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Stolen Joshua


Joshua Parker kissed his wife's forehead and she snuggled against him while they watched the movie. Their sofa was comfy, the popcorn was non-fat, and the movie was a chick flick, all the way Mary liked it. As she looked up at her husband, she wondered how she had been able to score a man like Josh. He was tall, fit, and skinny. His face was perfect and his long dark hair fell over his brown eyes, forcing him to constantly brush it away. Mary had dark hair that fell to her shoulders and had Although they were only twenty-four, they had known they were lovers from first sight. But Josh looked troubled as if he was thinking something in his mind. "What is it honey?" she asked.

"Nothing, its just, our sex life, its already gotten...boring."

"I think it's just fine."

"Yeah, maybe it's different for guys, I mean, we like new things."

Mary pouted, was Josh suggesting that she was a bad lover?

"Well what can we do?" she said, returning to the movie.

"Well...Tom told me about this thing...."

"What?" Mary asked, interested.

"You invite another girl over, and she spices things up. Then you have sex with me afterwards, like a threesome."

"You want another woman in our sex life, Joshua?" Mary asked in a low dangerous tone. When she was angry she used his whole name. She looked up at him with sharp boring eyes. The last thing she wanted was another woman who had access to Josh. She loved the jealousy in the other woman's eyes as they watched her holding hands with Josh.

"Just for one night, to spice things up," he said with a smile. His smile was so handsome that Mary could never say no to it. She said, "Fine, but who should we invite."

Joshua looked down and his eyes wandered slightly. He didn't respond. Mary noticed and asked again, "Who should we invite?"

John looked at her and said, "There's a new secretary at work, her name's Sophie. She's kinda cute."

"But how do you know she likes you?" Mary asked.

Joshua looked down and he blushed a little. He looked back up to Mary shyly and replied, "Don't be angry, but, we've been kind of...flirting. Nothing too serious, but she has been hitting on me. She knows I'm married, so it shouldn't be a problem."

Mary frowned, "She knows you're married but she still hits on you. I don't think I like that."

"Well it's nothing too serious. It's just been a little fun at work. But I know she likes me. I would enjoy it if we..." Josh didn't finish.

Mary thought this over for a moment. Josh had made a lot of sacrifices for her, and she felt that she should reward him for it. She nodded and said, "Fine, if you really want to do this, invite your girlfriend over."

Josh smiled and kissed her passionately and breathed, "Thank you honey. I love you."

Josh came out of the shower and dried his hair. He shook his head like a dog and water sprayed everywhere. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. He was ready. He had worked out to make sure he looked as fit as possible, and it had paid off. He had a six-pack and his muscles could be seen while he moved his arms. He walked out of the bathroom as he dried himself off. Mary eyed him hungrily, he looked so seductive naked.

"You worked out," she said.

"Yeah, just for Sophie," he replied. He slipped on long-sleeve shirt and black jeans. He walked downstairs as he waited for Sophie and turned the T.V. on. Mary joined him and soon the doorbell ringed. Josh stood up but Mary stood faster because she wanted to meet Sophie before she fucked Joshua. She opened the door and her breath was taken away by the beauty of the girl in front of her.

She had long blond hair that fell nicely over her shoulders. She had a ring of seductive dark eyeliner around her eyes that made her look extremely beautiful. Her face was absolutely perfect and her smile was dazzling. Her body was nothing short of her face.

Her tits were large, but not too big, just the right size for her body. She was skinny in the hot way and had long skinny legs. She was wearing knee-length denim shorts and a sleeveless top that cut at her midsection, showing her thin stomach. She looked up Mary up and down and said, "Are you the maid?"

Mary laughed nervously, "No, I'm Josh's wife Mary."

Sophie smiled and said, "No wonder he wants a new woman."

Before Mary could interrupt Sophie had pushed her way inside, and she beamed brightly at Josh and said, "Hey Joshie, nice house you have here."

He moved onto the couch so she could sit down. She took Mary's seat and put an arm around Josh. "So, what should we do first," she said seductively, pulling him in closer. But before she kissed him she turned to Mary and said, "Go make us drinks."

Mary glared at jealously at Sophie, then faulted and went to the kitchen to get some wine. She fumed as she prepared the drinks, she hated the smug look on Sophie's face as she left. When she returned she found Sophie on top of Joshua while they kissed passionately, their tongues twirling together as they groped on the sofa. Sophie broke the kiss and sat up. She grabbed her ridiculously small top and unbuttoned it before she pulled it off. Then she fell back onto Josh as he grabbed her tits and fondled them. Her nipples were hard and Josh played with them and Mary felt her own nipples growing hard watching them. Then Sophie reached down to Josh's zipper and undid his pants. She pulled his pants apart to reveal a large hard cock. She smiled at Josh and said, "Looks like you're ready." Then she leaned down and began to suck on Josh's cock.

The result on Josh was immediate. He groaned and leaned back as Sophie licked his cock and went up and down with her mouth like an expert. While doing this she played with his balls, and he fought back the urge to cum. She began licking his penis and finally he gave in and shot wave after wave of cum down her throat. But like an expert she swallowed every drop of cum that Josh managed to put into her mouth.

Afterwards she stood up and undid her belt and pulled down her pants and undid her panties. Joshua did the same and yanked off his shirt. Sophie lied down on the sofa and spread her legs, revealing a shaved pussy. "Come on Joshie, I want to feel you inside me. I want your cock inside my pussy," she said.

Josh walked up to her but paused to reach into a nearby drawer and remove a condom. Mary felt a wave of relief, Josh was still hers! He would never fuck another woman without a condom! But Sophie laughed and with one foot kicked to condom out of Josh's hand. It flew out the nearby window. "No, no, Joshie, I want to feel you. Not a condom. I like natural, not condom," she said, playing with her tits. Mary watched jealously as Josh fell on Sophie and eagerly stuck his seven inch cock into her waiting pussy. She moaned and screamed and said, "Oh my god Josh you're so big. Fuck me, Josh, fuck me!"

Josh's hips thrust up and down as he ploughed back and forth into Sophie. Sophie's legs wrapped around him as if to pull him into her further. She gripped the edges of the pillows tightly as she felt Josh's hard cock run through her pussy. Mary watched jealously as Josh humped Sophie with more passion than he had ever fucked Mary. Then she reminded herself that she was the one next and that Sophie was only the appetizer, Mary was the entrée. Finally Josh yelled as he sank deep down and pushed as deep as he could into Sophie's pussy as he shot a thick rope of sperm into her pussy. Sophie began to scream as she felt a blast of hot cum burst into her pussy and together Josh and Sophie shared an Earth shaking orgasm. Finally when the lovers had come back to earth Josh pulled out of Sophie, whose pussy began to leak cum.

Sophie stood up and shared another long lingering kiss with Joshua before she broke it and said, "I think it's time we moved this to the bedroom." Then she grabbed Josh's muscular arms and pulled him in for another lingering kiss. Then, slowly, they moved toward the bedroom, still kissing while Sophie stroked Josh's hard cock. Mary gathered the drinks and followed them. Sophie gently pushed Josh onto the bed so he was lying on his back. Mary prepared for her turn with Josh and quickly stripped off her clothes. She walked up to the bed, but Sophie turned and glared at her questioningly. "What do you think your doing, Mary?" she asked.

Mary paused and looked down as she muttered, "I'm going to have sex with my husband."

Sophie laughed and then said, "No, no. I don't think he'd like to fuck you after having a real woman. See, I'll explain nicely."

Josh said nothing as he watched Sophie gently pulled a shocked but unprotesting Mary towards a chair in the corner of the room. Sophie grinned wickedly and said, "Josh is a pretty handsome guy, right?"

Mary said nothing and simply nodded. Sophie continued, "And a man like Josh deserves the best, doesn't he?"

Mary again nodded. Sophie continued, getting to the point, "And Mary, that's not you. I look like a model, and I was once. You look like you should be wearing glasses and helping kids find their books in a library. Josh deserves the best, and between the two of us, it's me.

Mary, men like Josh deserve women like me. Leave this kind of things to real women."

Mary said nothing but felt a bitter stab of pain and jealousy. She found she could say nothing to the beautiful woman who was taking her man, so she looked at Josh for help. She expected him to stand up for her and stand up to Sophie, but he just looked at Sophie's naked body with a gaze of lust and eagerness. Mary felt a stab of pain as she realized that all Josh wanted was Sophie. Sophie smiled victoriously and walked back to Josh, who still lay on the bed, his cock hard and ready. Sophie smiled at the sight and said, "You want me to make you cum?"

Josh nodded eagerly.

Sophie got on the bed and straddled Josh, guiding his prick into her pussy. She began to rock back and forth and in response Josh gasped sharply. Sophie grabbed Josh's hands and put them on her tits and he immediately began massaging them and playing with them. Mary watched bitterly as Josh and Sophie fucked each other. Sophie glanced over at a sulking Mary and winked nastily. Then she returned her gaze to Josh and said, "You like the way I fuck you? Do you like the way I make you come?"

Josh replied, "Yes, oh god fuck me Sophie, fuck me! I need it!"

"And do I fuck you better than your wife? Does my pussy feel better than your wife's?"

"Yes! Your pussy's so much tighter and slicker than hers! Fuck me Sophie! Fuck me!"

Sophie had slowed maddeningly and held Josh on the edge of an orgasm. "Do you want me more than your wife? Do you even want your wife anymore?" she asked.

Mary couldn't believe the next words she heard. "No, I don't want Mary I want you!"

Sophie began rocking again and Josh thrust upwards into Sophie and came. Sophie gasped as she felt Josh's hot sperm shoot upwards into her own pussy, and feeling that she came on his big dick. She straddled him from a couple more minutes, breathing heavily, then turned to Mary. "I don't think we need you here anymore Mary," she said.

Mary looked down and left into the living room to sleep on the couch. She slept, angry and jealous as she heard Josh scream in ecstasy as he came in Sophie over and over that night.

The next morning Mary woke and prepared breakfast; toast, eggs, and pancakes. She was about to put it on the table when she saw Sophie walking down the stairs, naked. Her large breasts were caked in dried cum. She looked at the breakfast and said, "See, a maid."

"Where's Josh?" asked Mary.

"He's in bed, see Mary there's something we need to discuss." Sophie picked up a piece of fruit and nibbled on it delicately. "Josh wants a real woman. And we had a long talk about that last night, after we finished fucking, and we decided that he's mine. You are never to touch Josh again, not even a kiss on the cheek." She finished the fruit, "And I think we'll have breakfast in bed this morning."

She walked up the stairs, her perfect body was tanned perfectly. Mary felt shame fill her again. So this was her fate, to be a maid, denied the services of her husband, never allowed to have him again. She sighed, how would she explain this to her friends, her parents. Josh came down the stairs shortly, his limp cock dangling. They locked eyes for a second, and she saw something. It was lust. She knew Josh was perfectly fine with the arrangements. He smiled sympathetically, then called for Sophie. He grabbed Mary's hands and she thought maybe he would take her back. But instead he pulled the wedding ring off of her finger, and placed it on Sophie's finger. Then he kissed her, and Mary knew he could never have been happier in his life.

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Mary needs to kick the cunt out and cut hubby's balls off.

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