tagCelebrities & Fan FictionStars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 03

Stars Hollow: Forbidden Scenes Ch. 03


As in the previous chapter, this story is intended to be read as a script. Remember: all feedback is welcome!

Have fun!


Lorelei and Rory are having breakfast at Luke's, when Lane storms in and puts on her apron, without saying anything to anyone, just mumbling to herself in an angry, aggressive tone. Luke, sensing trouble, watches her for a minute as she clears a few tables, then takes her notebook and walks up to some waiting customers: an elderly couple.

"Welcome to Luke's dinner, can I take your order please?" she asks, with an obvious fake cheerfulness in her voice.

"I simply don't know, everything looks so good..." the old lady says.

Lane starts tapping her pen on her notebook, trying to get the couple to speed up their order.

The old man says: "Could we have another minute young lady?"

Lane: "How long does it take you to read the menu, there are like ten items on the damn thing!"

Luke puts down his notebook and storms over to Lane's table, immediately apologizing to the couple for Lane's rude behavior while he forcefully yanks her away from the table.

Lane: "Hey, what is your problem?"

Luke pulls her behind the counter and says: "I could ask you the same question, this is a place of business... my business; do you know how a diner works, let me spell it out for you: we give the customers food and they give us money, that money I need to buy food, gas and clothes... it's usually a good idea to treat customers like decent human beings so they would want to come back and buy more of my food. Your behavior is not exactly helping in that area right now, so either get it together or pack up and go home!"

Lane becomes hysterical and shouts: "Me, me, me... that's all you men think about; what about me, what about my needs, why doesn't someone ask me what I want... noooo, Lane'll be all right, she'll work, clean, wait on me hand and foot and take all the crap I give her, because Lane is a push-over, she won't make a fuss!"

Luke grabs her by the arm and says: "That's it!" as he literally drags her behind him, up the stairs; she doesn't stop screaming all the way till they reach his office upstairs. He slams the door shut, releases his grip on her arm and says: "Listen, you're a damn good waitress, so I am going to give you one last chance; you're not getting out of this office until we've resolved whatever it is that's bothering you!"

Without missing a beat, Lane starts ranting again, pacing up and down his office: "It's Zack, we've been fighting for three days straight now, well, fighting is a big word considering he prefers to sulk on the couch playing the same accord on his guitar over and over again, instead of having a adult conversation... I can't take it anymore, at least when I lived with my mother I was being yelled at all the time; at least there was some form of communication going on, but now it's like I am living with a guitar-playing mime!"

Luke: "Dare I ask what the fight was about this time?"

Lane, taking just enough time to breath: "That's just it, I don't think either of us can remember... I mean I get mad at him like every other day for something: for not putting the toilet seat down, for masturbating on the bed that we both sleep in, for not cleaning up the empty pizza boxes, for buying beer when there's hardly enough money to buy vegetables..."

Luke, realizing that she's not going to stop talking any time soon, decides to handle things his way and walks up to her, reaching for her apron and undoing the knot in the back, then pulling it over her head and dropping it on the floor.

Lane: "... playing video games for hours and then complaining that I don't put out; maybe if he helped me with the dishes once in a while, or picked up a broom once a week I might be more in the mood to help him out, you know..."

Luke steps in front of her -- stopping her pacing -- and grabs the hem of her T-shirt with both hands, pulling it up and over her breasts, then over her head; although Lane raises her arms to facilitate him, she just continues yapping without as much as a hint of protest.

Lane: "... but instead he spends every waking minute of the day in that garage, practicing with Brian... I mean, I am also in the band; why does he get to practice whenever he wants and I am stuck doing all the housework and all the chores..."

Luke reaches his arms around her and unclasps her ruby red bra, gently sliding the straps off of her shoulders, then the whole bra down her arms until it falls onto the floor.

Lane: "... the band hasn't had a decent gig in like forever, but still he insists on practicing every moment of his free time like he's going to Woodstock or something..."

Luke reaches down, unbuttons and unzips her jeans, then squats down, trying his best not to go crazy from her insistent yapping. As she first lifts up her left foot, then her right one - allowing Luke to take off her shoes and pull her jeans off completely -- Lane continues: "Maybe if we were making some money from our gigs, but we're barely breaking even; it sure isn't enough to compensate for all the beers he's pouring down lately!"

Luke gets back up and looks her up and down for a while, undoing his zipper and taking out his half-hard cock, tugging on it until it's completely erect and throbbing.

Lane, standing there in nothing but her white socks and her rube red panties: "You'd think that for someone who's got nothing else to do all the day long than to play guitar and drink beer, he'd be able to remember our anniversary; I would have settled for some flowers or a box of chocolates, but nothing: not even a freaking card!"

Luke puts his hand on her naked back and guides her to the table, where he gives her a little push so that she leans forward, both hands on the table; he pulls her panties down to around her knees and then uses his right hand to guide his throbbing cock in between her ass cheeks, probing for the entrance to her pussy.

Lane: "On the other hand, I should be used to it by now: he forgets every birthday, every anniversary; he even forgot about Valentine... and then he tried to get out of it by saying that it was just a commercial conspiracy and that it wasn't rock-'n-roll to buy stuffed animals or chocolates for the misses..."

Once he finds her pussy, he roughly penetrates her in one big push.

Lane: "And heaven [moan] forbids he should do anything that's [moan] not rock-'n-roll [moan]..."

After getting his whole cock inside of her, Luke establishes a slow, steady pace, focusing on depth instead of speed.

Lane: "And then this morning he [moan] had the audacity [moan] to ask me if it's [moan] the wrong time of the month [moan] because [moan] I am [moan] physically un- [moan] -available..."

Lane's accommodating demeanor is huge turn-on for Luke, causing his dick to grow even thicker and provide Lane with more friction and pleasure; she, however, doesn't let up and although she's constantly gasping for air, she just continues her monologue.

Lane: "With Zack it's [moan] always me, me, [moan] me and never [moan] about [moan] anyone [moan oh god] else... maybe my mom [moan] was right [moan], maybe I [moan] should forget [moan] about [moan] men, love [moan] and sex [oh fuck] all together and devote [moan] my life to [moan] selling Antiques!"

Luke pushes her flat on the table and puts his hands on her waist, holding onto her as he slams his cock into her, as deep and as hard as he can.

Lane: "Or maybe I should [moan] just grab a bag pack and [moan] go and see something [moan] of the world [ooohh fuck yeah]; I use to daydream [moan] with Rory [moan] about all the [moan] places we'd be [moan] visiting when we [moan] got older, but [moan] we never [moan] got around [moan] to it... we always figured we'd start [moan] in Mexico [moan] and then..."

Luke pulls his cock out, turns her around and pushes her onto the table, on her back; he pulls her left leg up -- letting her left foot rest on his shoulder -- and slams his aching cock back in; he starts fucking her again, slowly reaching for her right leg and pulling that up as well, putting her right foot on his other shoulder.

Lane: "... Columbia [moan] Peru, Brazil [oh fuck] and finally onto [moan] Chile..."

With his head now between her feet, Luke slides his hands down her legs, over her belly towards her tits and starts rubbing and squeezing them very indelicately, while he continues to jackhammer his cock in and out of her wet, sopping pussy.

Lane: "... and then [moan] onto Europe [moan] London [moan] Paris [moan] Rome... but I [moan] guess [moan] that's [moan] never [moan] [moan] going to [moan] happen [moan] now... I can't [moan] even get [moan] him over to [oh god] [moan] [oh fuck] [oh fuck]"

Finally not talking anymore, Lane raises her head off the table and looks down at Luke's huge cock pounding away in her soaking wet pussy; after Luke bumps into her cervix a few more times, Lane explodes in orgasm and starts banging her fists on the table while her screams and moans are getting louder and louder; Luke picks up the pace and rams the 'poor' girl from one orgasm to the next.

Several minutes later, after holding back as long as he can, Luke grunts, pulls his cock out -- in the middle of one of Lane's orgasms -- and rushes over to her face, stroking his throbbing cock. Not three seconds later, he starts shooting thick, white ribbons all over Lane's face, glasses and hair. After staining and ruining her lovely face with his gooey cum, Luke stuffs his cock back in his pants and says: "Now get your whiny ass downstairs... you've got customers waiting."

Lane smiles and hops off the table and walks to the sink, saying: "Yes boss."

As she takes off her glasses and begins scooping off the cum from her face, Luke says: "And tell that boyfriend of yours he's a freaking idiot; how he ever got his hands on a hot piece of tail like you, I'll never understand!"

Lane dries off her face and walks towards him, presses her naked body against him and whispers: "Just so you know, boss: this piece of tail is yours..."

She takes his hand and guides it towards her bare pussy, whispering: "Anytime..."

As she uses her own fingers to open up her pussy and guides two of Luke's fingers inside of her, she whispers: "Anywhere..."

Pulling his fingers out and pushing them back in, over and over again, she softly whispers: "However you want..."

Luke, enjoying her lewd behavior, lets her play with his fingers for about twenty seconds and then smacks his free hand on her left butt cheek: "Got it, now get dressed and get to work, before I fire your Korean ass."

Lane, with a big smile on her face, starts putting her clothes back on and cleans her glasses in a hurry, then follows Luke down the stairs and back into the diner, where she picks up her notebook and starts serving customers all cheerful and happy.

After watching Lane for a minute or so, Lorelei gets up and walks up to the counter, where Luke has assumed his usual position, scribbling in his notebook; after her presence goes unnoticed for several seconds, she puts her hands on the counter and says: "Hi!"

Luke, not looking up: "Hi."

Lorelei: "Hey, uh... remember me? Your girlfriend!"

Luke, looking up from his notebook, says: "Off course I do, what..."

Lorelei: "Then why were you fucking Lane upstairs?"

Luke: "What? How did you..."

Lorelei: "Are you kidding me? For starters, there is no way that kind of mood change happened by just talking to her, secondly she's been walking like John Wayne since she got back down and thirdly, she's no longer wearing any make-up... you came on her face, didn't you?"

Luke: "You saw how she behaved when she came in, how rude she was to the customers; then I tried talking to her and she just started yelling at me!"

Lorelei: "So that's how you solve your problems, by fucking her brains out? Maybe next time Rory and I don't see eye to eye, I should just go down on her until she gives in, huh?"

Luke: "That's not what..." as he stops in mid-sentence, picturing the scene, staring idly in front of him.

Lorelei, realizing what he's thinking about: "Oh my god, that's turning you on isn't it?"

Instead of answering, Luke just gawks at Rory -- sitting at their table, sucking milkshake through a straw, unaware that she's presently the subject of his sexual fantasies.

Lorelei, after following Luke's gaze for a second: "Really? I am standing right here!"

Shamelessly, Luke looks her straight in the eye and asks: "Wanna go upstairs?"

Lorelei, more than a tad annoyed: "Let me get this straight: first, you fuck Lane and you blow your load on her face -- all incredibly indiscreetly I might add -- then you openly lust after Rory, and now you want me to go upstairs with you... you've got to be freaking kidding me!"

Without giving him time to respond, Lorelei continues: "If you think for even one second that..."

Calm and assertive Luke interrupts her and says: "Say, you know any good food delivery guys?" [see chapter 1]

Lorelei stops in mid-sentence and looks at him, unsure of how to react.

Luke: "Or maybe we should ask Michel how he feels about the issue?" [see chapter 2]

Lorelei, realizing there's only one person with knowledge of both events, says: "Apparently her legs is not the only thing Rory can't keep closed..."

Luke remains silent and just looks at her with a smug smile on his face.

Lorelei sighs, looks at her watch and says: "Fine, but just a quickie; I have to be at the Inn around nine!"

As Luke walks towards the stairs, Lorelei turns to Rory and says: "I'll deal with you later, you little traitor."

Confused, Rory looks up at her mom, still having the straw in her mouth.

As Lorelei passes Luke -- holding open the curtain separating the diner from the private area -- he says: "You know, she can come too you know..."

Not even looking at him as she passes him, Lorelei reaches to the side of her skirt to zip it open and says: "Don't push it!"

* fade to black *

Rory arrives at her grandma's house, gets out of her car and hurries to door, only to hear her mother's voice: "Rory, wait up."

Rory: "Mom? What are you doing here? I am twenty minutes late, why aren't you inside yet?"

Lorelei: "And face the music on my own, no thank you..."

Rory: "But it's freezing out here."

Lorelei: "It's also freezing in there, at least here a warm winter coat can protect me."

Rory, as she rings the door bell: "So, you've just been sitting in your car the whole time?"

Lorelei: "It's a comfortable car..."

They smile at one another for a second until Emily comes and opens the door.

Rory: "I am sorry grandma, traffic was horrible!"

Emily: "Hello Rory."

Lorelei: "Yes, it was a real..."

Emily: "Don't bother Lorelei, I saw your car pull up about thirty-three minutes ago..." as she walks into the living room and yells out: "Richard, they're here!"

Lorelei: "Busted!"

Edwardo, the current hired help, walks up to them and takes their coats.

Rory is wearing a dark blue dress - with virtually no cleavage - down to the knees and some elegant high heels.

Lorelei is dressed in a burgundy - tight-fitting -- dress, showing some considerable cleavage, and legs -- considering her dress ends halfway up her upper legs, more towards her ass than her knees. Brownish stockings and black boots complete her ensemble.

"So Rory, how 's Yale?" Emily inquires from the living room.

Rory turns and starts walking towards her grandmother, formulating an answer. As Lorelei turns to follow Rory, she suddenly gets a hard slap on her butt from Edwardo; baffled, she stops and turns around to look at him. Unabashed he reaches out, squeezes one of her prominent boobs and winks at her, making a few lust-fueled, biting gestures with his mouth, completely confusing Lorelei as she resumes moving towards the living room, not taking her eyes off Edwardo and thus entering the living room a bit awkwardly. She's a little shaken up, but by the time she sits down on the couch next to Rory, she's put the whole incident behind her: after all, she's used to a lot more!

A few minutes later Edwardo walks in, carrying a large silver platter full of hors d'oeuvres; he first offers the platter to Emily, who takes one and says: "Thank you Edwardo."

Then he walks over the Lorelei, offering her the platter. She looks at him a bit funny, but takes one and tries to follow the ongoing conversation between Rory and Emily. At that moment Richard walks in, greets them and heads straight for the liquor, pouring himself a whiskey.

As Emily strikes up a conversation about some Yale professor - designed to exclude Lorelei from the conversation -- Edwardo, instead of going round the couch, leans over Lorelei to offer the platter to Rory with one hand. Because Rory is looking up at Richard - reminiscing about the aforementioned professor - she doesn't immediately notice the platter, giving Edwardo the opportunity to place his free hand on Lorelei's boob, again. The well chosen position of the platter prevents anyone from seeing his hand as it gently squeezes and massages Lorelei's boob, even finding and softly tweaking her nipple, making it fully erect. Chewing uncomfortably on the hors d'oeuvre, Lorelei glances down at his hand and gently places her hand on top of his, guiding it off her breast, as she tries to draw as little attention to herself as possible. Meanwhile Emily and Richard are having a difference of opinion about some of the finer details of Richard's story, prompting Rory to look away for a second. Finally, she notices the tray and takes an hors d'oeuvre, forcing Edwardo to move. As he walks up to Richard, Lorelei leans in closer to Rory and whispers: "Edwardo slapped my ass!"

Rory: "What? When?"

Lorelei: "Before, when he took my coat... and then he squeezed my boob."

Rory: "What?"

Lorelei: "Yeah, and just now he did again while you were taking forever with those appetizers-thingies!"

Rory glances down at her mother's cleavage and says: "Bad Edwardo!"

Lorelei, crossing her arms to hide her erect nipple: "Yes, very bad Edwardo!"

Meanwhile, the different interpretation of the same event is causing more and more friction between Emily and Richard, prompting him to walk towards the study in search of evidence to support his view. A fuming Emily scurries after him and they end up starting another discussion in the hallway. While Lorelei turns in the couch and leans a little towards Rory to catch a glimpse of her parents arguing, Edwardo puts down his platter and walks in between Rory and the coffee table, unzipping and unbuttoning his pants as he positions himself right behind Lorelei's turned head. Rory's eyes grow big as he sees Edwardo taking out his cock, already huge in its half-erect state. As he aims his tool at the back of Lorelei's head, Rory's eyes dart between Edwardo's face and his hand stroking his growing, bulging shaft, as she gasps: "Oh my..."

A few seconds later, as she turns her head back to face Rory, Lorelei whispers: "I'll bet you five bucks they'll..."

She stops talking as Edwardo's big cock pushes against her lips and into her half-open mouth; it takes her a few seconds to lean back, making it slip back out. Startled, she looks at him and his big cock, wondering how that huge piece of meat ended up in her mouth. Slowly and tenderly, Edwardo places his free hand on top of Lorelei's head and nudges it closer. As she allows her head to be drawn in closer, Lorelei glances at Rory, slightly turning her head towards her and while the women are looking into each other's eyes, Edwardo softly lays his huge cock on Lorelei's face; his big, hard shaft reaching from her chin all the way to her hairline!

Impressed by the size of the thing, Lorelei's mouth falls open in awe and Rory smiles widely, mesmerized by what's going on right in front of her. After about ten seconds, Edwardo takes his cock off of Lorelei's face, prompting her watering mouth to open -- ready to wrap her eager lips around it. But Edwardo has other plans: he simply takes two steps to the right so he's standing in front of Rory now.

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