Stepdaughter's Best Friend


"You, Ellie, and the plumber?"

"His name was Jake. Ellie had him pinned against the counter. Her back was towards me, but he could see me masturbating. He tapped Ellie on the head and asked 'what about your room mate?'."

I tried to keep my mind filled with images of Tina reclined on the bed, this same nakedness sprawled in a corner, nipples just as excited, knees spread, cunt gaping open as she fucked herself. Despite this, I could not entirely avoid thinking of my beautiful blonde baby, Ellie, rubbing up against the plumber.

"What was Ellie doing?" I croaked, not realizing what I was saying, the words spilling out of my mouth as quickly as I thought them.

"She was working down his body, untucking his shirt as she planted swift kisses all over his torso. Then she started undoing his belt and crouching. Of course, the weight of his cock forced his zipper open. Ellie had to kneel quickly to let his meat slap her cheek as it fell free."

"The slut." I could not believe I had just said that about my stepdaughter. I stood there, stunned, as I wrestled with images of Ellie's blonde head brushing up against Jake's excited tool.

"Oh, but I think Daddy likes Ellie being a slut," Tina observed, reaching to caress my cock. "You are even harder than Jake was, and Ellie was starting to lick him, so he was very stiff."

"How did the little slut do it?" I asked.

Tina giggled, the aroma of tequila bubbling out into the air. "I bet you want me to show you."

I nodded, barely able to breathe.

"Well, she dropped down sorta like this," Tina said as she squatted to my right, her hair brushing my erection, which she still grasped firmly. "And then went like so..."

Her voice was muffled as she lifted my shaft, ran her tongue up the underside, and then ran the tip around my rim, as if licking an ice cream cone. She swallowed the head briefly, but spit it out to continue speaking.

"I'll let you just imagine her head bobbing up and down deep throating Jake. I had to crawl out of my corner to the end of the bed; otherwise her head was in my way. Jake was leaning back, eyes shut, but he had not forgotten me. After a few moments, he tapped Ellie's noggin and said again 'what about your room mate?'"

I was still speechless, my brain still processing, catching up to the fact that my stepdaughter's best friend had just given me a blow job, or at least part of one.

"Ellie just told Jake that it was okay, that I liked to watch, did it all the time, but he said 'no, I mean will she join in?'. I admit I wasn't shocked. I guess I knew it would happen, if we stayed room mates long enough, but I always expected that it would be casual, that Ellie would be making out with some guy, one of them would accidentally brush me and...."

Tina did not bother finishing that thought. Instead, she licked the slit of my cock again and imitating her description of Ellie, swallowed my length into her throat, moving up and down smoothly, not gagging on my length. This girl was clearly not lying when she bragged of her expertise. Cascading images of my stepdaughter and various imagined guys, cozied up with Tina, made my balls tighten, ready to burst.

Tina could, I guess, feel the spasms building as my cock pulsed in her mouth. She kept a good grasp on the root to prevent ejaculation as she drew her head back, smiling up at me as the head popped out of her lips.

"Ellie was not quite as open minded as I thought. She kind of freaked, stopped making out with Jake. I was the one that shrugged, I think, and crawled to the end of the bed. I reached out and tugged him towards me, using his cock as a handle. At that point, I was greedy; I didn't really care about Ellie."

"What did she do?"

"She pouted for a moment as I started licking up and down Jake's fat shaft. I knew I tasted Ellie's saliva, but I was too horny to care, and the flavour was good anyway."

Tina paused again, bathing my rod like she had recalled doing to Jake. She popped my head into her cheek just long enough to swallow a tiny spurt of precum, and then continued.

"I guess after months of just watching, I was ready for my turn. Sharing was not on my mind. I just started sucking Jake's knob. I hardly noticed the tugging action dragging his balls down until Ellie's hair brushed against the side of my boob, tickling my nipple. I paused then and looked at her teabagging him."

Tina again lifted my cock to expose the underside of the shaft. This time, she flattened her tongue and ran it down, ending by slurping half my scrotum into her mouth, one ball bulging in her cheek as she rolled it with her tongue, demonstrating my stepdaughter's participation in the two girl hummer given to Jake the plumber.

My teabagging only lasted a few moments, because Tina seemed to lose her balance, and she rocked back on her heels. Thankfully, she spit me out of her mouth as she teetered backwards, avoiding the risk of testicular trauma. The string of her saliva that ran from her lower lip to my root dangled for a second before falling onto her tits, looking like a spray of semen from a completed act of fellatio, rather than just more build up.

"If you're not careful, I'm going to explode right in your face," I warned as I felt the tension in my groin tightening my abdominals.

"Well, we didn't let Jake do that, so you better not either," Tina slurred, the tequila still coursing through her brain.

"Who got to fuck him?" I asked, perhaps to speed the story along.

"You mean first?" Tina giggled as she spun my cock about like a joystick.

"You both fucked him?"

"Of course, silly Daddy...I told you that already. That part I won't be able to show you, since Ellie isn't here."

I felt my cheeks blush. "I wouldn't fuck Ellie anyway. I'm married to her mother, for gosh sakes. I'm sure she would not want to fuck me either. Besides, I'm not even going to fuck you -- you are way too young."

Tina laughed so hard she almost fell over. "That's ridiculous -- of course you'll fuck me. After I've sucked your cock, it's silly to try to deny that you want me. Your reaction tells me that your cock wants Ellie too."

"No, not Ellie," I insisted. Steering back to safer ground, I repeated, "so which of you fucked him...first."

"I tried to drag him back onto my bed, but Ellie insisted she saw him first, so she shoved me aside and sat him in a chair, and lowered her pussy right over his upright cock -- she was really wet and slid down his length without any trouble at all. Then she just bounced up and down."

Tina tugged me forward, using my erect love muscle like a handle. "I think I'll fuck you the same way Ellie fucked Jake," she said, spinning me into my chair.

"Fuck my pussy, Daddy," Tina yelled, dropping herself onto my erect pole, facing away from me.

My hands rose up, without conscious consideration. Tina grabbed them before I could hesitate, clamping them on her naked breast, my fingers caressing her nipples.

"I love your cock in my cunt," Tina growled.

"I can't believe how hard I am," I stupidly replied. Tina just giggled, a burst of tequila breath wafting over me, and leaned back, all the better to slide my cock almost fully out of her cunt, with just the head resting in her labia, and then to use our natural lubrication to slip down my belly like a kid on a water slide, slamming hard against my root.

Instinctively, as she jiggled, her cunt burrowing my cock deep into her womb, I tugged her nipples, at first softly, and then pinching as I pulled. She leaned back and bit my ear, moaning.

"Gawd, daddy, you fuck way better than Jake," Tina screamed, the walls of her cunt clamping tightly around my shaft.

"I may be old but I think I'm about to burst as quickly as a teenager," I warned.

"Its okay, come inside of me, I want to feel your hot seed bursting in my belly, and then I'll lick you clean just like I licked Jake after he filled Ellie with his cream."

My brain suddenly filled with a picture of Ellie, legs stretched wide, rising up so that Jake's cock -- which Tina said looked just like mine - was just barely still inside of her. Goo was cascading down Ellie's thighs, Jake's shaft was slick. Tina, naked in the imagined scene just like now, was bent over. She licked up Jake's rod, and then her tongue followed the trail upwards...

My brain froze on that image as simultaneously, my orgasm spasmed into Tina while her body shook with her own climax. As she slumped back against me, her pelvic muscles milking the final drops from my deflating weapon, I felt overloaded and woozy.

"Did you lick Ellie too...?" I managed to gasp.

"Do you really want to know, Daddy?" This was not Tina's voice.

I realized that Ellie had arrived home. I was speechless.

'How much had she seen?' I wondered, but this thought did overload my mind, and everything went black...

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by Anonymous08/08/17

Good fuck.

Could have spent more time fucking her. And another orgasm would have been good. Plus stepdaughter could have joined in.

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