tagErotic CouplingsSticky Wickets Ch. 03

Sticky Wickets Ch. 03


The last few weeks of fall term were passing quickly, and Elaine was not surprised that Will avoided her as much as possible. He had sent her a brief email stating that he didn't have any more work for her that semester – which she knew was a lie – and asking if she would please wear pants in class from now on. She had laughed aloud at that, but didn't reply to the email. She also didn't stop wearing short skirts, mostly because she enjoyed the look of consternation on his face each day.

Whenever she tried engaging him in conversation outside of class, he would always make up some place he needed to be. She needed a more direct method. So one day after class, she made a beeline for his car, and leaned up against it, waiting for him. She saw his face twist into a frown from across the parking lot, and she became suddenly nervous. After all this teasing, was he really pissed off at her? He must have seen it on her face because he stopped next to her and simply sighed.

"Ellie, what are you doing here?"

"We need to talk."

"I don't think we have anything to talk about."

"Oh, really? You don't think sticking your dick in me requires any kind of follow-up conversation?" Elaine retorted hotly. He flushed in embarrassment, and looked around, but there was no one to hear.

"It was a mistake, and it won't happen again."

"Won't it?" Will didn't answer. "I know you want to. A guy doesn't fuck a girl with that kind of...energy, unless he really wants to."

"Jesus, Ellie. Just...get in the car before someone hears you." He unlocked the doors, and then got into the driver's seat, slamming the door behind him. Elaine had just barely closed her door before he started driving, and she noted that he did in fact look pretty pissed.

"Where are we going?" she asked in a quieter voice.

"Hell, I don't know. I guess to my place, but don't get any ideas! We're just going to talk and this isn't a conversation I really want to have in public." As a matter of fact, Elaine did get ideas, of course, but she wisely kept them to herself. In only a few short minutes, Will pulled into the driveway of a small, non-descript home in a nearby neighborhood. He preceded her up the steps and inside the house, where it was dark, but cozily warm after the crisp autumn air outside.

"Make yourself at home," he said, instantly regretting the words. "Would you like something to drink?"

"No, thank you," Elaine replied softly, and perched on the edge of the sofa. She looked around and saw that the house had been furnished with blond wood and walls painted a very light blue. There weren't many knick-knacks, but there were dozens – perhaps hundreds – of books, and a smattering of art prints, movie posters, and framed photographs on the walls.

Will glanced around the room, and reluctantly lowered himself onto the sofa beside her.

"I thought I made it clear, Ellie, that we can not have a relationship."

"I don't want a relationship. I just want to have sex with you," she replied, and the bald honesty of her statement almost made him smile.

"I believe that would still be referred to as a sexual relationship. It's against the rules. I could get fired. You're in my class, and if it was found out, they could throw out all the grades I ever gave you and make you retake those classes."

"How would anyone ever find out?"

"That's not the point."

"No, that's exactly the point! Nothing bad can happen if no one finds out." When Will was silent, Elaine went on, quieter, "Is there someone else?"

"What? No!" he said, confused. "I mean, there probably should be. At my age, there should be someone for me besides someone half my age."

"Stop exaggerating. Then it must be because you didn't like it," she said, gazing at him from underneath lowered lashes. He sighed at the sight of her looking so vulnerable, even if it was an act.

"Honestly...I haven't cum so hard in years," he finally said, oddly pleased to see her blush at his words.

"Then why don't you want me?"

"I told you, it's inappropriate."

"That's not a good enough reason."

"Well, that's my final word on it." Elaine couldn't think of a good response, so she just stood and leaned over him.

"You're going to tell me that if I offered to suck your dick right now, you'd say no?" Will's eyes widened a little, and he swallowed hard. She narrowed her eyes at him, and slowly unbuttoned her top, then opened it, exposing her red lacy bra.

"Ellie, I don't think..."

"Hush," she interrupted him. "You're going to tell me that if I stripped naked right here in your living room, you'd be able to control yourself?" She unzipped her skirt and slid it, very slowly, down her legs, tugging off her socks and shoes, too. "You brought me here. To your house. I know you want me. I know that even if you could get me to put my clothes back on and leave, you would go straight into your bathroom and jack off thinking about fucking me."

Will's mouth hung open a little bit as he looked at her, standing before him in her bra and a tiny pair of matching panties. His cock had become uncomfortably hard rather fast, and his hand absently strayed to his zipper. Elaine noticed the movement, and smiled at him mockingly. She felt feverishly hot, goosebumps prickling over her bared skin.

"Show me yours, and I'll show you mine," she said in a soft sing-songy voice. "What, cat got your tongue?" she asked, giggling a little, even though it wasn't funny. "Oh, honestly!" Seeing Will still basically frozen in place, she grabbed hold of his zipper herself and pulled it down. She saw his cock straining against his boxer briefs and, noting that Will was inexplicably neither going to help or hamper her, pulled his pants and boxer briefs down to his ankles and got her first real look at his cock.

It was smooth, straight, and generously sized, with a small patch of light-brown hair curling around the base. She grinned despite herself, and then pulled back.

"Okay, that's yours. Here's mine," and she unhooked her bra, pulling it away from her breasts and dropping it on the rest of her clothes. Then she slipped her panties down, revealing her own closely trimmed hair.

"Nice," Will croaked out, his first word in several minutes. With a wry smile, Elaine dropped to her knees between his legs and grasped his cock firmly in one hand. Then she leaned over and flicked her eyes up to his face as she lowered her mouth onto the tip of his cock. She ran his tongue around the head once, feeling him shudder under her.

Then she pulled back and said, "I guess you're right. This is inappropriate. Would you like me to stop?"

"N-n-no, no. Don't stop," he breathed out.

"Okay, but you can't say I didn't ask," she said. She licked her way from the base of his cock to the tip, and sucked the whole thing into her mouth, pressing the head against the back of her throat. "Mmm." She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, letting the moisture from her tongue get it completely wet. When she glanced up, she saw that he had thrown his head back and had his eyes closed. Pulling her mouth of him with a soft pop, she stroked his cock with one hand and leaned in to lick his balls gently. She sucked one into her mouth and rolled it around for a moment, getting rewarded with a low moan from Will.

Then she pulled back entirely and straddled him on the couch, pressing her wet pussy up against his cock and kissing him full on the mouth. Their tongues tangled together, and Elaine felt hands on her back, stroking down over her ass. Will pulled her in close, rubbing himself against her pussy and she whimpered into his mouth as she felt it brush over her clit. He kissed along her jaw and down the side of her neck, pausing to nip her earlobe.

"All right, you little minx. You win," he said under his breath.

"What do I win?" Will grasped her hips tighter, pulled her up over him, and slid his cock all the way into her. She moaned as she felt his cock filling her pussy. He leaned down and captured one of her nipples between his lips, sucking. She felt a bolt of pleasure run through her and she gasped aloud. Will switched back and forth between her nipples as she bounced on his cock. Then he suddenly bit down on one and she cried out, her back arching.

"Touch yourself," he growled into her ear. "I want to feel you cum."

His words alone made her shudder, and she pressed one hand between them, sliding her fingers over her slippery clit. Just this one touch intensified everything she was feeling. Then his fingers were on her nipples, pinching gently, and he was biting down lightly on the side of her neck. She felt the pleasure swelling inside her, and moaned out, "Fuck, Will, I'm cumming."

Without giving her a chance to recover, Will spilled them both onto the hardwood floor. Elaine banged her head on the wood, but didn't feel any pain. All she felt was Will's hard cock slamming into her pussy, Will's fingers digging into her thighs and pushing them apart, Will's lips and tongue plundering her mouth, Will's pubic bone bumping into her clit and causing her to shake as she exploded again, drenching his cock in her hot juices and screaming wordlessly in pleasure.

Will grunted in response, trying to hold back his own orgasm as she pulsated around him, but it was no use. One more stroke, two, and he was spilling his seed into her, crying out her name. Then he slumped over her, feeling their mingled sweat between their bodies, and stroking her hair.

"Okay, that was...well, wow. But yeah, we can't do that again," he said, his voice still somewhat hoarse.

"Bullshit," came the response, followed by soft laughter. He could only grin.

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