tagIncest/TabooStep Sis Ch. 03

Step Sis Ch. 03


I must have dozed off.

Dope that I was (or maybe it was subconsciously deliberate?), the lounger where I was sitting was visible from Traci's bedroom window. I mostly had my back to the house, so she wouldn't really be able to see anything, but I was clearly naked. The moonlight was brighter when I woke up.

What woke me up was the feeling of something warm and slick on my cock.

I came to as a girl's hand began to slowly stroke my hardening cock with suntan oil. The hand belonged to none other than Debbie Prichard.

"I told you he had a nice cock," I heard Traci's voice say quietly. I turned my head, and there, watching as Deb gave me a hand job, were my sister and her cohort, Stacy!

"Uh - uhmmm..." I barely protested. Debbie's ministrations felt so good.

"Shhh..." Traci hushed, smiling her sexy smile. She was still topless, as was Stacy. Traci hugged Stacy close to her, and absently caressed the other girl's breasts as they watched. Stacy began to do the same for my sister.

My cock hardened even more.

Debbie giggled. "You're right, he is a horn dog!" Her hand slid up and down my shaft, slipping over the head and back down, like a wet mouth. Her big D breasts rested on my thigh. I could see them starting to harden, or one of them, anyway. I reached down and began to play with her nipple.

"He's a quick learner, too," Traci whispered. "You know, brainy and all that."

"But with a nice dick," Debbie said, smiling.

I wasn't huge. In fact, as far as I knew, I was downright ordinary. But shit! If they liked it, who was I to disagree?

Debbie's strokes began to increase. She had plenty of lube, and so it slid easily up and down. She wrapped her other fist around it, and stroked me like a piston.

I began to moan. I closed my eyes and lay back as Debbie Prichard jerked me off in front of my sister and her best friend.

""Soon! Soon!" I heard Traci mutter excitedly. She was tweaking Stacy's nipples, but her eyes were on my cock, which was swollen and ready to burst. "Easy!"

Debbie adjusted her grip, and twisted her hands as she went up and down, just a trifle slower.

"Ohhh fuuuuccckkk..." I moaned as I came. Debbie didn't control it like Traci did, and my jizz flew in the air, landing on my chest and stomach, and all over Debbie's hands. She slowed down, but stroked my cum up and down my cock before rubbing my jizz on her breasts.

"Brother likes that, doesn't he?" Traci said. "Brother likes other things, too. Oral things, don't you, Jason? Oral sex?"

I was hardly able to answer, but just kind of sat there, buzzed.

"Debbie's good at oral, too - aren't you, Deborah? Go ahead and show my brother how good you are."

Debbie grinned, and kind of purred as she wiped the oil off my cock with a towel. Then she bent down and began to suck my dick, taking it slowly, just the head. Then, rather than backing off, she worked her way down, opening her mouth just wide enough to wrap her lips further down. Inch by inch, she swallowed my cock.

Traci was breathing fast, watching. Or maybe it was because Stacy had her finger down my sister's bikini bottoms, fingering her as they watched. Traci had one hand behind her, and from what I could tell she was returning the favor to Stacy's pussy.

Seeing Traci like this made my cock throb. Debbie moaned over my cock, and I writhed.

"Better than your vids, eh, bro?" Traci joked huskily. She had her eyes half-closed as Stacy began to work her pussy seriously.

'Mmmm..." I moaned in agreement.

Debbie began to use one hand on my shaft as she sucked my cock. She squatted next to the lounger, her big breasts bouncing against my stomach and thigh. I tweaked her nipple, and was pleased when she paused to moan in reply.

"See? Fast learner..." Traci gasped. She leaned over the top of the lounger, her B breasts hanging just above my head, as Stacy fingered her good. "Oh yeah... oh fuck.. oh yeah..." she began to mutter.

I wanted to suck on Traci's breasts. So close and yet so far! But the image, and all that was going on: Debbie Prichard sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow; my sister getting finger fucked by her best friend in a bi/lesbian fantasy - I got ready to cum again. I gripped the edge of the lounger, and Debbie wrapped her lips tight around my cock. She drove her mouth down on me like a pussy, fucking me with her mouth. This time, she closed her hand around the base of my cock as I began to cum, controlling my jizz as I came in her mouth. In her mouth! Oh my god, there is a God after all!

Traci came just after I came in Deb's mouth. The two of us sat there, trembling, as we both were finished off by my sister's best friend's.

"Oh shit..." I sighed.

Traci laughed. Debbie licked her lips, and giggled - a thick, throaty giggle as her mouth was gooey with my jizz. Stacy smiled and pressed against Traci's back.

Traci leaned down and kissed me, inverted. We'd never kissed before. It was new, and I felt something strange stir inside.

"Who's up for a midnight swim?" she asked.

"I am," Debbie said and stood.

"Wait!" Traci whispered. "Naked - no bikinis!"

I better get out of here, I thought. Their splashing was likely to wake our parents, and how would I explain swimming naked with my sister and her two friends at eighteen?

"I'm off, then," I said. Debbie let out a small "Owwww..." of disappointment. "I don't want mom and dad to get pissed because I'm out here with my dick hanging out."

"But we don't bite!" Debbie said playfully and grinned. "Unless you want me to..."

Traci smiled. I looked at her, and my eyes said volumes.

"Thanks," I said.

Traci smiled, and kind of seriously, said to me, "You're really not such a loser, you know. Not at all."

I don't know what made her say that, but it made me feel good. I smiled. "Have fun!" I said. "I know you know how!"

Traci watched me as I walked back into the house. Stacy had jumped into the pool, and so had Debbie. I waved, and she waved back, before slipping out of her bottoms and diving into the pool. I heard splashing as I made my way, happy and tired, to my room.

Am I fucking crazy? I asked myself.

But another voice inside said: You'd be crazy if you didn't fuck!

I smiled because I agreed. After eighteen years thinking I was a "loser", I was having every fantasy and more come true. Id' be crazy not to enjoy it while I could!

End Part Three

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