Stolen Ch. 11


Sky watched TV absently as she listened intently for any sound from outside the room, Brent and Matty were stretched out in another chair and on the lounge relaxing as they watched the motor racing show. Sky knew that they were really there to watch her while the group of men outside the house decided her future. She was being given no say in that future. Nor was she allowed to listen as the men talked.

Occasionally she could hear a voice raised in anger and she would glance towards the door nervously but for the last hour and a half she had been in the lounge room watching the tv.

Finally after another half an hour she heard footsteps coming into the house and towards the lounge room. She moved her legs from beneath her and sat up more alert. As she turned her head towards the doorway as she held the now thawed ice pack against her cheek.

Seth walked passed the door followed closely by Roy and Zane. Sky got to her feet and moved stiffly to the chair furthest from the doorway. She sat down uneasily and glanced towards Matty and Brent making sure they were between her and anyone who came in the door.

Sky couldn't remember ever being afraid of anyone until the night Hawk and Jake had snatched her. Now it seemed as if every few days someone new came along for her to fear. As the youngest of four children she had been spoiled and pampered by her parents. Her two older brothers had doted on her and all four children had enjoyed a secure, stable, happy home life.

Sky had dreamed of meeting someone special, falling in love, getting married and raising her own family. That dream had come to a rude death the night Hawk and Jake had abducted her and raped her. Now all she wanted was to be treated kindly by Hawk. She had tried twice to run away from him but both times she had failed and after the punishment she had received from him the last time she knew that to try again and fail would have severe repercussions.

Hearing more movement in the house Sky watched the door nervously.. Jake passed the door shortly followed by Hawk, Sky could hear Jake talking angrily but couldn't understand what he was saying.

Sky wondered at the remark Zane had made about Jake and Hawk: were they . .? She stopped at the thought, too stunned to try to consider it. She had noticed they had a close friendship, but .. no, it couldn't be she told herself, after all Hawk had really seemed to get intense pleasure in forcing her to submit to him.

Sky turned her head to look towards the door as more footsteps could be heard. She looked away as Ren and Brad entered the room. She felt her body respond to Ren's presence with the now familiar tightening in her lower stomach, the feeling of heaviness in her breasts and the pebbling of her nipples. She listened as both men walked over near her and she chanced a glance towards them when they stopped. Ren had squatted down beside her chair and he reached out to take the thawed icepack away from her face. Sky cowered away from him not wanting him to touch her. The things Hawk had said to her about Ren where dwelling on her thoughts and she now feared the sensual pull she felt for Ren.

She saw how the other men heeded what Ren said; it was clear he was in charge. He had money, much more then the other men but so far Sky had seen no signs of how he earnt his money.

Sky knew Brad done leatherwork and sold it. Jake and Hawk worked repairing engines for different bikers here and there. But Sky had yet to see any indication of where Ren got his money.

"Hey Blondie, Seth, Roy and Zane are leaving, they can't hurt you anymore," Ren told her softly.

"My name is not Blondie." Sky said faintly.

"No, your name isn't Blondie but you are a blonde." Ren told her, his tone of voice alerting her to the fact he was trying to tease her into a more friendly response.

Sky didn't look his way. When he reached out a second time to brush her hair back she cowered away from him not wanting to be touched.

Ren withdrew his hand and stood up. Something stirred in his stomach leaving a sour taste in his mouth.

"No one is going to hurt you." Ren said softly.

Suddenly Sky's unpredictable temper flared. She turned her head to look at Ren, her glare scathing. "Who's gonna stop them? You? You didn't stop Wilson hurting me! And Seth hurt me! Who was stopping them!?" Sky demanded then turned her head away as tears of anger and self-pity welled in her eyes.

She heard Ren take a ragged breath and waited for his retaliation for speaking to him in such a manner but he turned and left without saying a word.

There and then Sky decided she had to escape, she would always be at the mercy of whatever men were around and there was no guarantee of safety, no guarantee of protection from those who wished to hurt her.

* * * * *

"You can't be serious about leaving!" Hawk said to Jake.

"I'm out of here!" Jake said angrily.

"We've been mates too long for you to leave just like that!" Hawk said snapping his fingers.

"Mates?" Jake asked coldly as he faced Hawk. "I thought we were a hell of a lot more than mates!"

"Yeah well, more like brothers . . " Hawk said faintly.

"Brothers! Then what we been doing is fucking mental! I don't know why I ever got involved with you! You're one sick puppy! I have never seen anyone who likes torturing a sheila the way you do Sky!" Jake snarled at him.

Jake turned away then turned back. " If I had known how you were going to treat her I would never have helped you grab her that night!"

Hawk stood there stunned. He couldn't believe Jake was about to leave. They had been lovers for the past six years. They had seen their share of tough times but this, this was totally without any warning signs that Hawk had seen.

Desperate to keep the relationship intact he took a deep breath then asked, "What will it take for us to stay together?"

"You sell Sky. Sell her to someone who'll treat her decent." Jake said in a tight voice.

"If I treat Sky better would that make a difference?" Hawk asked hopefully.

"I don't believe you wouldn't revert to how you treat her now." Jake ground out.

"I swear I'll treat her the way you want me to. I promise." Hawk said earnestly.

"No. I made my decision. Either her or me; both is not an option." Jake said tightly.

Hawk turned away for a minute, when he turned to face Jake once again he had a pained expression on his face.

"You know how bad I want Sky." Hawk said miserably.

"You've become a different person since you got Sky. Hell! We always knew I'm bi! But until you fucked Sky you claimed you weren't interested in pussy!'" Jake said angrily.

"Yeah, but Sky's different." Hawk said bewildered.

"Different alright! It's her in your bed each night!" Jake yelled angrily. "And you sneak off to spend time with me. You leave her with someone else so she don't find out your dirty little secret!"

Hawk looked at Jake shocked. He hadn't known Jake felt that way or that their relationship had been forced into the background.

"Your choice! Her or me!" Jake said suddenly sick of the argument.

"I... " Hawk remembered what he had told Sky about Ren and knew that she would fight him every step of the way if he tried to sell her to Ren.

"Brad'll treat her right." Hawk said confidently.

"Brad won't buy her because Ren wants her. No one here will buy her other then Ren." Jake told him levelly.

Finally Hawk nodded. Even though he didn't want Ren finding out about the things he had told Sky there was no way he would keep her if it meant loosing Jake.

Hawk found Ren out the front of the house where he was watching as Seth, Roy and Zane were getting on their bikes. Ren didn't acknowledge him as he stopped beside him.

"Are you still interested in Sky?" Hawk asked as they watched the three men ride away from the house.

"Why the hell wouldn't I be?" Ren asked coldly as he turned his head to look at Hawk.

"I decided I should give you first chance to buy her. Jake and I are thinking of moving on and we want to travel light." Hawk said.

"There was blood on the bed. How bad did Seth hurt her?" Ren asked.

"There wasn't much blood so I didn't check." Hawk said defensively.

"The offer I made after Wilson got her still stands." Ren mentioned his previous attempt to buy Sky.

Hawk nodded and held out his hand, Ren shook his hand.

"I can get the money to you tomorrow," Ren said.

"I'll meet you in town in the morning. We leave today. Sky can stay here." Hawk said then turned and headed inside.

Ren stood and listened to Hawk head inside. He knew that he would have a hard time with Sky for a while but she would be worth all his efforts in the not too distant future.

After several minutes he headed inside and motioned to Brad from the doorway to the lounge room. Brad got up off the sofa and followed Ren to the kitchen.

"Hawk just agreed to sell me Sky. He and Jake leave today. I'll meet him in town tomorrow and hand over the money, she stays here with me today." Ren told him.

"Want me to keep an eye on her tomorrow?" Brad asked.

"Yeah. Would you mind moving into another room? I'm moving her into my room and I don't want Sky worrying she'll have someone else climbing in bed when I get friendly tonight." Ren said.

"Sure, no problem." Brad agreed. "But do you think she'll be up to it tonight?"

"No not tonight or for the next few nights, but she'll come around by the time she's healed." Ren said, He walked to the fridge and got two cans of coke and headed for the lounge room.

As he walked into the room he noticed Sky checking to see who it was but she ignored the smile he sent her and turned her face back to the tv. He placed a can of drink on the arm of her chair and went and sat not too far away on one of the sofas.

Ren was pleased when after a few minutes Sky reached for the can of drink and opened it.. She glanced towards him without actually looking at him and then took a long drink from the can. A few minutes later Ren heard heavy steps and Hawk and Jake came into the lounge room, Sky stood up when she saw they were carrying their belongings.

"We're heading off now." Jake announced.

The uneasy feeling that had started at the sight of the two men with their belongings sent Sky moving towards them.

"Hawk?" Her voice was faint and quavery and she was half expecting his next sentence.

"You're staying here with Ren. You belong to him now." Hawk told her.

"Hawk! Please please please!" Sky sobbed as she rushed to him and grabbed at his arm.

Ren quickly got to his feet and caught Sky from behind while Hawk freed his arm as gently as he could. Sky was crying and trying to twist free from his hold and when he folded both arms around her body from behind she tensed then all the fight went out of her as she began sobbing hard.

"You can't sell me! You can't sell me to him!" Sky sobbed in disbelief.

Sky watched as the two men left the room, the other guys in the room except for Ren following them to say goodbye.

"Ok Blondie, we're going to sit on the lounge," Ren told her softly and eased his hold to grasp her by the upper arms.

Sky twisted free with a quick jerk and rushed for the door but Ren caught her before she could leave the room and began to force her towards the lounge. Realising she couldn't get free Sky simply let her legs fold beneath her and she ended up slipping to the floor. Ren reached down and pulled her to her feet but she refused to stand.

Ren picked Sky up, carried her to the lounge and placed her on it. She went to get off but Ren had had enough and forced her head up to look at him.

"That is not a smart idea. Now you sit there and behave."

Sky looked away from him and spotted the can of drink she had left behind.

"I want my drink," She said and made as if to rise but Ren pushed her back gently and retrieved the drink for her.

Sky looked at the can startled for several seconds; the can had been a way to move from where Ren had put her. Finally admitting defeat she took the can and settled back on the lounge.

Ren settled himself beside her and tried not to worry when she moved as far as possible into the corner of the lounge. He knew Hawk had seldom sat with her and only then when he wanted to touch her. When Ren had finished his drink he glanced at Sky and noticed she had finished hers as well.. He reached over and poked her in the ribs with a finger, usually she would turn with a smile but today she flinched and gave him a wary look.

"What did you have for lunch?" He asked.

"Nothing." Her answer was faint as she looked away.

"Well come with me and we'll go find something for you to eat." Ren told her.

Sky got to her feet reluctantly when Ren stood up. She automatically reached for both empty cans and jerked her hand away when Ren reached for his also.

Ren gritted his teeth as he withdrew his hand smoothly and let Sky take the can. He led the way from the room as he listened to her follow him.

"Let me see. There's left overs from last night or ham for a sandwich." Ren said as he looked in the fridge.

Sky stood by the rubbish bin watching him silently. Finally he realised she wasn't going to answer him.

"What would you like?" Ren asked.

"Not hungry."

"Make me a ham sandwich." Ren ordered knowing he would have to either coax or threaten the food down her throat.

Sky watched Ren from beneath lowered eyelashes for several long moments until he thought she was either going to refuse to do as she was told or ignore him. Finally she gave a deep sigh and moved to do as he had said.

Ren watched the way she moved. He could tell she was stiff and sore but he believed that to try to see how badly hurt she was would only result in her fighting him. If need be he could ask Brad to help him while he tried to tend to the damage Seth had caused. He was glad to note that the swelling in her cheek was down slightly after applying the icepack earlier.

"Is that all?" Sky asked quietly when she had finished making the sandwich, placed it on a plate and had put away the bread and ham.

"That'll do for now." Ren said as he got a large glass of cold water and picked up the plate.

"Go back to the lounge room." Ren ordered.

Sky headed back to the lounge room and would have sat in the chair on the far side of the room only Ren cleared his throat noisily. Sore and tired and not feeling all that great Sky sat down on the lounge without an argument and retreated to the corner once again as Ren sat next to her. He placed the plate on the lounge between them.

Ren picked up a half of the sandwich and held it out towards Sky. She turned her head for a quick glance before leaning into the corner of the lounge more with hunched shoulders.

"Sky, you're going to eat this piece of sandwich." Ren told her evenly but firmly.

Sky was silent for several minutes without responding any further. Realising he would have to push the issue Ren lifted the sandwich half and took a small bite, chewed and swallowed it before holding it out to Sky.

"Your turn now."

"I'm not hungry." Sky protested softly.

"Either you sit there and eat some of this or you sit on my lap and I make you eat." Ren said firmly.

Sky glanced towards him uneasily and then looked away before turning back to him. Ren was just about to put the sandwich down and try to sit her on his lap and force her to eat. Slowly Sky reached for the food he held and took it. She nibbled at it slightly and when the food was in her mouth she found she was hungry.

Ren watched silently as she ate both pieces of sandwich and accepted the glass of water when he handed it to her. He took the empty glass and plate and placed them on the floor by his feet, he turned his head to look at Sky.

"I'm gonna catch some shut eye." Ren told her.

Sky watched anxiously as he moved to stretch out on the lounge, he rested his head on her lap and propped his feet up on the other end of the lounge, Sky sat tensely with both palms pressed against the back of the lounge behind her ready to jump up at the first intimate touch.

Gradually Sky relaxed slightly as it became clear that nothing was going to happen, she kept glancing towards the doorway nervously as one or another of the guys walked by but no one came into the room or attempted to disturb them. Finally Sky leant her head back and closed her eyes.

* * * * *

Sky stood motionless in the bathroom as Ren shut the door behind them. He turned and looked at Sky where she stood with her head lowered in from of the large bathtub.

"Come on, get undressed. You can't wear clothes in the shower." Ren said as he tossed two large towels on the bathroom vanity unit then turned the shower on and adjusted the water temperature.

Silently Sky took her clothes off and moved into the shower. She tested the heat with one hand before stepping under the warm stream. A very faint sigh of pleasure passed her lips as she tilted her head back and let the warm water cascade over her sore body.

Ren watched Sky as he slipped his shirt off and took his time removing his jeans. He could see bruises forming on her wrists and old bruises on various other parts of her body. Tossing his jeans and underwear aside he moved into the shower cubicle behind Sky, touching her lightly on the small of her back and watched as she turned to watch him from a corner of the stall where she had retreated to.

"Pass me the soap and I'll wash your back for you." Ren told her.

Sky studied him for a moment, looking away hurriedly when she noticed that he already had an erection. Deciding now was not the time to defy him while they were both naked and in a small-enclosed space together Sky turned and reached for the soap. She passed it to him trying to avoid their hands touching.

"Turn around and brace yourself with your hands on the wall." Ren said softly.

Sky sent him an uneasy look before doing as she was told. He lathered his hands well but at the first touch of his hands on her shoulders Sky gave a gasp of fear and flinched away from his touch.

"Relax. I'm not going to hurt you." Ren said softly as he again placed his hands on her shoulders. He felt the shudder that passed through her body but other than that she remained motionless as he began lathering up her back.

Sky stood stock still as Ren massaged the suds over her shoulders and back. His hands were firm but gentle as he worked. Again Sky could feel her body turning traitor as her muscles relaxed and a warm heaviness started forming in her breasts.

His hands slid ever lower until he was massaging the small of her back... she flinched slightly as his fingers found a sore spot, then she held still as he slowly worked on relieving the tenderness. He kept his touch light as his hands skimmed down over the soft rounded curves of her buttocks and the tops of the back of her legs. Sky flinched and tried to move away but Ren grasped her waist gently.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to wash your legs at the back." Ren said softly as he began to smooth his hands down her body once more.

Sky remained passive but clamped her thighs together tightly when his fingers touched the seam of her inner thighs.

Ren turned Sky to face him and moved her under the stream of water; he reached for the soap again and handed it to her.

"Finish washing yourself then you can give me a hand with my back," Ren told her as he reached for a second bar of soap.

Sky hurried to finish washing herself. She tried to avoid looking a Ren's broad muscular shoulders; she had thought that Hawk had a good body but Ren was clearly more sleekly muscled. She averted her eyes rather than look at his stomach and lower torso. She gasped with fright when he held his bar of soap out towards her.

"Rinse off then wash my back."

Sky took as long as she dared rinsing the soapsuds off herself. She didn't lift her hands towards Ren's back until he turned to look at her with raised eyebrows. His skin was warm and solid beneath her fingers. She could feel his muscles move as he shifted under the flow of water. She put the bar of soap aside and smoothed her hands over his shoulders and back as she washed the last traces of soap away.

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