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Step Sis


We'd only been brother and sister for three years when I found out just what a slut my sister was. (Much to my benefit!)

Ok - step sister, not my real sister. She was the same age as me, a few months younger - so kind of like twins but from different mothers and fathers.

I remember the first day she moved in. The look she gave me was "loser!" I was kind of a nerd. I'm good at school, and not very athletic. I read a lot, was in the drama department. She was popular, a cheerleader, and not so good at school. (Well, B's where I got straight A's.) Traci was also hot. I mean, okay - yeah, I noticed. At fifteen, how could I not? She was already, like 5' 4" and getting breasts. She had nice legs, too. Smooth, shapely. Nice ass. Wrong of me to look, but I did, from time-to-time.

Anyhow - school was out. We just finished graduation, and I was looking at college, while Traci was looking at??? I don't know. Leeching off our folks for a while before deciding what she wanted to do. She used to piss me off. She just seemed to get whatever she wanted, while I had to beg for everything. We didn't really fight, but we weren't really close, either. I had my group of friends, she had her popular group to hang out with.

I was home alone. It was hot, so I had gone for a swim before cleaning the pool like I was asked. I went inside, had some lemonade, and did what I usually do when home alone: I got on my computer and looked at porn. I loved it! I especially love girl-girl stuff, good stuff, classy stuff. And it is so available for free, I spend hours, sometimes, jerking off in my room.

Well, I was there, watching some vids I'd downloaded, and was sitting back stroking my cock when I heard: "Whatcha doing?"

I just about had a heart attack!

I jumped up, almost falling down as I tried to pull my trunks up and hide my erection, and there was Traci standing in my doorway, smiling like she'd pulled a good one on me.

"N-nothing," I lied. Lame, but shit - I was embarrassed! My heart was hammering in my chest, and I was shaking.

Traci just smiled and stepped into my room. "Liar," she said.

"Well - okay. I was... looking at porn," I admitted. My hard on didn't go down, and I was dying of embarrassment, doing my best to hide it.

"I know," she said and sat on the edge of my bed. "I saw you." She smiled at me again.

Damn! If she wasn't my sister...

"I've seen you do it before," she said and laughed.

I was floored! "Wh-what?"

She waved her hands at me. "Oh, don't get all defensive. It's perfectly natural. It's alright! In fact, it's fun and kind of sexy..."

She was calling me sexy? In any way? Plus, this was weird. I mean, she is my sister...

Traci cocked her head and her eyes went to the bulge in my trunks. The sounds of moans came from my computer as the girls on the video went down on each other. I forgot to turn off the sound!

Traci giggled. "Don't let me stop you," she said and scooted back on my bed, making herself comfortable. "I like to watch you. It was kind of 'naughty', spying on you and all. But, I got off watching you jerk until you came."

I swallowed as my dick began to throb, begging to be touched. This was too much!

"In fact," Traci said with a sexy grin, "I may just join you."

Without another word, Traci pulled her panties off from under her skirt and dropped them next to my bed. I stared like an idiot, and Traci pulled up her skirt, showing me her pussy. She kept it shaved, with just a patch down the center. I'd seen her before, getting in or out of the shower. Traci didn't always close the door all the way when she took a shower. (We had to share a bathroom which lead to a lot of fights over who's stuff gets to go where, leaving clothes around, and all that.)

"Trace..." I started to say. My mouth was dry.

"C'mon," she said and gave me a wicked smile as she lightly stroked her pussy. She pulled her lips apart, and showed me the glistening pink inside. "I know you want to. I know you want to jerk off for me right now," she said.

The thing is, I did want to! I wanted to so bad it was throbbing in my cock with every beat of my heart! Fuck the fact that she was my step sister.

Traci curled up against my pillows, pushing deeper into them as she settled down on my bed. She spread her legs wider, enjoying my hungry stare, as she teased her pussy with her fingers.

"Do you like my pussy?" she asked coyly.

I swallowed. "Y- yes..." I managed to say.

Traci smiled more seductively, increasing the pressure her fingers were giving her pussy lips, rubbing over her clit. She half-closed her eyes and moaned slightly. "C'mon, Jase - " she urged. "I've seen you do it. I've watched you before, stroking that cock of yours, totally getting into it... C'mon, bro - show me. I want to see it!" She writhed slightly as she slid one finger into her pussy. "I've seen you shoot your cum all over your belly. Or into a tissue. Such a waste!" She laughed.

My heart beating so hard I almost shook, I felt my hand slide down to my trunks. Traci's eyes followed, eager, urging, forcing. I slipped one hand into my trunks, closing it around my dick. I had used some hand lotion, and it was still slightly lubricated. Fuck! It felt so good!

""That's it," Traci sighed. She rubbed her pussy harder, driving me crazy with lust. "That's it, brother - do it! Show it to me! That much, at least. Just - let me see it all hard and sticking out."

I lowered my trunks, letting my hard on stand up on it's own.

Traci grinned and scooted closer to the edge of the bed.

Traci was hot. Shit - my own sister - step sister - was a knockout, who was I kidding? She was hot when I was a gawky fifteen and she was fifteen. She already had breasts, and great legs. She was only like 5' 4", and maybe 115 lbs? A 34 B, maybe? Fuck - with my non-experience with girls, really, what did I know?

"It's so purple," Traci said. It was like she was hungry or something, the way she said it. "Touch it, Jase. Touch it for me! Please?"

I put one fist around my shaft. Damn, but it felt good! So good. And then, I slowly stroked it. Fuck! Fuck! It felt so good to do this!

"Yes!" Traci gasped and she slid her fingers into her pussy as she sat on the edge of my bed, watching me stroke my shaft; watching me while I watched her.

"Come here, Jase" she moaned, getting into it. "Closer. I want to see it! I want to watch, close up."

I found myself stepping closer. I stroked it slow, letting her enjoy watching as my hand went all the way to the base of my shaft, then back up to the rim. Her eyes were totally on my cock, now. She watched like she was entranced. I felt - sexy. For the first time in my life, I was having a girl watch me stroke my cock!

"Mmmmm," Traci moaned. Just the sound of her voice, deep and sexy, almost made me cum right there! "That's it, Jase... Just like that. Yeah, slow... like I'm sucking it..."

Sucking my cock? I gasped as I came, my cum spattering all over Traci's skirt. It spattered her arm and hand, too, and she laughed.

I felt ashamed. I felt like she was laughing at me because I just came.

""Oh, Jase!" she said excitedly. "That was soo hot! Oh my god..." she closed her eyes and brought herself off as I stood there, my cock dripping cum, starting to droop as I became self-conscious. " Yes, yes, yes..." she sighed and quivered, shoving two fingers deep inside her pussy. She seemed to totally forget I was there.

I felt like a dope. But when Traci opened her eyes, she did so slowly, like she was coming out of a dream, or like she was high or something.

"Oh, Jase..." she said, and smiled again. "That was hot! I want to do that again! And soon!" she said and laughed as my dick began to harden again.

I was totally confused. And kind of pissed. And incredibly turned on! More than I had ever known.

Traci looked at the cum drops on her arm and hand, and she rubbed my cum into her skin. My dick was fully erect again, and there was cum on the tip of my cock that was getting ready to drip on the floor. Traci leaned forward, putting her hand that was still sticky with her pussy juices on me, and wrapped her fist around my shaft.

"Oh yeah, Jason! That's it! Mmmmm..." Traci slowly squeezed as she drew her fist up, and the cum in my shaft spilled out of the head of my dick and dribbled on her hand and down the back of her hand. Traci got a wicked look on her face and stroked my cock again, forcing more cum out of my dick.

I moaned, and felt a need to lean against something. It was hard to stand there like that!

"Oh, bad boy wants to get off again?" Traci asked, smiling. She stroked again, and spat on my cock to lubricate it. Her fist closed more firmly, and she stroked my own cum up and down my shaft with her hand. It felt so fucking good!

I could only nod, and moaned again as she stroked again, mercilessly.

'What do you want, Jason?" she asked in a low, husky voice. "What do you want?"

"I want - to cum," I gasped out. "Again."

Traci laughed sexily. She had me totally at her mercy, and she loved it!

"You want what?" she asked again, and closed her fist tighter, almost too tight, right under the rim of my shaft.

"I want - to cum again," I said louder.

"You want what?" she asked, lightening her grip slightly, then stroking my cock faster, spitting on it some more. God! Her fist was driving me crazy whenever it slipped over the head of my dick!

"I want to cum again!" I said, loud and clear.

Traci stroked me faster, jerking me as she used her other hand on her own pussy. "That's better," she said. "I'd hate for there to be any confusion. But what you're really saying..." she said as she switched hands, spreading her wetness down my shaft as well, "... is that you want to cum while being jerked off by your sister, isn't that it?" She twisted her fist as she pulled it over the head of my shaft, making me writhe as I leaned against the desk, getting weak in the knees. I was getting ready to pop!

"Y- yes," I said.



"Yes, what, Jason?" she asked, stroking me harder and faster, knowing I was about to cum.

"I want to cum while I'm jerked off by my sis!" I yelled as I jizzzed all over her hand. Traci was good, she felt my orgasm just as I shot off, and closed her fist to control the jizz cumming out. Still, the sudden pressure made me cum with a small "spack!" sound, and cum spattered on me and on her face and clothes. I came hard, several good pumps of cum, like I had never cum before.

Traci's hand slowly released the pressure, and tons of goo flowed out, covering her fist and my dick.

"Oooo, Jason!" she laughed naughtily. "Such a messy boy!" Traci stroked my shaft, slick with cum, and letting it run between her finger and down her arm. "Such a very messy boy. Mmmm...." Traci did something I'd never dreamed - not from her, though plenty of times with the girls from my fantasies! She leaned forward and wrapped her sexy lips around my shaft and began to lick my cum off my hard on! My own sister!

I trembled. I was too weak to stand, and held myself until I could scoot onto the edge of the desk to sit. But Traci followed, kneeling in front of me, between my legs, as she wrapped her mouth around my cock and sucked me clean. She lifted my shaft, and licked all the way down between my balls, lapping up all the cum she could before sitting back and licking the cum off her fingers.

I sat there, catching my breath, as my step sister sat on the edge of my bed, cleaning my cum off her hand like a cat grooming itself. And she looked pleased with herself, too!

"D-damn, Trace..." I gasped. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to think! I'd been given a hand job by a girl before, and had even been given head, but the girl took my cock out of her mouth before I came, so I wasn't a total virgin. (Though I was still a virgin when it came to that.) But those were girls from school - girls I was attracted to. Not - not my sister!

Traci looked at me, kind of like she was high. She smiled. A drop of my cum still sat at the edge of her lip, and there were a few droplets on her cheek - even her hair, as I sat there taking her in. Cum on her skirt. Cum drops on her blouse.

"I know you think I'm a total slut, Jason. I've heard you call me that behind my back. But now what do you think? Now that you've just jerked off with your sis? Do you think you're a perv?" she was half-challenging me, half-teasing.

"I don't know..." I said. "I don't know what to think."

Traci seemed to lose some of her defensiveness, and her sexual playfulness crept back - her wickedness.

"Good!" she said. "Because it's not like we're related or anything. It's not like I'm your real sister. And besides, you've turned out kind of cute!" She laughed again. "In fact, some of the girls wondered what it would be like to fuck you. Only now, I've beaten them to it! Well, beaten you off - but, well, you know what I mean. I mean, we haven't had sex or anything..."

I was pleasantly lost. I was cute? And sexy? And - and, yeah - it's not like I'd never thought about it. But I never let myself have the fantasy. I always used something else to cover the fact that Traci did turn me on. But, the fact that we were "brother and sister" and all that, plus the ways she tormented me the past few years...

"Admit it," Traci said. "You've watched me before, haven't you? Thought I was sexy? I've seen you spying through the door when I take my showers. Funny that I always knew what you'd be up to shortly after!" She gestured toward the computer.

I swallowed. "I admit it. I have... watched you. Yes - even gotten turned on by you. But, I mean, never... anything like... well, that."

Traci shook her head and put her hands on my face, looking at me. "Such a waste. All those nights, all that wasted cum, when right across the hall... All you had to do was sneak in, and..."

"Traci!" I gasped. Traci laughed, and I had to laugh, too, because my dick was getting hard - again!

"I knew you'd be a horn dog!" she laughed. Traci picked up her panties from beside my bed and raised them to her nose, taking a sniff. Then she rubbed them all over her pussy, getting her wetness on them, before tossing them to me with a grin. "Don't let mom find them," she said as she sauntered out of the room. "She knows what kind I wear, and I bet she'd recognize them as mine." With a final, wicked glance at me, Traci closed the door to my room, leaving me sitting there with an aching hard on and her wet panties in my hand.

I drew them to my face and inhaled. She smelled fucking sweet!

End Pt. One

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