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This is a true story. It is my first encounter with another man in a 5th story steam room in an Urban, Midwest gym. This is also my first attempt at erotica. I would love feedback on both the story contact as well as other men's experiences that are similar.


It had been three months since he'd started working out and, as he looked at himself in the locker room mirror, was extremely pleased with the results.

Sam's 5'10" frame had lost about 25 pounds of unwanted body mass and replaced it with a well defined abs, legs and arms.

He was amazed at how quickly 3 months of cardio and resistance training had passed, and was astounded at the results. His wife, Christy, was also impressed, and their love life had never been better.

Sam stepped away from the mirror and decided to reward himself with a steam. He headed toward the cloudy glass doors in the 4th floor locker room of the downtown YMCA. As he entered the room he could just barely make out the familiar surroundings through the steam. Sam soon realized that he had the room to himself.

He sprayed water on the heating element and took a seat on the top level of the three tier seating system. As his toweled rear made contact with the hot, wet tile, his mind went back two weeks prior when he was sitting in the same spot and his seven-inch cock instantly started to swell.

On that particular day, he had finished an intense weight workout and decided that he needed a steam. Although he'd used the steam room in the past, it was usually a rushed five minutes before he hit the showers and ran back to work. That day, however, he decided to take some extra time since he didn't have a heavy workload. As he walked into the steam room that afternoon, he noticed three men in their early twenties sitting next to each other on the bottom tier directly across from the door. He subconsciously noted that this was slightly odd, given that guys usually spread out and usually sat on one of the upper two tiers in order to get maximum steam.

After settling into his spot, two of the three men gathered their towels and, covering their groin areas, hustled out of the room. The third slowly walked out of the room, his head high, back straight and towel at his side.

Sam's eyes absentmindedly wandered down the man's hard body. They started at his bald, shiny, ivory head and moved down his six foot chiseled frame. When Sam got to the man's defined belly, he was instantly brought to full attention as his eyes traveled the length of a fully erect penis, jutting up from the man's pelvis. The stranger was so hard that his cock almost touched his belly as it bobbed with the movement of his stride. The guy casually walked past Sam and out of the steam room without making the slightest effort to cover himself.

Sam sat in amazement as he realized that for the first time, he had seen another man's erection. Then, in absolute horror, Sam realized he had had been aroused and his own cock had become harder than ever before. The force of his erection had pushed his towel up from his lap, creating a tent effect, making his excitement very obvious. To make matters worse, Sam pulled his arms quickly to his lap and jerked his head around to see if anyone else was in the room. The abrupt movements did more to attract the attention of any potential bench mates than anything. Sure enough, tucked back in a corner, looking directly at Sam, sat a man that Sam hadn't initially seen through the steam.

Sam unsuccessfully tried to will his cock down; for some un-explained reason his arousal, and with it, his cock, stayed high. He realized that if he wanted to get out of the steam room he was going to have to either wait for his penis to relax or leave with a boner, risking being seen by anyone in the shower area. Since the guy in the corner had already busted him, Sam opted to stay in order to minimize his embarrassment.

As he sat waiting for the blood to stop flowing, it occurred to him that the other guy must have also seen the younger men leave the room. Then it dawned on him that the other guy must also have witnessed what was happening before he entered the room. His imagination started to run through the potential scenarios that may have been playing out. Once again, the towel in his lap rose toward the ceiling. He began to think he was never going to get out of there. Casually, he turned his head in an attempt to gauge the other man's reaction.

The man was also sitting on the top tier, but across from Sam. He was facing Sam with his back against the wall and his knees bent with his feet resting on the seat in front of where his ass made contact with the bench. This gave Sam a clear view of his cock and balls. The man was casually stroking a cock that was three quarters of the way erect! Sam instantly noted that the guy's cock was already twice as thick and at least two inches longer then his was, fully hard.

His head began to whirl with confusion as he sat across from the man masturbating. He had always thought he was straight, and yet, here he was in a situation that seemed very "gay" and he was as turned on as any other time. He didn't know what to do.

At that point, instinct took over.

Sam turned so that his back was against the opposite wall, brought his feet up on the bench and let his towel fall to the side exposing his hard cock. At this movement t, the other man quickened his movements and his tool grew to close to a foot. Sam thought that this might be the most erotic moment of his life. As he looked into the other man's eyes he realized that he was about to watch another man come for the first time.

Although the man was in his mid forties, he was in amazing shape. He looked to be about six feet tall, gray hair cut close and a full mustache that wrapped around his mouth. The man reminded Sam of a character that might be found in a Tom of Finland drawing (he had seen a book containing these images in a bondage shop that he frequented with his wife. It occurred to him that he was also aroused by the images seen in that book; he didn't think twice about it then since he had been with his wife while looking through it). His eyes traveled down the man's body until they came to his cock.

It was beautiful. It was somewhere between 10 and 12 inches and uncut. It looked thick enough to prevent his thumb and finger from touching if wrapped around it. Sam absentmindedly began to stroke his own cock as he watched the foreskin of the other man's cock slide over the massive head.

The motions of the man's hand hypnotized him.

The hand sliding up and down the massive tool transfixed him.

At times he seemed to be sliding his hand over the skin and then he would actually slide the skin up and down the shaft and over the head. Every time the purple top of the penis came into view Sam had to fight his orgasm.

Like the rest of his cock, it was truly beautiful.

Sam wanted desperately to touch it.

He wanted to taste it.

He wondered how heavy the shaft was.

He tried to imagine the large, hairless testicles against his tongue. The man slowed his pace and squeezed several drops of pre-come out the tip. Sam wanted to taste the salt.

Without realizing it, Sam paced his strokes to match those of his steam partner. Together they alternated between quick and slow. He brought himself to the brink of orgasm several times, only to stop just short. Judging by the look on the man's face as well as the small sounds occasionally escaping him, he was in the same boat.

The man's pace quickened and Sam saw his hairless balls rise up to the base of his cock. Sam pulled his hand from his own penis as he felt his orgasm nearing. Somewhere in the back of his head was the feeling that, if he came, he would feel like he was cheating on his wife. His cock jumped with the beginning surges of orgasm. Although he stopped before complete eruption, he felt a brief surge of come escape past his urethra.

The man with the massive member saw Sam's cock jump and this must have pushed him over the edge. His eyes and head rolled back, his breathing and hand quickened and Sam saw several long ropes of come shoot from the mans thick appendage. The semen covered half the six-foot distance between the two.

Sam hadn't realized he had resumed masturbating until he felt his own come pulse through the vein he held in his hand. He seemed to lose vision as his body was overcome with the most intense feeling he had ever experienced. He wasn't thinking about the fact that he had just experienced his first homosexual encounter or that he wanted to touch another man's penis.

He was completely lost in the shear eroticism of the moment.

He opened his eyes to see his friend watching him with a huge smile on his face.

Sam slowly milked the remaining liquid from hi penis as the other man quietly cleaned up the bench with his towel, stood up and left the steam room, his post orgasm cock swinging between his thighs.

Sam suddenly realized how hot it was in the steam room. He cleaned up after himself and slowly made his way toward the door in somewhat of a daze. He suspected that there would be some emotional aftermath he was going to have to deal with but, nonetheless, knew he would be back.

That was two weeks ago. Since, Sam had fantasized about it often. He had also suffered from anxiety over the fact that he has masturbated with another male. He swore never to return yet, oddly enough, here he was. At that moment, a tall black man walked into the steam room, looked at Sam, gave him a slight smile, and sat on the bench across from him offering him a partial view up his towel. Sam felt the familiar tingle in his crotch...

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