tagLoving WivesStay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 02

Stay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 02


Author's Note:

This is the second part of a longer story. It is about a wife who cheats without her husband's consent.

It has been tagged with "violence", "pee", "male dominance", "forced to watch", "cuckhold", and "adultery".


"I know what's goin' on, mom," My daughter told me. Ronnie was nowhere in sight when she confronted me that night last week. "I saw the things he made you do. It reminded me of when we first was hangin' out. The things he'd make me do..."

She blushed some.

"I can share him," she said. "I'm sharin' him with half the trailer court now. But I don't think I should share him with you, momma. It would hurt dad too much, ya know?"

My mind couldn't quite wrap around my daughter's attitude.

"But you don't get jealous?" I asked her.

"I saw him fuckin' Jana a few months ago," she breathed in her cigarette and spoke at the ceiling. "Right here in our living room. I don't know where you were. I come home and seen 'em through the screendoor. She was on 'im cowgirl style. Right on the floor. Ronnie was watchin' the race while she rode 'im. I shouted for 'em to stop. Ronnie yelled at me 'come in and make me stop, you dumb cunt.' So I went in. Jana didn't do nothin' but keep fuckin'. I put my hand out to shove Jana and Ronnie grabbed it so hard it hurt. I told 'im 'stop fuckin' Jana! It's pissin' me off!' Jana looked like she might stop but Ronnie told her not to. He pulled me down so my nose was on his tummy. He grabbed my hair and pointed my face at where he was in her. He didn't say nothin' and he wouldn't let go."

I swallowed at the intensity she had even though her tone was dead flat. I felt myself getting all turned on again. This was the same night Ronnie and me had been interrupted. This was the end of the day I was nothing if not horny.

"I cried on 'is belly button, momma. I closed my eyes for some of it. Some of it I just kept watchin'. He told me how Jana was gonna get pregnant. She couldn't wait for it. Like I couldn't wait for it neither when he did it to me. They talked about how stupid Tom was all while she rode 'im up and down. When he came in 'er she got up and he made me suck it for 'im. He told me to make it hard again. He told me Jana's pussy tasted better then mine. He said she might have tips on hygiene, diet and the like --and didn't I want to taste as good as Jana?" She sighed and I could see she was shaking.

My lips parted some as her description accelerated my heartbeat. I felt my nipples full and erect in the pink shirt.

"Is this turnin' you on, momma?" She demanded.

I sighed and shook my head at her. I didn't want her to know that I was hanging on each word because I wanted to fuck her words. I wanted every image and syllable between my legs thrusting in and out of my ripe tomato over and over again. This, I guessed, was because I was on Ronnie's side. I was elated that he could handle Maggie so well.

"When it was all big again, he just went back to bangin' Jana on the coffee table," then she looked at me. "I remember her hissin' and moanin.' He pulled on her big ole white titties and sucked 'em. All in front of me. That's when I asked if I could go and he said 'fuck no, girl. You're gonna watch this. You're gonna watch this till it don't hurt no more.' And they both were laughin' and fuckin' and laughin' at me and laughin' at Tom. They musta fucked for two hours or somethin'."

"See, momma? I asked his permission to leave. That's when I could tell that all that mattered was what he thought. And he was right too. I stopped carin' who got on his dick, so I guess it's okay if you fuck 'im, but think of daddy. He don't deserve it."

Her plea made me angry. "You don't know nothin' about it, Maggie. It ain't yer business."

She blew smoke at her lap and whispered, "Well, I'm only thinkin' about daddy. And I guess. I guess I tried."

This is where I cut the conversation short and I went down the hall to go to sleep.

That's when I took Dan's shirt and put it on the bed. Ronnie's cum stain looked so precious on it in the moonlight. I had all sorts of nasty plans for it. In the worst of my plans, I might choke to death on Ronnie's stain.

Maggie's daddy got back the next day.

Harlan used to be pretty good, body wise. His job as a truck driver had fattened him up pretty well. He liked his hair short. His hair wasn't as razor short as Ronnie's though.

I made him, Maggie, and Ronnie dinner. Usually when he gets home, Harlan likes to eat my goulash. He raves about it when he eats it. On this night, though, I made Rice-a-Roni mixed with fried hamburger.

All because it was Ronnie's favorite.

I made sure Ronnie got extra helpings of food. Even if that meant Harlan was still a little hungry.

Harlan bored us all with his lame stories about driving the truck.

Ronnie was polite and attentive. He made the cleverest jokes. One of them was even at Harlan's expense, I really wish I could remember it.

"Ever thought about makin' Maggie a little sister?" Ronnie asked and blew snot into his napkin. He asked that of Harlan while I cleared the table.

"Think I'm too old to go through all that again," Harlan sighed and sipped from his beer. "Besides, she's on the pill these days anyhow."

"Oh," Ronnie said with a dismissive hand. "She could always get off of it. Then we could have two pregnant ladies in here. I don't wanna make you blush, Harlan, but I love makin' love to Maggie while she's pregnant."

I stood with my back to them at the sink.

"I don't need to hear that shit," Harlan grinned.

Maggie looked at the floor. I lit a cigarette and turned to look at Ronnie's square-jaw as he played in a dangerous place. His words were a little reckless, but I liked him driving drunk without a seatbelt. I hoped he'd drive right into me.

"Gonna be sad when it's over," Ronnie laughed. "But not too sad. I'll just have to do it again. Give you and Joy lottsa grandchildren."

Ronnie looked at me after that.

"Hard to wait for it though, sometimes I wish I could just have lotsa girls all at different stages of being pregnant. I mean, don't get me wrong, getting them pregnant is loads of fun to start with, but after?" Ronnie whistled like he saw something beautiful.

What he was looking at was me with my arms crossed and a cigarette burning. Smoke curled up from my lips as our eyes locked. I felt like he was looking at me on tee-vee or some foreign magazine. Like I was some sort of high class gal who could have anything she wanted. His gaze woke up the little Sponge-Bob in my own square-pants and I sighed with excitement. I locked my thighs together and knew I had to be alone with Dan's shirt.

Right then, I was even horny enough to fuck my husband.

I remembered what Ronnie told me before. About how he would fuck me in front of Harlan. I wanted him to do it right there in the kitchen. I imagined him throwing the dining table out of the breakfast nook and rushing me at the sink. My breath quickened when I pictured him stabbing my cigarette out on my arm while ripping my pants open at the same time. I wanted his five-o'clock shadow rubbing my chin red. I wanted to feel the physical force behind his words. I wanted fucked something bad.

"You're drunk, son," Harlan said and pointed at him.

"Guess maybe I am," Ronnie grinned and looked at him. "Forget it. What the fuck was I talkin' about anyways?"

I smiled at him. He smiled back.

I put my cigarette out instead of ripping every fucking stitch of my clothes off.

Maggie and Harlan were watching tee-vee while I did the dishes.

Ronnie got a beer from the fridge and walked up behind me. He shot his hand between my legs and grabbed my crotch like the handle of a bowling bag. I gasped.

He leaned up to my ear and whispered so no one but me could hear.

"You'll be pregnant, Joy. Don't matter to me if it's mine or his. Maybe it matters to you." He then released me and the balls of my feet could touch the ground again. There, with my hands in dish soap, I knew if there was going to be a baby, it was going to be Ronnie's.

That meant I wasn't gonna get off with Harlan. I wondered if the two of us might not have one more fuck in us before Ronnie took over. Now I had my answer. I had fucked my husband for the last time before he went on the road last.

I think it was the missionary position.

Harlan tried to fuck me that night. I turned him down. I giggled to myself because there was no way he could tell what was going on with me. I had this amazing secret that I couldn't wait to bring in the open.

That next morning he got up on me to fuck and that's when I put my plan into motion. I'd put together an idea to help Ronnie get what he wanted: fucking me in front of my husband. The requirements were my bottle with the wax on it and a whole butt load of duct tape.

With tons of effort on my part, I had him all wrapped up like some half-assed present and ready to give. Everything but the bow. Of course my bra had little bow patterns on it, so maybe I was the present.

"Hey, honey," I said to my husband, Harlan, as his eyes fluttered open. I ran my fingers through his hair while my bra-clad titty hovered just an inch from his nose. "I hope it don't hurt so bad."

His eyes were wide and scared. He really had no idea what the fuck was going on. I straddled him in the chair and put my panty-covered-pubes right up against his pudgy belly. I put my arms around him and gave him a hug.

His giant shoulders and fat chest pushed into my boobs and my nipples pushed into the duct tape that held him to the chair. It took me six rolls to get him that stuck. Wrapped around and around and around again. When I remembered getting' him in the seat and doing that to him, it made me tired.

"You're so heavy, pumpkin," I whispered right up against his ear.

I pushed myself off of his lap and stumbled over to the kitchen.

I'd re-arranged the living room while Harlan was knocked out. One couch was tipped up on the other to make room. The coffee table was on its side with the legs blocking the tee-vee set. I put Harlan in a chair from the kitchen and wrapped him up really tight to make sure he couldn't wiggle free.

He looked cute so helpless. Especially with duct tape around his mouth.

I opened the fridge and got a beer. The little bar that divided the kitchen from the living room had my cigarette burning in an ashtray so I went to it. I opened my beer and eyeballed Harlan there in the sunlight.

"Lots happened since you were on the road," I said. My voice shook as I spoke. I didn't know why I wanted to talk to him at all, but I thought maybe it had something to do with being married for seventeen years.

I slurped down some beer and tapped ash off of my cigarette.

I could hear the summer breeze shake the wind chime on the front porch.

"I don't know where to start, Harlan. I guess I didn't expect you to be awake yet. See, I thought you'd be out longer." I lifted my stuff from the bar and walked back to Harlan in the middle of the living room. "That just must be me bein' stupid. But I ain't so stupid, right? I figured it out. I figured out crackin' you one."

I touched my shaking cigarette to my lips and my breath shook the smoke out of my chest.

"God, I'm so nervous," I smiled a limp smile at him. "Lots happened."

Right then, Harlan flexed and started a struggle with the tape. He seemed so much bigger than the chair. My heart raced when I thought he might break free so I slapped him across the face.

He stopped.

"Don't do that!" I shouted at him. "I want to smoke and drink my beer and I can't do that and slap you too!" I bit the filter of my cigarette and grabbed a tuft of his dark hair. I shook his head on his neck back and forth.

I released him and ashed on his nose.

"I mean, I don't have three hands, dummy, do I?" I took a sip of beer. The nerves in me made me take in a ton of air. My chest swelled as I stood in my bra and panties.

"Yer gonna divorce me cause I attacked you. That's okay with me. I got somethin' else in the works. See, that's why we didn't fuck when you got home. That's why when you wanted to fuck this mornin', I hit you over the head with the bottle. The one covered in wax? Sorta hittin' you with a hard cushion, I thought."

I raised my barefoot up to his face and pinched his nose with my toes. He jerked his head away from me. This made me chuckle.

"I'm gonna be honest with ya, Harlan." I said and chugged down some more sweet beer. A burp came out of me and I flushed with excitement. "I been doin' a lot of masturbatin'. And when I do it... hold on."

I went to the bar and stabbed my cigarette out. Right there, where I left it, was Dan's shirt. I set my beer down and shimmied into it. Ronnie's cum stain was wide and all across my titties. I turned to face Harlan wearing Ronnie's mark with pride.

"See, I wear this when I do it. I touch my pussy wearin' this."

I walked up to Harlan and thrust my boobs toward his nose.

"Guess who's cum this is on it? It ain't yer's," I heard myself chuckle and an insult flew out my lips before I could stop it. "Don't think you ever shot a load this big."

Those words were like one of those sounds that make an avalanche, because I didn't stop there. "A little dick like yer's can't make a mess like this, can it, Harlan? It's sorta like bein' handicap I think. Like bein' retarded or in a wheelchair or somethin'."

The words made me blush. I didn't think I could be so mean. But now that I knew Ronnie was going to take me in front of my husband, I got all sorts of excited.

"Yeah, hon, yer dick is on the tiny side," I giggled and finished my beer. I slammed the empty can against his head and it bounced to the floor. "You can't really see my cum on the shirt, but it's on here too. Girl cum ain't all-pretty like this. Sometimes I just fuck the shirt. I would love it for the cum to come off it and have my pussy warm it up. Like somehow the stain could get me pregnant?"

I pursed my lips and made my eyes wide. "Oh. That's right. You didn't know that I stopped takin' the pill. That's why we're not fuckin' no more, Harlan. I can't risk gettin' pregnant by you. My pussy's spoken for by someone else."

I rubbed my cum-stained tits in front of him.

I could see the sadness in his eyes as I taunted him. This caused a hiccup in my train of thought and I stammered. "Don't look like that. I ain't really cheated yet. I mean, I almost got to, but it got... interrupted before I could come or anything."

He looked like he might cry. I hit him with one hand and the other.

"You better get tough, Harlan, cause it's gonna get worse for ya. See? He wants me to fuck him in front of you. That's why yer all tied up and no place to go." I sighed and reached between my legs. I pulled my panties aside to show him my honey pot.

"Lookie here, sweetie," I said with a husk that wasn't familiar to me.

Harlan didn't look. I swatted him again and again and again. I grabbed the back of his head and forced him to look down. My other hand still displayed my pussy proudly.

"Lookit. All wet. I'm always wet for 'im. I walk around all day wet, thinkin' about it." I threw his head back up and released my panties. I was anxious. I knew Ronnie had gone on errands around the trailer court. I told him that when he got back, Harlan would watch us.

He said he was going to bang the other girls first but couldn't wait to get to me. I imagined him doing Erica with his giant cock. I remembered him flooding Jana's mouth with his beautiful baby butter.

The tingle between my legs intensified and I felt my cave expand its cock-taker.

I sighed and went back to the counter for a cigarette. I had no idea when he'd be back. My nipples felt uncomfortable as they stabbed my bra in their excited state. I blew smoke toward Harlan.

"It's hard to not wanna finger myself, but I'm sure he'll be here any minute," I blinked my brown eyes at him. "Figured out who it is yet?"

I smiled like I knew a private joke.

I went over to the screendoor and looked out.

Then I looked back at Harlan. "Don't look at me that way, pumpkin. He's gonna be here. He's gonna be here because he lives here."

I saw the light bulb go off in my husband's eyes. His expression went from that to outrage in a second flat. "Yeah. See. There really can't be two men about the house. Even though I'm not confident you qualify as a man and all. But he's gonna take me so you can see. Then, I guess, you'll leave."

I breathed smoke from my hand and hugged my arms.

Outside I heard Ronnie's voice shouting. I couldn't make out who he was yelling at or what he was saying, but my pounding heart just about cracked my ribs. I ran over to Harlan and stabbed my cigarette out on the duct tape.

Just as fast, I whipped Dan's shirt off and put my hands at my sides. There in my bra and panties, I faced the screendoor and gulped. My palms were wet with my nervousness and I sucked my lips in.

The screendoor was flung open and Ronnie came in.

"Holy shit!" He hollered and looked around the room. "Fuck you do to the place, Joy? Looks like yer puttin' on some kinda skit. Uncover the fuckin' tee-vee and pick this shit up off the floor!"

He pointed at the beer can and my cigarette on the floor.

"I gotta take a piss, fuckin' beer's runnin' through me," he bellowed through his yellow teeth and pushed passed me and Harlan. "Hey Harlan," he said as he went down the hallway to the bathroom.

I turned to the coffee table and scooted it from the front of the tee-vee.

"Get me a beer!" Ronnie shouted through the thin walls of the trailer.

I left the table on its side, but clear of the tube, and went to the fridge in a hurry. My fingers shuddered as I removed the beer and cracked it open for my new man.

Ronnie burst back into the living room. In his hand, he held the toilet brush.

He saw something on the floor he didn't like and I could tell. His gigantic chest wheezed when he bent over for it. He picked up Dan's shirt. He examined it with his free hand. He stomped toward me holding the shirt and the toilet brush.

"You opened the beer!?" He shouted in my face.

I nodded and offered it to him. He took it from me and through the full can at Harlan. Beer spilt all over my husband and the linoleum floor. The sound of the impact made me hop.

"See? How do I know you didn't put some shit in it, Joy? I don't drink what's been opened for me first. That's how you get fucked over by folks." He shook his head and held up Dan's shirt.

"Put yer face in this," he grumbled.

I snatched it from him and put the t-shirt on over my head.

In the darkness, I felt his strong hand grip the cotton and he gave me a yank. My footing tripped over itself as he spun me out of the kitchen by Dan's shirt. I felt like a pellet in a slingshot.

My covered face smacked into the floor. Into the spill of beer.

"What'd she tell ya, Harlan?" Ronnie asked as he undid his belt. The sound of it unclasping made my pussy rush and I whipped off the shirt to look up at him. My elbow was in the beer. "She tell ya that she wants me more than you? She say that to you?"

He brought his dong out of his underwear right above me. He still held the toilet brush in his other hand.

"She tell you it was like this?"

With those words, Ronnie's cock performed its other function. Pee fell out of the tip of it and it flowed straight down to my chest. It picked up pressure the more that came out. His hot yellow piss soaked my bra and I panted up at him.

"Get yer mouth down there, Joy," he commanded. I was shocked at what he was asking me to do. The moment demanded that I do exactly what he said and I turned to raise my open mouth to his spraying piss hole.

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