Stocking Tops Pt. 04

byEgmont Grigor©

Mrs Cobb?" called the cook, standing at the door.

"Yes Irma?"

"I've taken five calls from your best friends about whether Claire was home and I said yes. They are on their way over. There are another four messages to answer."

"Answer them Irma please and forget dinner tonight. We are about to have a huge party. Call in a couple of assistants and your sister and ask one of them to pick up four bags of ice. I think we are well stocked with everything else, aren't we."

"Yes ma'am."

Lee asked, "Are you wearing stockings Irma?"

"Yes sir."

Jill cut in, "Please show us to just above your stocking tops Irma."

"Yes ma'am."

Within ninety minutes more than seventy people had arrived and were delight to find a party in process. They (at least the women) had come to learn from Claire about meeting Mr Stocking Tops Peach and were beside themselves in excitement to meet Lee in person.

The liquor flowed and at 10:30 when Jill announced supper was ready she calmly unzipped and stepped out of her dress and invited all other women wearing stockings to follow her example.

No one moved until Kerri stepped forth and stepped out of her dress, wearing a pair of Claire's hold-ups. That unleashed a frenzy of women to undress to their underwear and many in tights rushed up to the Cobb women asking to borrow holdups. Irma and her assistants, dressed only in bras, panties, stockings and shoes arrived with the food.

Most of the partygoers didn't move off until sunrise, unhappy that Lee had disappeared early. He, of course, was only too happy to disappear with so many drunk and randy women around.

At 11:30 Royce had tapped Lee on the shoulder and took him aside. "Listen mate, some of these bitches are on heat and I reckon you won't survive the night. I have the ute (pickup) loaded with enough tucker (food) for a couple of days and beer in the refrigerated box, rifles, a couple of dogs, bedding and your clothes and one of my Akubras (Stetson) for you plus sunscreen. Unless you want every drop of sperm drained from your body and want your depleted balls chewed, I advise go out that door to the ute and wait for me. I'll brief Jill and give her the radio channel to call us tomorrow.

"I must say good night to Claire."

"Wouldn't advise it mate; she's one of the real horny ones."

Chapter 2

Royce and Lee left undetected. Royce said Jill had been relieved they were evacuating. "She reckoned she would have fucked you had you stayed. It's the wildest party we've had since New Year's Eve 2000 when we entered the new century."

"That's a relief, means I won't get thrown out the aircraft."


"You know what you said..."

"Mate, that was a joke. You can fuck Jill. Christ, what are mates for?"

"I need a drink," Lee sighed, and was handed a flask of whisky.

They saw five dingoes (native wild dogs) that night caught in the headlights and Lee shot at all five, standing on the cargo box of the ute and firing with a spotlight attached, He missed them all but Royce, firing leading out the driver's door of the fast-moving vehicle shot and killed two of them despite obviously been more under the influence of liquor than Lee.

Royce set up camp and they joked about Lee being such a rotten shot and Lee had to agree he looked more lethal with his head on his mum's knees, as shown on that TV news program than with a gun in his hand night shooting.

Jill radioed at 10:00 next morning, waking the guys. She sounded terrible but said they'd all had a wonderful night, even Claire."

"Even Claire – is she crook (sick)."

Jill sighed. "No darling. If your daughter brings home a guy to feast on him she doesn't expect him to run off with her dad."

"Just a moment...Lee, you aren't gay are you?"...No he ain't Jill, he just gave me the fingers (rude two-finger gesture)."

"We'll she's gone back to Sydney, hitching a ride with Doc Harris who was flying there for a medical seminar. I think Lee should go and wait at her apartment and apologize and give her what she wants."

"Which is...?"

"Go bury your head Royce Cobb. Over and out."

Royce asked had Lee caught the gist of that?

"Yeah, Claire is mad a me doing a runner and Jill thinks I should go to her and lick stockings?'

Royce grinned. "You pick up fast for a Pom (slang for Englishman). I'll switch channels to find what's cooking."

"Royce Cobb of Utopia Downs calling from up near Dry Creek. Have a mate needing a lift pronto to Sydney. Anyone assist?"

Thirty minutes later Royce had cut back across country to a sealed highway and when they arrived Rev Bill Bishop was waiting on the highway in his Cessna single prop, carrying the name 'The Flying Vicar'. Introductions were made, Lee said G'day mate, how's she going" and Lee and the Bill were off.

"Royce is a great joker. Um, salt of the earth."

"So they tell me mate."

Bill laughed and said it hadn't taken Lee long to catch the lingo (understand and speak local idiom). "How long have you been staying out here?"

Lee checked his watch. "Seventeen hours. I've been in Australia forty-three hours."

"Well, you're quick for a Pom, even though I'm one myself. I'm still not considered a local, having been here eleven years, but everyone calls me mate so that's acceptance enough. I have a meeting with the Bishop tonight. Rap over the knuckles. The Combined Churches have around 120 basic teaching centers for remote families throughout Aussie and I'm responsible for seven. We have been attracting Aboriginal kids of mixed blood families which is good but we are under-resourced and complaints have been coming to the Bishop from white families who are not too keen about their kids mixing with native kids who are not had the usual inoculations. There is a bit of racial discrimination but none of these problems if we get sufficient social workers to help work through the issues and to fill tutoring posts."

"Sounds a great initiative."

"Yes it is, helping kids who are falling through the cracks and to help isolated kids who have the mobile learning centers come to their localities and stay for some weeks. We have hit a bit of a wall with funding because of prolonged drought has left contributing farmers and communities a bit short of cash. If the rains come we will lift our game. The Bishop wants to go over our books because our deficit has alarmed the book-keepers."

"Well good luck."

When they landed Lee handed Bill $500.

"The flight was a freebie. I was coming this way."

"It's to go towards your learning centers but I am thinking of another way to perhaps raise more money for you in the city."

"Mention Aboriginals in the city and folk turn away Lee. Sorry."

"Well perhaps a Pom and some Aussie mates can come up with a fresh idea. Bill here's my phone number I'd like to keep in touch."

"Well mate, you have your sights set high if you thing you can raise big bucks. God Bless you and may you not be too disappointed. Are you attached to a church Lee?"

"No, sorry to disappoint."

"That's fine; you'll keep."

Lee had his hair cut, causing quite a commotion when he was recognized, but was out of there before any newspaper teams arrived. He then went shopping, purchasing clothes to make him look more like the better dressed Australian guys and the female shop assistants were only too pleased to help him select typical casual Aussie-style clothing. He soon found it wasn't rocket science because what was recommend were Aussie designs.

It was almost 7:00 when he arrived at the apartment Claire shared with two other females and a guy. He knocked, holding four bottles of wine. A plump young woman opened the door and said "Oh God " and shrieked, "Claire!"

"Oh, it's you, "Claire said. "Well, since you're here you better come in. Get out of your jeans and into stockings Beth and Sheila, you too James."

"Up yours," said James and that almost answered for Lee the question was the male flat mate gay and did that suggest, after the initial shock, that Claire's humor was returning?

Introductions were made and the pink-faced Sheila and Beth went off to change.

"This shit about you," James said, coming to inspect the labels on the four bottles. "Is it true you fuck your mum?"

"No, I've never penetrated my mum and anything else I do is none of your business or do you want to make something of it?"

James puffed up his barrel chest and Lee thought oh shit.

Claire said, "Is that true, you have never fucked your mother?"


Claire glared at James, "Sit down Rambo before I slap you down."

The other two women returned, now wearing dresses.

"Okay girls, show James and me your stocking tops."

Beth and Sheila took hold of their hems and Sheila said, "Come on Claire, don't be a wet. This is fun."

"Yes Claire, get over and perform or I'll slap you one."

Everyone stared at Lee open mouthed. Claire was the last to close her mouth. She joined the other two women.

"Okay girls, show James and me your stocking tops."

The three women dutifully lifted their hems as high as they would go.

James looked as if he were in dolly heaven.

"Thank you girls. Beth you need to lose weight and go to the gym."

"Yes Lee."

"Sheila, neat pins but buy quality stockings. Those are crap."

"Yes Lee."

James and Claire had their mouths open again.

"Sheila, no one can ever tell you anything," Claire said, her brow puckered.

"Well, Lee is Mr Stocking Tops isn't he?" What other male do you know who's an authority on stockings?

"Ah yes. Any advice for me?"

"When you come to bed at my hotel tonight wear your stockings."

"Yes Lee."

Lee said could they sit at the table and drink wine because he'd like to pick their brains. And then he'd like to take everyone out to dinner.

* * *

Claire's flat mate James worked in graphics for the Channel 7 network, Beth worked in advertising and Sheila was a business consultant. Have those skills and positions available to him sent Lee's mind into organizational mode but something with even more impact followed.

It all seemed to happen, being the wine of course. After two glasses of a Margaret River white Beth climbed on to the table, amid concern about what was she up to and that changed to laugher when she pulled up her hem and crowed, "Stocking Tops Day Australia."

When she climbed down no one was laughing.

"Jesus," Lee said. "That concept is brilliant."

Claire agreed but became mother: "We are getting pissed on empty stomachs. Let's go out and eat and continue discussing the concept."

Half-baked idea suggestions followed with enough substance to encourage James to call a high-powered promotions executive at Channel 7 who was in a spa pool with her lover.

She didn't know who James Krug was but when he said he could deliver Mr Lee Stocking Tops Peach for an exclusive interview on Channel 7, everyone around James crowded closer to listen and heard the woman gasp. "He's the biggest sensation in Sydney right now and no one can get a finger on him."

"Brigit have you heard of the Combined Churches' provision of a network of learning centers throughout remote parts of Australia where federal and state educational facilities are unable to service?"

"Yeah, in a bit of strife over insufficient funding and the network could collapse, or so I've heard."

"Well darling, in return for the exclusive interview we want Channel 7 to undertake to promote a nation-wide stocking tops day when women stand by a public mail box around noon, post their $5 minimum donation to the Combined Churches' rural learning centers appeal, and then expose their stocking tops for five seconds."

"God, what a laugh."

"Exactly. And we have Mr Lee Stocking Tops Peach to build the campaign around, He believes he can entice his mom to show her stocking tops on TV on the eve of the Friday appeal day and we have a model with the most beautiful legs I've ever seen who has agreed to allow her legs right up to the crotch to be used for campaign publicity purposes."

"Well, go fuck a fence post, this has success plastered all over it James. If the promotion is done professionally we'll raise a million bucks. I'll look after that. Be in my office at 8:00 in the morning with that handsome naughty boy from London. I have something big and throbbing in my hand darling, must go. Kiss-kiss."

* * *

Claire, eyes smoldering, lay on the bed in the hotel and said, "Please do exactly what you do to your mother, dear Lee."

They had warmed up on the short walk from the restaurant, kissing and groping a little.

Claire licked her lips as Lee crouched at her feet, a menacing harpoon thrusting out between his legs. He began sucking the big toe on her left foot. She attempted to pull away but he held firm and moved across to lightly chew at her smaller toes. Claire began to relax and her eyes remained fixed on him as her hand pushed across a breast and she moaned. As if that was the signal, Lee began licking up the inside of her left leg and as he reached the knee he lifted the leg high and nibbled behind her knee joint. She squirmed and moaned and pulled up a breast and licked at the nipple, her eyes fixed on him and growing large and the gaps between blinking lengthened.

Her frown disappeared as Lee lowered the leg and left behind a sexy strip of saliva that appeared to be a roadway under construction that presumably would end at her cunt. But not to be. Minutes later, with Claire tossing her head from side to side after Lee had soaked the front of her stocking tops on both legs and lightly chewed at the flesh bulges at the top of them, he lifted.

"That's what I do to my mother."

"Oh God, you can't leave me like this. Oh your poor mother."

"She knows the rules – she uses her fingers."

Claire dunked three fingers into her soaking pussy and called, "No, no. Don't you dare move away. I want cock and lots of it."

"What this old neglected thing," Lee teased, pulling at it. "I'm off to the bathroom to splatter the bowl."

"No, no. I want, I want. Oh Lee, don't upset me and make me cry. Oh darling, please – just slide it in gently and I'll do the rest."

"Okay then, guide it in."

Claire shot up into sitting position and with one hand grabbing his erection and the other seizing a huge handful of his hair, she pulled him to her, Lee having to shuffle forward to avoid having a premature bald spot on his head through a very desperate young woman removing a handful of it by the roots.

Within two hours they'd fucked themselves asleep.

A knock on the hotel room door at 7:40 brought Lee tip-toeing out. It had been arranged he'd accompany James to talk to Brigit at Channel 7.

She greeted them cordially as she seated them and when she went to sit Lee called, "Just a second Brigit – show us your stocking tops."

"Hell will freeze over you cheeky Pom before I do that for anyone but my lover."

"Does he ever ask?"

Brigit hesitated before saying no.

"Well then?"

She remained standing but made no move to reach for her hem.

"Brigit, we intend presenting your TV channel with a huge project that will tie your tits in a knot in excitement. Just show us your stocking tops and let's get on with this."

The executive, aged about forty, pulled up her hem.

"Right up till your hand hits below your tits Brigit."

"Thank you," Lee said, holding back a grin. "That was lovely. I apologize for not asking you to stop just above your stocking tops but how was I to know you weren't wearing panties? Loved the shape of pussy. Obviously you look after it well."

Brigit slipped into her chair, somewhat dazed.

"Essentially this project is to raise a million bucks for these learning centers in sparsely settled fringes out towards the real Outback. Done properly by Channel 7, it is likely you could win the annual TV Industry award for best community project and the Government could toss in a big commendation as well. Thanks for your time Brigit. James, our project director, will now outline the proposal in detail."

James was only two minutes into his presentation when Brigit stopped him to make some calls. She stood and said, "Let's go for a quick coffee and pie. We have twenty minutes before I front you guys before the full executive board. Please don't ask to see stocking tops Lee because at least a couple of guys are deviants and may be wearing stockings under their long pants."

Everyone was excited about the project until the director of promotions said the promotional budget was already over-spent. The mood of the meeting collapsed until Lee, winking at James, said, "What a shame, I guess we'll have to take our project to your biggest rival, Channel 9."

Horror on the faces of executives and their assistants had everyone sitting with a straight back and at that moment James said smoothly, "Why don't you guys get the main stockings distributors in Australia to unite to co-sponsor the event but staying in the background until 12:05 on Stocking Tops Friday when they and their retailers can unleash a massive promotion of stockings?"

* * *

Fifty-year-old former Australian swimming superstar Natalie Fellows conducted the hastily and hugely promoted interview with Mr Lee Stocking Tops Peach on Channel 7 at 7:30 that evening.

Lee walked into the studio with live audience wearing a white suit, no shirt, white boots and a black Akubra. The audience roared in delight and he opened the interview by saying, "I acquired this 'at today to look like an Australian but the guy doubled the price and said, 'Here you are you slimy Pom, you're the guy who is over the top about stockings, ain't you? I said no, I just have the normal male interest in stockings. If you don't have that interest you are likely to turn gay. I left him with his mouth hanging open. He forgot to take my money. Natalie darling, you are a honey. I had five minutes with Natalie before she went on stage. Stop laughing. Gawd you Australians have filthy minds. Actually she was asking me about my mother. Show us your stocking tops Natalie."

"What? Are you mad? I'm a grandmother and having been a swimmer have large thighs."

"That's the thing about stockings Nat. They even make big thighs look good. As you Aussies say, "Be a sport. Get your ass off that expensive chair and stand over here by me. That's it, now slowly hoist. This good natured crowd will support you because to an Aussie a champion is a champion for life."

Natalie slowly hoisted to reveal the expensively manufactured stockings Lee had given her before coming into the theater. They changed in color from black to an increasingly bright shade of red from mid-thigh up and were decorated at the top with stick-on kangaroos. The straps of her suspenders were black and decorated with rhinestones.

She looked impressive and the studio audience cheered and hollered.

Natalie kissed Lee on the cheek and led him to his chair and conducted one of her best-ever interviews.

It concluded with Natalie saying, "Before you return home in disgrace Lee, how do you plan to spend your time in Australia?"

"Well, I hope to spend some time with country friends who have this stunning daughter called Claire and...

"You mean Claire Cobb, the model with fabulous legs to die for?"

"Possibly but my gaze and mind haven't got past the stockings yet."

"I'm gullible enough to believe you. Please continue."

"Well, the other thing concerns stockings and I reckon it's going to blow the minds of Australia, and all in a good cause. Just watch this space. I can't say anymore at this stage but I'll show stockings to you in huge numbers beyond the comprehension of all you people here today and it briefly will publicize Australia as the self-proclaimed stockings capital of the world, and all in a good cause that is not me."

"Thank you Mr Lee Stockings Tops Peach. I heard on the grapevine you have secured Channel 7 to help with your project. You have given me my most enjoyable half-hour on television and I'm sure you in our studio audience will have appreciated Lee. A few last words from your Lee.

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