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Steamy Romance Novel: High Elves


Chapter 1 A Light Touch on a Dark Deed

A fair toned young elven woman stood silently within the massive underground tunnel, nervously looking over her shoulder in anticipation of the fast moving tram. "Where is he..." she muttered anxiously, stopping suddenly as she felt something move behind her. Her blue eyes narrowed dangerously as her dagger slid from its sheath. Feeling the cool breath of someone blowing on the back of her ear, sent a quiver down her spine. A husky voice whispered seductively in ears, "You know, Baeliana, if you keep starring off like that, someone might get the idea that you prefer your prey behind you." A sinister grin appeared on her face as she spun quickly, driving her blade into a shield of dazzling light. Shield bashing her, he knocked her weapon to the ground, and with a sly smirk across his face, grabbed her by the waist, pulling her up off the ground into his arms. Ramming her back into the cavern wall, she groaned in pain before wrapping her legs around his waist. His fingers sank into her well-toned ass as he closed the distance between her lips and his own, "And here I thought rogues liked to be behind their target."

A slender index finger stopped his advance in its tracks. Opening his eyes fully, he found her fading from his view until all trace of her had vanished. Looking around him, a thin quel'dorei arm appeared from his shadow and wrapped around his chest as the other arm reached south of his utility belt, hand gripping his 'Hammer of Righteousness.' "And I thought paladins were supposed to be chaste, Arotar."

Smirking, he enveloped himself in a shield of impenetrable force that bounced her back a few steps. Hoping back agilely, she stopped and twirled the paladin's utility belt around on her index finger. Looking down, to find it missing, he watched her slide it over her strawberry blonde hair, squeeze it over her ample size breast and hold it over sultry hips, "I don't think it'll fits your leather motif, love." Dropping it to the ground, she looked up at him grinning. Her eyes looking over his fair half elven skin, broad shoulders, and strawberry blonde hair. Walking forward in an alluring manner, she counted out loud until the invisible bubble dissipated with an audible pop. "Fifteen seconds? I know you have abilities that last longer than that."

Nimble slender fingers worked effortlessly beneath his armor, unlatching his breastplate and exposing him to the cold air. "Don't worry my sweet Arotar, that's not a finishing move tonight... I'm just getting started." He wrapped his arms around her waist, forcing an excited giggle as he nibbled at her neck, "Is that right, love? Well, it seem like I have to give you all my righteous fury."

Laying her hand on his chest, she backed him into a dark corner of the cavern and dismantled him, letting his and her own armor roll around in the dark. Thin elven arms flowed over broad sinewy shoulders as lips came together in an explosion of passions that sparked his illumination. His body radiated their dark little corner as she felt her adrenaline rush flow through her. Taking the opportunity and the initiative before he could take control, she was relentless in her strikes driving him to his very limit. Just as the illumination was fading from him, he let out one final flash of light, gaining back some of his strength and unleashing the full force of his holy wrath on her. Over and over he struck at her with his 'hammer of righteousness until he felt the words of glory come to mind. His holy radiance sent a wave of righteous force flowing into her.

"How was that," he questioned, smiling satisfied and looking up at her as he rested on the floor.

"You need a moment to recuperate?"

She smiled back to him, throwing her midnight hair to the side, as she peered down into those bright blue eyes, "Oh, Arotar, my sweet. I always combat ready." Running her fingers through his hair, and smiling as she kissed him; she prepared to get her second combo point.

Chapter 2 Too Many Drinks is to Loosen Those Lips

The quel'dorei rogue thumped the flagon down against the table with a loud clunk, reaching for the jug of bourbon and attempting to pour out some more. After managing to half fill the flagon -- as well as getting twice as much over the table than into the cup -- she raised it to her lips, looking around the room and swaying unsteadily in her seat.

Her gaze traversed the tavern slowly as it swirled around her, draining the contents of the flagon and thumping it down to the table once more. It was only her third... no... fourth... jug of bourbon -- and she'd spilled half of the last one as well. Three or four flagons per jug was only -- well, more than a few -- it didn't matter anyway. She waved her hand haphazardly in a dismissive gesture, almost toppling from her seat as she did but somehow managing to grab the table and steady herself before she fell to the floor. Slowly she looked up across the table meeting his gaze, the one thing in the room that didn't seem to be dancing around her randomly, transfixing her with his unnaturally blue eyes.

Arotar. His name drifted into her thoughts automatically as she looked upon him, followed by flickering memories of their first meeting two months ago. She enjoyed studying him -- his long reddish-blonde hair flowing loosely to his shoulders, down his back; his rough stubble and the friendly smile upon his lips greeted her as she smiled in return. The moment passed as suddenly as it had arrived; closing her eyes she leaned back into her chair heavily.

The paladin raised the goblet of wine in his hand -- only the second he had poured from the single bottle upon the table -- and slowly finished the remains of his drink as he laughed and joked with his friends. Her eyes fixated on his lips as she remembered giving him mouth to mouth when he pushed her out of the way of a naga, being drug under the tide in her stead. She traced her fingers around her lips as she remembered the sensation. Falling back in a slump as she reached for her drink, he turned to see her in the chair across the tavern. Excusing himself from his company, he slowly stood, navigating himself through the busy pub of card players and patrons to walk up to her table.

He looked down at her, her silken blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and disappearing behind her back, stray wisps of hair framing her face. Her eyes were closed as she laid her head back. Delicate breaths came from between her slightly parted lips with each slight rise and fall of her chest. He smiled again as he extended his hand towards her, speaking her name quietly as he did, "Baeliana...?"

Baeliana opened her eyes at the quiet utterance of her name, first spotting the hand being held towards her, then looking past it to Arotar's face as he looked down upon her. She smiled involuntarily at his gaze, tilting her head slightly and fixing Arotar with questioning look. "I think it's time I got you to a bed." She shook her head, realizing how bad an idea that was as the room blurred and she swayed unsteadily again. She held onto the table once more -- until the room stopped spinning around her -- before looking up to him and taking his offered hand. He pulled her to her feet, then held her a moment while she seemed to gain her footing. Removing his hands slowly -- but ready to catch her again if the need arose.

"Think you can manage to walk?"

"I'm fine... only had a couple" Baeliana attempted another dismissive hand wave, wobbling precariously as she did.

"Only a couple, huh?" Arotar smiled as he led her towards the door of the Blue Recluse. "I think you've had a bit more than that."

Baeliana staggered forward with Arotar, leaning against him as she allowed herself to be led from the tavern.

They stepped out into the stillness of the night. The area was lit gently by the glow of the full moon above. They paused just outside the door as she turned to him. "Where're we going?"

"Just to the Gilded Rose. It's the closest inn."

Baeliana stepped away from him with a single nod of her head -- moving towards the Trade District. She didn't need to be led, and she didn't need Arotar to be so close.

Her movements were slow but, for the most part, steady as she made her way through the tunnel out of the Mage Quarter. Walking along the canal's edge her steps managed to falter at the wrong moment, the ground lurched beneath her and she missed the bridge across the water.

She teetered on the edge of the canal, peering into the water before she toppled backwards heavily, and landing in a sprawling heap on top of Arotar as he grabbed hold of her and pulled her back.

"Who moved the bridge?"

"I don't know." The quiet reply came from somewhere underneath her. Realizing what it was she was laying atop of, Baeliana rolled off to the side quickly, laying beside Arotar and turning towards him with a sheepish smile.

She looked over him slowly, starting from his feet and working along his body to his eyes. He was dressed casually, a simple black vest of what appeared to be mageweave fitting over his chest loosely along with a pair of rugged leather slacks. She met his eyes as he studied her in return, smiling again as the expected question came forth. "Why do you always wear your armour... even in the city?"

Her gaze dropped instinctively, surveying her own attire. She was dressed in her full suit of Terrorblade battle gear as he had just said. Covered from head to toe in thick leather -- almost as a second skin. She gave a shrug, watching Arotar as he stood, reaching down to help her to her feet once more.

"I'm comfortable in it," Baeliana answered as he pulled her up to stand again, "and I like to be ready... for anything."

A simple nod and another smile came from Arotar as he kept hold of her, guiding her slowly over the bridge towards the trade district. Walking silently again as they made their way to the inn.

The Gilded Rose was the typical inn to stay at while in Stormwind. Arotar wondered if in fact it was the only inn within the city limits as he passed through the doorway, leading Baeliana slowly ahead of him. The layout was simple, the bottom floor being a single common, chairs and tables in groups laid out for the residents. It was near deserted -- as expected for the late hour -- the only exception being a single dwarf paladin at a table in the corner chatting up a gnome in cloth raiment. The rooms were upstairs, as normal for a building of the type. Arotar nodded politely to the innkeeper as she descended from the floor above; acknowledging her presence and bidding her wait a moment while he directed Baeliana to a nearby seat.

With a quiet "I'll be right back" once she was seated, Arotar turned to walk over to the innkeeper, speaking in hushed tones with her. Baeliana twisted in her seat as she peered around the room, her eyes coming to rest upon the dwarf and gnome in the corner -- studying them more closely and eventually determining that they seemed to be flirting about with one another. Nothing else within the room caught Baeliana's gaze as she turned full circle, coming to look upon Arotar once again as she caught whispers of their conversation.

"...I realize it's late," he said.

"No need to apologize... Gilded Rose is always open...," Innkeeper Allison replied back.

"...A single room for the night..."

A single room? Baeliana pondered. She watched as Arotar handed over the payment, and signed the registry. She found herself shaking her head at his foolishness; was he expecting her to pay for her own room of course?

"Something wrong," Arotar asked, suddenly standing in front of her again.

"No," she muttered her simple reply, shaking her head.

"Well then, I got the room. Come on, up you go." Baeliana took the extended hand, rising to her feet slowly.

"Don't I need to...?" she gestured towards the innkeeper who was apparently attending to the couple.

"No, I already took care of it."

"Oh... how gallant of you," Baeliana smiled, heading for the stairs holding Arotar's hand in hers, trailing him in her wake. "Come on then." The room was small, plain, and sparsely furnished. A single bed stood against the back wall facing the door, a simple table alongside it and a clothes rack in the corner of the room were the only other items of furniture.

She stepped into the room slowly, turning around to face the doorway once again as Arotar's hand slipped from her gentle grip. She peered at him curiously as he stood, looking back at her, across the threshold of the doorway. He offered a warm, friendly smile -- as he always did -- and nodded his head politely, causing a look of confusion to appear on Baeliana's face as she continued to watch him silently.

"Goodnight. I'll see you sometime tomorrow."

"Where're you...?"

"I'm headed back to Quel'Danil."

"But..." she searched her mind, grasping for the first reason that came to mind that might have a chance at persuading him to stay. "Quel'Danil-- that's a long way from here, and it's so late."

Arotar shook his head slowly, reaching into a pocket and withdrawing a small object -- holding it up as if in reply to her statement. It was a small stone carving in the shape of an octagon. An engraving upon its surface glimmered as Baeliana looked at it, shaking her head also as realization dawned on her.

"Of course. I just forget you can do that sometimes."

She stepped backwards away from the door, meeting the foot of the bed behind her unexpectedly with her legs and collapsed upon it. She laid there, half on and half off of the bed; her arms outstretched either side of her.

"You might want to think about getting out of that armour, and actually lying 'ON' the bed."

Baeliana searched her mind again, looking for a reply, and finding none, instead remaining still and silent. She heard her name drift across the room questioningly, followed by the sound of the door shutting softly.

Her thoughts drifted around in her head, closing her eyes as the ceiling lost her interest.

"Just go to sleep, you'll see him tomorrow."

"Maybe if I got up... no... he's probably safely back inside the Quel'Danil Lodge by now."

"Why's the floor so cold?"

Confusion worked its way through Baeliana as she flexed her toes against the floorboards. She didn't remember removing her boots. She focused once more on the room around her as she felt her left arm drop against the bed gently and her other being raised. Her eyes worked their way open as she turned her head, looking up strangely as she watched Arotar removing the second glove from her hand.

"Oh, you are awake? I thought you might have passed out." His voice was calm as he set the gauntlet down upon the floor at the foot of the bed. "You know, you're not going to do your back any good lying like that all night?"

He moved around to the foot of the bed, standing at Baeliana's feet as he took both her hands in his once again, stepping back slowly as he pulled her into a sitting position.

She watched him silently as he unclasped her shoulder guards, taking them from her shoulders and moving to set them upon the single table in the room. She smiled as he returned to stand in front of her, before he leant in, winding his arms underneath hers and around her back.

She rested her head upon his shoulder, moving her arms around him automatically as she felt his hands working at the fastenings to her cloak. A gentle sigh escaped her as she held him, turning her head and pressing her lips to his bare neck, parting them slightly as her tongue pressed forward to flicker against his skin.

He stood, and her arms refused to move from around him as she stood as well, looking up into his eyes. Her mind barely registered the cloak dropping to the floor, as she leaned forward, standing on her toes as she pulled herself in to meet his lips with hers.

The brief, gentle kiss ended abruptly as Arotar stepped back out of the embrace, closing his eyes and turning back towards the door. He paused, resting his hand on the door handle, speaking without turning to face Baeliana again.

"Goodnight Baeliana"

"You're going?" The confusion she felt clearly being carried by the tone of her words.

Arotar nodded, sighing softly. "We both are a bit impaired. I'd better go, before something happens we'll regret come morning."

He finally turned around again as Baeliana wrapped her arms around his waist, he moved his hands to grasp her arms gently just below the shoulder as his eyes met her gaze once more. She looked at him questioningly as he held her at bay, her hands moving slowly upon his back.

"You had a lot to drink, you wouldn't be..." His voice betrayed him to his desire, "...you're not thinking clearly."

"I am." She stepped forward again as she felt his grip loosen further at her simple words, pressing her body against his as the hands slipped from her arms without much resistance.

His arms wrapped around her once again as their lips met in another kiss, moving his tongue to entwine with hers passionately as she melted into his arms.

For the second time that night, Baeliana felt the foot of the bed hit the back of her legs as Arotar led her slowly away from the door. His hands travelled over her armor slowly, unsatisfied with the feel of the rough leather as he sought out the fastenings to the chest guard.

The clasps at Baeliana's sides released easily under Arotar's deft fingers, he stepped back reluctantly breaking the kiss. Lifting the armor slowly -- Baeliana raising her arms to accommodate his movements -- Arotar slowly drew the leather chest piece off over her head.

A muffled thud resounded around the room as the mail reinforced chest guard was discarded to the floor. Taking a gentle hold of Baeliana's wrists -- raising his hands as Baeliana's arms were still extended above her head -- Arotar stepped closer once again. His eyes met hers -- blue against green -- as she stood in his hold, naked from the waist up except for the lace of her bra still enfolding her breasts. His hands descended slowly, smoothing their way down her arms, exploring her skin.

Moving down from her shoulders and tracing the curve of her breasts delicately, lingering a moment before moving down further and then slipping around her waist.

Baeliana smiled up at him, dropping her hands to his shoulders, and then his chest. She tugged at his vest lightly before working at the ties down the centre -- holding it closed. She paused at his belt as the last fastening came undone, sliding her hands into the vestment at his stomach and slowly drawing them upwards to his shoulders, parting the loosened material and baring his chest to her.

Her hands rubbed over his chest lightly. A smile formed as she massaged his well toned form and laid a kiss upon his chest. She wound her arms under his and around his back as he leaned into her body. His own hands supported her back as she lay down upon the low bed, closing her eyes as she did, her legs bent at the knees as her feet remained resting upon the floor.

A sigh of disappointment escaped as she felt his weight lift off of her, silenced after a moment by the return of his lips. She smiled into the kiss as her hands returned to wrap around his torso -- now unburdened by his robes -- and she pulled him to her again. A hand slowly snaked its way up her side before reaching her breast, gently caressing it through the thin material. She raised herself slightly, allowing his free hand access to the fastening of her bra, craving his feel against her without the dullness of cloth.

The bra was lost easily as Baeliana shifted to help with its removal. Tracing kisses along her jaw line, then to her neck, Arotar moved down atop of her. Finding her breast he gently played his tongue around the newly exposed nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking upon it lightly, drawing a gasp from Baeliana in response.

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