All it took was one time. Just the one, brief mention of being with you. I have been filled with pleasure at the thought ever since!

And, Still.. My insides are hot and heavy. I feel the weight of my arousal deep within me. The heat starts deep within my center and flows south, directly towards the one point that both causes and relieves my passion and desires. That heat floods my tunnel with juices, creamy and smooth. I feel them flowing, feel the heat, the wet. I hear the pulsing of my blood as it rushes down to create more heat. I shudder with the convulsing of the walls of my tunnel, pushing my juices towards the opening. I squeeze my muscles, trying to stop it. It doesn't work as it should, it makes me convulse even more!

Still...I long for you, yearn for the feel of your length buried deep within me, feeling me convulse around you. I dream of the feel of your thick, wet tongue on my clit, the heat of your mouth as it sucks and nibbles the now hardened bulb my clit has become. Your tongue dipping into me and tasting my juices, your mouth sucking them out.

Still...As I close my eyes, I see you before me, that magnificent hard cock standing, pointing at my mouth. As I lick it slowly, you moan. I lick up and down the length, suck the balls, and lick again. I reach the head, open my mouth. I'm salivating! Taking your cock into my mouth I close my lips and create a tight suction. Now I slowly pull your cock into my mouth, sucking it in till the head bumps my throat. Then I back off just as smoothly. A few sucks later and I place one hand near the base, pulling the skin taut towards your body.

I use my hand to stroke you as my tongue caresses the head. Then my hand stops against the base, pulling your skin tight and I use my mouth and throat to stroke you. And then, I use both my hand, and my mouth and throat, smoothly pulling you in deeply and releasing you. I rotate each of these motions, milking you, coaxing your cock to release it's treasure and fill me with it. I feel your cock pulse and grow as you approach the edge of that cliff. My throat opens to take your head in deeper, my hand continues to stroke you as does my mouth. I place my other hand on your balls and massage them, gently tug and pull and massage again. I feel your hand on my head, your fingers in my hair, weaving in deeply, wrapping tightly. Your groans encourage me. I moan onto you, begging you to release that treasure I covet so deeply within me, telling you I want it, I need it. Suddenly, you pulse and convulse as you finally explode, shooting down my throat and into my belly, all but shouting your pleasure! As I swallow my prize, I feel you coat my throat again. Swallowing again my mouth is flooded with yet another explosion. I continue to suck and swallow and soon there is no more...Still, I continue to suck you.

Still...I need more, I crave it! I need to feel you grow again. I'm still hot, wet and craving the fullness of you between my butterfly lips. I long to feel you on top of me. I desire to have you pump into me, strong, fast, hard.

My mind creates the scene. You bump against my clit each time. Your strokes fill me, then leave me empty as you teasingly pull out all the way. You repeat this exquisite torture for mere minutes. What feels an eternity later, I'm on the verge of my first climax. You slow your strokes, rub my clit with your thumb and send me over the edge. I fall into pleasure! I'm moaning, gasping as I writhe against you! My walls convulsing and pulling you into me.

As I float from that high, you pull out and turn me onto my knees.

Still...When you enter me I gasp! So hard, so thick, your cock fills me, stretching me. I squeeze you, pulling you in deeper still. We both moan. Soon you're pumping hard and fast, your balls kissing my clit on each stroke. You run your hands over me, my back, my sides, my ass. I feel one hand leave me, and come back with a sharp slap on my ass. I jump, moan in ecstasy. You've found a hidden pleasure, one even I never knew existed! Those slaps arouse me, moisten my already soaked tunnel, bring me closer to the edge of my next orgasm. Well timed with each stroke, well aimed at a sensitive spot, they push me off the cliff and again I fall into that abyss of ultimate pleasure.

The walls of my tunnel clench you, convulsing; my moans grow louder, my breaths are short and quick. You feel me squeezing you, milking you towards release. Your balls fill with heated liquid, my treasure, ready to explode deep within me and coat me with your seed. While I'm still pulsing, clenching, you pump me faster, harder, keeping me lost in that abyss as you prepare to join me. I feel your cock widen, harden, stretch me as it fills with my prize, the treasure I desire. The heat of your explosion, combined with my own heated juices, soon has me crying out your name as I dive deeper into that pleasure-filled abyss! As you explode into me, you shout out in pleasure, grabbing my hips, holding us together as you shoot stream after stream of my coveted treasure deeply into me.

We slowly float back to reality, you unplug yourself from me and we lay together on a bed, wrapped around each other. We breathe in the combined scent of our sex, we kiss, we float, and all too soon, we sleep.

This is my fantasy, my dream, my craving, my need. Still.

Still...24 hours just isn't enough! But it's all I ask. 24 hours, alone with you, to pleasure you, taste you, feel you...to love you! I do love you...STILL.

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