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Stepmother Bitch


Six months after her wedding to her husband, fifty year old widower, Jim Tanner, forty-two year Jane Tanner reflected on how she had met Jim on holiday and after a whirlwind romance, they married. They shared a fine two storey house with plenty of privacy in the small town of Coulton, Oxfordshire.

Jim was a successful accountant and Jane worked as a secretary for a local firm of solicitors. Jane was very happily married. The only drawback was Jim's daughter, nineteen year old Gail.

From the outset, Gail made it clear that she resented her father marrying this woman and made doubly clear that Jane was not welcome. Jane for her part, had hoped that when Gail started in the local university, she would move out. When this did not happen there was a kind of cold war atmosphere between them. Jim was either unaware of it or chose to ignore it.

Jane, despite her age, retained her youthful looks. She was six feet tall, slim build with a large firm breast line. Her hair was long and red. She worked out several days a week and kept herself in peak condition. Her figure often turned the heads of some of the younger men in the office, something she delighted in. Jane never missed an opportunity to berate her step-daughter, sometimes over her lack of tidiness or choice of her male friends.

Gail, on the other hand, was five feet ten, slim, with medium breasts and dark shoulder length hair. She was a popular student among the university community and was involved in a lot of the activities there. It had not being lost on her friends what Gail was enduring from her step-mother. What puzzled them all was why she endured it at all. What they and Jane Tanner didn't know was that this situation would continue for very much longer. Indeed, the changes came very abruptly.

It was Friday and Jim had gone to London for week long conference. As she drove her car up the drive, Jane Tanner noticed a strange car parked in the yard. She entered the house and found Gail sitting on the sofa, kissing another girl. Both girls broke off the kiss when they heard Jane shouting, "Gail. What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"What does it look like. You stupid bitch?" and she stood up.

Jane raised her hand to strike her step-daughter but Gail grabbed it and twisted it, making Jane yell in pain. She pushed her step-mother to the ground. "Don't you ever try that again, stupid cow."

"Wait until your father hears about this," yelled Jane in response.

"Oh, go and fuck yourself," and with that Gail and her friend left the house.


An hour later, while she was in the pub, Gail's mobile rang. It was her father. He threatened that if she did not apologise to Jane, he would cut off her funding and make her leave university. Gail pleaded her innocence to her father and tried to explain what had happen but to no avail. Jim Tanner clearly took his wife's side. When she returned home, Gail reluctantly apologised to Jane. This was bad enough, but what hurt Gail more was the triumphal look on her step-mother's face. Gail simply went up to bed.

The following day, Saturday, Jane drove into town to do her weekly shopping. She assumed Gail was lying in, unaware that her step-daughter had already left the house.

When she returned several hours later, Jane, laden with groceries, was oblivious to anything amiss in the house as she entered. Suddenly, as she placed the bags on the table, a large hand engulfed her mouth, preventing her screams being heard. She also had the feeling of cold metal at her throat as she was dragged upstairs to her bedroom.

There were four young men in their early twenties already in the room.

One of the young men walked over and stood in front of Jane and took a deep breath. "You smell lovely," he said, and began to unbutton her white blouse. Jane began to struggle and scream through her human gag. Suddenly she felt that cold steel at her throat again. "Now listen to me, you stupid bitch. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It's your choice. Either way, we're going to get our way. So why don't you just enjoy the ride?" He put a sarcastic emphasis on the latter word. Jane resigned herself to her fate as her blouse was unbuttoned, slowly revealing her black slip. At the same time she could feel the zipper of her knee length skirt being pulled down and the loosened garment fell to the ground, revealing the bottom part of her slip that went only to her mid thighs. The young man standing in front of Jane produced a knife and pulling the top of Jane's slip forward, sliced it as if it were butter, exposing her low cut, black lace bra, bringing a cheer from the others. Her bra was unclasped from the front and her breasts bounced forth and her nipples hardened.

One of the young men began to lick and suck them and Jane struggled to hide her unwanted pleasure. At the same time she could feel rough hands grab the sides of her flesh tights and her knickers and they were simultaneously rolled down and her audience gasped at her trimmed pussy. Another of the young men knelt down and placing his hands on Jane's naked legs, he began to gently lick her waiting pussy. This time Jane couldn't resist a moan, much to the young men's delight. "Oooh" she groaned.

"Wow. She's really enjoying it," said another and they all laughed in unison.

The licking of her pussy stopped, much to Jane's disappointment and she was forced to her knees. Her head was yanked back by pulling on her long red hair and she could see three of the young men had removed their pants and they stood there with large and hardened cocks.

"No. Please!" She was prevented from saying anything else by a huge cock being forced into her mouth.

"Now start sucking, you bitch, start sucking." At the same time a cock was placed in each of her hands and she began to hand fuck them. Almost at the same time, Jane Tanner felt her arse being slightly pushed up and another cock was driven in and pounded without mercy.

Her head movement was controlled by the young man whose cock she was forced to suck. He bobbed her head to and fro and Jane was powerless to resist. "Come on, bitch. Lick my balls."

Jane obeyed and he released a sigh. "Aaagh. That's it. Keep going baby. Keep going."

While Jane was being fucked from almost every angle, she could feel her mature and firm breasts being fondled and squeezed but was only able to utter "mmm" as she continued to suck this huge cock.

At last cum exploded in her mouth and her head was forced back, making her swallow every drop. Almost at the same time there was a burning sensation in her arse as cum erupted there too. Exhausted, Jane Tanner fell to the ground, hoping her ordeal was over, but it was only beginning as she was lifted onto her bed facing the ceiling and her long slender legs were forced apart. Another of the young men mounted her and gently inserted his hard rod through her pussy lips, pushing deeply, he rhythmically began to pound her. Unlike her earlier experience, there was something different in the way she was being fucked now. It was gentle and almost loving. So much so that Jane put her hands on his bare hips and seemed to guide his actions and for the first time seemed to have some control.

Soon, Jane Tanner was lost in her lust as her body reacted to this young man's actions. She would never admit it, but one of her fantasies was being fulfilled. She had often dreamed of having a fresh young cock inside her and now she didn't want it to end. Her love juices began to flow as the young man climaxed inside her, Jane gave a soft moan of satisfaction and relief. The young man too, sighed and gasped for breath. He wasn't finished though, as he began to lick and suck her nipples, much to Jane's delight. He was leader of the pack. It was almost as if the best was held until last.

Jane was soon brought back to reality as one of the young men spoke. "Well Mrs Tanner. You are one hell of a ride."

There was a chorus of laughter. Jane could see all the young men were now dressed, all except the young man who had just fulfilled her fantasy.

One of the youths put a glass to Jane's mouth and she was forced to drink the clear liquid. She thought it was water, until she tasted it. Then, suddenly, Jane Tanner was plunged into a dark oblivion as she sank into a deep sleep.


Jane slowly came round as the brilliant morning sunshine beamed through the bedroom window. It was with that same slowness that she became aware of her surroundings. She was lying on top of her bed, naked, sticky and sore. She looked at the clock on her side table. "Oh my God," she squealed as she saw it was eight thirty-five. She grabbed her gown and ran for the shower, hoping Gail wasn't up yet. She scrubbed herself in a frenzy, almost as if she were trying to wash away the stain of original sin. Eventually Jane felt confident enough to go to the dining room and breakfast in her gown, something she never did before.

Gail came down a few moments later and said nothing. Jane was unable to look at her step-daughter. Gail simply grabbed something to eat and then she rushed out, just as she always did. Nothing new there. What Jane didn't see was the smile on Gail's face as she left. So as to not arouse suspicion that something was wrong, Jane dressed in her tracksuit and went for her usual morning jog.


It was Monday evening that changed everything for Jane. It was after five when she returned from work. She hung up her coat and put her bag on the hall floor. Her attention was drawn by strange sounds in the living room. As she got closer she became aware that the noises were of moaning. 'So Gail is at it again,' she thought as she pushed the living door open . "Caught you again," she yelled in triumph, only to see the television was on and she could see herself on her knees, nude, sucking and hand fucking cock.

In shock Jane stuttered. "Where, where did that come from?"

"It arrived in the post addressed to me."

"Gail, this is not what it looks like. I swear. I was forced."

"Look at it, you stupid whore. You enjoyed yourself. Dad is really going to love this."

"You, you're not going to tell him?"

Of course I am, you stupid bitch. You've humiliated me for the last time." Gail took the video from the player and headed for her bedroom, hoping her step-mother would take the bait and follow her.

A few moments later, as Gail was lying on her bed, Jane knocked gently at the door. Gail smiled. "It's open,"

Jane opened the door. She got another shock as she spied Gail's computer with a photo of her naked and in an apparent loving embrace, with her head resting peacefully on a young man's bare chest. Both were in appeared to be in a peaceful slumber.

Jane was lost for words. "Please Gail, you must listen to me..."

"What for? You always eyed up the guys from college, just waiting to get into their pants and now I have the proof."

Jane reddened with embarrassment. She couldn't deny what Gail had said. She may have been six feet tall but suddenly, Jane Tanner felt like she had shrunk and she just wanted to shrink away.

Tearfully, Jane finally spoke, "I- I'll pack my bags and leave, if that's what you want."

"Well, that's one solution."

"Well. What's the alternative?"

Gail said nothing. She got up and walked over to her step-mother. She grabbed Jane's long hair and yanking her back, she kissed her passionately.

Jane tried to pull away. "Please Gail. We mustn't..."

"Make up your fucking mind. Be my bitch or get out, and remember, I can ruin your life with those photos and films, thanks to the internet. So what's it to be?"

Jane closed her eyes in total surrender.

"I thought you'd see it my way," and kissed her step-mother once more. This time Jane felt Gail's hand slowly opening the buttons of her white frilled blouse and squeezing her left breast through her black slip and bra. It made Jane jerk with excitement. The young woman travelled down Jane's neck, gently kissing and caressing as she went.

"Oh my God," moaned Jane. At the same time, Jane felt her short office skirt loosen and drop to the ground. She also felt Gail's hand work its way to the waistband of her black tights and into her knickers and began to gently rub her trimmed pussy.

"Oh my God, Gail. Don't stop. Please, don't stop," she repeated several times.

Jane was gently pushed onto the bed as her pussy was continuously being rubbed, making her wet in the process.

By now, Jane Tanner was in total submissive mode and willing do anything that would prolong this wonderful sensation she never knew was possible. She had never dreamed it would involve her step-daughter. Gail's hands gripped the sides of her tights and knickers. Jane voluntarily raised her arse as her step-daughter eased them down her lower body and tossed them to the floor. Again Jane raised her arse as Gail lifted the bottom of her slip and like a little school girl, raised her arms to allow ease of movement as the garment was pulled over her head and also tossed to the floor.

Gail kissed her step-mother on her neck as she put her hands behind Jane's back, unsnapped her black lace bra and having removed it, disposed of it in the same manner. Gail stripped herself naked quickly and mounted Jane with the smouldering lesbian lust that both women were now lost in.

She kissed Jane again and then moved to her neck, then her shoulder and finally her breast, sucking, nibbling and sucking as she went. Gail began to tenderly lick and suck her step-mother's nipples at alternate intervals. Each gentle stroke of her tongue made Jane moan. Each moan seemed to be higher then the previous one. "Oh my God, Gail. More, please, more," repeated Jane over and over.

Soon Gail began to travel down Jane's slim waist and the delightful tingling sensation of each stroke of her tongue excited. "Aaargh" she exclaimed repeatedly. Jane spread her legs as Gail began to lash her pussy lips with her experienced tongue action. As Gail entered her wet vagina, Jane could feel she was on the verge of orgasm as her juices built. "Oh fuck, Gail. Oh fuck, " as she finally orgasmed.

After waiting a few moments to catch her breath, Jane Tanner finally moved. She took her step-daughter and turned over on her back while she, in turn, mounted her and began kissing her and copying every movement her step-daughter had made. Gail too, moaned and was lost in her lust for this older woman.

As Jane worked her way to Gail's pussy, she suddenly realised that not only did she crave young cock but young pussy as well. This lesbian experience was her first and she was enjoying it. As Gail orgasmed she cried out, "Oh fuck, you are wonderful. The best I've ever had."

After a few more moments, in which each woman gathered their thoughts, Gail spoke. "Ok. This is the deal. I'll withhold the film and the photos. You'll stop your constant hassling or I will show them to my father. Ok?"

"Alright," responded Jane with apprehension.

"Oh, and there is one other thing. From now on we're lovers and you will submit to my wishes at all times."

Jane was about to speak when Gail put a finger to her lips "and I won't take no for answer." and kissed her gently.

For the whole week her husband was away, Jane Tanner was in sexual bliss as she and her step-daughter enjoyed their love making.


The following Monday evening Gail Tanner was in the pub with her friend, Dan Preston. She handed him a manila envelope. Dan handed it back to her. "Not necessary."

"But Dan. We agreed."

"We didn't do it for the money, Gail. We did it for you, our classmate. We all knew how much of a hard time she gave you. Besides, she was a good ride. Will she report us?"

"You have no worries there. When I explained the new rules of the house she was quickly compliant. Are you free Friday night?"

"Sure. Why?"

"There's a forty-two year old woman dreaming of being ravished by a twenty year old stud again."

Dan laughed. "What about her husband?"

"Oh, he'll be gone on a stag weekend."

"And she won't mind?"

"On the contrary, Dan. I think she'll be very submissive."

"Will you be there?"

"You won't even know I'm there. I'm not studying electronics for nothing," laughed Gail. "My round, I think," and she got up and headed for the bar.

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