tagGroup SexSteaming With Mystery

Steaming With Mystery


She walks along a row of lockers and stops at an empty one, dropping her bag onto the bench. Pulling and tugging on her jean shorts, dragging her panties down with them as she tosses them into the bag. With her tank top slipped off and her bra unclasped, she hangs her earring's on the hook, tossing her bag into the locker.

Soft whispering and muffled laughs were heard, but nothing she could make out as she stood in the dim locker room. Scented with the smell of fruit, which she thought was from lotions and perfumes, filled the air. The steam hung in the room like a blanket, she stood nude, her body lightly tanned from the sun as she pulled her hair up, wrapping it in a tie.

At the end of the lockers two women appear with beads of water on their skin, hair dripping with their towels held in front of them. Breasts slightly exposed, they continued to talk and giggle.

"Hi! Is the Sauna full?" she asked.

The girls looked up and smiled as one replies. "No, it's empty, we just came from there."

"Thanks!" she said, shutting her locker, casually walking by them as she smiles, grabbing a towel off the shelf.

As she approaches two doors, 'His' and 'Hers' signs hung just above the doors. Glancing through 'His', she peers through the steam covered glass door. A white towel and feet are seen. At the other side of the room, a man with dark hair lays flat on his stomach. His beautiful ass showing just enough to catch her eye.

Turning towards 'Hers', she looks in and sees no one. Pulling the door open, she picks up the water cup, tossing water over the rocks. Stepping up to the second level of benches she sits down, rolling onto her stomach as she pulls the towel over her.

Laying her head down on her arms, shutting her eyes, she begins to relax. Quiet except for the steam, she hears the door open. She doesn't move, but listens. Feeling someone there, she remains still, waiting for a hello. Nothing. The door opens again, shutting as they leave.

Minutes pass, feeling as though she could fall asleep. The door opens again with a rush of cool air, following the person inside. She remains still and silent once again. A splash of water is heard and then a long silence.

Her towel suddenly begins to slide, slowly uncovering her back, tickling her skin as her ass is revealed. Now her thighs as the towel slides, falling to the bench below. Taking a deep breath, her skin begins to tingle from head to toe. Open and exposed, her heart starts to beat hard, a feeling of heaviness and someone is next to her.

A warm sensation of water starts to drip onto her shoulders. Running down her spine, pooling into the small dip of her lower back. Her body begins to drift as it starts dripping down between her cheeks, like a small stream, flowing through the folds of her skin.

Her breath catches as she hears the sound of it moving between her sex. A soft touch of lips trail over her ass in little circles, followed by a tongue swirling over what was once kissed.

Another soft kiss, followed by the touch of a tongue. It plays in the pooled water at the base of her spine, then dragged lightly up her back. Now between her shoulders and onto her neck, she feels warm breath and then a pull on the lobe of her ear. Lightly touching fingers skip down her spine, then a firm grip squeezing her ass.

Her need to open her eyes is strong, not knowing, like a surprise waiting to be opened. She places her head deeper into her folded arms, in front of her, the tip of her nose touching the bench.

The hand releases as the grip lightens. The feeling of water returning, pouring, as her cheeks are slightly parted. A sudden slap, as the hand hits against her cheek. Sound echoing from the water on her skin. With a jolt, she gasps for a quick breath. The hand rubs over the sting. Smoothing over the sensation, a sharp spike of pleasure rushes through her and begins to swell beneath her.

The door swings open suddenly, cool air pouring into the sauna. Hearing another towel drop to the bench, she can hardly breath. Stopping every few seconds to listen. Two hands are now lightly placed at her hips with a small push, rolling her over.

Keeping her eyes closed, she slowly continues to roll onto her back, lifting her hands above her head, along her ears. She locks her fingers together as a towel is lightly placed over her face. Then folded, over and over until her mouth and then her nose begin to show. A hand placed under her knee, lifted and then set to rest against the wall beside her. Bending at the knee, her other leg dangles off the bench.

The return of water, now dripping into the dip of her neck, flowing up and over one nipple, until it becomes hard, then onto the other. Breath at her nose, soft lips touch against hers. Slightly open, pressing softly, then deeper as a tongue starts to dip into her mouth, wanting to be felt. She opens her mouth wider with a sharp rough feeling of a chin, a man is tasting her lips.

The water moves onto her belly button, making another pool. His lips moving away, only to be replaced with a soft nipple against her lips. Sucking on it softly at first, then she tugs at it with her hungry mouth. Water trickling down the folds of her exposed lips, her body shudders when she suddenly feels a flick of a warm, curled tongue. Softly but purposely touching her pink satin as she continues to hold his nipple between her lips.

Her thoughts race. Is it another man or a woman that toys with her sex?

Her legs feel heavy, the thought of another, barely touching, teasing her. Her mind dizzy with lust, knowing more pleasure will come. A light touch of fingers are felt as they glide along her pink satin lips. Then a tongue is felt inside them, her sudden gasp, her mouth falling open, releasing his nipple. The tongue pushed inside again, only to be left there, moving along her velvet walls.

"Mmm, ohh."

Wanting to move her hands, she lifts them up, only to feel a hand push them down, holding her wrist together as the warm tongue keeps moving. Now soft skin touches her nose, dropping down onto her lips. Her mouth parts, accepting what is given. He is hard with the sweet smell of excitement. His sex hovering over her open mouth, a sweet taste, dropping down onto her tongue. A flinch of pleasure building as she feels the tongue stop, while holding her pink diamond with no movement. Her hips fall to the bench and suddenly he whispers above her.

"Open, open it a little further."

Her mouth accepts, letting it open wider as his sex climbs into her waiting mouth.

His moan creeps from his lips. "Ohh, that feels so good." he says.

"Mmm..." she moans, after hearing his voice with her hips wanting to move, as the tongue lays motionless, flat against her sex.

His sex slowly slides, disappearing between her lips as he takes his time, letting her take him in with every move. Then he slowly pulls it away, rubbing it back across her lips once again.

"Mmm. You want to know why that tongue isn't moving, don't you?" he says, but before she could speak, it began moving again.

Moving with a purpose now, flicking a little harder, a little quicker. Hitting her core, she feels the strong ache between her heated lips. Suddenly both movements are matched. The tongue is tasting her. And then, as she feels him lean forward, cupping her breast as his tongue splashes over her nipple, both shocking her senses. The tongue stops, sucking in her velvet folds. His mouth pulls her nipple in between his lips.

"Ohh, yeah." she cries out in protest as the tongue stops again, then he lets go of her nipple. Not knowing which one will touch her next.

A huge splash hits her. Water from the sauna cup soaks her tummy, running off her breasts and dripping down off her thighs. Goose bumps begin to cover her skin.

"Ooh, uhh" she moans, feeling a firm grip under her cheeks as they're lifted.

The feeling of muscular thighs slip under her cheeks. Soft skin begins touching the entrance of her sex. Her body shivering, it's another man, he's as hard as the first with his strong hands holding her tightly. His sex brushing across hers, teasing her, as it glides back and forth.

A whisper to her ear. "Which one do you want?" he asks, her wrists now released.

Reaching for his sex, she pulls him into her hungry mouth, no longer waiting. A muffled answer slipping between them.

"Oh, I want them both." she moans, taking more of him into her mouth, her hand following her wet and hungry lips, keeping him in her grasp. A sudden moan and the other man thrusts his sex forward, filling her, followed by another deep thrust. Low muffled moans begin to leak from her mouth.

"Mmm, yeah, you like what he's doing to you. Mmm, I love the way you moan on my cock while he's fucking you. It feels so good." he says with a husky voice. He moves quicker, thrusting harder, hold her ass tightly.

She moves her mouth away, forcing another breath in. "Mmm, yeah! Fuck me! " she says quickly, in between breaths.

Moving all the way out to the edge of her sex, he thrusts back in deeply. Her velvet walls clinging and tightening around him. The sensation is strong, pulsating now as her legs become so heavy, shaking uncontrollably. Her moaning deeper, repeatedly catching in her throat.

"Keep those eyes closed." He says, with a whispered voice as she feels the towel pull away from her eyes.

With the movement below her, his strong hands taking her hips, pulling on them, rolling her over. Pulling her up onto her knees with her hands in front of her. Her sex covered with her sweet honey, he holds her hips inches away from him. She senses his gaze on her sex, making her shiver with intensity.

Her chin is lifted up by his finger. "Open for me." he says, has his hands cradling her face, as her mouth begins to open. "Good girl" his hard sex, slowly moving, exploring the top of her tongue.

The hands on her ass grip tightly at her flesh as his sex starts to dart in and out. She feels the sensation of tingling and begins quivering. He senses it and moves faster.

"Mmm." she moans on his cock.

"Fuck her harder. And when she cums, slap her ass." he says in a deep voice, rubbing her cheek with his finger while his cock moves slowly, in and out of her mouth.

His thrusts get quicker, his breath deep. "Ooh, mmm, yeah! Give it to me." he says wickedly.

Feeling the arches of her feet as they begin to cramp, loosing control. "Ooh, oh." she opens her mouth wide, releasing his sex as her body tightens up. Her breath stops as it's held, her head drops down between her arms while her back sinks, arching it. Whimpering and flinching, over and over. Her liquid fire wrapping around him like a blanket.

He slaps her ass. Such a sting as the warm feeling starts follow, his release begins to fill her. His moans deep and low with his tight grip at her hips, holding her there while he leans forward laying onto her back. His mouth open, his breath caressing her skin as his hands softly touch her breasts with his finger tips.

"Ooh, ooh, yes darlin'! Now open your mouth, show me that tongue." he says with a growl, as her tongue lays flat, open to his sex. His tip at the edge of her waiting mouth. "Oh! Oh! Ooh! Yeah." his deep moans, echoing in the sauna as his sweet juices begin pooling on her tongue, dripping down off it. His breath out of control, she closes her mouth around him until he jerks, taking his sex away.

Feeling weak, she begins to lean, as the hands on her hips lightly press, pushing them down. She now lays down on her tummy, out of breath. Completely forgetting about opening her eyes, she lays there, still without movement. The feeling of water begins to pour all over her as if there was a bucket above her. Cooling her down, slowly pouring from the base of her neck, down her body to her toes.

The door suddenly opens with a cool rush of air, she hears one leave. She feels a towel, her face is lifted and it is placed under her cheek. His hand trailing all the way down her shoulder, lightly touching. Down her back, dragging his finger through the pooled water, down over her cheeks.

A small tickle at the back of her knees, she wiggles from the feeling. Now down to her legs, onto her feet, and off the tips of her toes. And now there is nothing. A sudden rush of cool air, the door opens and then closes.

They are both gone.

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