Stolen Ch. 12


Firstly I feel compelled to remark on the comments of this story being too brutal or it is dragging on ...

If you look around in real life some of this kind of stuff goes on to some degree but nearly always behind closed doors. People who are aware of it often look the other way as it is 'none of their business'.

I have seen TV programs where women and teenage girls go missing, sometimes seen later with unsavoury characters but not to return to family.

Abuse goes on and is called domestic abuse, sexual assault etc.

Mind games are played by one spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/(what ever term they prefer), on their partners.

A lot of people turn a blind eye to it or simply do nothing about it like some of the characters in my story.

To those who find it too brutal. I take it you have read it to know this. It offends sensibilities and yet you read on.

As for dragging on, it has taken time to show the system of what the characters have went through or done.

Well I'll climb down off my soap box and let you the reader get on to the story, if it does not offend you.

There is no heroine or hero in this story, just characters with different personalities. So enjoy my story or feel free to find a story you enjoy.

And thank you to the many many readers who have sent me emails saying how much you have enjoyed this story.

And thanks to the readers who have criticized my story. Without criticism I can not improve.



Sky sat on the kitchen chair as she watched Brad working on a piece of leather he was making into a belt. Bored with nothing to do Sky gave a faint sigh and got to her feet. She got herself a glass of water and stood looking out the window over the sink.

"I'm nearly finished here," Brad said as he inspected the unfinished belt.

"Can I have something to eat?" Sky asked. She had barely eaten when Ren had breakfast and now it was nearly lunchtime.

"There's a frozen pizza in the freezer we can have." Brad said as he glanced at her.

Sky placed her empty glass on the sink and went to the freezer. She grimaced as her sore muscles sent twinges of pain out when she bent to look into the open freezer.

"There's several pizzas. Ham and Pineapple. Meat lovers or Super supreme." Sky said and waited for Brad's choice.

"What ever you prefer." Brad told her.

Sky hesitated a moment then reached for the super supreme pizza; she knew he liked that one. The pizza wouldn't take long in the microwave so she quickly popped in to heat.

The microwave zinged announcing the pizza was ready. Brad had packed his stuff away and was waiting at the table. Sky cut the pizza up then placed it on the table along with two plates.

"Ok, where's my t-bone steak and all the trimmings?" Brad asked with a grin.

Sky glanced at him wide eyed with fear and took several hurried steps backwards as he glanced at the pizza. Brad looked up at the movement and saw the terrified look on her face.

"That's right! I asked for pizza didn't I!" Brad said with a forced laugh.

"I was only mucking around Sky." Brad told her gently when she continued to watch him uncertainly.

"Hawk's the only one I know who explodes over nothing." Brad said as he sat down and reached for a piece of pizza.

Sky hesitated a moment then hunger won out and she sat down across the table from him and reached for a slice of pizza as well.

"Is that pizza I smell?" Brent asked as he walked into the kitchen, he paused in front of the fridge to place something on top of it.

"Yeah, you want some nuke your own." Brad said.

"Filled the van with fuel. Good day there beautiful." Brent directed his remark at Sky.

She glanced his way but didn't respond.

Brent got a cold bottle of beer from the fridge and took a long drink. He eyed the pizza for a few seconds then left the room.

"When we finish eating do you want to watch a movie or play cards?" Brad asked.

"Can you teach me to play that card game you always play?" Sky asked.

Brad shrugged as he bit into another slice of pizza. He chewed the mouthful thoroughly before answering.

"Can't see why not. It aint as if you're stupid or anything." Brad remarked.

"I'll try real hard to learn." Sky promised.

"Hey Brad! You in there?" Someone called from outside. There was the sound of footsteps entering the house then Matty came into the kitchen.

"Yeah. What do you want?"

"We need a hand to fit the axle onto the trailer." Matty explained with a doubtful glance at Sky.

"Give us a few minutes to finish here and I'll be out there." Brad said.

Matty glanced at Sky then gave a nod before heading back outside.

"So Sky," Brad said seriously. "Can I trust you while I'm outside or not?"

After a moments hesitation Sky nodded.

"I can do some washing or something." Sky said faintly.

"Yeah, well just as long as you don't do anything stupid like try to run away." Brad said levelly.

"I thought you said I'm not stupid." Sky said softly.

"Good-O then." Brad said seemingly satisfied.

When Brad had finished eating he heading outside leaving Sky to clean up after their meal and then do a load of laundry.

When Sky was alone she moved to the sink to make sure no one was heading towards the house before carrying one of the kitchen chairs to the fridge. With a quick second glance towards the window Sky climbed onto the chair and looked at what Brent had placed on the fridge top. She smiled to herself as she recognised the keys to the van and several of the bikes.

* * * * *

Brad wasn't real sure what to expect when he came back into the house. He looked in the laundry to find Sky loading clean washing into a clothesbasket.

"I need to hang this out." Sky said faintly.

Brad nodded and took the heavy basket out to the clothesline.

"So did you starch Ren's jocks?" Brad asked with a chuckle.

"Uh? Should I have?" Sky asked uncertainly.

"Not that I know of but I would have liked to see the look on his face if you had."

Sky looked at Brad and for the first time she noticed that he was quite handsome. Not in the same way she found Ren very handsome but he did have an engaging grin.

"Why are you being so much nicer to me now Hawk is gone?" Sky asked uneasily as what Hawk had said about Ren selling her body ran through her mind.

"Well for a start I don't have to worry about Hawk getting the wrong idea and going mental on you. As for Ren, he knows I'd never touch his woman." Brad said mildly.

Sky turned her attention back to the basket of clothes she had to hang out. As she worked she thought about how Hawk had reacted whenever any of the guys had payed attention to her and realised with a start he had almost acted jealous.

"So what will we be playing for at cards?" Brad asked with a grin.

Sky turned her head and watched him with a frown.

"We could always play for match sticks. Or you could use Ren's bike as a grubstake. Bet a wheel here, handlebars there or chrome work now and then." Brad said seriously.

Sky turned her head to stare at him wide-eyed with shock.

"Do we have to play for stuff?" Sky finally asked uneasily.

"No, I'm only jerking your chain." Brad laughed softly to show he had been joking. He turned his head to listen then looked towards the road that led up to the house.

"Looks like your man's about to get home." Brad remarked as a bike came into view. He turned to glance at Sky and saw the fear on her face before she grabbed the now empty basket and headed for the house.

Brad caught her by the upper arm before she reached the door and pulled her to a halt.

"Stand out here and wait for Ren." Brad ordered softly.

Sky pulled against his grip but Brad held firm and Sky stopped fighting.

Ren pulled up on his motorbike and took his helmet off. He grinned as he saw Sky standing beside Brad.

"Hey there Blondie." Ren greeted her.

Sky watched him suspiciously.

"I got a surprise for you. Bring the basket over here." Ren said with a pleased smile.

Sky stood motionless as Brad released her. She hesitated several seconds before walking over almost within touching distance of Ren.

"Give me the basket." Ren said holding a hand out.

Sky did as he asked her and watched as he began taking bags out of the side car and placing them in the basket; when the basket was half full he placed a shoe box on the last bag and straightened up.

"Let's go inside." Ren said and headed for the house.

Sky hesitated for a moment then followed. Ren made his way through the house to his bedroom and placed the basket on the bed before turning around to watch as Sky came into the room hesitantly.

"Come over here and look at what I got you." Ren said coaxingly. He began taking plastic shopping bags out of the basket and emptying them onto the bed.

Sky watched as clothes fell out of the bags. Tops, a couple of pairs of jeans, some shorts and two warm jumpers. Another bag yielded underwear, bras and lacy g-strings.

Sky took a step forward as she eyed the women's clothing.

"Want to try some of it on?" Ren asked.

Sky looked at him suspiciously. Hawk had never given her anything that she had not paid for in some way or other.

"When's Hawk coming back?" Sky asked.

Ren took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Hawk's not coming back for you."

Sky looked away then glanced back at him uncomfortably.

"I got these for you. You don't want to keep wearing the clothes you have on do you?" Ren asked as he picked up a colourful t-shirt from the pile on the bed. He reached for the shoebox and opened it; he tipped a pair of joggers onto the bed as well.

"I got you some slippers and some joggers." Ren told her.

Sky approached the bed slowly and checked the label on one of the shirts, it was in her size, and next she reached for a bra and checked its size. She glanced at the last bag in the basket but didn't say anything.

"Maybe tonight after we have a shower you'll feel like trying some of them on." Ren said lightly refusing to be discouraged by her lack of enthusiasm.

"I need to go to the toilet." Sky announced and took several steps backwards. When Ren made no move to stop her she turned and hurried out of the room.

Sky shut the toilet door and sat down on the closed toilet lid, she kept rubbing her hands up and down her arms as she fought to keep the tears at bay.

Hawk had sold her to Ren and now Ren had turned up with all those clothes. She closed her eyes and leant her head back as she tried not to think of what she would be expected to do to earn them.

* * * * *

Sky walked into the dark bedroom and climbed into bed without turning the light on. She had endured another shower with Ren after eating their tea and now he had sent her to bed ahead of him. She huddled under the covers and pulled them up around her ears tightly to keep out the cold night air. She was still awake half an hour later when she heard footsteps pass the doorway and continue to one of the other bedrooms.

"Sky! Where are you!" Ren yelled from his room.

Sky closed her eyes and pretended sleep as she listened to him moving through the house. The light was turned on and Sky tightened her hold on the bedclothes.

"You are supposed to be in my bed in my room." Ren said tightly as he walked into the room she had shared with Hawk and Jake. No response came from Sky and Ren walked to the bed, pulled the bedclothes off of her and picked her up in his arms.

Sky struggled briefly but Ren merely grunted as he tightened his hold. He passed Brad in the hallway and Brad laughed softly.

"Looks like you're in for fun and games tonight." He said to Ren as he went by.

Ren dropped Sky on his bed and watched as she rolled to the far side of the bed. She glanced at him fearfully for several seconds before lowering her head and giving a soft sigh of defeat. She pulled the covers back slightly and slipped beneath the covers into the bed.

"Smart move." Ren told her as he started to undress.

When Ren reached for the waist of his jeans Sky turned her face away and pulled the covers up around her ears.

"Either you take off that T-shirt or I will." Ren told her as he went and switched the light out.

Deciding she didn't want to anger him any further than she had already Sky quickly slipped the offending shirt off and dropped it on the floor beside the bed within easy reach for the next morning.

Sky struggled as she attempted to push his hands away when he reached for her.

"Come over here." Ren demanded.

"You're going to hurt me!" Sky protested as she tried to escape his grasp.

"Maybe if you don't stop being stupid I will give you a slap but I have no intention of hurting you!" Ren said angrily as he pinned her beneath him in self-defence.

Sky gave several little half sobs as she struggled to get free. Finally accepting her fate for the night she stopped struggling and became passive beneath his hold.

"That's better." Ren murmured after several moments. He became aware of her vulnerable position beneath him, his hips rested between her thighs and he could feel her soft folds against his rigid cock.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Ren said softly as he nuzzled just below her ear.

Sky flinched in surprise at his gentleness as he kissed his way down the side of her neck. She felt him release one wrist and then his hand stroked down her arm and side until it rested against the top of her hip.

His touch as he continued to stroke her was light and soft. Sky slowly relaxed even though sexual tension was starting to replace her fear.

Ren brushed his lips against the corner of her mouth. He was pleased when she didn't whimper or flinch away from his touch. He chanced a kiss on her lips and was surprised when her lips softened beneath his.

Sky could feel the slow languid heat that had started to grow wherever Ren's body touched hers; she closed her eyes as his lips brushed hers lightly.

"That's it, relax." Ren coaxed huskily.

Feeling his restraint weakening he shifted off of her body to lay beside her. Sky turned towards him and cuddled into his body in a gesture of unconscious trust.

Ren's hand found the small of her back and continued to stoke her soothingly. Sky gave a soft sigh of surrender and burrowed her face into the curve of his neck.

Sky was aware of Ren's body against hers and of both their desire but she felt amazingly safe as she nestled against him.

The hard press of Ren's arousal against her stomach burned with a surprising warmth and Sky slid one hand down between their bodies. Ren gasped but held still as Sky's hand encountered his hard cock. Slowly Sky began to explore the head of his cock with her fingers. She found where a drop of precum had oozed from the tip and she spread it slowly over the head of his cock.

Ren felt his breathing become harder as Sky continued to toy with his rigid shaft. Finally her hand encircled him and she began to pump her hand up and down. He was unable to prevent a soft groan of pleasure from escaping his lips. The action of Sky's hand stilled for several seconds and then he felt her begin to ease down his body.

Ren rolled onto his back; he tensed as he felt the warmth of her breath brush against his rock hard shaft and then the first tentative flick of her tongue.

Sky slowly ran her tongue around the head of Ren's cock. She took her time exploring the taste and texture of him before sliding her damp lips across the small slit on the tip. She opened her mouth and slowly slid the head into her mouth as she sucked softly; she felt his body jerk and halted what she was doing for several seconds.

His hand found her shoulder and he began stroking her shoulder and back with smooth long strokes. Sky gave a soft moan of pleasure as she began swirling her tongue around his cock the best she could. Changing to a strong sucking motion she slowly engulfed as much of his cock as she could without gagging before beginning to move her head up and down.

Ren groaned as a strong pressure began building in his balls. He realised with shock he was not going to last long under Sky's gentle ministrations.

Sky was enjoying the feel of the veins and hard ridges on Ren's cock as she worked it with her mouth, lips and tongue. The sudden swell and throb of his cock warned her he wasn't far from coming. Sky increased the pressure of her suction and swallowed as she forced her head down taking more cock into her mouth then ever before. She felt his cock brush the back of her throat and swallowed desperately, her lips slid down his cock smoothly and his pubic hair tickled her nose.

Ren groaned and shuddered as he came while Sky had her lips clamped around the base of his cock. He felt her suck every last drop from him before she let him slide from her lips.

Sky moved back up the bed and rested her head on her pillow. She felt Ren cuddle her close but was too shocked at her own actions to react to him. He brushed a light kiss against her cheek as his breathing slowly returned to normal.

Sky lay there listening to his heartbeat beneath her ear and the steady rhythm of his breathing. Slowly it deepened and a soft snore came from him before he moved to settle himself more comfortably.

A deep feeling of contentment and peace settled over Sky and she drifted off to sleep in his arms.

Just as Sky was drifting off to sleep Ren began to wake. He very rarely fell asleep so quickly after sex and now he was becoming aroused again from the soft warmth of her body against his. Idly he let his hand wander to her back and he began long soothing strokes up and down her back. Sky moaned in her sleep and arched against him. She pressed her body against his side as his hand continued to caress her.

Knowing Sky was in no condition to engage in the activity his body wanted he decided he could still return the pleasure she had given him. Gently he eased her onto her back and cupped one breast in his hand. He felt the nipple pucker and harden beneath his fingers as he toyed with it. Slowly he lowered his head. He circled the areole with his tongue several times before flicking the tip of his tongue over her nipple.

Sky moaned softly in her sleep as she arched into his mouth. Taking his hint from her response he suckled at her breast before turning his attention to the other one. Little moans of pleasure came from Sky as he repeated the process on her second breast then alternated between both hard rosy peaks.

Sky moaned and gasped as her dream lover divided his attention between her breasts, he slid one hand down over her stomach. His touch was light as he slid his fingertips between her slick folds. His fingers barely skimmed the moisture there before finding the hard little nub within the folds.

Sky bit her lip as pleasure radiated through her body. She didn't want to wake up but her mind was becoming clearer and clearer. She began moving her hips against the fingers that teased and coaxed the pleasure from her body. She opened her eyes and swallowed back a moan of pure pleasure. She glanced towards the head busy at her breasts and saw Ren's long fair hair.

The pleasure beneath his fingertips was fast becoming an empty ache as something began to tighten and grow low in her stomach.

"Please! It's not enough!" Sky protested as the tension increased in her body. The hollow ache grew in her stomach reaching up with rhythmic pulls to where he suckled at her breasts.

Ren increased his pressure on her clit, adding another finger as he pinched it firmly between his fingers. Sky moaned and whimpered as she moved her hips desperately. Ren lifted his head for a moment as he glanced at her face. She was biting her bottom lip as she tilted her head back. Ren moved up and kissed her as he increased the speed of his fingers, Sky moaned beneath his kiss and opened her mouth. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, his tongue imitating the movement of the act her body craved. Sky clutched at his shoulders frantically and then Ren felt the shudders that ran through her body as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

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