tagIncest/TabooStockings and High Heels Sluts

Stockings and High Heels Sluts


Stockings and High Heels Make'th the Slut: Part 1

Sophie and Shelly sat side by side in front of the mirror applying their makeup. The sisters had a habit of sharing everything.

The months of practice they had undertaken was about to pay off. They had always loved anal sex, but had now taken it to new extremes. Both sisters could now take a full fist up inside their rear passage. The sheer pleasure of an anal fisting made them cum profusely and of course it meant that any size cock could be accommodated, or indeed multiple cocks.

At the culmination of their training each sister had fisted the other, (numerous times) and it took very little additional work on their clits to make them cum with shuddering orgasms.

They really enjoyed anal sex. In fact they just really enjoyed sex, the more extreme the better.

The girls had eaten lightly this day and had taken multiple enemas before showering; their anus' now clean as a whistle and perfect for the reaming they expected to get at the party a little later.

The girls had also been working on their leg muscles and feet. With special stretching exercises to enhance their foot shape and in conjunction with calf and thigh muscle stretching, the sisters were able to wear 6 inch stilettos with wild abandonment. A feat not easily achieved by most women, but they both knew how especially sexy they looked, particularly when worn with stockings. To Sophie and Shelly the look was everything.

The girls continued with their makeup.

Black eye shadow was applied to upper and lower lids and carefully blended to give them that really slutty 'Smokey eyes' look. The whites of their eyes finally framed with the false eye-lashes they added, as well as the coats of mascara.

The final finishes were applied.

Blusher to their cheeks and multiple coats of cherry red lipstick, finished off with super stay on lip gloss.

Whilst there wasn't anything wrong with a lipstick ring around a cock, they just wanted to look sexy for longer than the first cock sucking. They applied their perfume liberally to the usual places; the heady smell of opium was intoxicating.

They looked at themselves in the dresser mirror and at their perfect slut make-up. They licked their lips and adjusted their blond hair. Shelly's, being shorter and straighter and in a kind of bob. Sophie's, longer and with the kind of twisting curls that gave it a slightly wild look.

Time to dress.

Shelly had chosen to wear corsetry. It wasn't that she needed to pull-in her size 8 body; she just wanted to have that perfect hour glass figure. Plus she liked the constricted feel that you have from wearing a true corset.

Sophie helped her with the lacing at the back of the black leather corset, pulling her tight and tying off the lace's around the front.

She then adjusted the cups, pulling the straps up tight so that the ¼ cups raised Shelly's perfect breasts into the perfect cleavage and left her nipples protruding nicely. Sophie couldn't help giving her sisters' nipples a tweak in an effort to stiffen them up.

They had purchased from the internet, 50s style, fully fashioned black seamed stockings and whilst this was more costly, it provided the perfect slutty look that would assure the utmost attention. What's money when you want to look sexy?

The six suspenders of Shelly's corset swung freely whilst she pulled on her black seamed stockings. She rolled the sheer nylons up her legs and eventually attached each of the suspenders in turn, sliding the small rubber pieces into there corresponding receptors. Not always easy with nails. She tightened the suspenders pulling the stockings up tight.

Sophie straightened Shelly's seams for her. She couldn't resist running her hands up and down the nylon material, past her sisters stocking tops, up to the bear flesh and then back again, alternating across both legs. Both girls knew how incredible sexy this felt; both girls felt incredibly horny, their cunts beginning to juice up with excitement. Sophie really wanted to plunge her fingers into Shelly's cunt but she managed to desist from masturbating her younger sibling.

It was Sophie's turn to get into her underwear. She had chosen a black lace ¼ cup bra and a matching suspender belt (also with 6 suspenders). This was easier to put on, but Shelly insisted on helping her sister tighten the cup-straps, hence making sure Sophie's tits had the perfect shape and ensuring that her nipples stood out proudly. She cupped both of Sophie's breasts in her hands, gently manipulating them and sucking hard on each nipple in turn. This really did bring them up nicely.

As she sucked she looked up into Sophie's eyes with that 'I want to fuck you' look. Sophie sighed.

As an added twist they decided to apply lipstick to their nipples, using the super stay on lip gloss to keep the colour on longer. This not only made them look great and more suck-able, it also helped to stiffen them and make them stand out.

Sophie pulled on her black seamed stockings, attached the suspenders, pulling them tight and the girls straightened the seams and smoothed out the sheer nylon material. Shelly wanted to return the favour of feeling Sophie's stockinged legs, but Sophie was already far too horny to have any more stimulation.

Panties or no panties, that was the question?

As a compromise both decided to wear a thong, Shelly a black leather type material and Sophie a black lace pair. They stepped into their respective garments and pulled them up past their stockings and suspenders and on up to cover their fully waxed cunts. The thongs separated their arse cheeks nicely and the material rode up into their rosebuds, again heightening their horniness.

Sophie put on her tight red leather mini-skirt. This covered her stocking tops, but only just. Any real movement would certainly be revealing. The skirt had a large zip at the front which ran the entire length of the skirt (up & down). This meant it could be removed quickly or could be adjusted to give a revealing split. The tightness of the skirt also meant that the bulge of her suspenders showed through the thin shiny red leather material.

But she knew what she was doing.

Skirt in place she put on her black low cut blouse. This had short loose fit arms and was made of a fine semi-transparent material. The top showed off her lacy ¼ cup bra and perfectly formed breasts superbly. The effect enhanced with a great cleavage and the display of her red nipples pushing up and out through the flimsy material.

She joined the skirt and blouse together using a broad elasticated black belt that had a series of press studs at the front (so as to attach the two ends together). This added to her already superb figure.

Shelly got into her black lace mini dress. It had ¾ arms and hung from her shoulders. The skirt section flared out with a large amount of material so it would swirl when she twisted. Like her sister it just covered her stocking tops (except when bending over). The upper lace section of the dress was semi-transparent and had a plunging neck line. Again you could clearly see her tits through the transparent material. Shelly's nipples, like Sophie's, also stood out, aided by her ¼ cup bra

Their hands ran down the material of their outfits in a kind of smoothing action. They knew how incredibly sexy and slutty they were looking.

Time to put on shoes.

Shelly slipped on her shiny 6 inch, black patent pumps and stood erect, almost standing on tip toe, her calf muscles straining. The shoes, however, gave the perfect shape to her legs, arse, and breasts. She walked around confidently, the six inch heels click clacking on the hard floor.

Sophie put on her 6 ½ inch, red patent, high heeled shoes and stood up. Her arch wildly exaggerated in the very high heels, which only the trained could confidently wear. The tightness of the skirt slightly restricted her movement, but she walked with that sexy wiggle only very high heels and a tight skirt can give you.

She joked "Do I look fat in this?" knowing the answer.

"No, just really horny." replied her sister in her middle class English accent.

They both stood in front of the full length mirror.

"Nearly finished, now for the final touches." said Shelly, "black lace gloves."

Sophie's had little cut down lace fingers and the flared arm of the gloves went just beyond her wrists. Shelly's lace gloves were shorter and had no fingers, the front part of the glove ending at her knuckles. Both admired the gloves and the long red finger nails they displayed.

Standing in front of the mirror again, they reviewed themselves. From their trounced blond hair, their sluttish black eye makeup and cherry red lips. To their gorgeously shaped tanned bodies, their clothes displaying their ample 36' size C breasts and pert nipples, their skirts showing off their stockinged legs. They turned to look at their seams and 6 inch plus high heels. They looked so tall and their legs looked so great. They were both of model stature.

"We've forgotten the bling." said Sophie.

They each raided their jewelry box, attaching multiple short gold coloured necklaces around their necks, with gold coloured braclets , a bangle and gold ear rings to match. They applied more perfume for good measure.

"God we look like sluts." said Shelly.

"We are going to get SO fucked." replied Sophie.

"Every hole." retorted Shelly.

9:30pm; The Girls picked up their bags and as they walked to the door they began to sing.

Shelly: "I'm in the mood for cum."

Sophie: "Simply because I love it."


They went outside to meet the waiting stretch limo. The driver was soon sporting a huge hard on as he noticed their short skirts, stockings, ultra high heels and nipples clearly on display. He awkwardly opened the door for them. Shelly stopped as she noticed the large bulge in his trousers.

"Now we can't have you driving us with that big hard on can we, you'll be distracted."

"But then we can't have you messing up our clothes and make up before we get to the party." said Sophie.

"How about we wank you off." said Shelly.

Slightly surprised by this remark given there accents, but not surprised given there outfits, he quickly replied, "That's fine by me."

He lent back against the car, slightly spreading his legs, but before he could do it himself, they undid the zip and belt on his trousers and removed his large erect cock. The trousers fell to the floor; his pants were pulled away under his balls. They so wanted to suck it, or fuck it and it was only extreme discipline that held them back. They were not sure how long they could keep this up for, such was their desire.

"Wank it Shel!" said an already turned on Sophie, "Just wank it hard."

He watched intently as Shelly's lacy gloved hand was wrapped around his cock and she began to wank. The blink jangled as her hand moved up and down over the big cock.

Sophie bent over and used her long red nails to gentle claw at his balls, quickly changing to cupping them in her lacy hand, fully knowing the slightly rough material would have the required effect on him.

Her skirt pulled tight; the suspenders bulged more; the skirt rode up to reveal her stocking tops.

Shelly's skirt swished to the beat of her wanking causing more stockings to be on display. The bling continued to jangle to the same rhythm.

Getting even hornier they both began to engage in more obscenities.

"Come on, shoot that fucking cum." Shelly encouraged.

Sophie took off her red patent 6 ½ inch stiletto and began wrapping the heel around his cock and then back around to gentle probe his balls

Sophie was getting worked up as she maneuvered the heel around his thick dick.

See looked determinedly straight at him with her over made up eyes and from the look on his face she could read his mind.

"You love high heels don't you? You really love them." It was a rhetorical question.

"Shoot that fucking cum into my shoe, I need to taste it." She added

Shelly joined in, the expletives a result of how turned on they were

"Cum you fucker, give us that sperm."

It took about a minute as Shelly directed large wads of shooting spunk into Sophie's red stiletto shoe. Once he stopped cumming Shelly bent down, lovingly licking the final drops off his cock, taking care not to damage her make up.

"So how are we going to get the cum into our mouths without ruining our makeup." said Sophie, who hadn't thought it through previously

"I have some straws." said the driver

Both sisters began sucking the sperm from Sophie's shoe, using the straws provided by the driver and delighting in the taste.

Of course the sight of two horny dressed girls sucking up sperm through straws from an ultra high heeled shoe was enough to make the driver hard again.

"Your turn Sophie." said Shelly nonchalantly, the sperm now consumed.

After putting her high heel back on, Sophie took off her lace glove and wrapped her hand around the now fully hardened cock. Pulling the foreskin fully back, she spat on the end and began to wank, her bracelets jangling to the rhythm she set. She wrapped her other hand, still gloved, around the back end of his cock and balls

"We are going to get so fucked tonight." Sophie said to the driver, knowing how much it would turn him on and consequently make him shoot quicker.

"I know you would love to watch us taking sperm all over our faces and over our high heels and stockings."

Shelly chipped in. "I'm going to take as much cum up my arse as Sophie can lick out."

"And I love licking cum out of my sisters arse." Sophie replied.

Shelly lifted her skirt, displaying her stockings and high heels to the driver. She moved her thong to one side to reveal her anal rosebud and dripping cunt, really wanting to stick her fingers right into her own cunt and rectum. She gyrated and fondled herself, moving her lacy hands across her breasts, cupping them, then moving them down to feel her stockings. She looked him in the eye.

"Cum you fucking bastead, shoot that spunk."

Sophie rubbed harder, the bling jangled faster.

"I so love high heels and stockings." the driver said watching the action provided. Shelly, still posing in her 6 inch heels, continued feeling her own breasts, twisting her nipples through the lacy material. This and the heady aroma of the girls perfume added to his excitement and was becoming too much to bear.

"Let me cum over your high heels!" He exclaimed

"Not this time big boy." said Shelly

He came anyway, Sophie still rubbing hard, directing his cock away from her clothes. He shot more big wads of sperm, this time going all over his trousers. Not that he cared much at this point

"Well that was a waste of good spunk, wasn't it." Said Sophie

"But at least he can get us to the party now." said Shelly

The driver thanked them, putting his now deflated cock back into his pants and pulling up his trousers. The girls got into the back of the limo and the car drove off. The driver satisfied, yet wanting more.

"Can I fuck you two later?" he asked hopefully

"We'll see." said the girls with a brush off comment.

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