Stolen Ch. 06


Thanks to everyone who has left comments on the site or dropped me an email with comments. I am trying to write more chapters quickly but I unfortunately do not have heaps of time to do it.

The following chapter flowed from my fingers to the keyboard fairly easily and there is more on the way.

I notice that Ren has become a favourite of a lot of readers, and I must admit he is a character I find easy to write.

So for all the Ren fans out there I have an off shoot story of Ren almost finished and nearly ready to post so watch out for "Ren : Shades of grey" and I hope you get as much pleasure reading it as I have gotten writing the story for this hunk.


Sky sat huddled in the corner of the shed where the bikes were kept, dimly she heard voices raised in anger outside but she didn't move from where she sat clutching her knees against her chest, her torn shirt pulled closed across her body.

She was no longer in the shed, she had retreated to a happier time in her mind, a time when no one forced her to have sex with them, before she had been forced into submission and found herself at the mercy of a man who did not know the meaning of the word. In her mind Sky was back with her family, surrounded by their love and support.

* * * * *

Ren paused just inside the door of the shed as he let his eyes adjust to the gloom of the interior, he walked forward slowly as he looked around for Sky afraid of what he would find. He found the scattered cans of beer and the scuffmarks left where Sky had fought against Wilson, Ren walked following the trail in the dirt of where Sky had tried to crawl away. When he recognised the first drops of spattered blood his stomach lurched sickenly but he forced his steps onwards. At last he saw the small form huddled in the corner and approached her slowly.

"We're here now Sky, Wilson can't hurt you any more." Ren said softly.

It wasn't until he squatted beside her and gently turned her face towards his that he saw the damage caused by Wilson's fists. One eye was nearly swollen shut, the cheek beneath it already showing a bruise, her bottom lip split at one corner as well as in the middle and badly swollen.

"Come on Blondie." Ren said gently when he realised her eyes were dazed and vacant.

"Where's Hawk?" Ren demanded angrily over his shoulder.

"He's outside arguing with Wilson." Jake said as he pushed past Ren and scooped Sky up into his arms without a word to her, he carried her outside passing Hawk and Wilson just outside the door.

". . she came onto me! Playing up to me and teasing me but when I went to take her up on it she decided to play reluctant . . ."

Jake sent an angry glare at Wilson as he heard what the man was saying.

"Hawk, you need to tend to your woman." Jake said tightly before heading towards the cabin.

Hawk glanced at his friends retreating back before turning his attention back to Wilson.

"You had Sky, you owe me money!" Hawk said angrily.

"Fuck the money I vote we kick the mongrel's arse!" Ren said as he brushed past Hawk to grab Wilson by the throat.

"This has nothing to do with you." Hawk said as he tried to break Ren's hold on Wilson.

Brad stepped forward and pulled Ren off of Wilson.

"Come on mate, let's go inside. Something stinks out here." Brad said as he forced his friend to head towards the cabin.

"Hawk!" Jake yelled from just inside the cabin.

"I'll be there in a moment!" Hawk yelled back before turning to look at Wilson once again.

"You had better fork over some money or I'll take it out of your hide!" Hawk growled aggressively.

Wilson looked at Hawk for a few seconds then pulled out his wallet and withdrew a few bills from it then held them out towards Hawk.

"Want to pay more than that," Hawk growled and Wilson handed over more money before Hawk turned away, he took several steps towards the cabin before he stopped and turned to face Wilson once more.

"If your still here when I'm finished tending to my woman I'm going to give you a few broken bones." Hawk stated before turning and heading towards the cabin.

It wasn't until Hawk went into the bathroom where Jake had sat Sky on a chair that Hawk got his first proper look at the extent of Sky's injuries, not only was her face battered and bruised but he could see bruises already forming on her arms and legs as well as her skinned knees and abraded palms.

"Sky, come on, let me take this shirt off so I can clean you up and you can put something else on." Jake said but Sky sat there woodenly not responding to his touch or voice.

"Sky! Do as your told now!" Hawk ordered but it had no effect.

"Don't just stand there! Give me a hand here." Jake snapped at Hawk.

Hawk moved closer so he could pry Sky's arms from where they were crossed against her chest, as the remnants of her shirt slid from where she had clutched them to her chest her body was exposed showing another array of bruises and scrapes.

"He sure as heck got rough!" Hawk growled angrily.

Jake straightened up angrily and shoved Hawk backwards.

"Are you trying to say you believe the bullshit that mongrel was sprouting? Sky wasn't just playing hard to get or reluctant! Wilson took what he knew she knew that she wasn't allowed to let him take and belted her around just for the fun of it!"

"This aint getting her cleaned up." Hawk said gruffly as he avoided his friend's eyes.

Jake turned away angrily and eased what was left of the shirt off Sky, he then wet a soft face cloth and began to clean the blood off her face. Slowly and gently he worked talking softly to her all the time, hoping to reach her wherever she had retreated to and make her aware that she was safe. He sent an angry glare at Hawk over his shoulder as he uncovered the bruising around Sky's throat from Wilson choking her into submission. With the worst of the dirt and blood washed off Jake took a large towel and wrapped it around her before standing up and moving back behind Hawk.

"She's your woman, you get in there and tend her!" Jake snapped before walking out to the fridge to get a cold beer for himself, he opened it and leant against the fridge as he took several deep swallows.

"Sky hurt bad?" Ren asked.

"Bad enough. She don't deserve Wilson getting hold of her. She's rather a sweetie and she's learning quickly." Jake said tightly.

"Sounds like you don't mind her." Brad remarked.

"She's okay. If Hawk has to have a woman it might as well be her." Jake said almost grudgingly. He looked towards the bathroom and took a deep breath.

"I had better go make sure he's looking after her properly." Jake muttered before heading back towards the bathroom.

Hawk was just picking Sky up in his arms when Jake looked in and Hawk turned towards the doorway.

"She can lay down on a bed for a while." Hawk said. "I got to find some ointment for her cuts and scrapes."

Jake stepped aside allowing Hawk to get past then he followed him into the bedroom, he watched as Hawk settled Sky into one of the beds before heading towards the kitchen, Jake followed silently.

"Has anyone got ointment or cream I can use on Sky?" Hawk asked as he looked around the men in the kitchen, most of the men had came inside.

"I got some antibiotic cream left from when I sliced open my arm." Brent, one of Matty's friends offered.

"That'd be good." Hawk said and waited while Brent sorted through some things in the fridge to find the tube of cream.

Hawk took the offered tube and headed back in to where he had left Sky, she was as he had left her, not having moved at all. Hawk applied the cream to her hands and knees gently as possible before sitting on the edge of the bed beside her and brushing a few strands of hair back off her face.

"Come on Sky, your fine now. I won't let Wilson near you again." Hawk said gently as he brushed the back of his fingers against her least bruised cheek, getting no response he bit back an angry retort and stood up.

"I'll leave you have a bit of a rest for now." Hawk said then left the room.

Out in the kitchen Hawk helped himself to a cold beer then walked to the door to look outside to see if Wilson was still there, seeing no sign of him he gave an annoyed curse then went back inside.

"You gonna let Wilson get away with what he did?" Brad demanded.

"He paid through the nose for using her like he did." Hawk said angrily.

"You fuckin' arsehole!" Ren swore as he realised Wilson was getting away with what he had done. With that Ren grabbed his jacket and helmet and headed for the door, Brad calmly got his helmet and jacket and followed his friend, several of the others done the same or simply left the room until there was just Hawk and Jake left.

"Think I might see what's on tv for a while." Hawk said and headed for the sofa. Behind him Jake watched him with bleak eyes for several moments, shook his head and headed outside.

* * * * *

Sky woke with a strangled scream, not realising where she was she fought against the weight of the bedclothes until she realised she was in the cabin. Sobbing as memories flooded her mind she curled up in a tight little ball of misery and reached blindly for the blanket she had kicked off of herself in her momentary panic. The rough material hurt her abraded palm and she lifted the hand to study, seeing the broken skin she looked at her other hand and feeling the soreness of her knees she felt them gingerly with her fingertips. Wincing Sky brushed the back of one hand over her tear streaked cheeks and whimpered at the soreness around her left eye and cheek.

Hearing footsteps entering the room Sky turned fearful eyes towards the doorway.

"Hey sleepyhead, you woke up did you?" Jake asked softly as he changed course to approach the bed.

Sky turned her face into the pillow and curled up more tightly if that was possible.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Jake soothed as he brushed the hair back from the side of her face.

"Let me have a look at you." Jake urged gently as he tried to turn her face towards him but Sky resisted and pressed harder into the pillow.

"How about I get something for you to wear and you get up for a while." Jake said softly as he turned away and found a soft long sleeved shirt of Hawk's for her to wear, he turned back to the bed and looked down at her where she lay curled up with her face pressed against the pillow.

"Okay, here's how this works. You sit up and I'll help you into the shirt, or do you want me to call Hawk in here? He'll force you to do it." Jake told her firmly.

Sky reluctantly turned her head to glance towards the shirt Jake held, noticing her movement he held the shirt so that she could slip an arm into one of the sleeves.

Uneasily Sky raised one arm and allowed Jake to slip the sleeve over her hand and up her forearm but when his hand brushed against her elbow she clamped her arm against her side with a scream she smothered against the pillow.

"Come on, sit up for me now." Jake ordered softly.

Sky turned her head slightly to glance at his face, seeing no desire only soft compassion she hesitated a few moments before pulling the front of the shirt over her chest and levering herself up into a sitting position. Jake eased the shirt onto her slowly and patiently. When her second arm was in it's sleeve he pulled the shirt closed over her breasts and began to do it up.

"I'll put some cream on your hands and knees then help you out to the lounge. We can grab a blanket for you to curl up under." Jake told her softly as he finished doing up the buttons.

He lifted his hand to brush her hair back from her face but Sky recoiled from his touch with a gasp as if he hit her, ignoring the way she cowered from his hand he reached out until he was able to tuck her hair behind her ear.

"Okay. Let's get put some of this on your knees." Jake said after applying the ointment to the palms of her hands.

He pushed the blanket aside and Sky gave a faint distressed sound as she hurriedly pulled the bottom of the shirt down to cover the soft curves of her hips, buttocks and as much of her legs as possible. Jake silently applied the ointment to her knees before slipping his hand between her thighs and sliding it up towards her pussy, Sky sobbed as she grabbed his wrist and tried to push his hand away from his target.

"You sore there?" Jake asked as he allowed her to halt the movement of his hand.

Sky knodded as she cried silently.

"I can't hear you." Jake told her.

"I'm sore there!" Sky sobbed frantically as his hand began moving when she didn't answer immediately.

"Next time answer me when I speak to you." Jake warned.

Sky remained silent, tears running down her cheeks. Jake withdrew his hand and put the lid on the tube of ointment before standing up.

"Try standing up, if you can walk you can go out to the other room by yourself. If not I'll carry you out." Jake told her.

Sky moved to the edge of the bed cautiously, her body stiff and painful. Reluctantly she eased her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up carefully, she gasped as pain shot through what seemed like every part of her body, Sky grabbed at Jake's arm for support out of desperation to stay on her own two feet. Jake made no move to touch her but lifted his arm so she could clutch his forearm for balance as she swayed on her feet, Jake picked up a blanket with his free hand and looked at Sky where she stood beside him.

"Okay, lets see if you can walk out there by yourself." He said and took a step towards the doorway.

Slowly and painfully Sky made her way out to the lounge in the other room where she sat down with a sigh of relief. Jake draped the blanket over her knees and let her make herself comfortable.

"I'll just go see where Hawk is." Jake told her and left the cabin.

Sky looked around desperately, there was several of the men in the room but they seemed not too interested in her, after several minutes Hawk entered the cabin and walked over to sit beside her. Sky lent away from him as he lifted his arm and put it around her shoulders but he cupped her far shoulder in his hand and pulled her against his side firmly.

"Cuddle up and make yourself comfortable." Hawk ordered.

Knowing she had no choice but to obey him Sky settled herself against his side as comfortably as her injuries allowed and lent against him as she looked towards the tv.

* * * * *

Sky woke with a start as the bed dipped beneath the weight of another person, she pulled the covers up against her chest as she scooted away from them.

"Come over her Sky." Hawk ordered.

Sky could tell by his voice that he had been drinking and knowing he tended to be stricter when he was like that she moved back towards him.

Hawk reached out towards her, finding she held the covers to her chest he made an irritated sound as he pushed the covers from her hands before running a hand down her far side and pulling her towards him.

"Come here!" Hawk demanded as his hand moved up to cup her breast.

Sky began struggling as she started to cry softly but Hawk was relentless as he pulled her body against his. Sky realised he was not only totally naked but aroused as well when he pressed his hips against her side, she turned her face away as he went to kiss her and pushed against his side.

"Come 'ere!" Hawk growled in annoyance as he rolled her beneath him pinning her to the bed with his body. He forced one hand down between their bodies and his fingers found her soft folds, Sky bucked beneath him as she began struggling in earnest.

"Please, please don't hurt me! I'll suck you off real good! I promise! I'll . ." Sky sobbed desperately.

"Shut up!" Hawk yelled angrily. "If I want a fuck then you shut up and open your legs!"

"I'm real sore!" Sky sobbed. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down as Hawk went still.

"I'll suck your dick real well. I know some of what you like." Sky pleaded.

Hawk lifted his head to look down at her in the dim light, he smiled as an idea occurred to him.

"Yes," he agreed softly. "You know what I like."

Sky began crying in earnest as his fingers found the tight bud of her arsehole, it hurt as he force one, then two fingers inside her tight back passage. Hawk laughed softly as he stopped what he was doing to lift both of her legs up over his bicep's before his fingers returned to her arsehole.

"Hawk! Come on man! Leave her alone, lets go for a ride." Jake said as he slapped Hawk on the man of his shoulder.

Hawk looked over his shoulder at his friend angrily.

"Strip off if you want to join in on the fun." Hawk said before turning back to Sky.

"Come on mate, forget about her. Lets go for a ride. Leave her here." Jake said evenly.

Hawk thought about it for a few moments, the softly sobbing girl beneath him almost forgotten.

"Give me five and then we can go for a ride." Hawk said as his fingers resumed their intrusion.

"Don't know why you bother with her! All she does is whinge and cry! Aint like she's a good fuck either!" Jake snapped.

Hawk paused once again as he raised his head to look at his friend, finally he rolled off of Sky with a sigh and climbed out of the bed and reached for his jeans.

Sky curled up in a little ball and darted quick glances as Hawk dressed and then the two men left the room, she listened intently and realised that they continued out of the cabin. She lay in the bed crying softly for a while before falling to sleep once again, she didn't hear any of the other men whenever they came into the room as they moved around as silently as they could to avoid waking her.

It was the early hours of the morning before Hawk and Jake returned to the cabin, both men were quiet as they undressed and slipped into bed, Sky came awake with a frightened gasp but calmed down when Hawk merely rolled over and made himself comfortable. Sky felt Jake settle behind her and the next moment he hooked his arm around her waist and pulled her back against his chest, after settling her comfortably against him he exhaled against her neck gustily before yawning loudly.

"Go to sleep." Jake muttered.

* * * * *

"Get up and cook me breakfast." Hawk ordered as he poked Sky in the ribs gently.

Sky woke up hurriedly and glanced at Hawk before stretching almost lazily, she felt the bed covers slip down almost uncovering her breasts and grabbed for them hastily. Hawk laughed softly as he turned away and reached for his shirt.

"Come on, get up. I'm hungry." He ordered.

Sky reached for the old clothes that had been tossed on the side of the bed and pulled the t-shirt over her head quickly.

"Can I go to the toilet first please?" Sky asked softly.

"Yeah but hurry up." Hawk said then left the room.

Sky got out of bed gingerly, it seemed like her entire body was one tremendous ache as she eased the old cut off track pants on, the oversized t-shirt came down passed the bottom of the pants so she pulled the extra material of the shirt to one side and tied it in a knot that rested on top of one hip.

She left the room to take care of the necessities and then headed towards the kitchen to cook Hawk's breakfast. Hawk, Jake, Matty and several others were in the room but only Hawk looked up when she made her way to the stove. Hawk walked over and quickly pulled sausages, eggs and hash browns from the fridge and set them on the bench near the stove.

"Cook enough for me, Jake and you." He ordered before heading back to where he had been sitting.

It didn't take long for Sky to get the food cooking, she put the left over uncooked food in the fridge and glanced at the loaf of bread sitting on the table.

"Hawk? Do you want toast too?" Sky asked knowing he generally liked toast with his scrambled eggs.

"Yeah, do me two slices. Coffee ready?" He asked.

Sky looked to where a new perculator sat on the bench and saw that it had finished brewing coffee, she got two cups from the cupboard, paused and looked over her shoulder at Hawk.

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