tagSci-Fi & FantasySteamy Romance Novel: Interracial

Steamy Romance Novel: Interracial


Chapter 1 Blue Moon

Tail swooshing and hips swaying, the curvy figure walked purposefully across the beach of Darkshore toward the night elf resting by the shore; quickly sitting up as she approached, he appeared visibly happy to be in her presence. Glowing amber eyes followed her cerulean visage as she straddled him, and lowered herself down. Blue arms flowed over his dark violet shoulders as a smooth tail coiled seductively around his waist pulling herself closer. His firm yet sinewy hands gripped high on her thigh as he looked up at her as her ebony hair flowed in the sea breeze. She peered down at him with a angelic grin as she took one of her hands through his long shimmering white hair and staring into his eyes. "Why must I travel so far to be meeting man like you?" Her voice carried a strong, alluring accent.

Grinning wildly, he gently grasped her arms in his and slid his fingers along her skin until he reached her hands. Taking both her hands to his own, he kissed her fingers in pair and let them go at her chest. Leaning back against the sand, he openly stared as the light of the moons caught her features.

"Tease," she exclaimed in playful anger as she traced the outline of his muscles from his chest.

With a simple reach back of his arm, he reached into his pack and pulled out a small pouch. "My beloved Kethara, I've brought you something that I think you will like." Confidence wrapped his words like a steel blanket.

She plucked the tiny bag from his hands, excitedly pulling it open and revealing a tiny titanium ring encrusted with forest emeralds. "Oh Vithri... you shouldn't have."

The playful teasing was gone from his voice, "Every facet lights the sky, and my heart, with your beautiful reflection."

Kethara frowned. "Uh... no. I meant you really shouldn't have. I could craft something better by accident." Vithri let out a brief chuckle, grinning ear to ear. "While my abilities are far lacking as a jewelcrafter than yours, my skill as an embuer are a match to your masterworks." With the ring sitting in her palm, Vithri traced the outer edge of the Dream Signet projecting her name and visage next to his own within the confines of a heart.

The image sparkled in her eyes as she cupped the ring in her hand and held it to her heart, "I take it back. I could not have crafted such a thing no matter how much I tried." For the first time, possibly ever, Kethara looked hurt. Her shoulders slumped slightly, the cocky, ever-present grin missing from her lovely face as tears fell from her cheek to his chest.

Vithri opened his mouth to speak, his face turned to concern; his fingers catching the flow of tears. "My dear Kethara, what brings sorrow to you?"

Intertwining her own fingers with his, she glided it along the side of her face. Resting her cheek on his palm, she peered into his eyes, "Here you have gone and made something wonderful for me, and I went and insulted it as I did. Can you ever forgive me?"

Reaching his other hand up, he traced his fingers up the other side of face up to the tip of her horn. Guiding her head to his own, he pressed his firm subtle lips against her soft voluptuous lips; summoning a gale force wind that blasted away the tears. Pulling only inches from her, he looked into her eyes, "What do you think?"

With a small grin, she leaned into him, "I think I may need more convincing."

He smiled as he fell back, "I think I could oblige that." Lying on the sand, under the moonlight, he received her Gifts bestowed by the Naaru and he showed her his Gifts of the Wild.

Chapter 2 Fear of Loss and Sanctuary in Unity

Kethara ran as fast as her hooves could possibly carry her across Darnassus. As she stopped at the entrance to the Cenarion Enclave to catch her breath, one of the druids came up to greet her. "How may I—," the druid started to say.

"Please," Kethara injected, imploring while gripping the druid by her shoulders. "Tell me where I can find the druid, Vithri Nightbark."

The druid looked Kethara over searchingly. She could see that the shamaness had been crying, and judged by the conditions of her appearance that she had run no short distance to get here. "If you wish to see Vithri, please follow me," the druid said while turning to guide her.

It had been the first time that Kethara had seen Vithri in such a weakened manner. The dry blood soaked bandages and labored breathing only proved to intensify the idea of losing him. "What happened to him," she questioned as she knelt by his side, touching him warily.

"We do not know. We found him just shy of Warsong with several arrowheads lodged in his body," the druid said resting her hand on Kethara's shoulder. "When we pulled the arrowheads out, we found them covered in this mysterious poison." The druid pointed to the table on the far end of the room. "We believe we have dealt with the poison but his condition has not improved. We can only pray to Elune that he will make it."

"He will make it, I will see to it," Kethara asserted as she tried to stop her tears.

"What do you intend to do?"

"Everything I can do until he is up and about."

"Why? Why is it that you strive so much and go so far for him?" "Because I love him; that's all the reason I need."

The elf's face was locked in a look of awe. Then she looked once more about how the woman was acting in response to his condition. She opened the door and stood in it for a moment. "I will offer a prayer up to Elune for your success and for the full recovery of my cousin," she said before closing the door as she left.

Removing his old bloody bandages only served to enlighten her to the gravity of his wounds. The druid was right when she said it was a blessing that he was alive. Five puncture wound in his torso, two just shy of his heart. Finding his body turning cold to her touch, she tried to find something to cover him in. Unable to find anything, she resigned herself to using her own body as a source of warmth. Removing her garments and exposing herself to the cool Darnassian air, she carefully crawled over him and pressed her body against his. Reaching out and grabbing his hand, she locked her fingers with his as she continually sent waves of her shamanistic healing into him, ultimately using her gift of the naaru before succumbing to the exhaustion.

Opening his eyes, he found breathing a bit harder before realizing something weighed on his body. Turning his amber gaze downward, Vithri found a bare and tender Kethara sleeping on his chest. Sitting up and propping himself up on his elbows, he felt a sharpness emanating from just below his ribcage. Feeling it with his fingers, he found that the wound itself had already closed up, as had most of the wounds he had incurred all over his body. Looking down at his angelic blue blanket, he caressed her face, moving her hair back behind her horns.

"Mhmm," she responded as she rubbed her face against his skin, slowly waking. Opening her eyes fully as her face ran over one of the scars, she pushed herself up, propping her hands against the bed to find him looking down at her.

"Hello beautiful," he said moving black strands from her face.

Looking down at his body, she lifted her body to see how the wounds on his lower body where doing before scooting up his form to examine the ones at his chest and face, "Oh thank the Light."

Smiling down at her, he leaned in and kissed the crest of her forehead before leaning back, "What happened to me? How did I end up here? How long have I been here?

Sighing in relief as he kissed her, she looked at him as he laid back down flat, "I can't answer that question, Vithri, my love. No one knows, they just found you in a near death state."

"So, you've been by my side this whole time I was here?"

"As soon as news had reached me, yes. It took everything I had to heal you, but the result is you're here with me." She fell lightly onto his chest, her ear over his heart, "I'll never tire of this sound."

For a few moments, they both laid motionless, taking in each others' emotions and reliefs. Vithri closed his eyes as he took in the feel of her bare body against his recovering skin. Kethara lay atop him, barely moving, his heavy arms lain on her back, while he murmured her name. She rested her head on his chest, kissing him softly as she reflected on the idea of almost losing him. He squeezed her tight to him, and shifted slightly. She gasped softly as she felt something stir against her belly under her weight. Laughing, Kethara playfully reached up and popped him on the forehead, which only made him hold her to him tighter. She moaned despite herself, wriggling up his body to whisper in his ear.

"I don't know if you're well enough for this."

"I won't know unless I try. Besides, with you here with me, there nothing I'm not ready for," he whispered back, his grip on her didn't lessen. She smiled, lowering her lips to his exposed throat, nibbling on it. He made a small rumble in the back of his throat, though his eyes continued to stay shut. Kethara wriggled a bit more, slowly loosening his grasp as she moved her hand further and furtherdown his torso until it rested softly on his lower abdomen. Positioning herself over him, she slowly lowered herself down until they were united as deeply as she could with him. She took a moment to breathe as her body got reacquainted with the slight pain of uniting with him.

She slowly rocked back and forth, her nails making tiny deep purple marks on his skin. Looking deeply into his eyes, he felt her embrace him more as his hips slightly thrusts. He smiled as his eyes trailed down her body, pausing at two of his favorite spots – her chest and flat belly. Soaked with sweat, from their arousal, Kethara bounced freely above him, her hands steadying her on his chest as he lifted her up and slammed her down.

Huffing softly, Vithri moved her down one last time as their built up tension released. She smiled happily, delighted at his reaction to her body as she softly ground, once again, back and forth on him. He growled before tugging her torso on top of his, and hugging her tight. "I love you, Vithri," she whispered in his ear while still united with him.

"And I you, Kethara, my beloved."

"It would seem you 'are' feeling better," she said tracing her finger around his chest.

He sat up, gripping her around the waist, partially laughing, "That is because you, and only you are the greatest cure a man could hope for."

Their tale continues...

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