction manual and a personal coach, so excuse me for questioning his ability to time an orgasm within a three-second window."

Paris looks down and - noticing that Kirk's spurting has diminished to a trickle - changes her grip, substituting her tugging for a wild, shaking motion and jiggles out the last few drops.

Rory: "Maybe it's your medievally crude and brutal wanking technique."

Paris: "Oh, so now there's something wrong with my technique?" as she continues to wobble his half-hard dick in her half-open fist, sending the last specks of cum flying in all directions.

Rory: "Not if you're milking a yak..." as she ducks to avoid several drops being catapulted towards her.

Paris, with a massive amount of cum already running down her thighs and legs, ignores the few droplets that are splattering against her purple nightdress and replies: "You know Gilmore, I may not spent six hours a day on my knees like you and your mom, but at least my technique is good enough to accomplish in merely five seconds what the two of you couldn't pull off in several minutes!"

Rory: "That's not fair, mom and I laid all the ground work!"

Having noticed that Kirk is completely drained, Paris releases her grip, causing Kirk to drop to his knees and collapse flat on his back, completely exhausted and used up. As both girls turn and start walking back towards the house - not even giving Kirk another look - Paris says: "No one remembers a good pass Rory, only the winning goal!"

Rory: "Everything has to be a competition with you, doesn't it?"

Paris: "Life itself is a competition Rory. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go burn these clothes and take a three hour shower... with sulfuric acid!"

[fade to black]

Several hours later across town, at the Inn.

Having finished her meeting only a few minutes ago, Lorelei takes the prospective investors on a complementary tour of the gardens as well as the immediate countryside, giving Sookie ample time to prepare some of her famous culinary treats. About twenty minutes later, Lorelei wraps up the sightseeing and escorts her guests to the dining area where coffee, tea and several types of sweets are awaiting them. While talking to one of the prospective investors, she suddenly hears and recognizes her mother's voice coming from the kitchen; she excuses herself as quickly as possible and hurries over to the reception desk, where Michel is sipping from his cup of coffee and browsing through the New York Times.

Lorelei: "My mother is here? Why didn't you tell me?"

Michel: "I thought you were expecting her. Besides I have other things to do than to inform you of your mother's whereabouts!" in his French, nasal tone of voice, not even taking his eyes off his newspaper.

Lorelei: "Yes, I can see you're positively swamped."

At that moment Emily walks out of the kitchen, saying: "Thank you Sookie, I am sure it will..."

Lorelei: "The DAR party... she's here for Sookie... maybe she'll forget about me and walk straight out."

Michel, flipping a page: "I've already told her you were here and that you were free all afternoon."

Lorelei: "Remind me to fire you!"

Michel, completely uninterested, taking another sip from his coffee: "You can't fire me, I am part owner."

Lorelei: " Then remind me to have you killed!" as she moves behind the reception, out of sight of the dining area, from where her mother is no doubt approaching.

Michel looks at Lorelei and says: "Why are you behind the counter, you can't be behind the counter!"

As Sookie and Emily walk into the central hallway, Emily turns to Sookie and asks: "Sookie, have you seen Lorelei, that handsome receptionist told me she was around and not doing anything in particular this afternoon; I would love to sit down with her and go over all the details one last time."

Upon hearing that, Lorelei panics and steps further behind the counter, squatting down.

Michel: "Now what are you doing?"

Lorelei, only half kidding: "Shut up, I am very angry with you!"

Realizing that Michel is going to rat her out the first chance he gets, she decides to make a preemptive move to limit his options; moving between him and the counter, Lorelei quickly unbuttons and unzips his pants. Taken aback by this unexpected turn of events, Michel tries to stop her by slapping her hands and moving around, but eventually she manages to pull his pants down all the way and whispers: "If you rat me out, you'll have to explain why you're in your underwear!"

Michel: "Have you completely lost your mind?"

Before he can bend or squat down to pull up his pants again, Sookie and Emily walk into the reception area.

Sookie: "Michel, have you seen Lorelei?"

Michel moves as close to the counter as possible, trying desperately to hide the fact that he's in his underwear, bringing his crotch to within an inch of Lorelei's face.

Michel, nervously: "She was here not two minutes ago, she can't have gone far!"

Sookie: "You stay here Emily, I'll go and have a look around."

Emily: "Thank you Sookie." as she sits down and starts browsing through a magazine, three meters from the reception desk.

Meanwhile Michel's dick is starting to bulge, slowly closing the gap to Lorelei's face. Instead of simply moving her head out of the way, she starts to squeeze Michel's bulge, making him squirm uneasily and causing his underwear to expand even more. Using both hands, she suddenly yanks his briefs down in one quick motion, causing his hard cock to bounce up and smack her in the face. Lorelei gasps and smiles as she shuffles into a better position, slightly tilting her head; preparing to take his throbbing erection into her hot mouth. Realizing what she's up to, Michel moves his hands around his pole, trying to keep it away from Lorelei's lips. With Emily sitting not too far away, the activity Michel can get away with without arousing suspicion is limited; as a result, Lorelei quickly gains the upper hand in the struggle and slides her mouth over his fat shaft in one big plunge. Overwhelmed by sexual feelings, Michel slams both his fists on the counter and shouts: "Oh my goodness!"

Emily is startled, reaches for her heart and says: "For heaven's sake, what in the world is the matter with you?" Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

Squirming as Lorelei's head is bobbing up and down his tool, Michel stutters: "I am so sorry Mrs. Gilmore, I just remembered that your daughter... had an urgent appointment with um... the Stars Hollow Historical Society regarding some administrative problem."

Emily: "Well, you could have just told me instead of trying to kill me!"

Michel: "Again, I am very sorry Mrs. Gilmore."

Emily gets up and says: "Fine, just tell her I stopped by!"

Michel: "Off course Mrs. Gilmore!"

Just when she's about to walk through the front door, Sookie comes down the stairs and says: "Emily, where are you going?"

Emily: "Your receptionist, who clearly has some psychological problems, just remembered that Lorelei had an appointment with some sort of Historical society."

Sookie: "Well, her car is still parked out front, so she must still be on the premises; I suggest we split up and look for her... Michel, if you see Lorelei, tell her to stay put!"

Michel, suppressing a moan: "You can count on it."

As Sookie heads for the kitchen, Emily walks outside and says: "This is ridiculous; I can't even talk to my own daughter without having to play a game of hide and seek first!"

Meanwhile Lorelei keeps sucking off Michel, as she brings both her hands into play as well, cupping his balls with her left hand and jerking the base of his tool with her right. Shortly afterwards, Rory walks in -- wearing jeans, a white blouse and a brown jacket - and after taking a quick look around, she walks up to Michel and asks: "Hi Michel, have you seen mom?"

Before Michel has a chance to respond, Lorelei -- having recognizing Rory's voice - raises her left hand and waves briefly, without taking Michel's dick out of her mouth.

"Mom?" Rory exclaims as she hurries around the desk.

When she sees her mother squatted down - her back resting against the reception desk - sucking and jerking off Michel for all she's worth, Rory gasps shocked and whispers: "Oh my god!"

Lorelei briefly takes Michel's dick out of her mouth - but keeps jerking him - and says: "Quickly, come here, hide!"

Rory: "Hide? From what?"

At that moment, Emily's voice resounds as she's walking back in.

"Unbelievable! It's like she's vanished into thin air!"

Rory, recognizing her grandma's voice, catches on and ducks behind the counter. Out of instinct, Rory makes herself as small as possible: her back against the desk, legs pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees, glancing at Michel's huge cock sliding in and out of her mother's eager mouth.

Rory: "Why do I get the feeling I'll be sharing this experience with my shrink years from now."

Lorelei looks at Rory and asks, without taking Michel's rod out of her mouth: "You wanna have a go?"

Rory: "God mom, no!"

Worried she's hurt his feelings, Rory quickly adds: "No offense Michel, I am sure you taste great!"

Hearing Rory say those words, sets Michel off immediately.

As he starts to moan and tremble on his feet, Lorelei lets his dick slip out of her mouth and wanks him off eagerly, under the captivated gaze of her daughter. Michel grips the desk with both hands and grunts as a massive load of cum is rushing up through his tube; because of Lorelei's wild jerking, his cum blasts out in all directions, not only splattering Lorelei full in the face and staining her black jacket, but also sullying Rory's clothes, arms and face in the process. Rory squints her eyes, glancing over at Michel's spurting cock, but doesn't budge as dozens of drops land all over her skin and clothing. Calmly she says: "Eeew... mom, couldn't you swallow?"

Lorelei, beating the last rounds of cum out of Michel's prick onto her magenta skirt: "Hey, I already swallowed four loads during the meeting this morning, I can't gobble up any more cum without some coffee first.

What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were studying all day with Paris."

At that exact moment Sookie and Emily walk back into the main hall.

Sookie: "That's it, I give up! We've looked everywhere!"

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