Stay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 03


I could hear how wet she was while Ronnie put it to her. The sloppy sloshing sounds of his fuck stick churning her insides was just about everything anybody could hear. I knew that her pregnant pussy was getting stretched out by Ronnie's rigid veins. I knew she was feeling the shape of the thing through and through. With every push, Jana's eyes narrowed at me. With every pull back, Jana's full lips made themselves a perfect circle.

Tom was still pinned beneath my spread thighs.

I knew this was all a punishment. I couldn't help the fact that nothing had happened. Me and Ronnie'd been trying for so long and nothing took. With my allowance, I'd buy the home pregnancy tests and check. Sometimes I'd check right after sex, cause I couldn't wait to be part of the family.

I felt tears on my cheeks and I sucked my lips in.

"Awww," Jana crooned. "Joy's cryin'!"

"Jana!" Ronnie howled. "You are crackin' my shit up!"

I looked to Jana with hate in my wet eyes and put my shaking cigarette to my lips. It had burnt itself out.

Jana pouted at me with a mocking expression.

"So how about my hubby's tiny timber?" Jana joked.

I just shook my head at her and tossed my cigarette butt. It bounced off Tom's forehead.

"I'll bet he came already and you didn't notice." Every syllable she cooed down at me was broken up by Ronnie's savage thrusts.

Her words shot rage through my veins and jerked my head to look at Tom's face.

"Did you shoot it, Tommy boy?" Jana laughed. "Did you squirt?"

Tom nodded his head. He was covered in sweat.

"What!?" I yelled down at him. "When!?"

"When I tried to," his words stumbled out like he was worried about an English score. "When I wanted to suck your breast."

"Oh," Jana shrugged while getting fucked. "Before I got here?"

My face was wet from tears and hate. I swatted Tom's fat face with both hands. "No! No!" I shrieked. "Not you! Ronnie! I want Ronnie's cum! Not you! Not yours!"

I grabbed his face and crushed his cheeks together. I mushed his stupid fat lips together, brought up his head, and slammed it to the floor.

I leapt from him like a hot potato.

I could see his limp midget had a little milk in its eye.

His damp, gooey string was on my thigh, I could feel it!

It was in me. Luke Warm Lucky Charms from a leprechaun's dick had dumped themselves in my cereal bowl. I felt numb where I'd been sprayed inside. My hands went to my pussy like it'd been punched. I lost my footing and fell over Tom's table.

Jana laughed behind me while her nearly born baby played with Ronnie's dick.

Tears fell from my eyes as I tried to push Tom's cum out with my inside muscles. I grunted with the effort, but I couldn't feel any result. I stabbed my fingers into my coochie. I reached around, digging and hoping to find his cum. I wanted it out. I wanted all of it out of me. There was no way to tell what was his and what was mine.

The room felt all off balance as I steadied myself on the table.

Behind me, I could hear Jana panting and laughing. I could hear Ronnie swatting her plump, naked ass. The two of them were building something amazing and couldn't careless that I had a numbness deep down.

Everything in my ears got muffled by a dead ringtone. There was laughter around me. There was top 40 music coming out the speakers somewhere. I thought I could hear Tom saying something like my name. Something like an apology.

Dry heaves leapt from my chest. My fingers left my precious and went to the pooch of my flat belly. The ache there was intense. I knew something was wrong, but I couldn't swallow back enough to stop it.

My mouth jerked open and a forceful stream of chicken potpie flew from my belly. It covered the tabletop with its bile, grease, peas, and carrots. The dead, stomach acid stained colors muted the wood surface from my chin to the booth. I panted with the effort to hold back my chest and belly, but a follow up was inevitable.

I threw up again as the thought of Tom's stain on my pee pee dominated those things in my mind's eye. The stench of my insides plugged my nose and my eyes couldn't tell where my drool became the puke lake below me.

I heard my voice played backward as I worked to catch my breath.

Jana laughed behind me. I could hear her moan and laugh. I heard her tease: "Nobody can tell when he comes, don't feel bad!" Laughter shook from her some more.

"What the fuck are you laughing at!?" Ronnie demanded.

In the fog of my state, I turned away from my mess on legs with no flooring. Shakes coated every fiber of my skin. I wiped chicken juice off my mouth and tried to focus on Ronnie and Jana.

Ronnie had Jana by the arm and he was hollering an inch from her face. He was pissed off at her for laughing at me. As near as I could tell, he couldn't see what was so funny about me carrying the seed of a Smurf.

All of a sudden, he stomped over to me. He had Jana with him. His powerful elbow shoved me out of the way and he threw Jana at the tabletop. She landed on her back in my vomit.

Jana cried out in disgust. Ronnie just laughed down at her. His laugh was fake. He was making fun of her laugh from before.

With one hand on her neck, the other went to her shirt. While he pinned her in my filth, he wrestled the fabric upward to expose her round white belly. Her shirt got jerked up over her gigantic bra. He used a nearby steak knife to cut Jana's bra open. Every time he jerked her one way or the other, my pool splashed some.

With her bra finally cut, her pale titties spilled all over her chest.

"Lookie here, Tom!" Ronnie blurted. He dropped the steak knife and slapped her tits back and forth. He kept slapping them until the flesh was almost as red as her giant, hard nipples. The whole while, Jana was making noises like she might throw up herself.

It was then that he used his free hand to feed his fat log to Jana's hungry beaver. She grunted as he filled her. She groaned while he pinned her down.

Jana whimpered some and I felt satisfied that Ronnie was at least gonna do her in my puke. I thought that was a good way to teach a bitch respect.

Tom stood next to me. He could see Ronnie's hairy butt take his wife in the missionary style right where he'd ate some of his cheeseburger. He seemed surrendered. Something about his face reminded me of Harlan's.

I hated Tom for what he did. There was nothing I could do about cum that little shit had shot up inside me. My only hope was that somehow science wouldn't let sperm travel so far. Somehow the same thing that made me not pregnant by Ronnie would work out with Tom too. Please God, not his. Not his!

I saw then that Tom was looking at me. He was the only person in the room that looked like he cared about how upset I was. With his wife crying out only two feet from him, he approached me. I could see that his ball sac was longer than his wet noodle.

I fell back to the bar for balance.

At the table, Jana was still groaning her disgust as Ronnie rammed into her with his perfect prick. My sick juices sloshed and the salt and peppershakers rolled to the floor with the force of his thrusts. Jana's crying was broke up by the pace of Ronnie's urgent fucking.

"It's okay," Tom said in a tiny voice that made me feel like I was raped. "Don't be sad. Don't be sad."

His hands went to my naked waist and I screwed my eyes shut.

The last thing I saw was Jana's fat thighs scissored around Ronnie's ass. I saw her arms locked. I could hear her whines mixed with ecstasy as Ronnie's sheer size made the puke less and less important.

In darkness now, I could feel Tom's breath near my face. I wished my breath was more appalling. I wanted to smell worse than vomit. I wanted something that would repel him.

His thin lips kissed me above my lips and my arms came up to fight him off. My muscles were weak though and he just forced them to my sides. He hushed me then and hugged me to him. I just started bawling. My chest heaved with a sadness that I'd never known. Tears and spit flung out from my crying face. I could feel my lips twisting in terrible, primal ways.

I could hear the wet pounding from the table. I could hear Jana giving in to Ronnie's unbeatable beast. In her voice, I could tell that she loved fucking Ronnie –even if it was happening in puke right then.

"If they're hurting you, just come with me," Tom whispered. I could feel his limp shrimp outside his pants and against my naked leg. His piss hole puckered a little wet drop of whatever-the-hell on my skin. "I'll take care of you, Joy. I always liked you."

His thin, horrible arms went to hold me in a pathetic hug.

The disgust that I felt when he held on to me only shook more tears from my face. He really thought that we were connected. He thought he was saving me from something. Tom really thought he was being noble and all I wanted to do was spit in his face.

There just wasn't any energy right then, so I let it be.

Cries from Jana told me that Ronnie had her at a high mark. I could hear her grateful moans as he pounded her more and more. Just like other times where he fucked anybody but me, I was getting jealous deep down.

The part of me that schemed with Tom's sniper rifle woke up again.

In my fantasies, it was always just me and Ronnie. When I imagined my perfect life it was me making him hundreds of kids. It was me serving his beer. It was me and only me who got his cum.

I'd always known it wasn't possible. My man's appetite was too great for any one woman. I always knew that to have Ronnie was to give Ronnie away. There was still a part of me that wished for a difference.

I wondered if that part felt to Ronnie like Tom felt to me right then.

Tom's lips came to my cheek for another kiss and I turned away from him.

That's when Ronnie spoke up again and I dared to open my eyes.

"Hey Joy! It's okay! I puked too!" Ronnie laughed as he slid out from Jana's thighs. "Of course, I didn't puke. More like my pecker puked jizz in Jana's milk pan."

He laughed at his joke and I shook in Tom's embrace.

Jana was flat on her back like a big old white beached whale. Her boobies were rising and falling with the fizzle of her climax. Ronnie used the hand that held her down to swing her to her feet.

The back of her shirt was covered in cold chicken potpie.

"Did you learn your lesson, Jana!?" Ronnie said at his usual volume. "Did you figure out why you don't laugh at people less fortunate than you!?"

His tone was a little bit mocking and a little bit serious. He swatted Jana's ass right away and wiped the residual slime on the nearby booth.

Jana waddled up before us. She was pulling her shirt down and looking for her pants. Her black bangs only showed off her pale and queasy look.

I didn't know it, but I was actually standing on her goal.

Jana went low before me and tugged on her momma pants.

I parted my legs and stepped off of the fabric for her.

"You two look tight," Jana grumbled while she put one leg in after the other.

I hated Jana almost as much as I hated Tom. As I stood there helpless to resist anything happening, I just wished on the bluest moon that Ronnie would come and save me.

Ronnie looked down at his cock.

"Shit. I got barf on my balls," he grumbled. "Joy? Can you lick this clean for me? I hate public washrooms."

Tom still held me against his body. Ronnie's command gave me a strength that I needed to hear. He wanted me to do something for him and so I knew I had to. I wrestled against Tom's hug.

"Don't," Tom whispered. "Don't do that. You don't have to do that!"

I didn't want to say shit to him and felt no need to justify a thing.

"Let her go Tom," Ronnie said with his green eyes narrowed.

"You're a sick, sick man," Tom grunted.

"She wants to, Tom. Look how she wants to," Ronnie pointed at me.

My little hands were pushing against Tom's grip. I struggled and pushed as much as I could.

"Son of a bitch," Ronnie sighed. "Jana? It looks like Joy's pre-occupied, can you come tongue my balls clean?"

I could see it on her face. She thought the idea of licking Ronnie's balls clean was beyond nasty. Her blue eyes locked at mine as I struggled against her husband's grip.

"Sure, baby," Jana said to the floor. "Of course I will."

She spun to face Ronnie and I felt panic in my arms. Right then, I started to swing my elbows to stab Tom hard enough to let me go. My socks hopped from the ground and kicked against the floor to break the hold.

"Let me go!" I shouted and pulled. "Let go of me!"

Tom hissed. "Don't let him do this to you!"

I reached back and smacked his eye. He gave a tiny shout and shoved me away from him. I smiled to myself because I was pretty sure Tom was making some dumb-ass statement with the shove.

With legs unsteady, I met Jana halfway and pushed passed her.

I fell to my knees before Ronnie and rested my hands on his thighs. I could smell my spew and Jana's wet pussy in front of me. I forced down nausea. I gazed at the length of his limpness and the little white strings that dangled from his recent load.

"I'm not touching it, Joy," Ronnie bellowed. "It's got puke on it."

I nodded up at him and pushed my tongue out. I thrust my taster out to the back of his balls. I found the sour tang from the taste of my stomach tangled in the thatch of his course hair. I licked and sorted.

My little hand reached up to lift his dead python high. I held it up and away so that I could clean the qualmy nexus where his snake met the pit of his enormous egg sac. I swallowed stains of slimy yellow and greasy brown. I swallowed tiny morsels of broke peas and half-digested carrot.

Each swallow brought a sickening response that I had to fight back.

The sounds of my throat were a manic mix of peaked and passionate.

Jana lit up a cigarette behind me and, because she was watching, I doubled my efforts. I wanted her to know that I had done my due diligence on the greatest cock in the world. I wanted her to know I was its greatest servant and deep down, I wanted its owner to see it too.

I hoped that he would see it like I did.

"Joy, you're such a good girl," Ronnie breathed while my tongue slurped his hairy balls. "Get all the little chunks for me."

I was sorry, real sorry that a pregnancy hadn't taken yet. I wanted it more than anything, but my body just hadn't gotten on the right page was all. I didn't want to be on the bench, I wanted to take Maggie's place in Ronnie's bed. I wanted to take more seed than Jana ever could.

"Jana gets the bed in your room, Joy," Ronnie said above a whisper. "That means you're on the floor. That means when I see you in the morning, we're fucking on the floor. The next time I snap my fingers, you'll spread your legs on the fucking floor."

I agreed with Ronnie. I groaned my approval for him to hear as I continued to rid his glorious girl catcher of my wretched sickness. My tongue had lapped so much of his skin that it felt dry in a way.

"Don't have a fuckin' top on neither. Tomorrow, I'm gonna squeeze your tits until they pop. I want puss and blood since you can't make milk you sad woman."

With his words, my thighs ached. I embraced the flood from Ronnie's voice. I hoped his new loads would wash my little cunny clean of all Tom's bullshit. I hoped the words would make what Tom made un-true. I hoped my body would reject Tom's weak sauce.

But only time could tell all that.

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