tagIncest/TabooSteph's Story Ch. 03

Steph's Story Ch. 03


This is a direct continuation of chapter 2, picking up where it left off. It may pay to re-read the previous chapter to refresh as it has been longer than anticipated getting this chapter up. Enjoy and feel free to vote and leave feedback.


Steph looked at me, smiling that devilish smile. She got up on her knees, taking another sip of her now warming beer and lifted her leg over so she was straddled over the top of me. Her smooth wet pussy above my hard dick. She held my dick pointing straight up with her hand and lowered her pussy, guiding my dick through her sopping lips, before slowly engulfing me all the way with her tight wet hole. Buried to the hilt into my sister, she felt fantastically tight, I watched as a bead of sweat trickled down between her firm breasts. She didn't move, just sitting still, impaled on me with her hands on my chest, looking straight at me, she continued...

Chapter 3 Steph continues her story

"I know if it had been Derek his cock would soft by now and he would probably be snoring, or watching the footy but Aaron was still hard."

"Tash climbed further up my body pushing her boob into my mouth, I sucked and licked my tongue around her areola and nipple, trying to get as much of her in my mouth as I could. Aaron moved down the bed and between my legs, his hand gently rubbing my pussy. Tash pulled away from me and stood up on the bed with one foot either side of me and slowly pulled down her bikini bottom revealing her smooth tight pussy. She turned around facing Aaron and got down on her hands and knees above me with her exposed pussy just above my face. I could see down between our bodies where Aaron was kneeling between my legs now with one finger sliding in and out of me. Tash reached forward taking hold of his hard dick with her hand before sliding her mouth over his head and sucking him in. She sucked him up and down a few times before pulling off and lining the head of his cock up against the entrance of my pussy. She rubbed his head up and down my pussy, over my clit before allowing Aaron to push forward so just the head of his dick was inside me."

"Tash had her hand wrapped around his shaft and slowly pushed him back out so only the very tip was touching and then back in again, not allowing more than his head inside me. She had complete control, pushing and pulling the head of Aaron cock in and out of my pussy. She was driving me crazy and I wanted more trying to push my hips forward each time he entered me, her hand wrapped around his shaft stopping not much more than his head inside of me. Tash opened her legs more and then lowered her pussy right down to my face blocking my view. I took in her pussy, it looked small and cute, her smooth hairless pussy lips were slightly parted and I could see her glistening pink inner folds, and her small clit. Just above was her brownish puckered bum hole. I reached up with tongue pushing it between her lips, tasting her. I didn't really know what to expect but it tasted nice and started licking and sucking on her pussy, exploring her with my mouth and tongue. I didn't really know what I was doing but licked and sucked the best I could."

"Aaron picked up speed sliding in and out of me, still with Tash not allowing more than just his head to enter me. I was desperately pushing against him wanting his entire dick inside of me. I was so close to another orgasm the sensation of his dick sliding just in and out of the entrance to my pussy was amazing. Tash started rocking against my mouth which assured me that I must be doing a good job, she controlled where I licked and sucked by pushing her hips backwards or forwards, causing my mouth and tongue to go from her hole through her wet folds to her clit and back again. She let go of Aarons dick allowing him to plunge all the way into me, he felt so big, stretching me, compared to Derek. He pushed all the way in then pulled out and all the way back in again. That was all I needed and I moaned in to Tash's pussy as I climaxed."

Steph was still straddled over me with my dick buried deep inside, she hadn't moved but was clenching and releasing her vaginal muscles around my dick as she continued on.

"Aaron didn't miss a beat and just kept going, picking up speed, thrusting into me harder. Tash reached around spreading her butt cheeks and pushed her bum down onto my mouth, I licked and sucked swirling my tongue around her anus. Before then I would have thought something like that was gross but Tash was in control and I was out of control. I even tried to push my tongue into her hole but it was too tight. Tash pushed her hips back and forwards sliding her pussy and arse over my mouth. I kept licking and sucking which ever part she pushed onto my mouth. My face was covered with my saliva and her pussy juice.

"Aaron was amazing, his dick felt so good as he pumped in and out of me, just fucking me hard and fast now, I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my arse. Derek had never been able to fuck like that. I could feel another orgasm building as he thrust into me. I reached on arm around Tash's waist pulling her pussy hard onto my mouth as I attacked her clit with my tongue and pushed two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her. I was holding my orgasm off for as long as I could while the three of us pushed and pulled against each other. It wasn't long before I heard her squeal and felt her pussy contracting around my fingers as her orgasm swept over her. That was enough to send me over the edge again, I shuddered as I pushed my hips into Aaron meeting his every thrust. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him all the way into me hard as another orgasm ripped through me. Aaron let him self go, I felt his cock swell inside me as he erupted, I could feel his cock twitch as each spurt of his cum erupted inside me. I could feel his cum actually spurting into me."

"As I came down from my final orgasm Tash lifted her hips and I looked down between us. Aaron was smiling, he still had his dick in me and I could feel it starting to soften. As he pulled it out I felt some of his cum leaking out and trickle down my butt crack. Tash leaned forward taking Aaron's semi hard dick into her mouth and sucked him clean before licking the remaining cum out my pussy."

"The three of us lay back on the bed. I was spent, feeling awkward and not sure what to say when Tash started to giggle. Aaron started laughing too, it was sort of contagious and before I knew we were all laughing hysterically. After we had settled down Aaron said he said he was going to fix us some drinks. Tash and I just laid there not saying anything. I started to think about what had just happened and what was going on between Tash and Aaron. After a few minutes Aaron returned with a couple of Bourbon and cokes. He was still naked, his dick still slightly swollen hanging long and thick, I couldn't help but look at it. Not that I've seen much to compare it with but it looked pretty nice to me, he leant down kissing me on the mouth and I reached out cupping his balls and playing with his semi soft dick. He reached over and gave Tash a quick kiss before telling us that he was heading off to bed."

Steph eased her self up sliding her pussy up my cock before sliding back down.

She looked at me smiling, "I think I'm ready for a good fucking. Do you think you're up to it?"

I grinned back at her, "I think I can handle it." I replied as I pushed my dick into her.

Steph lifted her hips slightly allowing me to be able to slide in and out of her whilst she was on top. We started to fuck in a slow but steady rhythm just enjoying the sensation. Steph still had her hands on my chest, her eyes were closed with a look of concentration on her face. As we continued to fuck I increased the pace. I could hear Steph's breathing getting coarser and started to pump into her with firmer quicker strokes.

Steph grabbed my hands pulling them to her tits, mashing them against her hard nipples

"That's it," Steph whispered with eyes still closed "a little harder."

I responded by pumping into her hard and fast. Steph let go of my hands and grabbed me round the neck pulling me up into a sitting position, I put my hands back behind me to support myself. Steph changed her position so she was on her feet with her knees bent up. This gave Steph full control and with her arms around my neck she was able thrust herself onto me. Steph hammered away with quick, short but hard thrusts on my cock, I pushed back as best I could meeting her every thrust.

"Oh Oh Oh, That's it, I'm coming," she squealed.

I was close but not there yet, she pushed herself hard against me and moaned as she orgasmed. We stayed like that for a minute or two with me still hard inside her whilst she came down.

Her breathing slowed. "Fuck that was awesome!" She said grinning at me.

"You haven't come yet," she said as she squeezed my dick with her pussy. We were both dripping with sweat. She pulled her self off me grabbing my dick and took it into her mouth. She pumped my shaft with her hand whilst sucking on my swollen head. After a few moments I was getting close when she pulled away and turned around on her hands and knees, getting down onto her elbows and poking her arse high in the air. I looked at her beautiful pussy, her lips now reddish from our fucking and with her cheeks spread her pinkish brown anus was completely exposed to me.

Spreading her knees further apart, she turned her head around looking back at me smiling. "Well c'mon then, what are you waiting for?" as she wiggled her bum at me.

I moved in behind her taking my dick in my hand sliding it up through her pussy lips over her anus. I did this a few times spreading her juice with my cock. I pressed the head of my dick against her anus and gently pushed forwards. Steph pulled forward away from me laughing. "You'd like a bit of that wouldn't you...............not this time buddy."

She reached down between her legs grabbing my dick and lining it up against her pussy, I pushed forward again easing all the way into her. Looking down, I watched my dick slide in and out of her pussy as I started pumping into her. She felt even tighter in this position. Steph pushed back against me meeting my thrusts.

"It's ok, you won't break me" she teased as she slammed her self-back in to me.

I grabbed hold of her hips and started thrusting harder into her, there was no way I could last long like this.

Her anus was staring straight up at me, I couldn't help myself. I slipped my dick from her pussy and ran my finger up through her slit dragging her juice up to her anus. Sliding my dick back in her I placed my finger on her bum hole and started rubbing her in a circular motion, teasing her. Steph looked back at me smiling still and pushed her self back into me. I took that as an invitation to push the limits a bit more and pushed the tip of my finger into her tight arse. I felt her sphincter open slightly and eased more of my finger inside her down to the second knuckle feeling the smooth walls of her inner rectum.

"You are so bad." She almost laughed still looking back at me. She reached down below her cupping my balls and the base of my cock as I started pumping into her. We started fucking hard again, she pushed back hard into whilst I fingered her arse. The sight of my dick pumping in and out of my sisters pussy along with my finger in her arse was too much for me to take, I had been on the edge of coming and in just a few moments I came hard spurting my cum into her pussy, an intense an orgasm as I ever had.

Steph looked back at me still smiling and continued to fondle my balls whilst my cock softened inside her. I slid my finger from her arse and let my dick slide out watching as my cum dibbled from her.

"C'mon lets go for a swim and cool off."

We both got up and jumped into the water, it was cool and refreshing, the two of us just floated around.

"So where were we? Yeah that right." She started on again.

"So Aaron headed off to bed and I was laying there, my head spinning with everything that had just happened. It occurred to me that I had just been tied to the bed, had my first threesome, my first real lesbian experience, had a finger in my bum, I had swallowed cum for the first time, had a boy cum in my pussy for the first time, had the best fuck of my life and cheated on my boyfriend all in one go. To top it off, it was all with a couple who are brother and sister and the thing was I actually loved every minute of it."

"I started thinking about Tash and Aaron and my curiosity was getting the better of me. I knew it was none of my business but I couldn't help myself. I rolled over towards Tash and asked her if I could ask her a personal question. She said I could ask her anything. I felt a bit awkward but managed to ask her what the go was with her and Aaron. Tash smiled at me and said she been waiting for me to say something."

"She went on to tell me that Aaron and her had been having sex for nearly a year. They had always been close and open with each other. They weren't in 'love' or anything like that they just used each other for sex."

"It started one night after they'd been at a party and had been drinking quite a lot, when they got home they ended up in a drunken 'Deep and Meaningful' which eventually ended up on the topic of sex. They started telling each other about people they had slept with and things, sexual things, that they done and would like to try. They both ended up really horny and masturbating in front of each other."

"The next day after they had sobered up, they spoke about what had happened, they both admitted that they found each other sexually attractive, it was apparent that they shared similar desire's and fantasies, it was also apparent that they weren't getting what they wanted from other people and their libidos were evenly matched."

"To them sex is just sex, something to explore, experience and have fun with. Who better to do it with than some on you know and trust intimately, the fact they are brother and sister only made it easier and safer. They likened sex to sport, if you want to be good at it you have to practice, practice, practice and that's what they were doing."

"She told me they started watching porn but it was all a bit fake until they found some amateur porn sites on the net, they both preferred amateur porn as it was more real rather than the professional 'plastic' stuff, often the quality wasn't as good but this only added to the realism of it. One of the websites they could download mostly amateur porn movies or clips free then use a free software conversion program and convert it to a mp4 file then load it onto an IPod and play it through the Plasma TV."

"They made a pact have a go at everything they watched. They decided if they had to be put into a sexual preference category it would be 'Trysexual'."

"Their parents were away a lot so they had plenty of opportunity explore each other's bodies and experiment trying different positions and techniques, oral sex and even anal sex, I asked her what it was like, anal sex that is, she said after a bit of research and practice they both really enjoyed it, The trick was to go slow and use plenty of lube. She used her small dildo a few times first to get used to the feeling. A few times they had even videoed themselves having sex."

"Wow!" I interrupted.

"Did you get to watch any of them?"

Steph gave me a devilish smile "Maybe."

"They wanted to experiment more with other people and try they some of the things they had watched but you know what Adelaide's like, someone always knows someone and they weren't game."

"Tash went on to tell me about one of their experiences. During one of the school holiday their Dad had a week-long conference in Port Douglas and took them along for a holiday in a really flash resort. Their parents were heavily committed with the conference so they were left to themselves. Tash told me how they met a really nice young married couple, Leith and Jane, even though they were married they were only in their early twenties just a few years older that themselves. Leith was medium build and nice looking with a great sense of humor. Jane was a fiery red head, with a slim figure and very flirtatious personality. She had cute face with just a few freckles and devilish eyes, her arse was firm and tight, pointy tits, not overly large but a good size, firm sitting high on her chest, according to Tash, her nipples were nearly always hard and poking through her bikini top. She constantly caught Aaron looking at them, if Jane noticed, she didn't seem to care. They started hanging out with them around the resort and they all got on really well to the point they were almost flirting with each other. They hadn't let them know they were brother and sister pretending to be boyfriend -- girlfriend."

"One afternoon they were at their apartment having a few drinks when Jane started to hit on Tash, Tash initially thought it was just some innocent flirting but before she knew it they were actually making out on the bed in front of the boys, French kissing each other, she had never been with another girl at that stage but was keen to give it a go. Jane reached behind Tash and undid her bikini top and started playing with her boobs. Tash undid Jane's top and sucked on her nipples. It wasn't long before they were both naked rubbing their bodies together and groping each other, giving the boys a hell of a show. She discovered that Jane was in fact a true red head with a small tuft of gingery red pubic hair above her smooth pussy lips. She looked across at the boys, Leith had his erect dick out and was stroking himself while he watched, from what she could see, he was circumcised with a purple round knob. Leith motioned to Aaron to do the same which he did, releasing his hard dick from his shorts and started stroking himself."

Jane got between Tash's legs, spreading her wide. She started licking her pussy running her tongue between her lips, up over clit and back down to her anus, she licked and sucked on her pussy before sliding one finger inside her then a second, finger fucking her pussy. She felt Jane's third finger push against her arsehole and relaxed to allow her finger to slide in. Jane was a wild woman and finger fucked her pussy hard with two fingers and third buried now deep in her arse whilst she sucked on her clit. Tash watched the boys strip naked, sitting on the couch stroking their cocks as she bucked her hips into Jane."

"She told me she could hardly believe it when Leith reached over to Aaron and took his hand from his dick and replaced it with his own and then wrapped Aaron's hand around his dick and they started jerking each other off. After a few minutes of playing with each other Leith bent down and took Aarons cock in his mouth and started sucking him. With Jane fingers in her pussy and arse, sucking on her clit whilst watching Leith suck on Aarons cock was too much for Tash and she exploded having one of the most intense orgasms ever. After a couple of moments they changed positions and Jane lay back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. Tash moved in between them and gently felt her smooth pussy, running her finger through the tuft of red pubic hair through her wet slit. She bent down and started licking her, exploring her with her tongue and fingers tasting pussy for the first time."

"She could still see the boys as Leith pulled his mouth away from Aarons cock and stood up pointing his dick at Aaron's face, he opened his mouth letting Leith's dick slide in. Tash licked Jane's pussy while Aaron sucked on Leith's cock. It wasn't long before Leith groaned and shot his cum into Aaron mouth, he swallowed most of it but some spilt out the sides of his mouth dribbling down his chin and onto his chest."

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