tagNonHumanStealing My Heart Ch. 05

Stealing My Heart Ch. 05


A/N:Sorry it took so long. I'm in the middle of a job/apartment search. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for all your comments and support!


The meeting had been completely useless. The four Alphas argued nonstop. Carson suggested putting a team together to look for the rogues but Terrance was in an uproar over having wolves from other packs on his land. Michaels, who had yet, to have a visit from the rogues was reluctant to get involved. After an hour Terrance and his betas stormed out as usual. Without Terrance the three remaining Alphas decided to keep each other notified and retired for the day.

On his way out Xavier's wolf began to bristle. Something was wrong but it wasn't until he exited the building that he saw the problem. Eva stood before his mate shielding her from Terrance and his men. Rushing to her, Xavier wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into him.

"Watch them!" he signaled to Derek and Tomas as they fanned out behind the other pack.

"I guess we will see you later Terrance," he said coldly.

"Until next time," Terrance answered darkly. Terrance left taking his men with them. It wasn't until they had turned on to another street that he loosened his grip.

"Did I miss something?" Jordan asked looking up at Xavier curiously.

"They are just business associates."

"Sure," Jordan said with an eyebrow raised in disbelief.

"It's nothing really. We just don't exactly see eye to eye. But we can't always choose who we work with."

"Okay," Jordan said letting the issue drop for now. "Well, Eva and I had a marvelous time together," she smiled over at Eva who had visibly relaxed.

"That's . . .good" Xavier said hesitantly looking at the two women. He couldn't believe he had just found his mate and he was already losing her to his other friends.

"Are you ready for lunch?"

"Yea let's go." Xavier's heart skipped a beat when he saw Jordan's bright smile. Turning to face his betas Jordan waved. "It was nice to meet all of you."

"Of course," Derek said grinning and making a sweeping bow. Tomas punched Derek playfully.

"The pleasure was all ours. Don't forget you have to teach me how to pick pockets."

"No problem"

"I'm glad we got to know each other. By the way, Friday we are having a barbeque. You should come!"

"What are you doing?" Xavier asked Eva silently through their pack bond.

"Just making sure she sticks around. I like her. We can't have you scaring her off." Eva sent back innocently.

"That sounds fun."

"Good Xavier will give you the details. You two have wonderful lunch."

Xavier heaved a sigh of relief when he was in the car next to Jordan. He looked over at her as she settled in putting on her seatbelt. He couldn't get over how beautiful she was. He still couldn't believe the goddess Luna gave him such an incredible mate.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered.

"You look pretty fine yourself," she smiled checking him out. "Now where are we going to eat?"

"I have a place in mind."

Xavier and Jordan went out every day that week. Xavier put off work and spent every waking hour as close his mate as possible watching from the shadows. When she was working he watched her through the window from a distance. When she was on break he followed her to the table at the café where she had eaten that first day. Jordan had no idea just how close Xavier was but she couldn't get over the sense that she felt safer every moment in this city than she had anywhere else in her life. Her mind tried to tell her that this wasn't normal, that something was wrong. But Jordan had found that it was getting easier to close off those negative thoughts.

In the evening Xavier picked her up after work and they would spend hours talking, laughing, and eating. Xavier learned just how much Jordan loved food. He loved that way she would close her eyes and hum in delight when she tasted something particularly delicious. Jordan found that Xavier was very well connected in this city. Everywhere they went it seemed people knew him. Though they kept their distance she didn't miss the slight bows and acknowledgments that passed between Xavier and the various strangers. Jordan found herself longing to be with him and loving every moment spent in his presence.

Every evening became a private ritual for the couple. As their evenings drew to a close Xavier could her Jordan's breath hitch nervously. Xavier would walk Jordan to her door and pull her close. He would take his time breathing in her scent and enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed together. Once he had gotten his fill of her scent Xavier would kiss her gently. With each passing evening Jordan relaxed into his embrace just a little bit more. When he was able to let her go he would unlock the door as he had that first night, warn her to lock her door, giver her one last kiss, and wish her a good night. Xavier's wolf furiously tried to push Xavier to stay and finally lay claim to his mate but he wrestled to keep firm command.

But Thursday night something was different. Jordan seemed quieter than usual. When they came to a stop in front of her door at the end of their evening Xavier just couldn't take it anymore.

"Is something bothering you?" He asked holding her hands in his. He softly rubbed his thumbs over her hands trying to keep them warm in the unseasonably chilly night. Guiding her to the steps they took a seat. He could hear her heart beating erratically and began to worry. Suddenly Jordan ripped her hands away from his, wrapped them around his neck, and crushed her lips to his. Xavier was stunned and froze for a moment. She had begun to pull away when his wolf practically yelled "Kiss her you idiot!"

Jordan was worried when Xavier didn't kiss her back. Maybe she shouldn't have attacked him like that. But when she felt his warm lips begin to move against hers she relaxed a little bit. The kiss became more passionate as Jordan found her hands twisted in his long, silky, hair. A pleasant shock ran through her when Xavier began to gently nibble at her lower lip until she opened her mouth and felt his tongue dance against hers. He tasted better than she could have ever imagined and she moaned lost in desire. Without breaking their kiss Xavier pulled Jordan over so that she straddled his lap. His arms enveloped her blocking out the breeze as his lips started to travel down her neck. Pleasure and longing was all that filled Jordan's mind. Even the small voice in her head that usually warned her of dangers seemed to disappear with every second Jordan spent locked in Xavier's heated embrace.

Xavier couldn't deny his erection when he heard Jordan's breathy moan. And when he began to kiss her neck she threw her hair back offering him her throat and unconsciously began slowly writhing on his lap. His wolf shook with excitement at her unknown submission to him as Xavier alternated between licking and kissing her bare throat. One of his hands found the hem of her shirt and began stroking the warm flesh of her back. He pulled her closer as she groaned and the scent of her arousal filled the stairwell. She continued to grind her covered mound across his raging erection and pulling his hair while he nipped at her collarbone.

"Get a room!" a woman yelled as she ran down the stairs next them. Jordan jumped off Xavier's lap her neck and cheeks slowly turning a rosy pink and making Xavier growl softly. Returning to her room she focused on pulling her keys out and unlocking the door as she tried to calm herself.

"Well, that was nice," Xavier grinned using the moment her back was turned to cover the significant bulge in his pants. After a few tries she finally got the door open and turned looking into Xavier's emerald orbs.

"I didn't mean to jump you like that," Jordan confessed, "but I wanted to be the one to kiss you tonight," she said grinning up at him.

"Feel free to jump me anytime," Xavier grinned back.

"I'll keep that in mind," Jordan said as she stepped into her room. Xavier peeked in the room as usual to check for threats and seeing it was clear he pulled her close again.

"Didn't we already do this part," Jordan asked cheekily.

"No. You kissed me. Now I want to kiss you," Xavier whispered as his lips descended on hers. It was gently kiss but they could both feel the passion running through it. Jordan sighed as their lips separated and rested her head on Xavier's chest listening to his strong heartbeat while Xavier scented her hair. She couldn't believe how attached she had become to him.

"Remember I'm picking you up here at 4:00 for the barbeque tomorrow. And don't forget to lock the door," Xavier warned when she let him go. "Sleep well Kitten," he added as he backed out of the room closing the door softly.

Xavier leaned his head against Jordan's door for a moment listening to her shuffling around inside before returning to his car. He couldn't stay to watch over her tonight, he had to return to the compound and try to get some work done. It would probably take him most of the night to put a dent in all the work he had been putting off but he had a feeling after tonight's date with Jordan he wouldn't be able to sleep much anyway. His wolf howled desperately within his mind with every step he took away from his mate. Xavier couldn't wait for the day when he wouldn't have to leave her.


Jordan paced in her room. She had been thinking about kissing him all day. Even Henry had noticed how distracted she was around the shop. She still couldn't believe she had attacked Xavier like that but she was glad she did. The feelings she had for Xavier seemed to bloom over night. She had very few close relationships with anyone in her life. Experience had taught her it was better to be alone than risk being hurt. The closer you allowed someone the more pain it brought when they ultimately betrayed you. But despite everything Jordan desperately wanted to be close to Xavier and to prove it to herself she had kissed him with all the passion she could muster. That kiss had made her feel alive. Energy surged through her. She couldn't sleep or settle down. The alarm clock flashed 10:30 when Jordan decided she couldn't stay in her room any longer. She felt confined and needed some fresh air. Wrapping herself in a light sweater she went for a walk.


"I'm going to go crazy just sitting here. What's the deal with this girl anyway?" Case whined.

"Terrance wants us to watch her so that's what we are going to do," Simon spat. He didn't like this assignment either but he knew it was only a matter of time before he got what he wanted.

"Since when do we follow orders?" Marco grumbled before being slammed to the ground, Simon glaring menacingly above him.

"Don't question me!" he growled viciously. "We do this and if I hear one more complaint, out of either of you, I will tear your throats out." They had been watching the girl for days and even Simon was losing his patience. Simon stood and watched as the Cambridge Alpha left the girl's motel room.

"I don't think she is going anywhere. Stay and watch her. If she hasn't gone anywhere by 11:00 you can return to the compound," Simon stalked off leaving Case and Marco behind.

"Good job pissing of the boss Marco. Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Case laughed.

"It's this girl," he scowled. "She thinks she can walk around without payback," he mumbled "but I'll show her. She's going to get what's coming to her." Case gave Marco a questioning glance as he continued to mutter about revenge and being done wrong. The crazed look that seemed to take over his face was beginning to worry Case. He couldn't figure out what he was talking about.

"Marco? You ok?" he asked getting ready jump out of the way if he exploded. Marco was known for his short temper and he wasn't about to get hurt because some girl bothered him.

"Thinks she can hit me and get away with it ..." Marco continued to mumble. Finally catching on to what Marco was going on about Case began to chuckle.

"Are you telling me, that tiny thing gave you that bloody nose earlier this week?" his chuckles turned into full on laughter when he caught Marco's red face. Marco hadn't told anyone exactly how he came to have that bloody nose and now he knew why. Case couldn't stop the laughter as his body shook and tears poured down his face. "You got beat up by a girl not even half your size?" he laughed gasping for air.

"Shut up!" Marco yelled embarrassment and anger quickly turning his face purple with rage. Balling his fists Marco was about to beat Case's face in when he noticed the girl had left her room and was half way up the street. "Get up you fool she's leaving," he shrieked kicking Case sharply in the ribs before following the girl down the dark street.

Few people were on the street at this hour but the ones that were hurried away when they saw the angry man stalking towards them. Case, sobering from his bout of laughter, rushed to keep up. He could hear the rumbling of Marco's wolf. Marco never had great control and Case could sense his wolf ready to burst out on the public street.

"Marco, calm down. Come back here!" he whispered as the distance between them became wider. By the time Marco caught up with the girl the street was deserted. Grinning wickedly he shoved her into an adjacent alley.


The chilly air washed over Jordan seeping into her light sweater to cool her heated skin. It took a while but the walk eventually calmed her racing heart. Looking around her Jordan took in the empty street. She hadn't been paying attention when she left her motel room. The vigilance she usually had at all times had waivered while she wandered but as she began to feel herself again she sensed the tension in the air. The hairs on the back of neck stood up as a feeling of intense dread consumed her. Turning to head back she was hit with great force propelling her into an alley.

Jordan landed flat on her back, the air forced out of her lungs. Getting to her hands and knees Jordan thought quickly, self preservation kicking in. Lunging she grabbed a broken piece of ply wood lying a foot away. Splinters dug into her hands as she turned and swung with all her might. An enraged howl echoed through the alley. Jumping to her feet Jordan turned clutching her weapon ready to fight for all she was worth. Fear coursed through her but she refused to let it overtake her.

The fuming man blocking her exit looked familiar. As he recovered from the blow to his side his face screwed up in pain and anger, "You bitch!" he screamed, "I'm going to kill you."

"Marco?" Jordan asked bewildered. The threat had brought back the memory of the cruel blonde in the shop.

"You thought I would forget about you? You thought you were safe? Your boyfriend can't save you now even if he is a shifter," he growled. Jordan was confused by his words but she was immediately distracted as Marco's face began to distort. Marco began to shake as his body seemed to grow tearing his clothes to shreds. A scream stuck in Jordan's throat her eyes widened in terror. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Marco was transforming right before her eyes but her brain just didn't want to accept it. Dirty blonde fur sprouted out of his exposed skin as his face took on a more wolf like structure. In a matter of seconds a frightening creature stood before Jordan and before she could completely register the change it had thrown her back to ground causing her to drop her makeshift weapon.

The creature stood over her with dingy blonde fur, a long snout with yellowing teeth, and sharp claws, yet it stood on two legs. Fear gripped her as its claws tore into her. Struggling, Jordan did her best to push the creature away but the thing was too strong. Saliva leaked out of his mouth leaving wet spots on Jordan's sweater. It roared viciously as it tore her clothes and skin and fought to grab her flailing limbs. The creature threw its head back howling in pain when Jordan managed to kick its furry shin. Quickly, while it was distracted, Jordan looked around for her discarded weapon just as a second creature came hurdling into the alley.

"Marco let her go!" Case growled as he entered the alley. Sprouting dark fur, his bones started to rearrange themselves under his skin as Case took his hybrid form as well. Simon was not going to like this. "Marco come on man."

Running full speed into Marco's hybrid, Case managed to dislodge him from the terrified girl.

"She's mine!" he growled his voice slightly distorted.

"Not now! Simon wants her alive! Do you know what he will do to you if you disobey him?" Case pinned him fighting to the alley wall. The reminder of their leader cooled Marco down a bit though he still pushed to grab the shocked girl behind Case.

Jordan gawked at the two animals wrestling in front of her. Terror froze her in place her fingers gripping the wooden board tightly. Her mind screamed at her to run but something kept her where she sat on the cold concrete.

"What are you?" she asked drawing the attention of the animals.

"We are shifters," the creature pinned against the wall spat over the other's shoulder. "We are the monsters you thought only lived in your nightmares girlie. Just like your boyfriend."

"What?" Jordan said confused.

"You think you are safe with your boyfriend walking through the city and making out in stairwells. You don't even know what he is! He's a monster just like us."

"Shut up Marco!" Case yelled

"Not before I have my revenge!" Marco still fought to get at the girl who thought she could defend herself with a piece of plywood.

"Do you want to be the one to explain this to Simon?"

Calming slightly Marco took a few deep breathes. "Remember one day I will get you girlie. That is if your sweetheart doesn't tear your throat out first," he laughed showing off his sharp teeth before the two creatures shifted completely into their wolf forms and ran out of the alley.

Jordan sat still on the cold, damp concrete, the wooden board clutched in her shaking hands. The sound of scurrying rats brought her to her feet and fleeing back up the street to her motel room. She missed the curious stares of the people she passed in the street in her disheveled state. Making it to her room she slammed the door and locked it. It wasn't until she barricaded herself in the bathroom that she allowed herself to catch her breath.

"Monsters," she thought. She hadn't believed in monsters since she was a child, at least not the nonhuman kind. And now . . . She didn't know what to think. She knew what she had seen and she knew that she could trust her instincts. Looking in the mirror she finally took in her sullied appearance. Her shirt was shredded, barely held together at one shoulder, she had completely lost her sweater somewhere, and her pants were torn, covered in dirt and filth from the alley. Blood trickled out of the ragged claw marks that were thankfully rather shallow. Her arms and face were covered in bruises from where the creature had struck her. As she stared she became aware of all the aches and pains. After pulling out the sharp splinters from her fingers and palms she carefully peeled back her shirt and began cleaning and bandaging the wounds.

By the time she had cleaned herself up she was convinced she wasn't crazy. She had gone over it a million times and the one thing she knew for certain was that she could trust her instincts. For as long as she could remember her instincts had kept her alive, she wasn't going to doubt them now.

Taking a deep breath, "Werewolves," she said aloud. "I saw werewolves." She started to giggle, it sounded so silly. Her giggles turned into loud bursts of laughter before becoming full body sobs. She was freaking out as the horror of the experience played through her mind over and over. Remembering the cruel claws, the foul breath, and the two creatures locked in their furry brawl made her shudder. Xavier came to her mind and suddenly she wished he were there. She just knew that if he were with her everything would be okay. She didn't care that they had said Xavier was one of them.

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