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Stepping Through The Door


I wondered, as we prepared to leave for home, whether or not my wife would continue enjoying sex with other men once we were back. I did everything I could to convince her that it would be no different than what she had enjoyed in the past, but I could sense her misgivings. Knowing I would be fighting an uphill battle, I went to work when we still had some time to prepare her for new adventures.


When we arrived back in the States, after several years out of the country, the "sexual revolution" was slowing down, but there was still a feeling of liberty among the swinging community that was refreshing. I was rather concerned about how Linda would react to being home after her past adventures. And I had every right to be. It was almost as though, once we were back in the States, her interest began to wane. I knew I had to do something and fast. That's how we met Clint and Marie.

I had anticipated a problem like this. It's interesting that our ladies will often do things when they are away from home that they might not even consider doing in our own country, and that was the reaction I was running into with Linda. She still had the good memories those friends of ours had given her, but she wasn't too sure that, meeting strangers for the first time with the idea that she would fuck them, was too great. I had started working on it while we were still out of the country and despite what seemed like a paucity of players where we were going to be living, I began corresponding with the one couple who looked most likely to be interested.

As I said, Linda wasn't all that anxious to resume the fun she had experienced with her lovers overseas. It didn't help a great deal that, only days before we were to meet Clint and Marie, my wife fell and broke her arm. We seriously considered backing out at the last minute. We discussed it for what seemed an interminable time, but when Linda saw how insistent I was to at least meet them, she agreed hesitantly.

I think it was curiosity in part. Clint and Marie were the first "real" swingers we were to meet. All the rest we had known up to this point were really just playing around on the edges, but these folks, according to their letters, were into it "heavy duty". Our first contact with them was to be at a restaurant close to their house. We were both too naive to realize that this was the most common pattern - meet at a convenient, cozy place that was intimate, yet public, and go from there, letting things happen as they might.

"Just a chance to meet", Marie had assured Linda, as we talked the last time and explained what was causing us some concern. Marie had been properly sympathetic at the start, offering to make it "another time" if it was going to be a painful experience for Linda. That pretty much put the burden on Linda, and she already knew how I felt. In the end, Linda had assured her that she could make it. I think curiosity was beginning to get the better of her. We were going in basically blind. The exchange of a couple of letters or so, with no pictures, and a couple of phone calls were all we had so far. Would she let a complete stranger fuck her or wouldn't she? I wondered. Linda finished by telling Marie what we would be wearing that evening. Linda's cast would definitely make us easily identifiable.

I was very pleased that Linda had decided to accept. It was becoming obvious that there had been a definite change in my wife since our first mutual swinging experience six months or so ago. Despite her enjoyment of Mike and her other lovers, she was still nervous. Especially with the idea of meeting someone who was a total stranger to her, but apparently now determined to at least find out more about this new life style we were slowly becoming engaged in.

Marie and Clint were not the "beautiful people" everyone so admired in those days. In fact Marie was an obviously matronly housewife with a rather dumpy figure. Clint was much the same, heavier than he should have been, and losing his hair rapidly. Still, what they lacked in appearance, both made up for in personality. Clint met us at the door of the restaurant, shook my hand, and then kissed Linda's cheek as though he had known her for years. He kept up a running line of patter as he, now on my wife's other side, escorted us to the table at the very rear of the restaurant. I couldn't help but notice how dim the lighting was. I later learned to recognize it as the perfect place to meet someone for the same kind of thing we were up to.

Clint deftly steered me into the booth next to his wife while turning Linda to her right and into the booth preceding him. Although it put the girls next to each other, it also put our wives farthest from their spouse. The booth was only large enough to accommodate the four of us comfortably. Marie started a conversation with Linda while we studied the menu, complimenting her on her choice of wardrobe, asking about her arm, and all the other mundane things people can talk about when making idle conversation. We had been there almost twenty minutes before we got down to eating.

The food was delicious, the conversation interesting, and the drinks just enough on the heavy side to insure that any inhibitions that might have been present at first were slowly disappearing. The meal took over an hour to consume, with the conversation going smoothly. I had not seen any indication from Linda, one way or another that anything was happening, so I was surprised when our almost two hour meeting began winding down. With everyone was pleasantly full, Clint ordered "one more for the road". I looked over at Linda. She was smiling. I began to relax as we sat back and began talking about our experiences. I was also surprised when Linda began volunteering information that I had never expected to hear her tell another person about openly as she was doing now. With the end of our drinks in sight, Clint looked at me and suggested that we go to their place "for a nightcap". I suspected that would be a little fast for the way I had expected Linda to react, so I was surprised when she smiled at me and I felt her foot nudge my own, a signal we had prearranged that told me she was willing to go along with what might happen.

There was no hesitancy in her willingness to let Clint escort her from the restaurant, leaving me with Marie who took my arm and joined me readily. It was only a short drive to their home. To keep us from getting lost, Clint smiled, "why don't you and Marie go together in your car. Linda and I will go in ours". It seemed reasonable, so, after handing our ladies into the cars, we followed Clint and Linda out of the parking lot.

"I'm so glad that we could get together tonight," Marie said, sliding closer once we were on the road, and taking my arm. I put it over her shoulders and felt her slide even closer until I could feel the heat of her body against my own. Taking my hand, she pulled it over her breast and pressed it to the warm flesh beneath as her other hand came to rest on my thigh. "This is going to be something Linda will enjoy," she murmured, smiling at me as my hand squeezed her breast gently, "and me too." Her hand moved back, gently caressing my already hardening cock, stopping, and then gently applying her own light grip. "Oh, yes," she added breathlessly, "I'm really going to enjoy this!" I swallowed hard. I knew I would!

Clint and Linda were already in the house and sitting together by the time that I had parked our car in their drive, gotten a promising kiss from Marie that took even longer than either of us had expected, and joined our mates. We walked in on them as Clint was kissing my wife, his hand already squeezing one of her luscious boobs as his tongue worked its way deep into her mouth. I was a little surprised at how casually Linda was accepting Clint's osculatory efforts and even more at the way she was allowing him to fondle her breast. It was as though she had known him much longer than the couple of hours or so we had spent together in the restaurant, and now at their home.

Shirley might have been surprised too, considering the fact that I had told her we were novice swingers, but she didn't seem to mind a bit that her husband was feeling up my wife right in front of her. Like me, she was probably a closet voyeur at heart. We took a seat on a couch opposite our spouses and resumed where we had left off in the car. It didn't seem to bother her a bit that I was kissing her deeply, pulling her close, my hand draped over her breast and I was fondling her just as Clint was my wife.

There really wasn't a great deal to feel. Marie was apparently wearing one of the cast iron bras that we had discarded from Linda's wardrobe as soon as she had begun her affair with Mike. We both watched as Clint's kisses deepened, his mouth open, working against Linda's. His hand moved up across his body and to her breasts, stroking them slowly and gently, the material bunching beneath his hand as he felt her 40DD's swelling, becoming alive in his hand. I saw them react immediately, the nipples becoming rigid and growing, pressing so tightly that even through her bra and the double knit fabric of her dress, they were plainly outlined. Linda was becoming aroused as I knew she would when Clint got to her tits. I had told Marie in one of our letters that Linda’s breasts were extremely erogenous, much more so than the flesh of her inner thighs that I later found out Clint had been stroking during our meal. Clint knew it for certain now as my wife's mouth opened under his, their throats began working in concert, each one’s tongue searching for the other's.

Marie turned partly toward me and almost whispered, "I don't think we need have any more concerns about those two, do you?" Her smile was an invitation and I took her up on it, my fingers beginning to unbutton her blouse, one button at a time. With her blouse open to the waist, I slipped my hand inside, cupping one of her large, but firm breasts. Our mouths joined, hers already open. There was a little whimper in my mouth when our tongues touched and began a duel for supremacy. She won that. I felt her tongue slide so deeply in mine that I considered backing away, but only for an instant. She was pressing her chest against me, urging my hand to find the source of heat beneath the cup of her bra. I wasted little time doing exactly that, pushing it up over the warm fullness, marveling as I always did at the beauty of a woman's breast. Marie's were heavy, laced with the barely visible veins common to older women. I broke our kiss just long enough to check out Linda's reaction to what I was doing with Marie.

I needn't have bothered. Clint's body almost obscured her from my view, leaving only the sight of his arm wedging the bodice of her dress aside, the only snap fastening it to the facing having long since becoming undone. Her hand was in Clint's lap, curled around his cock through his trousers, squeezing it as he continued kissing her and fondling those lovely breasts. Turning back to Marie, I kissed her once more and then headed for that lovely tit. I hadn't realized that Marie's breasts were almost as sensitive as Linda’s.

"I love that," she whispered in my ear as my mouth closed over one nipple that was rising rapidly between my lips. I like to squeeze and fondle a breast. Marie apparently liked that too. She held it up for me as my hands went behind her and unfastened her bra. A woman's body is meant to be sexy, as I had told Linda many times before we started swinging. Most men have an immediate reaction to the sight of a woman's thighs and breasts. They react with an erection to the sight of unfettered breasts swaying gently in a soft bra beneath a clinging sweater or blouse. Seeing nipples go rigid in the cold or as a reaction to touch, even accidental, is a real turn on. So is the sight of full, warm thighs beneath a short skirt. It makes us go hard, displaying our own readiness. I had explained to her that, unless she wanted sex, she had to be very careful with her lush, lovely body and how it appeared to men. I continued, telling her that if she did, all she had to do was watch for that erection. She had used that information when we first married to let me know that she was ready.

I couldn't tell her what her own reaction would be if those signals were interpreted by a stranger or a male friend. I didn't know. I knew that Linda was inherently a very sexy woman. It was almost as though she was experimenting with what we both knew was true. She explored the theory further with Mike on the dance floor or as we sat together in a booth. At first she told me about it as though it were something she objected to, but then it became obvious that she was only fishing for a reaction to a game she was playing. I think it surprised even her that she wasn't really offended. She wanted to know what I thought of it, and I encouraged her. I suspected that under the right conditions, such as in the back seat of a car, or like we were now, in the comfort of a home, the result could be very pleasant. The titillation of the senses began with a man's accidental contacts, especially if the woman involved encourages him with a smile or a touch of her own. Linda had learned that early and used it to her advantage once she discovered her own interest in having other men fuck her, exactly as I was. This time is was slightly different. She had known Clint only for literarily minutes, and Marie even less. I was interest to see how this first "casual fuck" was to play out.

I apparently didn't have a lot to worry about. By looking from the corner of my eyes while I sucked on Marie's succulent boobs, I could see that Clint was well past first base. Linda's left breast was now in his hand, her bra dangling uselessly below it, the nipple swollen with her own lust. Either she or Clint had unzipped his trousers and I saw his cock, rigid and swollen, with his pre-cum already coating her fingers, barely contained within her grasp. I almost laughed. Clint was built almost as well as her first lover. It would be a real treat watching him work this dandy into my wife's juicy pussy.

"You like to watch, don't you?" Marie chuckled in my ear. "I should have thought of that. Clint does too. Here," she said, getting up and circling around me, "let me get in your lap and you can watch him get her ready. He likes to take his time."

With this change in position, I was able to watch Clint do just that, using his right hand to slip up beneath her skirt and caress her inner thigh while he continued to suck my wife's right breast. Her left boob was lost in his big hand, leaving only her nipple to protrude between his fingers. Her head was thrown back, resting on the back of the couch, her eyes closed, obviously enjoying what he was doing to her and the feelings he was stirring inside her body. She confirmed it for me when I saw Clint's hand, just visible beneath the hem of my wife's skirt, which he had pushed almost to the maximum height on her thighs, move the crotch of her sopping wet panties aside and cover her juicy snatch. She smiled and then sighed with pleasure as his middle finger slid between already spread, glistening vulva, between the pink lips of her cunt, and to the second knuckle inside her.

"Does she like it?" Marie whispered once more. I knew she was getting hot too, missing the action that she apparently liked to study as much as I. I released my lip lock on her breast and returned her smile. “It looks like she loves it," I told her. "He’s already finger fucking her, and she's smiling."

"Good," Marie responded as I reattached my mouth to that swollen nipple of hers. "He loves to play with his girl and get her real hot before he fucks them. I didn't know if Linda would like that or not." Then she added, "I do."

"I was hoping you did," I told her softly as I began pushing her blouse off her shoulders, leaving her with her bra dangling off one shoulder, hardly concealing those lovely tits. I began pushing her skirt higher and then put my hand down between her thighs, slowly moving it higher, watching her eyes widen as I got closer and closer to the source of the heat I could feel radiating from her snatch. As my hand crept slowly higher, closer to the crotch of her panties, I could smell the delightful aroma of a woman who wants sex. Regardless of whether the wonderful aphrodisiac was emanating from her or from my wife, I slipped my hand higher and into her crotch, rubbing her pussy gently through her panties.

"I like to tease as well as taste," I murmured around that swollen nipple, tugging at the crotch of the panties to get beneath them. Marie helped me, raising herself slightly, allowing me to slip them beneath her broad beam and over her thighs until I could pull them completely off and drop them to the floor.

"Ah-h, that's better," she sighed, "but let's see what you have for me. I had a brief respite as I felt both her hands tugging at the waistband of my trousers, then at the zipper. Once inside my pants, she wasted no time, both hand reaching between the fly, pushing down my boxer shorts and letting my rigid cock thrust its way up to freedom.

"Oh, this is a pretty one," she announced, staring down at my aroused dick. Her fingers moved over the head, beneath the crown and slowly down the flesh covering my cock until it stood in all its glory, ready for her, already oozing the lube I wanted to use to fill her juicy cunt.

Clint must have been watching too, because he was now getting with it. He had peeled my wife's dress off her like a banana until it hung at her waist. From the hem, he had raised it until the entire dress looked like a doughnut around her waist. Both hands were on her breasts now, and I could see his balls hung in a tight sack directly in front of the south side of my wife's glistening cunt. Even as I watched, I saw his ass cheeks flex and saw a portion of his dick slide into her cunt, earning a little whimper of joy and the clutching of her arms around his head as he knelt in front of her.

As he sank deeper and deeper into her, she looked over at me and smiled that mysterious smile of a woman getting exactly what she wanted. Then her eyes closed again, but the smile remained as Clint very slowly pushed that massive cock of his deep into her juicy core with little humps of pleasure as he felt my wife's cunt closing over it, caressing it as it filled her inch by inch.

"Wow, you are so hot," I heard him murmur. It was the same thing every man who had ever fucked her had told me. My wife had the hottest pussy I've ever had the pleasure to sink my cock, finger, nose or tongue into and Clint was about to plow it with a thick, long dick that looked quite capable of screwing her for the entire night. I watched as her head went back to the top of the couch again, her eyes closing and her leg beginning to wrap around her lover's body to pull him tighter into her boiling pussy. From where I sat, I had a great view of his balls pulling back as he retreated and then the gush of her pussy juice as he pressed that hard dick into my wife's cunt until there was no space between those juicy cunt lips and the balls heavy with Clint's thick cum.

Linda grunted, no doubt feeling Clint hit the back of her vagina, but it only encouraged her. She liked the feeling of that big dick spreading her pussy and now slowly sawing back and forth inside her cunt. I could already see a pool of cunt cream spreading beneath Clint's balls as each stroke pulled the hot juices out of my wife like a vacuum pump. Linda was gasping at each stroke now, entranced with the pleasure he was inducing in her well filled vagina.

"Do you like watching my husband fuck her?" Marie smiled, positioning my dick at the entrance to her own cunt. "I think you must," she added before I could answer. "You're so hard. Well, we are the same way. Clint likes to see another man fuck me and he's about to, isn't he." She almost giggled as she wiped the head of my cock up and down that already juicy trough.

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