tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStefannie's Adventure Ch. 2

Stefannie's Adventure Ch. 2


Stefannie was haunted by guilt for the next three days; she could not believe she had allowed the men to use her as they had, and she had an even harder time believing that she had gotten off on the illicit sex as much as she had. When she fucked her husband that second night, she did not come until she thought of the way Paul had forced her to suck his iron hard manhood.

The fourth day, she went to her husband's office to meet him for dinner. "Hi, Sammy!" she said, walking into his office.

Hey, baby," Sam Peters said from his desk, and motioned at the man standing alongside him. "You've met Ben King, haven't you?"

"Yes, of course. Good to see you again, Mr. King."

"It's always a pleasure, Stefannie," King said, taking her small hand in his. She was surprised, as always, at the calluses on the man's hand. He towered over her, standing several inches over six feet, and she swallowed as his hard eyes dropped from hers to survey her body.

She had on a short, tight skirt with tan hose, and a tight sweater that accentuated the large, firm globes of her breast. It was a button up sweater, but she had it buttoned all the way up to her throat.

As the man's eyes surveyed her body, she found herself glad that she had worn a blazer over the sweater. She had jokingly referred to the outfit as her corporate look, and Sam had said if any of the women in his office dressed like that, he would have them bent over the desk.

"Honey, it's going to be a little bit before I'm ready," he said, smiling at her, and Stefannie had to suppress a look of annoyance. "Why don't you go with Ben here and get a drink, I'll be right with you."

"Well, maybe I could wait here," she protested.

"Nonsense, my dear, we can just go grab a quick drink at the company bar."

"Um, well, I guess that would be OK," she said. Sam Peters smiled and nodded at her as King led her out of the office by her arm.

"I really must have you all over for dinner soon," Ben King said as they got into the elevator. He took out a key, and pressed the penthouse button.

"Yes, we would enjoy that," Stefannie said. "Um, I thought we were going to the bar."

"Yes, well, there's one in my office."

Stefannie bit her plump lower lip, but did not say anything. She could not have said why, but she was suddenly nervous about being alone with this man.

"I'll let Sam know when to arrange the dinner," King was saying. "I must say, that's a great outfit you have on, my dear."

"Oh, thank you! I like it. I don't really think its that sexy, but Sam thinks it is." The words were out of her mouth before she could take them back, and she wondered what she was doing saying something like that. "Mm. I would have to agree with him," King smiled at her. Stefannie blushed as she realized the man was staring at her breasts again.

The elevator doors slid open, and King led the gorgeous woman through he foyer and into his office. "Wow, this is a nice office!" Stefannie said. She was stunned at the size of the place, and the sumptuousness of the decorating.

"I like it," King said, leading her to a large wet bar. There was a wide couch against the wall, and Stefannie blushed as she thought of the way the two men had fucked her on her own couch.

They were working on their second margarita when the phone buzzed softly. King picked it up, and spoke several words, then said: "Well, make it as quick as you can, son."

"That was Sam. He's having some problems with one of the overseas firms. He's going to have to do a videoconference. Here, lets get that jacket off of you, make you a little more comfortable."

"I don't think that will be necessary," Stefannie protested, but he was already unfastening the first of the three buttons that held the jacket in place. Then he was slipping the jacket off of her slim shoulders, throwing it on the couch.

He whistled, and eyed her chest again. "Yes, that's much better," he said, smiling at her, but she noticed that his eyes were not smiling. Stefannie was uncomfortably aware that the sweater she was wearing accentuated, rather than hid, her firm, large breasts. She was also aware that he could see where her soft flesh pushed against the edge of the bra.

She managed to relax as they went into the fourth margarita, and she felt herself getting tipsy. "That sweater is sexy," Ben said suddenly. "But you should undo some of those buttons. I know Sam would appreciate it."

Stefannie struggled to think of something to say, but before she could, King was reaching up so casually she did not even notice until his hard, agile fingers slipped the top button open. "Oh, my, what are you doing?" she asked. His fingers grazed against the silky skin of her throat, and she could not stop the soft shiver that rippled through her body. He had undone the second button, then the third and the fourth before she could say anything else.

"There, that's better," he smiled down at her, and Stefannie looked down at her chest. A good portion of her creamy titflesh was visible now; the little bra she had chosen that night pushed her big breasts up and in slightly, making her cleavage even more impressive than usual.

The petite woman swallowed, and looked around the room, avoiding King's eyes. She finished her drink, and did not protest as he took it from her hand and fixed her another.

"I . . . I think I'll just go wait at the restaurant, Mr. King," she said, turning away from the man. She knew she should refasten her sweater, but something kept her from doing it; her belly was tumbling nervously, and her plump nipples were stiffening.

"No need to do that, Stefannie - it'll be an hour or more before Sam is ready." She felt his body press against hers, and then felt his hand pull her hair away from her long, slim neck. He reached around her with one hand, and gave her the glass back.

Stefannie gripped the glass, and let out a long breath when she felt his lips graze against the silky skin of her neck. She wanted to step away from him, wanted to yell at him, scream that she was happily married.

Instead, she leaned her head slightly to one side, giving his mouth more room on the soft curve of her neck. His breath made her body tremble slightly. Then she felt his hand on her curvy hip, felt him pull her backwards slightly till she could feel his stiff cock bulge against her soft ass.

"Ohhn, Mr. King, I really don't think you should be . . . should be doing this!" she gasped as his mouth opened on her skin. The wetness of his mouth burned her sensitive skin, and she almost fell; she could not help but lean back against him to support herself, and marveled at how large his cock felt against her pliant asscheeks.

"I've always wondered what you would taste like," King whispered against her throat. He ground his cock into her soft ass, and Stefannie moaned softly, then somehow turned away from him. She stared at him, eyes wide with fear at what was happening to her. She should leave, she said to herself, she should just go. This was a dangerous situation. She was uncomfortable aware of her stiff nipples, easily visible through the thin sweater, and the exposed flesh of her heaving bosom.

He took her by the arm, and led her on rubbery legs to the couch. "You look like you should sit down, Stefannie," he said, as though he cared what she needed. He sat beside her, and Stefannie nervously took another long pull off the drink in her hand.

"Do you mind if I just feel your breasts up for a moment, my dear?" he asked, as though he had asked if she minded if he used her telephone.

"Mr. King! I'm a happily married woman!" Stefannie said, shocked, then watched in a daze as he reached up with his left hand and began rubbing his palm in small circles on the tip of her heaving right breast.

She looked down at his hand stupidly as he pressed his palm harder against the large tit mound, flattening it to her chest, the cupped it and lifted it slightly through her bra and sweater.

"I've wanted to do this since I first saw you," he whispered huskily, and began squeezing her large breast gently. He could not believe how nice it felt, soft and firm at the same time, and felt his cock give another lurch. He was looking into her eyes now as she struggled to think of something to say. She was a nympho, he realized. Any normal woman would have pushed his hand away, slapped him, stormed out of the office.

But she just sat very still, looking around the room as he mauled her heaving, soft flesh. He squeezed her round breast harder, heard her make a small noise deep in her throat, and smiled as her eyes drooped halfway closed.

Stefannie somehow set her glass down; her head was spinning from a combination of the alcohol and the feel of the man's hand. Ripples of lust washed through the young wife, and her body actually gave a soft jerk as he pinched and squeezed her hard, silver dollar nipple through her clothes.

"Ohnn, no, this can't happen," she finally wailed, and somehow pushed his hand away. She looked at him, breathing heavily; then he was leaning down. Stefannie turned her head at the last moment, but he was perfectly content to start nuzzling and sucking at the silky skin of her neck again.

"Please, Mr. King, we have to stop this. My husband!" She put her hand on his shoulder, felt his hand on her knee. She tried feebly to push him away, but all the strength seemed to have fled her arms as he licked and sucked at her long, slim neck.

Slowly his mouth dropped lower, till he was nibbling at her collarbone, then lower, lower.

Stefannie wanted to scream; she wanted to push the man away. She felt his hand slip upwards from her knee, and pressed her thighs tightly together.

His lips and tongue moved onto the exposed portions of her cleavage, and Stefannie let out a long breath as his breath and saliva burned its way into her soul. Then he was straightening up, smiling at her. He drew his hand off of her thigh, and once again reached up, unfastened another button on the sweater, then another. Her bra was easily visible now, her breasts looked like they were going to burst right out of the flimsy piece of fabric.

Stefannie stared at the man wildly as he continued unfastening her sweater, saying not a word until he had reached the last button, and spread the halves of her sweater apart.

"You're fucking perfect," king said as he surveyed her body leisurely; Stefannie blushed prettily, but still did not say anything, only looked at him from wide eyes as he reached up and slipped open the small catch resting between her breasts.

The heavy globes sprang from Stefannie's loosened bra, and she finally said in a gasping voice: "Mr. King, if you do this, I'll . . . I'll tell your wife!"

King did not even respond; he stared at the woman's body. Her ribs shone through her pale skin, and her breasts sat proudly on her heaving chest, perfectly shaped with just an ounce of sag to them. The nipples poked from the large globes like small fingers, protruding at least three-quarters of an inch from the soft roundness of her bosom.

Belatedly, Stefannie reached up to try to cover her nakedness, but he just laughed at her attempt to cover herself. God, she was sexy! Her belly was toned, and he could see the light definitions of her stomach muscles, but it still had a womanly curve to it also.

He reached up, brushed one arm out of the way, and captured one of her swaying titties, began mauling it gently. Then he lifted it, and bent and sank his lips over her stiff nipple.

"Uhhnnnnnn, mmmmmm," Stefannie moaned loudly, and leaned her head back against the back of the couch as king flicked her sensitive nipple with his strong tongue. She gripped his shoulder harder as he bit and licked at her breast, softer than silk. He sucked as much of the pliant flesh into his mouth as he could, and Stefannie could not help but arch her back, thrusting her breasts into greater prominence for this man.

His hand was on her again, and she tried to shut her thighs, but she could not match the waves of lust that were consuming her. His hand slipped under her skirt, squeezing her thick, muscular thigh, rubbing up and down, each time going a bit higher.

Her skirt was being pushed upwards, but Stefannie was in oblivion as he slipped his mouth to her other breast, began washing the globe in his red-hot spit. Stefannie turned her body slightly without even being aware of what she was doing, giving him easier access to her swollen knocker.

Then his hand slipped from her silk stalking on the softer skin of her naked upper thigh.

"Ohnn, noooo, Mr. King, please, please! Onnnn, we . . . we shouldn't be doing this!" she wailed.

His hand squeezed the naked flesh of her upper thigh harder, and Stefannie opened her legs wider without thought, then gasped and shuddered as she burst into a thousand pieces, the orgasm washing the last of her will to resist away.

King looked at the woman in surprise. He had not even gotten his hand into her pussy yet and she was already shaking in orgasm! He stood up, and quickly stripped his clothes off.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; her skirt was pushed up till the tops of her stockings were exposed, and the line of her waist rose in a graceful curve to the large, creamy mounds of her breasts. Her long, slim neck was set off perfectly by the short bob haircut she wore, and her high cheekbones and slightly tilted eyes gave her an exotic look that turned him on more than anything did.

Stefannie came to her senses as the man slowly drew her to her feet. "Ohn, what did we do? What did you make me do? I . . . I'm not that kind of woman!" she said, and crossed her arms over her chest. It did not even occur to her to just refasten her sweater and bra.

He pulled her into his arms, and leaned down to kiss her. She tried to turn her head away this time also, but his mouth found hers, hungry, insistent. He tilted his head, and his lips pressed against hers, demanding more. Stefannie felt his tongue flicking against her lips, against her even white teeth, and she moaned, and hesitantly opened her mouth to the kiss.

As his tongue moved into her mouth, his hands slipped from her hips around her till he was squeezing the large, plush moons of her ass through the tight skirt.

Stefannie moaned into the man's mouth, and opened her own mouth wider as he tongued her deeply. She began kissing him back, battling his tongue with her own as he lifted and squeezed the sweet rolls of her taut ass.

When she felt him unfastening her skirt, she somehow wrenched her mouth from his: "Couldn't you just keep kissing me?" she asked breathlessly, and then was gasping and panting into his mouth as he did kiss her again.

He drew the zipper of the skirt down, then stepped away from her slightly as he pushed it over her hips. It fell into a puddle at her feet, and he whistled silently. Her arms were still crossed over her chest, failing to hide her large, swollen tits. Her softly curved belly slid downwards in a tight v to the junction of her muscular thighs, so unlike the slim thighs of his own wife.

The small panties accentuated rather than hid her pussy, and were tied with small knots at her hips. He swallowed as he dropped to his knees, his hands tracing the curve of her hips. Her waist was almost small enough to circle his hands around, but she had the most luscious set of hips he had ever seen, swelling outwards from her waist in a generous curve.

King drew his tongue down the muscular, soft curve of her belly, and felt her heaving beneath his hot mouth. His hands slipped back around to her dream ass, and he began squeezing the plump moons of her buttocks again.

Stefannie's breath caught at the feel of his strong hands mauling her asscheeks; having her ass squeezed like that always turned her on so! She kept her arms clenched to her chest, and watched out of slitted eyes as his mouth dropped lower - lower. Then his mouth was moving over her skimpy panties.

She blushed when she realized he could tell her panties were already wet from her oozing cunt, but forgot all about being embarrassed as he began tonguing her pouting pussy though the sheer silk panties.

"Ohhnnnn, fuuuuuck!" Stefannie exclaimed. If he had not been holding her ass, she thought she would have fallen over then. She closed her eyes, and tilted her hips slightly, pushing her pussy against his magical mouth.

She did not realize he had undone her panties until she felt him drawing the small piece of cloth away from her steamy pussy, and then let out a long, loud moan as his tongue speared into her pussy, running in between the pouting lips of her cunt.

Her body jerked, and she reached down and gripped his head as he licked and sucked at her dripping mons, nibbling her pussy lips and then fucking her trim with his long, agile tongue.

She had her pussy hair trimmed neatly into a mohawk, and the feel of his tongue sliding in the folds of flesh, the feel of his lips and teeth gently nibbling at her pussy was making her legs shake.

King nibbled and licked his way to the top of her slit till he found the swollen button of her clitoris. "Unnnnn, ohhhhhhhhhhh, yessssss! Ohn, King, yess, please, don't stop, don't stop!" Stefannie moaned and wailed as he flicked and rolled her love button with his tongue.

She jerked again as another orgasm rushed through her, more powerful than the first, and she screamed his name over and over, almost collapsing as he kept lashing her clit with his tongue.

Stefannie lost track of how many times she got off; the force rolled through her in seemingly continuous waves until she felt him picking her up effortlessly. She straddled him automatically and when she felt his big, fat cock head rubbing against her slit, the lips opened like a flower, she twisted her hips and sighed in deep satisfaction.

His cock felt sooooo nice as she screwed herself down onto the delicious tool. Her mouth found his, and she pushed her tongue into his mouth as she impaled herself all the way onto his long, rock hard piece of meat.

"Ohn, yess, your cocks so fucking big, Mr. King!" she exclaimed, squealing as he began moving her, his hands on her hips forcing her up and down his long, stiff shaft. She rolled her hips in delight, and tilted them slightly, putting more pressure on the shaft spearing in and out of her.

It was the first time she had ever been on top of a man, and she could not believe the feeling of control that she had. "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" she chanted as she fucked herself up and down on his dream tool.

"That's the way, you little slut!" King said through clenched teeth. She was doing all the work now. He reached up with his hands and began squeezing her breasts hard enough to leave finger marks, but the young wife just moaned louder. He felt her pussy clench around him again as she got off one more time, her body shaking and shuddering on top of his.

He grabbed her ass again, and held her off of him as he began thrusting strongly up into her, fucking the gasping, twitching woman with long, powerful strokes. "Yes, you little bitch, fuck me!" he yelled, and then his cock exploded in her tight pussy. He rolled her over, and pumped his seed into her taut belly.

"So, what did you and Ben talk about?" Sam Peters was asking her an hour later over dinner. He watched as his wife blushed, and said in a voice that shook perhaps a bit too much, "Oh, you know, just stuff. I don't think I really like him."

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