Stolen Kisses


"Can I come in?" She entered before he had a chance to answer. The hangover together with what his sister was wearing slowed his response. She was wrapped in a bath towel. The fluffy white terry cloth covered her tall slender body from just above her breasts to just a couple of inches below her crotch. Her wet hair, now black, was swept to the side to rest on one perfect, porcelain shoulder. A picture of her like this in a catalog would sell a lot of towels.

"Sure come on in, talk quietly though?" he whispered, "Headache. Bad headache."

She grinned. "Too much fun last night?"

He nodded slowly, squinting his eyes.

"I have another favor to ask. In your weakened condition maybe it's not a good idea," she said cryptically. She turned to leave.

"What is it?" he asked before she got to the door.

"It's pretty crazy."

"Crazier than yesterday?"

"Yeah. Okay, try not to freak out, but I could really use your unbiased opinion on something."


"I need you look at my... stuff."

He raised an eyebrow.

"My hoo-hoo," she resorted to the word they'd used as kids.

"Why on earth..." He sat up in his bed and the blanket fell away. He was bare-chested. He noted that his sister's eyes darted down over his well-defined stomach and chest.

"Doctor Nelson offered to do any plastic surgery I want on my... stuff... when he does my breasts tomorrow."

"Wow, sis this is... this is..."

"Come on, you're the only one I can ask!"

"Why do you want to know what I think about that?"

"You want the list of reasons? Okay, first, you'll be honest 'cause you're not trying to get in my pants. Second, you've probably seen more of these than I have so you can make a decent comparison. Third, and don't get a big head about this, but you're kind of in my target demographic - you know, 'cute college boy.' Fourth, and most importantly, you can keep a secret."

"That was a lot of reasons."

"I like to think I'm a reasonable girl," she smirked, twirling a bit of her damp dark hair in one finger.

"Ha ha. All right, I guess if this what it takes to keep you from having your privates hacked to bits, I'll have a look."


"I've already seen quite a few..." he paused, "...hoo-hoos." He suppressed a grin at the silliness of her word choice. "And as a nurse I guess I'm destined to see hundreds more. I'll just add this to the list."

"Thanks bro." She took as step back and leaned back against his desk, her hands sliding to the bottom of her towel. "Ready?"

Winston sighed and rubbed his eyes with his palms. "As ready as I can get."

Jess started giggling.

"OK, why are you laughing?" he asked.

"Sorry, I think I'm just a little nervous. Plus you should see your face. You're about to see your sister's cooter and you have this incredibly serious expression on."

"I'm trying not to think about it that way. I'm trying to be clinical. This is my clinical face."

"Oh, gotcha. Well, here goes." Jessica slowly lifted the towel until her small, barely-furred sex came into view. She had shaved most of her pubic triangle. The little bit of hair that was left was close trimmed short. Her labia were tiny and the same delicate pink color as her nipples. Like the rest of her, Jess's adorable little pussy was essentially perfect. Winston stared in admiration, the image burning into his brain.

He was quiet too long. Jessica fidgeted. "Well?" she asked, looking down at herself.

"Don't change a thing," he whispered.

"You sure?" she leaned back further against his desk and hunched herself forward. Her entire sex was visible now. Incredibly, she reached a hand down and spread her labia open for him to see. The bared pink flesh inside was smooth and delicate and deeper pink.

Winston's heart skipped a beat and his mouth went dry. "Positive."

She looked up from her crotch to her brother. "You can't see from all the way over there. Come closer, I don't have any cooties."

Winston, hypnotized by his sister's display, pushed forward to the end of his bed where he laid down on his stomach and propped his head with his hands. He was about three feet from his sister's bare sex.

"So, nothing needs fixing?" she asked. "They can, you know, shrink lips and stuff. Do I need it?"

"Not in my opinion."

"What about that freckle?" she pointed to a small dark circle in the delicate curve where her thigh met her groin.

"You've always had that freckle."

"You remember my freckle?"

"Sure, when you were like four years old, you went through a phase when you liked to run around naked in the backyard. Mom and Dad kept checking you for ticks and commenting on your freckle. I don't know, it stuck in my head."

"I was thinking about letting them remove it with a laser."

"Keep it. It's cute."

"Aw, that's sweet. So nothing needs to change at all?"




"Hold on," she turned around quickly to bend at the waist, placing one hand on his desk. She thrust her bare ass at him, closing the distance between them to barely two feet. She looked at him over her shoulder. "How about from this angle?"

It was a more wanton pose than Winston was prepared for. Her ass was mostly obscured by the towel she still wore, but he could see the unbroken vertical line of her pussy lips disappear beneath its cloth. If anything, the partial coverage made this perspective more provocative. "Still good," he choked out.

"Wait a second, lemme get this out of the way." She abruptly stood and pulled the towel off, dropping it to the floor. She was now entirely nude. She bent over again, this time well beyond perpendicular until her shoulder touched his desk. She was looking back at him through the space between her long lean ivory thighs. She slid her feet outwards until they were more than shoulder width apart. She went up on tiptoe and the sleek muscles of her hamstrings and her little heart-shaped buttocks played beneath her flawless, pale skin.

Her, well, her everything was on complete display. Absurdly, she was still all business. "Okay, you said 'good.' Now, is that 'good' as in 'OK' or 'good' as in a guy will get crazy hot when he sees me like this?"

It was impossible to be clinical about this. Winston masturbated to images less graphic than what she was showing him now. He was getting lightheaded. "Ummm... the second one. Crazy hot." He felt heat rising to his cheeks.

"You're sure? 'Cause, I want to be a hottie."

"You're already there, sis."

"Awww, that was sweet too," she beamed, "Now, how about just above my girlie goods?"


"You know, my bumhole."

His eyes darted up to the tiny pale star nestled in her asscrack before he could stop himself. "What about it?"

"Does it look good too?"

"It looks like what it should look like."

"Don't get difficult on me now. You've been really helpful so far. Does it look sexy? I mean, if you weren't my brother, would you want to lick it?"

"How could you possible expect me to respond to that question?"

"Just be honest. What do you have to be embarrassed about? I'm the one standing here naked. Girls can get their buttcracks laser-bleached. Should I do it? I mean, would you lick it?"

He was giddy with irrational lust and still reeling from the hangover. "Probably... if I wasn't your brother."

"Eh, what do you know, you're practically gay," she grinned, still looking at him through the triangular space between her thighs.

"That was a cheap shot." He grimaced.

"Sorry, you're right. That was below the belt. If you want, I'll let you take a picture of me like this too."


"Okay, just kidding," she stood up and bounced happily over to him. "Here, hugs to make up." She stooped to hug him awkwardly because he was still lying down.

"Umm, sis?"


"You're naked."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry." She picked up her towel and darted out his bedroom door.

She was barely out of view before she doubled back and rushed to him as he rolled onto his side and he tried to gather his wits after what had just happened. His wit-gathering failed because she knelt and kissed him. It was the same quick, soft peck on the lips she used to give him years ago as children.

"One up," she whispered. And the years melted away for a moment because that was how they scored their games of stolen kisses.

He was speechless, gaping at his nude kid sister.

"What, you don't remember our game?" she pouted, standing up.

"Of course I do, it's just..."


"Jess, honey, you're still naked." Her crotch was at his eye level and he nodded his head towards it while trying not to look.

"Ahh! Right! Sorry!"

She darted back out of his bedroom, leaving Winston so dazed and confused that his hangover was forgotten.

Thankfully, the rest of the day was relatively normal. Although he caught his sister looking at him now and again and smirking to herself.

The next morning, he drove her to the hospital for her surgery. He dropped her off at its entrance. "Sure you don't want me to come in and wait with you?"

"Nah, I'll be fine. This will probably take all day. If you want, you can stop in to visit tonight. If not, I'll call you to come pick me up tomorrow when I'm discharged."

That night, Winston did visit his sister although she was completely out of it from the general anesthetic and pain killers. He talked to the nurses and they told him everything went well. He parked himself in the chair next to her bed and watched the TV in her room for a couple of hours. His sister's only recognition that he was there was to reach over to take his hand when he rested his arm on the bed. They held hands while he watched TV in silence. He left when the nurses kicked him out because visitor's hours were over.

The next day, he collected his sister when she called. He wheeled her to his truck and together they slowly and carefully transferred her to the passenger seat. At home they put her to bed. It was piled high with pillows so she could sit mostly upright.

He stopped in on her throughout the day, making sure she was getting enough fluids and giving her the prescribed antibiotics and pain relievers.

By that night, she was already looking fairly normal.

He made her a corned beef sandwich, her favorite, for dinner. When he rested the plate on her lap, he paused to sniff at his sister. "Jess, there's no way to put this delicately. You stink."

She grinned weakly. "I'm not an expert but I think your bedside manner might need work. You're right though, I do stink. My last shower was two days ago."

"Want to try a sponge bath?"

"Really? No fooling?" She looked like a starving person being offered food.

"Sure, I could use the practice."

"Oh, that would be awesome! I feel all grimy and gross."

While she ate her sandwich, he gathered a large bowl of cool water, a bar of mild soap, a few washcloths, and a couple of huge towels. Together, they managed to get one of the towels beneath her to keep the bed from getting soaked.

He gently washed her hands and arms. At his urging, she crunched forward a little and he managed to carefully slip her oversized t-shirt off one arm at a time. Beneath it, her chest was wrapped snugly in a tensor bandage.

"Want me to wash your face or would you rather do it yourself?"

"Do you mind doing it? I've actually been enjoying this. I bet your sponge baths will be popular someday." She closed her eyes and he gently cleaned her face.

She couldn't see him with her eyes shut so he took the opportunity to really look at his sister. Her long dark lashes were pretty. She had great lips too. Even her earlobes were cute. Whether he meant to or not, Winston invariably compared prospective girlfriends to his sister and they always came up wanting.

He patted her face dry and took a small tube of moisturizer from off her nightstand then quickly smoothed some on his sister's lips. Its sickly sweet coconut smell made him hungry. "We can't have your smoocher getting chapped. You'll have a lot of boys waiting to pucker up when you get through this." He was laying the compliments on a bit thick. Besides, his sister already had her pick of her classmates.

She opened her eyes and looked at him meaningfully. "But I don't want a lot of boys. I just want one good one. And trust me..." she let that pause go for a couple of heartbeats, "they're really hard to find."

The genuiness of her comment hung in the air. It made Winston uncomfortable. He changed the subject. "All righty, it's time to wash 'The Girls.' Think I'll need a bigger washcloth?" He tried to brighten the mood; humor still his best shield. "Let me know as soon as anything hurts okay?"

Jess nodded as he carefully unwrapped the tensor bandage. "Tunny, this may sound kinda weird, but I'm glad you're going to be the first boy to see them."

"I'm not a boy right now, I'm a nurse."

"You're always a boy to me." She smiled weakly. "And always my big brother."

He didn't reply. Instead he finished unwrapping her chest. It took every millimeter of self-control he could muster to keep a poker face. Sure, there was a lot of healing to do, but he could already tell his sister's new boobs were fantastic. Great, add this to her beautiful face, impossibly long legs and glorious tush. Jess had just piled on one more ridiculously hot thing about her for him to try not to think about. Her new breasts were large, gravity-defying teardrops. They sat a little high right now, but when they settled in she would be ready for a centerfold.

"Well?" she finally asked because her brother was so quiet.

"Hmmm..." he tried to look thoughtful, "Well, should the right one be green on the bottom?"


"Just kidding. Everything looks fine. Looks like you at least kept the size down to something realistic looking."

Jessica bit her lip. "Dr. Nelson called them 'a very generous C.' He wouldn't go any bigger."

"Well, I think you're still definitely eligible for that 'BT' nickname you asked me for this spring. Want me to get you a mirror so you can look?"

"No. Yes. Maybe. Ack, I don't know."

"If you're willing to take my word that everything is okay, I suggest you hold off another day or two until you've healed a bit more. You might freak out a little right now, there's some mild bruising."


"Time for more washing. Ready, Stinky?"

"Hey, I liked 'BT' better," she groused.

"No telling which nickname will stick," he sassed. Their banter helped distract Winston as he began washing his sister's shoulders. When she cooed happily, he let it became more of a massage, stroking her muscles awhile. He washed under her arms as well.

"Lean forward a little. I can get part of your back at least." She struggled a bit, her stomach and chest were sore. He continued with the soapy massage then rinsed her with the unsoaped wet cloth. She leaned back onto the bed with a sigh.

He paused with the washcloth. Okay, it was time for the boobs. He wasn't ready. Would he ever be? He composed himself and ever so gently washed his sister's chest. She winced a few times when he carefully dabbed at her sutures but she didn't say anything. He re-bandaged her and helped her pull on a fresh t-shirt.

"Okay, onto the bottom half." He draped the other large towel over top of her from the waist down for a measure of modesty. She managed to get her sweatpants and underwear started down off her waist before it got too uncomfortable for her to bend forward.

"Help?" she winced. "It hurts to reach."

Winston had to de-pants his sister. A blend of thrill and horror ran through him. He quelled it and reached under the towel for the waistband to her pants at her hip and slid them downward a bit from the side. It was awkward. When they were close to her knees, without thinking, he reached into the middle of the sweatpants to grab them by the crotch. His hand hit the warm center of her panties and he stiffened slightly in surprise. They were soaked. Not sweaty soaked because they were wet only at the crotch. They were horny girl soaked.

No mistaking it, his sister was aroused by his attentions. "It's the painkillers," he told himself. "She's half delirious."

Winston pulled her sweatpants out from under the towel and purposely threw them into the wash basket way on the other side of her room. If he was right, they'd reek of her arousal and he did not need that sensory input right now. He was having a hard enough time dealing with seeing and touching his sister.

He forced these thoughts from his head and focused on washing his little sister's cute feet. "How's that? Too rough? Too soft?"

"Oh just right, it feels amazing. I might take a long time to recover. You may have to do this for months."

"Nice try. You'll be up and around in a couple of days."

He worked his way up her slender ankles and her sleek, toned calves, then her knees. He rolled her covering towel up as he went. He did a pretty good job staying detached again until he got above her knees and started in on her slender, toned thighs. They were silky smooth, flawless and muscular. It was impossible not to have sexual thoughts looking at them and feeling them.

"God, when did my sister get hot thighs?" he wondered to himself.

He must have moved his lips because Jess asked "What was that?"

"Sorry, I guess I was trying to figure out when you went and got all pretty on me."

It was an unguarded comment that made him cringe as soon as it tumbled from of his lips.

There was a pause as the compliment registered with Jessica, and she smiled sweetly. "Thanks brother dear. I do hope you aren't going to say that to all your patients. You might be up on harassment charges," she teased.

At the same time though, she met his eyes and spread her legs a bit. It was a silent invitation for him to continue washing up her thighs.

To be sure, Winston wanted to hear her permission, so he asked. "You fine with me washing your naughty bits?"

"You sound like Mom," Jess grinned. It was true. His occasional resort to a British euphemism was an affectation he'd picked up from their anglophile mother. He didn't even realize it sometimes.

But Jess hadn't answered his question. He smiled and waited patiently until Jess's porcelain cheeks flushed pink and she nodded slightly. "Please? It might kill me to reach down like that."

"No prob," he shrugged, switching smoothly back to American slang. But, dammit, there was a 'prob.' He was about to touch his sister's pussy. It had been virtually impossible to get over seeing it a few days ago. Now he had to touch it? He tried to think about something else.

Jess misinterpreted his hesitation. She looked hurt and embarrassed as she began to slide her legs closed. "If you don't want..."

"No, I want," he reached forward to stop her knees from closing. "Wait, that didn't sound right. I mean, I'm fine with..."

"I know what you meant bro," she smirked. "And thanks. Really. I don't think many guys would be excited at the prospect of washing their sister's goods."

Ah, but that was exactly his problem. He wasn't many guys and he was very excited at the prospect of washing his sister's goods. He just wished he wasn't.

He rolled her covering towel up a bit more and reached beneath it with his washcloth-covered hand, intending to start at her vulva, get a little lather in her pubic hair and gently work downwards to her 'goods' proper. His plan went awry when his washcloth slicked against perfectly smooth skin.

The surprise had shown on his face before he realized it.

Jess giggled. "I wondered how you would react. I got waxed down there the afternoon before the surgery silly."

"Why?" he blurted out.

"Why do you think? 'Cause it's summer and that means bikini season. Plus, all the hot studs that are going to do me will complain about getting hairs in their teeth if I don't. Don't your boyfriends make you shave your goodies?"

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