tagFetishStepmom and Me Ch. 03

Stepmom and Me Ch. 03


Daddy and Velma had now been married about eight months. He began courting her in August, 1951 after dating a few other women. She had never been married and may have been a virgin when they began going together. She wasn't for very long after that if she was. In 1952 women still wore full fashioned stockings as seamless and pantyhose were not yet invented. Directoire Knickers, often referred to as DK's were still in vogue. Girdles and garter belts were being made of a new material called Lycra and were much more comfortable than the former rigid material that had no give to it. It was now acceptable for women to smoke in public as well as drink alcoholic beverages in public.

There is no one in this story under the age of twenty and part of it is factual and part fiction.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was about seven thirty on Thursday morning and as I awakened I slipped into a pair of chocolate brown stockings and black six strap garter belt. I also put on a black cut out bra and carried my sling back heels with me downstairs. I purposely did not piss when I got up.

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked toward the front door. Velma was standing with her back to me and daddy had his right hand around around her waist and his left hand under her housecoat. They were locked in a lovers embrace. Velma was wearing stockings and in a pair of heels.

"I'll call you Saturday when I reach Champaign so you know where I am and can determine about what time I'll get home." he told her. "Now let me play with your hairy pussy a few more seconds before I must leave darling." he said.

Velma moved her legs apart ever so slightly so he could get his hand on her mound and play with her. Then, he picked up his bag, gave her another quick kiss, and headed out the door.

As soon as he left, I emerged from my spot at the bottom of the stairs, slipped into my sling backs, and went to greet her. She saw my uncut cock dangling against my thigh and looked at it as though she had never seen it before.

Velma had told me a couple of months earlier that she was pregnant at age forty one. She had never been married and I'm not certain she had ever been fucked before she married daddy. She did tell me he had fucked her over forty times in two weeks when they were on their honeymoon in Louisiana. She came over to me and greeted me with a very wet kiss and also reached for my cock.

I put my hand under her housecoat and felt her very hairy belly and cunt. She was beginning to round out in her belly and you could definitely tell she was pregnant. She wore no panties and as I parted her housecoat I saw she had on a six strap suspender belt which really was a belt rather than a garter belt. She was also wearing lovely brown full fashioned stockings that came clear up her thighs to her cunt. I think the belt type suspender belt was to keep her from being confined in a restrictive garment while pregnant.She was also wearing a sheer black cut out bra that exposed about half of each teat. Her teats had nice, prominent nipples to suckle and in her pregnancy, they were becoming larger and longer.

"Do you need to piss darling?" she asked. "If so, I want to hold your fucking cock while you do." she said.

"Yes mommy, I do need to piss." I said. "I purposely didn't piss when I got up a few minutes ago so you could hold my prick while I pissed." I told her. "I even pulled my long foreskin clear back over the head of my prick and washed it carefully so it is all nice and clean for you to suck."

"Well, let's go out on the side porch and I will guide your cock while you empty your full bladdder." she said.

We went out the side door of the kitchen and she fondled my nut sack as we walked out. When we got outside, she reached up and gently took hold of my prick and said "I'm not going to pull your foreskin back honey. I want you to go pee pee right through it so I can watch how it comes out of your cock."

I began pissing and the pee just dripped out of the end of my cock until suddenly it was like turning the water faucet on full blast. It spurted out three feet and caught Velma a little off guard. I think she wasn't expecting it to shoot out of my cock so far and so quickly. I pissed for a couple of minutes and she played aiming it around where she wanted it to go.

It finally subsided and dribbled to a halt and she held on to it and guided me back inside the house and told me to put my butt against the table. She got down on her knees and stuck my fat wet cock in her mouth, foreskin and all, and began sucking it in earnest. She nibbled on my foreskin and tried to stick her tongue up inside it, but after a minute or so she pushed it back over my cockhead and sucked my cock very hard. I lasted about a minute and told her I was getting ready to shoot my load of pollen in her mouth and she only sucked my cock harder.

I erupted in her mouth where she swallowed every ounce of semen I gave her. She squeezed my prick and sucked every bit out of it, pulled my foreskin back down over the head of it, stood up and gave me a huge kiss, letting me taste my semen as she did so. I also played with her very hairy cunt lips and parted her furrow so I could find her clit to play with.

"Are you hungry darling?" she asked. "Do you need some breakfast? I will fix some scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast for you if you want me to." she said. "While you eat, I will have my glass of prune juice and a cup of coffee. I think I'll take my housecoat off while I fix breakfast then you can see how I am looking right now."

She removed her housecoat and put it on the chair and turned sideways so I could see the roundness of her belly. As she turned I also noticed her pubic hair seemed to be growing further up her belly and was tending to become a so called "treasure trail", where it ended at her navel. Of course, she shaved nothing anymore since she had married daddy. Even before they were married, Velma had stopped shaving her legs and armpits, and she had a lovely growth of hair on her legs and under her arms. Daddy liked his women to wear their hair proudly.

I had a glass of orange juice while she was fixing breakfast and as she put the plate in front of me, her left teat accidentally brushed my mouth.

"Oh teasing me with your teat are you?" I asked. "I could nurse on a nipple right now." I said. She put my plate down, hoisted her left teat with her hand and fed it to me as I was sitting in the chair. I grasped the nipple in mouth and began nursing on it, eliciting a sigh of contentment from Velma as I did so. I nursed her for about a minute when she said "Now eat your breakfast before it gets all cold. You can suckle me some more later this morning darling."

I ate my breakfast and she drank her glass of prune juice and her cup of coffe and said quite suddenly "Let's go to the john. I have to shit right now." We took off and barely got to the toilet where she sat down, spread her ass cheeks and cut loose with a very loud, loose poop. She quickly wiped her ass and flushed the toilet.

"Now run a sink of nice warm water, wet the washcloth and soap it, then I'll bend over and you can wash my buttocks and asshole dear. It will feel so good. Then perhaps I'll have to pee pee too." Velma said.

I ran a sink full of very warm water, got the washcloth wet, and soaped it up. She bent over at the knees and I began washing her nice white buttocks, then her puckered orfice. I gave it a good washing, then rinsed it off, then gave it a second washing. I rinsed it off a second time and dried her butt and asshole with a fluffy towel.

All the while Velma was saying "Oooohhh darling. That feels so very good and playing with my puckered hole is causing me to begin getting excited. You know, don't you, that your father can't stand doing that for me. That is why I love it when you wash me."

She straightened up and straddled the toilet bowl, taking my hand as she did so. No sooner had she gotten into position then the dribbles of pee began falling out of her hair covered cunt lips. The first dribbles ran down her thighs and stocking tops getting her stockings all wet and then the drenching of the toilet bowl began with it sounding like Yosemite Falls roaring. Suddenly it was over except for a few remaining dribbles running down her stockings.

"Now honey, take the nice washcloth and warm water and soap and wash my pussy." she said. I did so, then rinsed it off, and dried it for her, playing with her cunt as I did so.

"Oh that feels so good darling. I'm going to have to let you play with my pussy in a few minutes. Do you think I should change my stockings and get some dry ones on?"

"No." I said. "Just leave the wet ones on. They will dry very quickly and there is no need to change them now." As I was talking to her I put my hand on her rounded belly and felt how nice and full she was becoming as her pregnancy continued.

"Let's go in your bedroom dear, so I can let you nurse my teats. I need to be reminded that when the baby gets here, I am going to be feeding it and I want to learn how it feels to be suckled." Velma said.

We went to my bedroom and she laid down on the bed on her back and spread her very hairy cunt wide open. I laid down beside her and with one hand played wit her cunt and with the other squeezed a nipple to get it big and hard. I quickly found her big clitoris and began manipulating it so it got even bigger. She cooed and oohed and aaahed and said "Now keep playing with me you big motherfucker. I'm going to have an orgasm in a minute and cream my pussy all over the place. Then you will have to get down there and suck my clit and peehole and stick your tongue in my fucking cunt."

Velma turned on her side and I quickly encased her left nipple with my mouth and began sucking softly on it. This turned her on even more and she quickly turned on her back, spread her cunt lips wide open with her fingers and told me to ease my turgid cock inside her cunt. She was already quite wet and my prick slid in quite easily until I was all the way in.

"You big motherfucker. Your cock is so big around it is filling my cunt full. Now fuck me easy and let me have a couple of orgasms, then fill me up with your hot semen." she said.

She continued to wiggle and squirm a bit, then said "Alright you big prick, drench me with your hot semen."

Neeing no further encouragement I pulled it out and shoved it back in a couple of times, then exploded inside her wet cunt. She screamed and hollered as if there was no tomorrow and wrapped her legs around my backside to keep my prick deep inside her cunt. When I finally pulled my prick out of her I was still dripping semen out of the end of it, so I just let it drip all over her stocking tops and thighs. Then I wiped it on her thighs and moved up to her mouth so she could suck it clean. She took it in her mouth, sucked it for a minute, then pulled my foreskin down over the head of my peter and kissed me.

"You know, we have all day today and tomorrow plus a little time Saturday to play don't you honey? He won't be back util late Saturday afternoon." Velma said. "So, we don't have to hurry anything. Just take our time and enjoy each other. I know I want to suck that long schlong of yours. I can't get enough of that long fat prick.

Now be a sweetie and go downstairs and bring up a pair of sheer black briefs and a pair of sheer black DK's for me to put on. Also bring up the jar of body cream and you can rub my belly and teats with it. I'll stuff the briefs in my cunt so I don't drip your love juice and I'll put the DK's on to wear."

I got up and went down to her bedroom and found what she wanted in her lingerie drawer, took them out, and went back up to my bedroom. She was still sprawled on my bed, flat on her back, holding her hairy cunt lips together with her hands.

"Let me see which pair of briefs you got darling." she asked.I showed her the sheer black ones and she said "Oh yes. Those are the ones. Now fold them carefully and when I open my cunt lips, just begin pushing them gently up inside my soaking wet cunt. That way I won't be dripping all of your semen out of my pussy today."

She spread her cunt lips open and I immediately began pushing her bikinis inside her gaping cunt. I had them all the way in her in less than a minute.

"Now sweetie, take some lotion and rub it on your hands, then rub my rounding belly with it. Also my teats except for the nipples. Your father does that and it makes my belly and teats feel so good." Velma said.

I warmed some lotion in my hand and gently began rubbing her belly clear down to her extremely hairy mound. I could definitely feel the roundness to her belly. She sat up and unfastened her open cup bra then laid back down again. I put a little more lotion on my hands and began rubbing her rapidly growing teats. She just laid there with a look of contentment on her face. When I finished she left her bra off so I could nurse her teaats when I wanted to do so.

"Now go down and play with my clit and peehole dear. I may have a little "golden water" for you."

she said.

I moved down on the bed, Velma parted her hairy cunt lips wide open so I could even see her big peehole as she did so. I found her clit with my mouth and began sucking on it in earnest, causing it to engorge. I really enjoyed sucking her clit because it got so big when she was horny. I suckled it for a couple of minutes then turned my attention to her gaping peehole. Her peehole was clearly visible when she spread her cunt lips open. Not closed and a little hard to find like Jewel Burke's was.

I licked her peehole, then began sucking on it when suddenly I felt her warm urine on my tongue. She was dribbling piss in my mouth, which I drank greedily. Velma knew I wasn't adverse to having her dribble her pee in my mouth. She dribbled for about fifteen seconds, then said. "Alright darling. That's all for right now. Come up and suckle one of my nipples and latch on to me with your mouth."

She turned on her right side and fed me her left nipple. I nursed contentedly on it for about five or six minutes when she nudged me away and said that was enough for right now. As she pushed my mouth away she reached down for my nuts and began playing with them. I like having my nuts played with and she knew that. She then reached for my long cock and played with the long overhanging foreskin for a few minutes. She was squeezing it and pulling it down even further than it already hung. Then Velma decided it needed to be pushed back up over the head of my prick. That was quite enough to cause me to get a very good erection and my cock began straightening out.

"If you keep playing with my pecker that way my dear, you are going to have a huge erection in your hand. Then you may to have another lengthy good fuck." I told her.

"Why don't you let me spread my cunt open again and go down and suck on my peehole sweetie?" she asked. "I love it when you do that to me."

I scooted down the bed until I waas at her cunt. She pried open her cunt lips with both hands and I saw both her clit and her cunt at one. I could also smell the aroma of the load of semen I had deposited in her cunt even though it was stuffed full with her black bikinis. Semen has a nice aroma to it, but I love the way some women consume it when they get it in their mouths or on their face.

I put my mouth right over her peehole and began trying to stick my tongue up inside it. It was big enough that I could get the tip of my tongue inside a little way, but not far enough to do much. Then I moved my mouth over her peehole and began sucking on it very gently. That caused Velma to go into a paroxysm of quivering and shaking like I had never known.

"Am I hurting you?" I asked her as I lifted my mouth from her peehole.

"No darling. It feels so good like you are trying to suck my piss out of my bladder". she replied. "Keep doing it and I'll let you know if I have to piss so you can move away before I do." she said.

I put my mouth back down over her peehole and continued sucking on it when suddenly the mountain erupted and her piss came shooting out of her peehole. I was not expecting the rainfall so I got a huge mouthful of hot piss plus got my face all drenched ad well as the hair around her cunt.

"Oh. I'm terribly sorry sweetheart. I didn't mean to do that. I was enjoying myself so much that it just began slipping out and I couldn't stop it." Velma told me. "I do have to piss some more, but suck my clit a little bit, then I'll go into the bathroom and we can pee pee all over each other."

I sucked her engorged clit again until she had a couple of orgasms, then we got up and went into the bathroom. My semi erect cock was swaying back and forth as we walked to the bathroom and Velma said "I'll have to take care of your long schlong when we finish peeing. It looks like it needs to be in my pussy again."

"I'm getting in the tub and I want you to squat on the sides, spread your hairy cunt lips open, and piss all over me. Face, cock, nuts, mouth. It doesn't make any difference where you piss on me darling." I told her.

I got into the tub and I helped her straddle the sides of the tub and she began pissing like it was Yosemite Falls. She drenched me for about two minutes and then it was over. My garter belt and stockings were both soaking wet and I'd had a mouthful of piss too.

Now Velma got into the tub and I stood over her. I said "You get to aim my prick at wherever you want me to piss on you, so grab ahold of it."

She held it and I began pissing through the foreskin and she aimed it at her hairy cunt, her armpits, her stocking clad legs. Finally she just moved her mouth right up to the tip of my foreskin and opened her mouth so I could piss in her mouth. She drank all I could supply her with until I finished, then she looked up at me and asked "Was I a delight darling? Did I do it well?"

"You were superb honey. You are a real "golden shower" addict." I said to her. You love pissing games. Now we need to get out of these wet clothes, shower, dry off, and put on some clean dry clothes. Are you going to leave your black bikinis in your cunt when you shower?"

"Yes. I'm going to leave them in there for a little while yet. When I think they have absorbed all your semen and sperm I'll take them out and hang them up to dry." she replied.

With that, she reached up for my dangling cock, stuck it in her mouth and began sucking on it again. She nibbled my foreskin, tried to stick her tongue up inside it again, then finally pulled it back over my cockhead and began sucking on it, getting the remnants of all the piss I had just spilled out of it. She continued sucking on it until I could tolerate no more and I told her I was going to blast a load in her mouth. She just sucked me harder until I blasted the back of her tonsils with another load of warm semen. She continued sucking me quite forcefully until she was certain she had my entire load in her mouth.

Then she ran her tongue around the rim of my now sensitive cock, let go of it, reached up and pulled my foreskin back down over the end of my now sagging prick.

By now it was mid morning and Velma said she was tired and needed a little nap. I asked her if she needed to pee but she told me not now. We just laid in bed and snuggled up to each other and both napped for a couple of hours. I felt her stir and reached over to find her hairy pussy. She whispered to me that she really needed to piss quite badly and would I like to help her.

"Of course I'll help you Mommy. Do you want me to pull your piss flaps open so you don't piss down your legs?" I asked.

"Yes darling. Then I won't have piss running down my thighs and legs." she said.

We went upstairs to the bathroom and she lifted the toilet lid and straddled the stool. I pulled her elongated lips apart and waited for the dripping to begin. The dripping that I expected never started. Her piss simply started falling out of her peehole like pouring water out of a spigot. It flowed straight down into the toilet bowl. When her stream slowed a bit, I put my face down around her cunt and stuck my tongue out hoping to catch a few drops. She must have seen me lean forward because the next thing I knew, I had her pee flowing onto my tongue. She finally stopped after giving me about fifteen seconds of golden nectar and said "Sweetie. Did you enjoy mommy peeing in your mouth?"

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