tagErotic CouplingsSticky Wickets Ch. 02

Sticky Wickets Ch. 02


Once Elaine acknowledged her attraction to her professor, the dreams stopped. On the one hand, she was grateful to be able to get more sleep every night. Unfortunately, it meant that thoughts of Will were ever-present. It had turned her into a raving sexual maniac, or at least that's how it felt. She had taken to carrying around her favorite sex toy in her backpack - it was really her old hairbrush, repurposed one curious night when she noticed that it had a soft, ribbed handle. She had masturbated in every girl's bathroom in between her dorm and the building where most of her classes were held, in the shower, and once in the deserted locker room after working out.

But that was nothing compared to the concentration problems she had when she was alone with him in his office, as she frequently was. Each afternoon she walked down the hallway toward his office, she was filled with both elation at seeing him, and a terrible dread that her desire would finally slip past her lips. It was the one thing she couldn't ever tell him. Not only would a relationship with him have been very against the rules, it was preposterous to think he would have any interest in her. Even she knew that.

He had to be almost ten years older than she, and what could they have in common? Sure, they had chatted amiably about many topics while she worked for him. His past and hers, her hopes and dreams, their love of the same bands, schoolwork and the subject he taught ad nauseum. How would she even bring up sex in casual conversation? "How was your weekend? Mine was great and, oh, by the way, I'd like to bang you." Surely not.

She was beginning to feel desperate for his attention. She just wanted to know how he felt, if he felt anything. It was in this frame of mind that Elaine found herself, weeks after running into Will outside the bathroom, sitting once more in his class, in her favorite front row seat, off to one side of the classroom. He had just started to lecture, and already her mind was wandering. Absentmindedly, she drew one knee up to her chest, planting her foot on the chair, and doodled in her notebook.

After a few minutes, she reached down to scratch her inner thigh and realized that her skirt was riding high on her thighs, and most likely was displaying her panties to the front of the room. The thought that Will might have seen them made her suddenly hot all over. Suddenly the lecture became much more interesting, and Elaine thought Will looked over in her direction a bit more than usual. Deciding to up the ante, she traced her fingers slowly over her inner thigh, circling nearer to the edge of her panties, but kept her attention on him as though what he was saying was fascinating. The next time he glanced in her direction, he stumbled over his speech and cleared his throat loudly.

She pretended not to notice. For the first time all semester, Elaine felt that class had ended too quickly.

In his office that afternoon, she filed stacks of papers. Every time she bent over to reach into the file box, she felt the hem of her skirt rise up above her upper thighs. She wondered if he could see the lace edging of her white satin panties. Her heart began to pound rapidly. She turned abruptly to get more papers and could have sworn she saw his eyes flick away from her quickly.

Will finished grading his stack of papers, and stood to rest them on top of a stack of other sheets near where Elaine was sorting. He had to squeeze between her and the wall, and for a moment, his body was pressed almost completely up against hers, just a breath keeping them from touching. She felt the warmth radiating off his body and breathed in the scent of his body. A quick, violent shudder ran through her body, and Will lightly grasped her upper arms.

"Hey, are you cold? I can turn the heat up if you are," he said.

In a low voice she barely recognized as her own, she said, "I'm not cold." With her heart hammering away in her chest, she angled her hips back almost imperceptibly to rest against his groin. She felt his muscles tighten in surprise. When he didn't move away, she moved all the way back, letting the back of her head graze his chest. She let out a soft sigh. His hands tightened on her upper arms, and he turned her to face him.

"Ellie, I think we should talk." He sounded very serious, and Elaine's brow furrowed slightly at the tone. It was not a good sign. She bit her lip and looked up at him.

"About what?"

"I think you know what it's about. This isn't going to happen."

"What isn't?" she persisted. He frowned and leaned down to put his face closer to hers, speaking softly so that others in the hallway outside wouldn't hear.

"You know what. Don't think I haven't noticed what you've been doing."

"I don't know what you mean," she said softly, but with less conviction.

"You know exactly what I mean. But I am your professor and you are my student, and even if I wanted to, this is not going to happen."

"Do you want to?" she asked, even more softly. Will just let out a frustrated sound. Then he stilled, suddenly very aware that they were pressed close together, her breasts pressing into him as she breathed, a bit too quickly. Elaine could feel against her hipbone other parts of him had also just noticed. A flush crept up his neck to his face, and it seemed that he would walk away, but she grasped the front of his shirt with her hand, and felt time stop.

For a long moment, they looked at each other. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Shit," muttered Will under his breath, pushing away from Elaine to answer the door. She ignored the muted conversation in the doorway between Will and one of the other professors, looking down at her feet. When Will finally turned back around, he said, "I think you should go now." He went back to the desk, shuffling stacks of papers around.

Without a word, Elaine walked to the door, her thoughts running a million miles per minute. She couldn't just let it go like this. Instead of walking through the door, she closed it quietly, and locked it, hearing the snick of the bolt as it slid into place. She turned to where he stood against the far wall and before he could react, pressed her lips softly to his.

He grabbed her shoulders, perhaps intending to push her back, and she deepened the kiss, tracing his lips lightly with her tongue until they parted. She pressed her palms to his chest to steady herself, and felt his pulse speeding up to match hers. Gently her tongue traced just inside his lips, darting in to caress his tongue before drawing back. She went to pull back, but suddenly he was kissing her back, moving his lips against hers softly. He pulled away just as suddenly, and looked down at her with an inscrutable expression.

She licked her bottom lip and said breathily, "I'm sorry. I just wanted to know if it would be as good as I thought it would." She turned to go, bending to grab her backpack.

"Was it?" Still bent over, she turned to look over her shoulder at him, watched him drag his eyes away from her ass. She blinked once, slowly, looking at him underneath her long lashes.

"Oh, yes." With a jolt, she felt herself yanked away from her backpack. Then she was the one pressed into the wall, and he was kissing her, kissing her as though his life depended on it. She pressed her palm tentatively into the front of his pants and felt his cock harden, straining against the fabric. Moisture flooded her panties and she let out a tiny whimpering noise. Will pulled back from the kiss and pushed her gently to his desk, bending her over it until her ass pushed out obscenely. Elaine heard a strangled noise escape his throat as he flipped her skirt up to expose her panties.

He slipped a finger into her panties and let out a deep breath when he felt how wet she already was. Elaine felt her panties being pushed to one side and then after a brief pause, Will's cock sliding into her, inch by inch, slower than she thought possible. Her eyes glazed over and she heard a soft moan pass her lips.

"Shhh," he said softly behind her, and started sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. His fingers grasped her hips firmly to hold her in place as she squirmed from the intense sensations of being fucked for the first time in several years. She felt waves of pleasure wash over her as she whimpered very softly. He leaned over and kissed the side of her neck, and she shivered, feeling her pussy clamp down onto his cock.

Then he stood back up straight and pushed her legs open a little wider, fucking her faster. He slid one hand around the front of her and slipped his fingers over her clit, rubbing in quick circles. Stars exploded behind her eyes as she came, gasping for air and trying desperately not to make any noise. She felt his pace increase further, making her shudder with pleasure. Then he tensed, and his cum shot into her, and she whispered his name, "Oh, Will." His knees started to buckle, and he eased around his desk to fall into his leather chair with a heavy breath, pulling her onto his lap.

She rested her head on his chest and they both waited a moment to see if another knock would come on the door. Nothing. Then Elaine started to giggle.

"Geez, I think my panties are soaked," she complained.

"I probably have a spare shirt around here or something," Will mumbled, pulling open his desk drawers. Suddenly, Elaine saw some filmy, pink fabric balled up in the back corner of one drawer, and yanked it out. She unfolded the garment and looked up at Will with surprise – it was her missing panties. Will had the grace to look embarrassed, but Elaine just smiled and brushed her lips lightly over his cheek.

"Well, I should probably get going. I got assigned all kinds of homework this afternoon," she said, grinning at him impishly. Settling her clothes back into place, she unlocked his door and opened it a crack.

"See you in class...Professor."

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