Stiff Club Ch. 04


She could feel herself being gently but firmly pulled open and tried to imagine the sexy view they all had of her wet cunt.

Mary nearly bit Max's cock as she momentarily tensed when she felt one of the fingers boldly slip deep inside her.

The feelings these men were giving her were as wild as she had ever experienced.

She realised that she was provocatively wriggling her bum again and then rewarded with more attention for her wet cunt. It felt as though they were all taking turns in finger fucking her. The longer it continued the more wet she became.

The action between her legs stopped momentarily. Mary wondered why until she felt someone kneel on the bed behind her and then felt warm breath between her legs. She gave an involuntary moan of pleasure and Max's cock slipped from her mouth as she felt the warm breath get closer and closer and then the delicious sensation of a tongue licking the whole of her wet cunt.

The licking was slow and deliberate. The owner of the tongue was obviously expert. Soon his expert tongue was licking her from her clitoris, slowly across her wet cunt lips and onward to her arsehole! As he licked her she could hear him slurping as though he was enjoying a feast. She could feel his hands on each bum cheek, holding them apart to allow him to enjoy his feast to the full.

Mary now realised that all of the preconceptions she had regarding 'gang bangs' were wrong. Or, more specifically, her preconceptions regarding a gang bang with the Stiff Club were wrong.

OK, she thought, I am still being used for their pleasure but I also want them for my pleasure!

She was enjoying being the focus of their lust.

She wanted their attention, their lust, their stiff cocks and, most of all; she wanted their spunk!

As she felt and enjoyed the attention she was receiving between her legs she also realised that this man would soon make her cum.

This man who's head was between her thighs certainly knew what he was doing. His tongue was circling around her bud but never quite touching it. It hungrily licked her cunt lips and would periodically just push a little inside her.

As his tongue now concentrated on her cunt she felt one of his fingers moving like a feather in small circles around her arsehole.

The sensations that he was causing with his tongue and his fingers were starting to drive her crazy with lust and desire. She could feel Max's stiff cock brushing against her face and, as she lifted her head a little, Max guided it once more to her mouth. She felt Max's strong arms support her head so that just the head of his cock was in her mouth. She could taste and smell the erotic musk of his manhood as he moved his cock in a gentle fucking motion between her lips.

She moaned again with pleasure as she felt herself being brought closer and closer to orgasm. This time Max's cock stayed in place and the finger on her anus slowly brushed over that small tight hole.

Mary's involuntary moans were getting more and more regular and at the same time the finger teasing her tightest of holes started to concentrate more and more to the centre. She could feel it push against the tight entrance of her arse. Very slowly but very positively, she felt the pressure increase. She already knew of the pleasure that would await her and, as she tried to relax the strong muscles that held her arse closed tightly, she felt the tip of the finger enter her.

The finger stayed like that, not moving in or moving out, just the very tip inside her arse.

The tongue continued its expert work and wave after wave of pleasure started to radiate from her cunt. The moans of pleasure gradually became one long moan and as her orgasm started to sweep through her she felt herself push back on the finger, forcing it into her arse! The whole length of his finger was soon up inside her as she screamed uncontrollably with one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had.

Somehow, Max managed to keep the head of his cock in her mouth and as her orgasm subsided he gently lowered her head so that he could relish the feeling of her hot mouth around his cock once more. As Mary's thoughts slowly returned from the orgasm she started to hungrily suck on Max' stiff cock. She did not have to do much really; she just relaxed and let him fuck her mouth.

Suddenly she felt very wet, empty and cold between her legs as the man withdrew his finger moved away leaving her cunt glistening with his saliva and her juices.

Mary tensed a little and Max's rhythm was momentarily broken as she felt someone else on the bed behind her.

Max stopped for a second and quietly said, "Mary are you ready now to be fucked?"

Mary had never felt so horny. She did not even attempt to release Max's cock from her mouth; she just grunted and nodded her head.

Almost before she had stopped nodding she felt a pair of hands grip her thighs and the head of a stiff cock brush against her wet and willing cunt.

She felt the cock push against her and she instinctively moved her rear a little so that the head of the cock was now at her entrance. She felt the hands grip her thighs more tightly as the owner of the stiff cock started to enter her. She felt the head of the cock open her up and then the whole length start to slide easily into her wet cunt. She could feel it stretching her but the feeling was fantastic as the cock completely filled her.

Still gripping her thighs, the man behind started to fuck her with long powerful thrusts. Max had stopped moving his hips now because each thrust that Mary was getting was moving her head at the same time.

Mary's mind was full of all the erotic thoughts she had ever had. She still could not quite believe that she was in the hotel room with all of these men taking part in this wild sex act, being fucked by two cocks at the same time and more to come!

Mary found herself matching the thrusts of the man behind her, pushing back as he thrust forward, trying to get every inch of his stiff cock inside her.

She felt his rhythm get faster and the grip on her thighs get tighter and knew he was about to cum. At the same time she felt Max tense as he tried to thrust deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly she was being filled with spunk from both men. Max's cock erupted in her mouth, filling her with hot spunk. She swallowed the first spurt but the rest was too much in one go and was dribbling out of her mouth and down Max's cock. She could also feel more hot spunk inside her as the man behind erupted into her cunt.

Mary knew she wanted more!

As the man behind her withdrew, she let Max's cock slip from her mouth and rolled over onto her back.

Max said, "Mary, are you OK?"

"Oh yes," she replied, "but I want to be able to see all of you men."

As she lay on her back her head was still resting in Max's lap. It somehow felt good and reassuring to feel her head resting against his strong thighs.

As she looked around she felt as though it was some kind of dream. Only a few hours ago she was at home and feeling very uncertain about taking part in any 'event'.

Now, here she was, her head resting between a naked man's thighs, she herself naked with her legs relaxed and wide apart. She looked at the rest of the men who were all gathered at the foot of the bed. She remembered back to the pictures she had seen of previous ladies at the event and remembered the lady in a similar position to her.

Now she knew how that lady had felt.

She felt more sexy than she had ever felt before watching all the men gazing lustfully between her legs knowing that her cunt was glistening with her juices and dripping with the spunk of the man who had fucked her.

Ashamed? No.

Scared? No

Horny? Yes, most definitely!

She still felt in complete control as she gazed from one stiff cock to the next, confident that she would fuck them all!

Max leaned down and said, "Mary, I suggest we move to the edge of the bed so that you are more accessible!"

Max helped Mary move down the bed until her bum was just overhanging the edge. He then moved so that her head was once more resting against his open thighs. He then reached forward and placed a hand behind each knee, gently lifting and parting her thighs.

The men were obviously enjoying seeing Mary so exposed and ready. She noticed one or two already wanking as they watch her.

With her knees know almost touching the sides of her tits her cunt was completely accessible to any man standing at the end of the bed. The bed was also at the correct height so that her cunt was already at cock height.

Mary noticed that the men had formed a queue!

Max said, "Mary, are you ready for the gang bang? Are you ready to be fucked by all these men?

"Yes said Mary, I want to feel all those lovely stiff cocks inside me!"

"You can say STOP at any time and we will stop immediately", said Max.

As they spoke the first of then had moved in front of Mary. Mary looked first into his eyes and saw kindness and lust. Her gaze then moved down over his body, across his strong chest, down over his flat belly and finally to his stiff cock.

As she answered Max's question saying, "yes okay",

The man stepped closer with his cock held in his hand and started to rub the head over her cunt. With the recent pause in the proceedings Mary had not realised quite how much she was still turned on. As he brushed her wet cunt lips with the head of his cock Mary gave another involuntary moan of pleasure.

The man found her wet entrance and in one slow and deliberate movement, he thrust his cock deep inside her. The sensation almost took Mary's breath away and she was relieved when he paused for a moment to relish the feeling of being inside her. As he paused with his stiff cock deep inside her cunt he leaned forward and placed his hands near to Max's pushing her thighs back against her chest. As he did this Mary felt his cock go even deeper.

With the man now holding her thighs Max was able to let go. As the man started to fuck her Max started to caress her tits. His touch was gentle at first, lightly squeezing each breast and moving his hands lightly around her nipples. The man fucking her was gradually increasing his speed and as Max sensed that Mary was getting more and more aroused, he slowly changed the caressing of her tits. Now and again he would squeeze one or both of her nipples, almost painful, but not quite. He would then do the same with her breasts. Squeezing harder and pulling them, sometimes gripping the nipples and pulling, always nearly painful, but not quite.

He could see and feel that it was having the desired effect on her as Mary's nipples grew more and more erect, standing stiff and proud, begging to be teased and squeezed some more!

As the man thrust in and out of her Mary could feel the familiar feeling of another orgasm. Her moans of pleasure became more and more frequent and much to the men's enjoyment and hers she was soon screaming loudly again. This time the orgasm seemed to be never ending. It would just subside slightly and then keep returning.

Mary felt the man's pace increase as he fucked her and as she felt his hot spunk erupt from hid stiff cock and fill her cunt the next wave of pleasure swept through her.

Max was still working his magic with her breasts as the man who was fucking her withdrew his now softening cock. As he stepped aside another man took his place. Mary caught his eye as he approached her dripping cunt with his rampant stiff cock. He smiled broadly at her and without saying a word he pushed his cock into her.

Mary was still in an orgasmic state and as this next cock started to fuck her she was soon screaming with pleasure once more. As before the orgasm seemed to come in waves but was never far away. It was as though she had climbed up to a plateau and then remained in a permanent orgasmic state.

Mary remembered the young men that had been watching and the one she had given a wank to.

She knew they were watching now and felt sorry for them, knowing that Max would not allow them to fuck her. She wanted to do something for them.

She looked around her and saw that they were all leaning back against the far wall.

It was as if Max could read her mind, or maybe something similar had occurred before. She heard him say something to them and then they all came and stood by the bed.

Mary realised that they too were completely naked and she was impressed at the second row of stiff cocks that were also lusting after her!

Almost as if it had been rehearsed, two of the young men climbed onto the bed, one each side of her.

Max looked down at Mary and said, "Do you mind if they touch your breasts while they wank!"

Mary replied breathlessly, "they have no need to wank, I will do it for them!"

As the man fucking her continued to give untold pleasure Mary reached out either side and took a stiff cock in each hand. She looked at each of the young men and could see the urgent need in their eyes.

She did not move her hands at all. She just gripped the cocks as they fucked her hand. As she felt their excitement increase they almost shyly reached for her tits to have a feel.

Her own orgasm was still almost continuous and once more she felt her pleasure rising above the high plateau. She felt the young men both tense and realised that they would shortly cum. She felt sexy and proud to know how turned on they must have been. She felt each cock grow even stiffer and then felt her tits being showered with warm spunk from the two cocks.

She was amazed at how horny it felt to feel the warm spunk splattering her onto her tits and as she felt the cock in her cunt tense she screamed again, feeling her cunt once more filling with more hot spunk.

The two young men swiftly climbed of the bed and were soon replaced by two more. They eagerly reached for Mary's stiff nipples, squeezing them and feeling her tits. Mary realised how inexperienced their touch felt but somehow this made her feel hornier. She reached up and put her hand between their legs. She felt them tense and realised it was probably the first time any woman had touched them like this. She cupped their balls in each hand and playfully ran a finger back and touched their arses!

As her finger just briefly brushed over their arseholes she felt each of them tense and their cocks twitch. Grinning to herself she moved her hand away and took each cock in her hand. They were soon fucking her hand and squeezing her tits as the previous two had.

As the man's cock started to go limp he slid out of Mary's cunt. She could feel the spunk of three men dripping from her cunt and dribbling down over her arsehole.

It felt erotic and naughty knowing how she must look with the spunk dribbling from her wet cunt and splashed all over her tits.

The next man took his place, firstly fingering her quite roughly before pushing his cock into her willing cunt. Mary was so aroused that the way he had roughly thrust two fingers into her just filled her with more lust.

Mary started to loose count as one by one they stood between her spread thighs and fucked her. She had experienced multiple orgasms before but this time it was becoming continuous.

She never seemed to tire of feeling each man between her thighs. Feeling the power of their thrusts, their stiff cocks pumping in and out like big pistons and then feeling the release of their lust as she was filled with their spunk.

All of this between her thighs while the queue of young men seemed never ending and the variety and sizes of their stiff cocks each one different as she relieved their lust with her hands and gratefully accepted the hot spunk that was now splattered over most of her chest.

Mary could not believe she was taking part in this gang-bang. Only a few hours ago she doubted that she could ever do such a thing. Now she felt like a child in a sweet factory except that instead of being surrounded by sweets she was surrounded by stiff cocks!

She wanted them all.

She wanted to experience everything the Stiff Club members could offer.

As the man fucking her started to cum Mary realised that Max was getting a second erection. She could feel his cock growing stiff against her head as she lay in his lap.

She looked up into his face and said, "Max, I want to fuck you."

He looked down and smiled, "I thought you would never ask," he said jokingly.

As the man withdrew his softening dripping cock Max indicated that the others would have to wait.

Mary sat up and indicated to Max that he should lie flat on his back. She then knelt astride his now fully erect cock smiling at him as she reached beneath her thighs, gripped his cock in her hand and then lowered herself onto it. Max had always been her favourite, probably because he seemed kind and considerate but also because she liked his cock! It was a little larger that the others in both length and width and as she now guided it into her dripping wet cunt she gave a small moan of pleasure as she felt it stretch her open. It felt delicious as she released it from her hand and lowered herself completely, taking the whole length inside her.

Max reached up and grabbed her tits as she started to ride his cock. She loved this position, free to ride the stiff cock and Max squeezing and pulling her tits. As before, her orgasmic state was not far away and, soon, she was back to experiencing wave after wave of pleasure.

Knowing that Max had already cum once she knew he would be able to use his stiff cock for a long time.

As she fucked him he gripped her nipples and pulled her towards him. As she bent lower he released her tits and hugged her. Mary loved the feeling of having her tits squashed against his manly chest. She still rode his cock completely aware but unconcerned that all the men that were waiting were now watching. She tried to imagine what they could see. She had images in her mind of porno pictures and films she had seen.

She imagined that she was now the female porn star. Her wet cunt lips gripping his cock as she moved up and down on it.

Far from feeling any shyness, she realised that it was turning her on to be so exposed to these men. She knew they would be staring between her legs, probably wanking, and looking at her other hole as well!

All of these thoughts stopped momentarily when Max looked into her eyes and said, "are you ready to try two at once?"

At first Mary was uncertain what he meant, then the realisation came to her.

"Yes," she said, "I think so but please be gentle."

She saw Max give a signal to the men standing behind her.

She stopped fucking him for the moment and paused with his cock still buried inside her cunt and her spunk covered tits squashed against his chest.

She felt a hand on her arse and then the cool feeling of lubricant being applied to her smallest hole. It felt good as she felt the cool lubricant being spread over her anus. She felt a finger start to press against her that tight entrance and slowly work its way inside.

It felt great as the well-lubricated finger pushed its way into her arse up to the first knuckle.

Mary remembered the many occasions when she had been riding Richard in the same way as she was now riding Max. She had always enjoyed Richard fingering her arse as she rode his stiff cock in her cunt. On more than one occasion she remembered the vivid fantasy she had had as Richard's finger and cock fucked her two holes. The fantasy only ever came to her as her orgasm approached and it was always similar.

She imagined that Richard's finger was in fact another cock, sometimes a stranger's cock, other times some weird image of Richard having two cocks!

The result was always the same though. The image of being fucked would grow in her mind, becoming clearer and clearer in her mind's eye. The feeling of having Richard's cock in her cunt and his finger pushed all the way into her arse made her feel 'full'. 'Full' was the only way she could describe the feeling, 'full' and very, very erotic. When they fucked in this way Mary's final image in her mind before her orgasm was usually of a second man astride her and fucking her arse.

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