"That's it. That's the way you get fucked, Erica."

Erica groaned and looked over at me with a sinister smile. Her hips moved against his cock. She was fucking him back now. I stood unable to move, my heart racing as every thrust between them did more to my filthy need.

I wanted to strip down and join them.

Ronnie leaned forward and sucked a titty into his teeth. I could hear him suckle and swallow. The sheer amount of her flesh that he pulled into his mouth looked painful. My eyes went to Erica's and she mouthed the words, "it's soooo good." She leaned her head back then and stroked his short hair while he sucked on her.

She breathed her cigarette with a limp hand while her thighs rocked up and down.

"I'm ready to shoot, girl," he announced and pulled his cock out of her.

"Where you wanna do it?" Erica asked as smoked rolled from her lips.

"Bring me something of Dan's," he grumbled. Dan was Erica's husband. Back in the day Harlan and me had played poker with them.

"Like what?"

"A shirt, hat, fuck I don't care. Just make sure it's clean so he'll wear it."

Erica nodded and reached for her pants.

"Fuck are you doin', girl?"

"Dressin'. I don't want the kids to see me naked," she said back.

Ronnie rolled his eyes and turned toward me. My eyes darted down to the view and then right back up. "Fucking Christ! Joy? Would you be a goddammed fucking angel and go back to Erica and Dan's room to bring me a fucking thing to shoot!?"

He said jump and I asked how high. I was down the hallway in a second. I was in their room with my next step. The bed wasn't made. Clothes were all over the floor.

I picked up a shirt and looked at it. It was dirty clothes.

Ronnie wanted it to be clean.

I dropped the shirt and went direct to the dresser. I threw open the different drawers and found fresh shirts in the third one.

I picked out a blue one and spun back for the bedroom door.

I strode past the children's room and noted that the door was shut for some reason.

I heard Ronnie speak as I got closer. "You can use yer teeth some. Just not a lot."

When I got back to the living room, I found Ronnie standing with his dick in front of Erica's mouth. I could see her tongue lapping around its head. She was gasping her delight as she kept him hard.

Ronnie had finished counting some twenty-dollar bills and pocketed them.

"Good," Ronnie said at me and shoved Erica into the couch. "You got this, Joy?"

I stepped between the coffee table and Erica. I walked right up to Ronnie with the shirt and stared into those pale green eyes.

"I got this, sweetheart," I said and I meant it.

With the shirt draped over my open palms, I reached down with both hands to touch his cock through Dan's cotton. With two hands I tugged on his cock, taking extra care to fondle the plum at the end.

"Wanna hear something funny, Joy?" He asked.


"I didn't hear you, Joy!"

"What's so funny?" I said at him, not looking at his cock, only feeling it.

"I have balls too, who the fuck knew that!?"

I kept one hand milking his fat banana and I reached down to find his enormous cherries. In the pubes I found his tight ball sac and I gave them a squeeze.

He smirked at me and I smiled back. I was drunk with lust and I knew it. He knew it too.

"I'd kiss your face, but you smell like ass, Joy."

I didn't care what he said. I was proud to have anything of his on my face.

"I think you got some shit on your face, Joy. My shit. Ha! Just kiddin', you look fantastic. I was kiddin' about your tits too earlier. I wanna suck 'em until they're covered up in black marks, Joy. Your lips look like they're built for cock. I want to shoot my goo right in your pretty brown eyes. I want to break your sexy big nose."

I was lost in his gaze as he spoke about my attributes.

He sighed and I heard Erica light a cigarette.

"Can I break your nose, Joy?" He asked. His breath shook with the gift I was about to receive in Dan's shirt. "Can I just fucking fuck up your nose in one punch? Would you let me do that for you?"

I said nothing, still milking his massive member. I swear that I could feel the blood rushing up his rolling pin through the blue shirt.

"Joy? I asked you a question."

My mouth fell agape and I felt my little pot respond again with the same abandonment it'd had enjoyed all afternoon. My wet panties had leaked my honey to my thighs. There was so much wetness that the silk couldn't hold it back no more. I knew the answer I wanted to give it like it was gospel.

"Yeah, sweetheart," I said with quiet gratitude. The rush I felt was the same I felt when I said "I do."

"Of course you can."

With my words, I felt his cock puke its load into Dan's shirt. I felt his pussy paint slam into the fabric. His jaw fell open with satisfaction as his batter filled the package in my hand.

Right then, Ronnie punched me hard in the nose. Erica very nearly burned me as I fell on her. We both heard Ronnie howl. I still had the shirt in my hand. I watched blood fall to my covered titties.

"Don't bleed on Dan's shirt, you dumb bitch!"

I immediately thrust the shirt at the coffee table.

Ronnie was putting his cock away and snickering.

Erica put her hands on my cheeks and turned me to face her. She was examining the damage to my nose. The burn of blood found its way to my smiling lips.

"He popped you good, Joy, but I don't think it's broken."

What she said with relief made me a little sad inside.

I heard the screendoor slam behind me. Ronnie had left.

"I gotta go," I pleaded with Erica. She nodded and handed me Kleenex from the coffee table.

Holding the tissue to my nose, I hurried out the door and after Ronnie.

He was waiting for me in the street with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. When I joined him, he handed me his lighter.

I lit his cigarette for him with my free hand.

Ronnie snatched his lighter back from my hand and resumed his walk up the street. I followed with both shoes untied.

I could see our neighbors were getting home in their pick up truck. Ronnie changed direction to go for their driveway.

"Hey Tom!" Ronnie shouted as the man stepped out of his vehicle.

I watched Jana hobble out of the passenger side. She wasn't very far along in her pregnancy. She was wearing a black scoop-top and Wranglers. Ronnie stepped right up next to Jana and spoke at Tom from across the truck.

"Ronnie, what're you up to?" Tom asked with the truck between them.

Ronnie slipped his hand down Jana's jeans. I could tell by her expression that he'd forced fingers into her. Jana's eyes closed and she unsnapped her jeans to give him more room to work with.

There was no way Tom could see.

With the force of Ronnie's intrusion, Jana fell against the truck and spread her legs for him. Her jet-black bangs covered her eyes as Ronnie fingered her.

"Nothin' Tom."

"Got a job yet?"

"No, sir," Ronnie said brightly as Jana writhed against his hand. .

"Any prospects?"

"Think I got something figured out," Ronnie turned to face Jana. "Your wife's sure filling out though."

"Yup. She's due in about four months."

It looked to me like Tom was about to go around the truck, so I walked closer to intercept him.

"Tom," I said and his face fell at the sight of me.

"Jesus Christ, Joy, what happened to your nose?"

"Ah, I... I fell down against some steps," I lied as I walked right up to his side of the truck.

"She can be clumsy, my future mom," Ronnie said with a whistle.

"Come on inside, and let's take a look," Tom said.

"That would be great of you. I don't want to impose," I grinned from under my Kleenex.

"It's nothing, come on inside," Tom insisted. I followed him up the steps. My heart skipped a beat when I realized Jana and Ronnie were right behind me. Ronnie was smacking her big tits. I sidestepped to obscure Tom's view of them.

"Wanna beer, Ronnie?" Tom asked putting his keys in the doorknob.

"I'll get it for 'im," Jana said. "You go on with Joy to the bathroom."

Jana's eyes were thick with lust as Ronnie rubbed and squeezed her tits with discretion. I could spy her nipples hard like yellow corn candy pushing out the dark shirt. Her pants were still unsnapped and she grinned at me when I noticed.

"You can't smoke in here," Tom mumbled at opened the door.

Tom went into the trailer and I stepped in right behind him.

Jana's place was always so clean. The few times I'd stopped by, it always felt like a museum. All of their furniture was new and looked like the plastic it'd come wrapped in had just then found its way to the dumpster.

"Come on back," Tom said and led me up their hallway to the bathroom that was almost exactly like mine model-wise. He took the tissue from my shaking fingers and I looked at myself in the mirror. Then I sat on the closed toilet seat.

"Do you think it's broken?" I asked with a dash of hope. The hope I heard in myself shocked me a little bit.

Tom examined it.

"No. I don't think so. Better wipe it down."

He ran the water in the sink and gathered some toilet paper from its holder. While I waited for him to wet the paper, I slipped my shoes off.

"That kid needs a job. Especially if he's plannin' on marryin' Maggie."

"He's a good kid," I defended. "You just have to know how he operates."

"I guess."

He dabbled my nose with the wet TP.

"It stopped bleedin'. That's good. Few days it'll probably be as good as new."

"It's gonna swell though, ain't it?"

"It's already doin' that."

I smiled at him and stood up from the toilet.

"I really like your linoleum," I remarked on the dull pattern. I started the new conversation because I thought Ronnie might want more time with Jana. I hoped if he needed use of her pussy that it wouldn't take very long.

"Yeah. Jana picked that out. Also changed out the toilet. Gonna do the tub next."

I looked down at the toilet. "That is nice."

"Yeah, it's that low pressure more energy conservation nonsense."

"Right. Harlan's been thinking about doin' that for us."

"It's nice."

"Real nice."

Tom motioned me ahead of him like a gentleman. There was no way I could delay him any longer. So I sighed heavily and stepped into the hallway.

I walked ahead of him. I was being quick, but trying not to let on. I hoped to see Jana and Ronnie sitting on the couch when I rounded the corner.

That wasn't what I saw.

Ronnie had Jana bent over their couch. With one hand he was pulling her hair back with enough force that his arm muscles were as tight as I'd ever seen. His other hand was pouring beer down his throat. His hips were flying into her harder and harder. She was taking his cock in total silence and it looked difficult for her to keep it that way.

Her tits were popped out of her scoop-top and bra. Ronnie had stretched the fabric down below them. I watched her exposed titties bounce with his pounding. They were so big that I could see the veins on them.

Tom was coming up right behind me.

Ronnie grinned at me. Jana looked nervous, but helpless to do anything other than get fucked.

I reached up and ripped the neck of Harlan's wife-beater straight down.

"Fuck!" I shouted and turned to block Tom.

"What the hell now, Joy?" Tom asked with a grin.

"I tore my shirt. Can I have one of Jana's?"

"Is that okay with her?"

I leaned my head back to see Jana's joyful, panting face. Ronnie with his shit-eating grin gave me thumbs up. She shouted "Yeah!"

Her shout was this side of a sexual cry.

I looked back at Tom.

"Lead the way!" I smiled.

He walked and I looked around the corner at Ronnie and Jana. I could see them profile. The slab of Ronnie's meat was slimy with the girl's fuck slick. His veins were proud and probably rubbing the insides of Jana perfectly. The two of them looked at me. Both had confident smirks on their faces because they were getting away with it. My chest felt tight and I wanted to watch and finger myself.

But there was Tom. I hurried down the hallway.

Their bedroom was as beautiful as their living room. All of the space had been used to the most perfect effect.

"This is a real good arrangement."

"Thanks. That's all her. She didn't want me to have the rifle out, but I insisted on that." He indicated an old-fashioned case on the bureau. I slipped my shirt off as Tom went to the closet.

"Looks like it's gotta be a nice one." I slipped the case off of the dresser and set it on the bed. "Can I see it?"

"Sure. It's all took apart though." He spoke to the closet while he poked around.

I popped open the case. It was the sort of gun used to shoot people far away. All in is separate parts.

"Could you put it together?"

Tom handed me a pink shirt.

"We can't leave them two alone," Tom joked. "They'll think we're up to somethin'."

I realized he was looking at my tits. I grinned.

"Come on, how long could it take?"

Tom began to snap his rifle together. As the components went into place, I wondered what was happening in the front room. I saw flashes of Jana's tits being pulled on and sucked. I saw ass slapped red by Ronnie's giant hands.

It was hard to stay in the moment with Tom as he talked about the weapon. Once it was assembled, he showed me the scope and how it attached.

"That's really cool," I said and didn't mean it.

"Yeah," Tom agreed because he heard what he wanted.

I pulled the pink shirt on and turned to leave him.

"I'll put it away now," he said and started to take it apart.

I tiptoed back to the front room and saw Ronnie with Jana. Her lips were stretched around his powerful cob. He gripped her black hair with all his might and she quietly gagged. They were like statues. The only motion was Ronnie jerking his hips as he fucked her open throat. Over and over he slammed himself into her face. The speed heralded that hot milk was on its way for her.

And I was so jealous. My mouth was open as I watched him do it to her face. She was going to have a chance to swallow it. She was allowed to taste it. I wondered if I'd ever get to.

He pulled his cock out and held it in his fist.

"Open up now," he commanded.

Jana tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide. The slings of his spunk shot out. He aimed it for her mouth. One after another, more of his white yogurt slapped against the roof of her mouth. Her tongue lapped out to catch more of it.

"That's it. Such a good girl."

He released his cock and she closed her mouth.

"That's it. Drink," he breathed down at her. "Drink it all. And then kiss Tom with it. Kiss Tom with my fuck snot all in your mouth."

He tossed her back from his prick and looked up at me. The only sound was Jana's heavy breathing.

"Put it away for me, Joy?" He pointed at his dong.

I stepped over Jana and put my hands on it. I lifted it and deposited it in his underwear. As he chugged some more beer, I lifted his pants up and zipped them together.

He finished his beer that instant and crumpled the can.

"Good fuckin' job, Joy," he burped and bounced the can off of my head. He then looked at Jana. "Better throw that away."

Jana scrambled to the beer can and picked it up.

As she went to the kitchen, Tom entered the room.

"Well, let me know if you need anything, Joy. Band-aids. Maybe one of them plastic rooms so you can't hurt yourself, or your clothes."

I stood too close to Ronnie, but it wasn't the right time to make an adjustment.

"I will," I said back at Tom.

"Hon?" Jana asked as she came back from the kitchen. "Can I have 100 dollars?"

"What on earth for?" Tom teased.

"I got needs, daddy," she flirted.

I watched Tom go for his wallet and Jana arrived to his side.

"Hey you," she said and put her lips to his.

I watched her open-mouth kiss her husband. As I stared, Ronnie's hand went to my tit and he squeezed it. He squeezed like I saw him squeeze Erica's. Like I imagined he squeezed Jana's. My nipple pushed out into his palm and he rewarded it with a rub.

I gasped with every adjustment he made on my titty.

"Look it how stupid they are," Ronnie whispered to me while we watched. "They're so dumb. Can't tell just who is dumbest, can you?"

I knew she was putting Ronnie's taste right into him because she did everything Ronnie told her to. I wanted to do things for Ronnie too. Things like she got to.

I guessed I just wasn't where he wanted me yet.

Tom handed Jana the money and she folded it into her jeans.

"Well, we'll head out," Ronnie shouted.

"I'll walk you two," Jana chimed.

We walked out of the trailer and into the drive. As soon as we got to the front of the trailer, Ronnie grabbed Jana and pushed her against the front of her house.

Jana whipped the money out of her pocket.

"I'll make damn sure Tom finds out it's my kid unless you come up with more. I mean, a hundred dollars? One. Hundred?"

"I know," she breathed.

"Don't be shy. Yer sexy. He wants to go on fuckin' you. He'll give you cash if you ask him. That's the thing, though, dummy. You got to ask him."

He smacked her on the head with the bills to make his point.

"He's not a mind-reader, Jana. Okay? He's just trying to do the best he can with a small dick. That's it."

"Please don't tell him," she whispered.

"He'll know it was my dick that done it to ya." He lifted her belly up and dropped it. "He'll know I was in you. He'll know you let me. He'll know you wanted it. I'll tell him how you begged for it. How you still beg for it. How wet it makes you. How you get wet knowin' that I live next door."

"I know, Ronnie," she sighed and her legs parted. "Oh. I know it."

"You're wet right now, huh, dummy?"

She nodded. I knew how she felt. I was ready to fuck anything.

"Go hump his small dick then, you got your share today."

He jerked her away from the trailer and he pushed her back to the drive..

As Jana walked off, I thought about Tom's gun.

"It's dangerous, you know. Tom has a real nice sniper rifle."

"What?" Ronnie asked.

"He has this good rifle and he just might kill you if you tell him."

He broke his eyes from mine and whistled after Jana with two fingers.

"Hey! Get back here!"

Jana returned to Ronnie's side.

"Second thought, bring me that rifle he's got."

"That's gonna be hard."

"Fuck. Why is everything I fuck so fucking stupid? Figure it out. Fuck!"

Jana nodded. Ronnie gave her a good spank to send her on her way.

Ronnie turned back for our trailer and followed behind him in the sunset.

"Maggie's home," he said, but it didn't seem like he was talking to me.

He threw open the screendoor and stepped into the living room.

Maggie sat with her big belly and stared at the television.

"Hey babe," she said and didn't look up from what she was watching.

"Wanna fuck?" Ronnie asked and joined her on the couch.

I said nothing and headed for the hallway.

My daughter rolled her eyes. "Don't say shit like that in front of my mom."

"Yer mom goes to church?"

"No. She's still my mom."

Ronnie rolled his green eyes to look at me again.

"Fuck it, then. I'm taking a shit."

He pushed himself off of the couch and followed me to the hall.

I felt his hands on my waist and he jerked me close.

"Think I just might shit in your mouth, Joy, how's that?" I felt his breath on my neck and his teeth grazed my earlobe. "Use your tits like handles while I pinch off in your big fucking mouth."

As he spoke, my hips ground into his awakening cock.

"Make it hard for me, Joy. Fluff it up big for your daughter. Make it huge for her." His hot breath emitted the slightest gasp as I gave him pleasure through his jeans. I could smell the nicotine and beer on him as he breathed shallow against me. His sigh became contagious and my breath slipped into the beat of our groins.

"Maybe when I'm fuckin' her," he whispered. "You can come in and lick her ass while she rides me, huh, Joy? You can throw the Bible out the window with that idea. Learn to lick pussy. Suck milk from her tits. From your own daughter? Huh?"

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