Stepdaughter with Her Best Friend


"What happened next, Mr. B?" Tina groaned, as Ellie switched, by the looks of her head movements, to a vertical licking of Tina's pussy.

I paused for a moment to admire my stepdaughter's healthy but firm young ass bobbing up and down as she ate her friend, all just inches away from me. Tina's hips were bouncing up to meet Ellie's face, and Tina was pulling on her own nipples, hard, obviously enjoying the pain with the pleasure.

Then I resumed my story, closing my eyes as I spoke. "Alice said 'Good, I was afraid maybe you and Zola were stopping having sex. I know with my friends that usually means that they stop dating soon after. I would hate not seeing you again.' I knew then that I had her."

"Did you have her right then?" Tina panted. I opened my eyes, saw that she had one hand still caressing her own boobs, but the other now was shoving Ellie's head deeper into her cunt.

"No. As I said, I took my time with these tender flowers. With Alice, that second night, I just drove a less direct route to her home, to see if she would be spooked."

Tina's forceful encouragement of Ellie's oral efforts made my stepdaughter's ass bob more vigourously. Before I thought of what I was doing, I realized that my hand, as if with a mind of its own, was reaching towards that forbidden flesh. Before I touched her tush, though, gravity had its way with me, tumbling my whole body off of the couch. Luckily, I landed softly, the roll and drop to the carpet not long enough to gather velocity.

I decided to pretend that I had intended the move, and said, "There. Now I can see better,"

"More story please, Daddy," Tina urged, though I was amazed that she could speak between groans. "Alice said nothing about my driving slowly through People's Park, which would never have been the quick way to her house, even at the speed limit. Nothing more happened that second night and it was a couple of weeks before she babysat again. That third night, when her parents dropped her off, I noticed right away that her little chest was elevated more than usual, and deduced she had acquired a push up bra. She also was wearing a very sheer white top that showed off the bra, and stopped short of her belly button. Her abs were totally flat, toned like only a teen can be. While Zola was saying good night to you, Ellie, Alice made a point of bending down to get something out of her packsack. First, this displayed her heart shaped ass in her tight shorts. There was no panty line, but the top string of her thong peeked at me as Alice bent down deeper, digging in her sack..."

"I bet you wanted to fuck her right there," Tina said.

"It certainly made my cock hard, but remember, this was the front foyer of Zola's house, and I was going out with Zola. Though through most of the evening, I was distracted by thoughts of how Alice might taste. That did change a bit on the way back to Zola's, when Zola commented on how hard I had been all through the date. She apologized, said she had been afraid to touch my cock, in case I exploded in my pants. Then, for the first time since we started dating, she suggested that instead of sex play in the car, or somewhere else awkward, I go back to her house after I drove Alice home, and we could finally have proper sex in her bedroom."

"," Tina groaned, so loudly that I was glad for the soundproofing of my den, so the neighbours would not hear.

She trashing wildly, and I surmised that an orgasm was imminent, so I paused briefly to allow the audience to regroup. From where I knelt close behind Ellie, I could see clearly how she was expertly eating her best friend. That teenage tongue was alternating between long smooth strokes up either side of Tina's gash, spaced by loving attention to her clit. Ellie would first bobble the nub with just the tip of her tongue, all the while toying with Tina's pussy with the tips of her fingers. As Ellie slurped the flesh between her lips, drawing it between her teeth, those fingers thrust deeper. My stepdaughter then began bobbing her head; sucking Tina like that clit was a tiny cock. This was accompanied by four full hard fingers fucking deep into the sodden pussy which was thrusting back up off of the floor to meet Ellie's mouth and hand.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww," Tina roared, throwing her elbows back against the carpet, her whole body arching upwards, and slamming back to the floor. This continued not once, not twice, but at least a half dozen times, as Ellie grasped Tina's hips, mouth clamped tight over clit, jaw working frantically.

At last, the climax subsided, the movements slowed, though Tina was still visibly vibrating, her hips still rising in response to Ellie's ongoing attentions, but slowing. Tina's thrashing hair calmed as well, and her screams settled into a smile.

"My ass is sore, Daddy," Tina said through her grin. "Ellie's been a bad little slut, letting my butt pound the floor like that. I think that you need to slap her ass so that she knows what it feels like."

I responded swiftly, not allowing Ellie a chance to protest. I start with a mild swipe across her round right cheek, and immediately added a matching strike on the left. I admired how her flesh jiggled, but noticed that in spite of her full figure, her ass felt firm to the touch. I longed to caress that lovely butt, but knew that complying with Tina's commands would lead to a fun game too.

"More, please, Daddy." It was Ellie begging, lifting her mouth off of Tina's clit finally, and starting to plant soft kisses on her friend's inner thighs. "I've been a really bad slut."

"How bad?" I asked. "Two more spanks per side? Three? Four?"

I counted as I spoke, watching her flesh turn pink, and then red. Her hips were rocking now, thrusting back to meet my blows, seemingly eager for more.

"No more," Ellie finally begged. I noticed that as she humped back towards my hand, her knees had spread wider, exposing her wet labia, and I could swear that her anus was winking at me.

I looked down at Tina, who was propped up on her elbows, perky nipples still excited. She nodded.

"I think that's enough punishment, Daddy. Tell us more about Alice, please."

Ellie twisted slightly, so that I could see how thoroughly her chin was coated with Tina's juices -- a droplet even hung from her nose. Her lips were shiny, spread wide in an enthusiastic grin.

"Yes, please, Daddy, I love this story," Ellie agreed, before resuming kissing Tina's skin, now planting a smooch inside each knee, and working down those athlete's calves.

I smiled back, nodded at Tina. I rested a hand on Ellie's hip, softly kneading her flesh as I spoke.

"You might understand that I was torn. I wanted to get back to Zola's and fuck in her bed -- this would be an important step in our relationship. But Alice bounced out of the doorway, so eager looking, grinning like you girls are right now, That tiny shirt road higher with each step, and those young tits seemed to be trying to bounce free, despite the bra -- begging me to lick them. When she climbed into the passenger seat, my eyes were as conflicted as my heart and my cock -- wanting to look down her cleavage, but also drawn to admiring the camel toe effect of her tight shorts, where her thin legs were almost but not quite closed together."

Ellie's tongue curled out of her mouth, carving perfect circles around the bony inside of Tina's right ankle. Tina's fingers had travelled down her tummy as I spoke, and she was casually caressing her own pussy.

I paused again, slowly rubbing Ellie's rear, until I realized that I was wishing that her tongue was rimming the ridge of my cockhead, rather than teasing Tina. I locked eyes with Tina, who was smirking at me, and decided that perhaps I was the one being teased.

"So what happened next, Daddy?" Tina prompted, jolting me out of my daze.

"Alice commented on the odour, or lack, more accurately. She joked that the vehicle was back to a 'new car smell'. I decided to drive even more slowly to Alice's home, and detoured deep through a park that was no where near on the way. The whole time I was driving away from her house, Alice stared out the front window, chattering happily about how much fun she had playing with you, Ellie. About the time I turned into the park, I noticed that Alice was rubbing her legs tightly together, and the car was starting to be filled with her scent."

Ellie had flattened her tongue and ran it along the inside of Tina's right foot. I could only think how much it looked like she would be expert at bathing the underside of a shaft. She then swirled the tip around the base of Tina's big toe, causing the foot to slay, and slurped that fat stub into her cheek, commencing to suck fiercely.

My cock bobbed up to a right angle, still wanting to explode. It twitched so close to my stepdaughter's ass that if Ellie shifted back a millimetre, I would be poking her flesh. An inch back, and an inch to the right, and I might be fucking her ass. A few hours ago, I was oblivious to her sexuality. Now, I was wondering whether she would rather that I heft her up and just enter her pussy, or if she would get more of a thrill from the double taboo of being fucked by me up the dirt road.

Tina moaned in response to Ellie's sucking, and I saw that she was frantically thumbing her clit with one hand while tweaking her nipple with the other, her hips gyrating as yet another orgasm seemed near. I silently thanked Tina's horniness for opening this chapter of my life, though I still found myself to be uncertain whether I dared actually carry this through to the conclusion and fuck Ellie. Sex play crossed one taboo line. Fucking the stepdaughter would change the family dynamic forever.

I tried to distract myself by closing my eyes and recalling more about Alice.

"At first, I did not react overtly to Alice's actions, but the combination of the sight and the smell was driving me nuts."

Sort of like Ellie and Tina, I paused to reflect, but then I continued, as Ellie was rolling each of Tina's toes individually on her tongue, and both girls were too enraptured to speak.

"It was Alice who broke the silence, as I drove silently along the ridge just above that little hidden parking area designed for access to the River Walk - where lovers park at night to make out. Alice was a virgin, but she had friends who had told her about the spot, apparently, because she asked me why I'd driven past the turn off. After all, she reasoned, now that the car smelled like sex, someone should have the sex to go with the smell."

"Sounds to me like Alice was doing just fine in the having the sex department," Tina suggested.

"But she wanted more. All that remained was finding out how much more. So I told her that parking where her chums hang out was not such a great idea. Zola and I had found much more private spots. Since we were past the seduction stage, I moved one hand onto Alice's knee."

"Did she slide it up her inner thigh?" Tina asked between pants for air, her hips again bouncing upwards.

"We both just left it there while I drove. The silence was deafening, though Alice was breathing almost like you are now. As we turned out of the park, Alice finally moved again. She asked me if I wanted to see her tits. Before I could answer, she took her top off, leaving me torn between watching the road and peeking down her bra."

"Were you kneading Alice's leg like you're fondling Ellie?" Tina asked.

I paused, looked down, and discovered that without realizing it, I had been stroking my stepdaughter's rear, hands travelling in firm circular motions. Ellie had responded by shifting her knees further apart, opening her loins wide. My right thumb was grazing her labia as my left index finger slipped along the crevice above her anus.

Ellie gave no verbal response -- she was preoccupied with licking back up inside Tina's thighs. However, her pussy lips, already drenched, puffed larger as a fresh flood of juices coated her skin and lubricated my fingers.

"Noooo....mooo....rrrrrre," Tina screamed, riding another wave of climax.

My hands shifted, virtually reversing positions, my right thumb pressing the rosetta of her ass open, the fingers of my left hand caressing Ellie's cunt, sliding along her gash. The wetness allowed them to slip inside with ease. Ellie was licking Tina's clit, drinking the fresh flow. Her hips thrust backwards, welcoming my invasion.

Tina again spoke as her breathing slowed. "I guess you were fondling Alice. But didn't you say that you fucked her too? Get to that part of the story."

I was sure she winked at me -- telling me that she was really talking about me fucking Ellie, her interest in Alice now just a mask.

"It didn't happen quickly, remember. I stayed off the busy streets. A few blocks after we left the park, she reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She shrugged her shoulders and it fell forward. I let the car coast to a stop right there on some side street, because my eyes were glued to her perfect nipples, so pink against the white of her flesh, so I knew it wasn't safe to keep driving. I thought I was going to explode right in my pants when Alice popped the button that held her shorts closed."

"She still hadn't touched you?" Tina giggled. "Was she as reluctant a slut as Ellie?"

Ellie lifted her face from Tina's groin, frowned and playfully slapped her chum.

I thought I heard Tina mutter "bitch", but wasn't sure. It did not matter, since Tina levered herself up to a squatting position, lifted Ellie by the shoulders, and gave my stepdaughter a long lingering smooch, tongues twisting. When they broke for air, Tina began licking her own drying offerings off of Ellie's face. They obviously were not angry with each other.

Tina's shifting of Ellie pushed my stepdaughter's ass and pussy down onto my fingers. My hands immediately shifted without conscious command. My right hand caressed the tanned curve of Ellie's buttock, while my left hand splayed beneath her, baby finger stretching to tease just the bottom of her slit while the thumb toyed with her hungry asshole.

Ellie leaned back, her head on my shoulder, allowing me a swift sniff of her hair before she turned and kissed me, the first time that we had swapped spit in that very adult way, offering me a taste of Tina.

As Tina began licking Ellie's nipples, my stepdaughter sighed, stopped kissing me and asked, "Yeah, Daddy, was Alice a reluctant slut like me?"

"Whole different situation," I explained, as both girls giggled at the silliness of the context of Ellie's last comment. "Remember that I had touched Alice first, but we had built up to that moment for weeks. If either of us was hesitant, it was still me, because I was going back to Zola's, and she would notice that I smelled of Alice."

"What did Alice smell like, Daddy?" Ellie asked, just assuming that if I recalled the seduction, I retained the scent memory.

"She smelt like sunshine in the spring time, but that was changing every second, as she began giving off that special scent of a slut to be in heat."

"Was that because you started touching her intimately?" Tina asked. "Sort of like you're touching Ellie now?"

"First, I drove down a narrow lane that Zola liked -- it started out behind a house that backed to the river, but ended up in a dead end little bowl shaped turnaround. I was careful about my driving, though I was a bit distracted by the sight of Alice playing with her nipples."

"Like this, Daddy?" Tina chuckled, leaning back away from Ellie, using the fingers of each hand to pull the nubs away from her petite orbs, and rotated them while pulling harder. She winced briefly, but then grinned wider as the flesh stretched further.

"She cupped her boobs from underneath in her palms, and closed the webs of her fingers right at the bottom underneath each nipple, and squeezed the whole thing -- tit and point, with different pressures, and then rolled them. Her little tongue started working the corner of her mouth. I thought my zipper was going to pop, just thinking about where that tongue might go."

"What happened next?" Tina asked, as Ellie nibbled my neck, and then bit my earlobe, finally initiating contact with me.

This sent a shiver travelling all the way from my head to my toes, with a large bolt of the energy diverting out my cock, causing it to surge up against Ellie's backside.

"I did much like what Ellie just did, except I trapped Alice's hand against her tit, and pressed, while my hand finally slid up her leg, right inside the shorts. She leaned her head back and sighed, but recovered quickly and twisted around to kiss me and fish my cock out of my pants.

Ellie's hand closed over my helmet, gently squeezing me. I felt her shift her body as she angled my hard organ.

"Did she suck you, or go straight to fucking?" Tina breathed, crawling forward to peer over Ellie's shoulder.

"She bobbed her head straight into my lap without another word, and ran her tongue through my slit, then licked me like an ice cream cone. Alice was definitely a virgin in a technical sense, but whoever taught her how to give head was a pro."

I paused then, and found myself wondering whether or not Ellie would turn around and demonstrate her abilities, just to encourage me to tell the rest of the story. I think Tina was wondering the same thing, as she tented one eyebrow. I had no doubt that she was anxious to see her best friend, my stepdaughter, slurping on my weapon, having encouraged it earlier, when Ellie was behaving shyly.

Tina spoke, "I bet Ellie is even better than Alice -- after all, Ellie has a lot of experience. Should we find out?"

My cock liked the idea, bobbing against Ellie's backside, tapping the indentation where her spine stopped and her two generous yet firm mounds of ass began. Instead, Ellie ground back harder against it, head still on my shoulder. She ran her tongue inside my ear.

"I'll suck you another time," she promised. "But first, I want to know how you fucked little Alice -- did she sit on your lap?"

"I bet he came in her mouth first," Tina guessed, not giving up.

"Actually, she didn't suck me that long. She was very anxious, in a rush to get fucked. Later -- driving her home -- she told me she had sucked dozens of cocks, all ages and sizes, so that part of the night was nothing special, but she thought mine was the perfect one to be the first in her pussy."

"Did she wrap her legs around your waist and lever herself on your manhood by pushing her feet against the door or window behind you?" Ellie asked, settling her ass back deeper into my lap as she spoke.

My hardness was now trapped tightly between my belly and her buttocks. Ellie began bouncing slightly, rubbing her flesh against mine, my shaft sliding effortlessly along her sweaty crevice.

"Actually, she climbed aboard backwards -- is that what you call reverse cowgirl? -- and rode me, a lot like you are now, except of course, my cock was up inside her pussy, not rubbing up against her ass on the outside. I had fucked Zola that way a few times, it worked smoothly, it was easy. I'm still not one hundred percent certain Alice was truly a virgin. Her pussy was plenty tight, but she had no hymen -- later she claimed that was from sticking things up herself, but who knows, and frankly, my cock didn't care. It just loved how her muscles clamped down around the base while the rest of her flesh massaged my shaft and kneaded my head."

Ellie leaned back to lick my earlobe. The arching of her back allowed warm air to bathe my cock head, but her glutes settled around my root, giving my organ a squeeze before she sat up straight again, which shifted her rear deeper into my lap, stuffing my sausage firmly between her cheeks.

"Does your cock like that?" Ellie asked. "Am I kneading it as well as Alice did, even though I don't have you in my pussy?"

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