tagBDSMStephanie Discovered Ch. 02

Stephanie Discovered Ch. 02


That night, tired and emotionally drained, Stephanie allowed herself to be led to bed. Her last conscious act was to tell Master James that he was staying that night with her, and fuck any thoughts of being a gentleman. She wanted him to hold her, to be with her, to wake up with her.

The next morning, Stephanie was conscious of several things. Firstly, there was an incredible sense of well being. It was as if she could see the world more clearly and was more in tune with everything. Last night had been a revelation to her, and she knew at last she had found her core

Secondly, she felt excitement at the prospect of what was to come. Master James had shown the previous night that he was experienced and sensitive to her needs. He had not forced her or made her do anything that she wasn't happy with. But what he had done was to help her be herself. She knew that there was so much more to experience, and that this man would be a worthy guide and mentor.

Thirdly, when she saw Master James still sleeping beside her, she was suddenly filled with a sense of adoration, of a desire to give herself wholly to this man. She was experiencing that rush of emotion that a submissive feels when she finally finds her place, when she meets the man to whom she kneels.

She leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips, careful not to wake him. Smiling, a thought touched her mind. She slipped down the bed, trying hard not to disturb him, burrowing under the covers in search of his sex.

He was lying on his back, one arm thrown up, relaxed and at peace in her bed. It was therefore so easy to brush her hand softly over his semi hard cock, stroking its silky skin. Curled beside him, she was able to lean over and kiss the skin, touching it gently with her tongue, whispering her sweet breath on it as if to breathe life into it. She rubbed her cheek along its length, purring like a pussy cat, delighting in the feelings of desire this evoked in her. Her sex tingled, and she rejoiced in the gift she was able to give him.

Her kisses and caresses were having the effect she wanted, though, and she could feel the hardening that meant joy for her. Her breath held lest she wake him up too soon, she gently lifted the shaft, and slid her mouth around the head, groaning with lust at the feeling of his cock slipping into her. Even asleep, he was possessing her, and it felt so good. She closed her eyes and gave herself to his service. As she tasted him, her stomach fell away with desire; she could taste her own scent on him. What a joy, to be able to use her own mouth to clean this man's cock of her cunt juices.

Master James woke slowly, conscious of his arousal and growing need to thrust, to fill, to cum. And then the previous night's events came to him, and he realized that this sweet young woman was even now ministering to him. He bit his bottom lip, aware that she was drawing him deeply into her mouth, moving slowly, lapping the sensitive underside with her tongue. He was a sensualist, needing these slow movements to properly savor the textures of her enclosing. He groaned, lost in the pleasure of this.

Stephanie had always loved to give blow jobs, but this was a different sensation. Before, she had been in control. She had loved that feeling that the man was beholden to her for this, that she held his most sensitive area in her mouth, that he was so grateful for this small gift from a beautiful woman. But here, now, she was thanking him. She was grateful for the chance to perform this small service for him. As she pushed his thickness to the back of her mouth, her heart was yearning for him to thrust deeper and harder, to use her until he spent himself.

Master James groaned deep his throat. This young lady was obviously experienced, and she was working hard to please him. Gently he placed his hand on her head, stroking the hair, running his fingers through its thickness. She was slowly moving up and down, sucking on the up stroke to increase the simulation of her clutching cunt walls. As she moved back down, she pushed her tongue against the flesh filling her mouth.

He clenched his fingers, grabbing some of her tresses, and pushed his hips up, seeking a deeper inward movement. He could feel the tension building up, knowing that he was not far off shedding his ejaculate into her. Under the covers, Stephanie could sense his desire to take greater control, and whimpered. Yet again, his willingness to assert his authority swept her mind of all resistance. Normally she hated the idea of deep-throating a man – seeing it as an indignity that she shouldn't have to suffer. She preferred to be able to retain the choice of whether or not to swallow, depending on her mood. Somehow, that wasn't going to be an option, and neither did want it. She was his gift, his toy, his to use as he desired, and the freedom this gave her allowed her to relax into submission.

However, his increasingly harder and more forceful movements were not only opening her throat to him, they were making her sex leak with her arousal. Being face fucked by this man was so freaking sexy, and she couldn't help her need to finger fuck herself.

By twisting her body round and parting her thighs, she was able to reach her pussy. When she touched it her eyes widened. She was so incredibly wet, and the tissues of her sex were swollen like never before. She whimpered around the gag of his prick as she brushed the tenderness of her labia, her fingers sliding on the oozing slickness.

She quickly set up a rapid thrumming of her fingers, soon poised to fall off the edge into her swallow dive of orgasm. The tension of holding it there while driven crazy by the skull fuck was agonizing though, and she couldn't help swaying her head from side to side with her urgent need to cum.

Stephanie's muffled cries and whimpers of need were music to Master James' ears. He could tell that she was quite happy with his use of her, and so he relaxed even more into it, setting a deep rhythm that allowed him to enjoy every inch of her talented mouth. He closed his eyes and focused on fucking her, feeling his cock fill with tension like the filling of a dam. He was now completely lost in this, and thrusting away while keeping her mouth positioned in the best place for him.

She sensed a change in his cock, and a shift in his movements. Unlike the previous night, he was going to use her mouth all the way. The thought almost pushed her over, and holding back her release was like holding a white hot wire. And then, she felt the first pulse of his ejaculating, his cock pushed hard into her, his hips steady and demanding, and then the fluid flooded her throat as she swallowed reflexively. This shedding was her own cue to pinch her clit hard, triggering a climax that had her screaming with pleasure, blocked as it was by his twitching rod.

FUCK, Master James was in heaven. This little toy was not only proving to be an amazing mouth fuck, but she was now having an orgasm as he fed her his spunk. He swore out loud at the intensity of his shuddering, wishing that this could last for ever.

After he had finished, and she had gently licked every last drop she could from his tender organ, she moved back up the bed to lay along side him. She was grinning like the proverbial cat, knowing that he had very much enjoyed her skills; and that pleased her as well.

He looked at her and grinned.

"Fuck, that was awesome. Are you ok from that? I could have sworn I was half way to your arsehole."

"Please sir, I was glad you did. Knowing that you were using me for you own pleasure was amazing. It was like everything I did was for you, but it made me feel so hot."

"I could tell. Was I right in thinking that you came yourself at the same time as me?"

"Mmm yes I did. It was so fucking good too, like a fourth of July display."

Still smiling, Master James gave a mock frown.

"Is that so young lady? I don't remember giving you permission to do that!"

Stephanie felt the same butterflies she had experienced when he ordered her to kneel. Shit, she thought to herself, he is threatening me for cumming, and I like it!

She adopted a little girl look, gazing up at him through her eyelashes.

"Oh sir. I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself, I was so hot for you."

"That, young woman, is no excuse at all. You behaved like a slut, and I am going to spank you like a slut should be spanked – on your bare assed naked behind."

And swiftly he rolled over, drawing back the covers and exposing her rounded behind, holding her upper body with his.

She shrieked her apologies and struggled to free herself, but not too much. The thought of another spanking was just too good, and she made sure that her movements only made it easier for him to reach her proffered arse for his chastisement.

In moments, he had her wriggling body just where he wanted it. She was warm, soft and vulnerable, and her rounded bottom was delicious in its offering.


The blows rained down, delivered with a stinging force that made the muscles of her arse rebound and quiver. As he spanked her he spoke, each word reinforced by the sound of his hand striking her flesh.

"You will not cum with me unless I have told you to do so. If you do that again I will spank you harder. Is that clear young lady?"

After 30 smacks, Stephanie was more than ready to agree. The heat generated was driving her crazy. Not just the pain/pleasure in her arse, but also the incredible effect of it in her cunt. She was turned on by the pain, She was turned on by the shame of being spanked like a little girl. She was turned on by the fact that this man dared to do this without apology.

From the wriggling and noises that Stephanie was making, Master James was pretty sure that she was not distressed. However, he slipped his hand between her thighs, and was pleased to see that her wetness was as evident as ever. In addition, as he explored the depths of her pussy, she whimpered and moaned at the feeling of his fingers penetrating the sensitive hole. He set up a slow rhythm, teasing her with his movements, watching her hips buck to his fucking. Stephanie was turning into the most delightful little slut, and she was so lost in the after glow of the spanking that all she could think of was how good his fingers felt.

Her thighs slipped apart, relaxed and vulnerable to him. He added his thumb to her torture, grazing it around the area of her sensitive bud. Her voice rose in pitch as she felt the familiar build up of her orgasm. Fuck, she thought to herself, this was so frigging hot, she was being brought off by this guy's hand. Closer and closer her goal approached, and as she felt the familiar tingling approach, she swallowed, and begged.

"Please sir, please...."

"Please what my dear. What is it that you want?"

Stephanie felt her stomach do a somersault. The bastard was really pushing her, but she could feel how good the whole thing was. She had never begged before for this. She had always been the one to choose to give or withhold. To have the tables turned on her like this was awesome.

"Please sir, please may I cum?"

"So you are begging for this. If you beg for this, do you think I will let you cum?"

His question made her feel so dirty for being turned on and it added petrol to her flames.

"Yes sir, I am begging you please, please let me cum."

Shit, she thought, as the words made her melt inside. Making her beg was turning her on even more. She loved this man for what he was doing, for his ability to make sex so much better- darker, more intense, but better.

Master James carried on masturbating her, adding brief touches to her clit – not enough to push her over the edge, but enough to make her swallow in anxiety lest she came without permission. Her pleas became more urgent.

"Please sir, please let me cum, pleeeeese".

She was sounding like a little girl, and she had never felt so humiliated in her life. She wanted this more than anything, and she knew that this was largely because of his withholding of it.

And then he stopped. He stopped, withdrew his hand and said

"No, not this time."

Stephanie was horrified. She was so close, she had begged, and he had said no. But she didn't feel angry, she felt devastated, she felt like a child who had been promised a treat for being good, and then had been denied it.

She sat up, ready to throw a tantrum, ready to fight for this fucking orgasm.

"But you promised. I begged you for it, and now you won't let me have it. Why wont you! Why?"

Master James watched her reaction, and knew that he had reached a critical moment.

He sat back, careful to do nothing that might seem threatening. Mildly he answered her.

"I didn't promise you that if you begged you could cum. I merely asked whether you thought begging would make me allow it?"

And then his voice hardened, imposing his will.

"Let me remind you Stephanie, that you cum when I say so, not when you say so, however much you beg. It pleases me to hear you beg, and sometimes I will grant it when you beg. But it is my decision."

His words struck her like a blow, and she flinched, not in fear, but at their force of will.

She looked at him, and understood. He was right, and she saw it. His power to excite her and arouse her was precisely because she couldn't control him, even with begging. It was scary, this releasing of that control, but that was exactly what he had done the night before, and she wanted more of it.

She dropped her eyes and apologized in a gentle voice.

"I am sorry sir. You are right, and it is your decision."

Her apology was so contrite, so heartfelt, that he felt his heart melt, but he knew that it was important to reinforce this lesson, and build on it.

He reached over and lifted her face with his fingers, and he spoke gently to her.

"Look at me Stephanie. I am pleased by your apology, but I am going to teach you how to do that properly."

She looked at him, puzzled but open. She was contrite, and ready to do whatever he requested. She was his.

"Kneel on the floor in front of me. Then say those words to me again."

She slipped to her knees on the floor by her bed, knelt back and, with her eyes again downcast, spoke to her Master.

"I am sorry sir. You are right. It is your decision whether to I cum, not mine."

And then, the emotions hit her. She was sorry, so sorry, for upsetting this man and getting it wrong and, and, and.

The tears came silently at first, and then sobbing heaves, tears of abject sorrow. She felt the emotion so intensely, it was as if she was only now truly alive.

He gathered her up, drawing her into his arms, and comforted her with his calm strength. His silent holding of her was all the reassurance she needed that she had been forgiven, and she sobbed freely for a few more minutes before again falling silent.

At that point he pulled back a bit and looked into her tear stained face.

"Well done my little one. Your apology is accepted."

She felt that surge of happiness that comes from being truly forgiven, and she smiled shyly, feeling that there was some hope for her after all.

He leaned in and kissed, gently, but with increasing passion. She was a turmoil of emotions – lust, sorry, happiness, but she knew more than anything that she wanted this man, wholly, completely, entirely. She clung to him, kissing him with a fierce intensity.

He lay her back on the bed, on her back, and stretched himself alongside her, resting on one arm. She looked up at him, at last patient and accepting of his leading, trust shining in her eyes.

He kissed her once, and then his fingers returned again to her neglected cunt. Again, her thighs parted, but this time she half closed her eyes and lifted her hips to him, giving herself to him.

He was gentle with her this time, taking his time in building her desire. Her slick wetness aided his passage into her, and she moaned softly at his knowing touch. As he moved harder and faster, she again felt her building orgasm. She wondered briefly whether this would again be stopped before it's hoped for conclusion, but she let the thought go. That was his choice, not hers, and she gave herself to what he wanted of her now.

But as the coil wound in her, she couldn't hold back her begging, her pleading.

"Please sir, please. Let your slut cum sir. Please sir, please."

She was almost plaintive, but urgent. She was rocking her hips against his fingers, driving her own need upwards, even as she held it back until granted permission for release. It was like being stretched, the tension building more acutely than ever before until she thought she must snap

He leaned in close, and whispered in her ear.

"Yes my sweet slut. Cum for me. Cum for your master".

Her eyes widened. He was giving her permission to cum, she was allowed to cum. Her heart soared in gratitude at his gift to her. And then, like a hawk stooping on its prey, she drove herself into her climax.

"Oh fuck", she wailed, "Thank you Master, thank you, thank you, thank you."

Never before had she experience such an intensity of emotional and physical release. She shuddered and jerked, her body thrown around by the unwinding of her need. She gasped and cried, driven on by his fingers continuing to rub her unmercifully.

"Ohhhhhhhh Shiiiiit"

With her last despairing cry, she felt the passion peak, and then slowly recede; her body starting to regain some sense of normality.

She looked up at her Master, her eyes wide in amazement at what had happened. That was the best fuck she had ever had. She had been spanked, finger fucked, told off and had cried. And at the end of it, she had been given the most amazing orgasm ever.

He smiled at her, so happy that she had trusted him, so happy that he had been able to give her that gift of pleasure.

"Well done my darling, well done for obeying me."

Her breathing barely under control, she reached up to him, draping her arms around his neck.

"Oh sir, with a teacher like you, I am going to so love obeying you lots more in the future."

And she drew him down and kissed him with a slow lingering kiss that promised she would be a very good student indeed.

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