Stoned In Texas


In a crowded pizzeria in the North Beach section of San Francisco sit two men in suits and ties, enjoying their lunch. Bill is thirty something and his friend Steve is in his mid forties. Bill says, "So you never told me about your business trip to Texas. Did you have a good time? Anything interesting happen?"

Steve answers. "Actually, something did happen, but I figured you'd never believe me, so I didn't bother to tell you about it."

"Mmmm, okay, this I've got to hear about, and I promise to believe anything you tell me, short of alien abduction."

"Well alright. I've been dying to tell someone, believe me or not... ...It was late on the Saturday afternoon and with nothing better to do I decided to visit the mall I'd seen a couple blocks from my hotel. I figured there must be some sort of gadget store I could waste a little time in and of course malls are usually a good place for a little casual girl watching.

So I get to the mall and sure enough, I must be in Texas cuz right next to the Victoria's Secret store was a huge store called of all things Stetsons-is-U.S. I'm not kidding. It was aisle after aisle of nothing but cowboy hats as far as the eye could see. I bought one as a gift for the boss.

I stepped out of the store, noticed my shoelace was untied, and walked over to one of those benches that are placed so conveniently around a mall and sat down to tie it. I sat there awhile looking around. There were many attractive women and girls and I was enjoying watching them, but my eye kept wandering back to a lovely young brunette standing in front of the Victoria's Secret. She seemed to be looking anxiously about her and checking her watch. There was something about her. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. And as I watched her she seemed so familiar. And then it struck me. Yes, I was in Texas, but as everyone knows, Texas is a big state. The odds were against it. But there she was just a couple yards away from me. Tawnee Stone. The most beautiful girl on the internet. The only girl who successfully tempted me into paying for the privilege of visiting her website.

As soon as I had recognized her I was on my feet and walking towards her. 'Hi,' I said, holding out my hand. 'My name is Steve. I'm a big fan.'

'Why thank you Steve.' she said, warmly shaking my hand 'It's always nice to meet a fan.'"

Bill said, " You're telling me you met Tawnee Stone? The Tawnee Stone? That is ONE SEXY GIRL."

" She's even sexier in person, but I did more than just meet her. Let me tell my story... ... So then I said to her, 'This is a long shot, I know, but I'd be honored to take you to dinner.' And that is when a miracle happened.

'You know,' her next words were, 'Steve, was it? This is your lucky day. My boyfriend was supposed to meet me here and take me to dinner. He's now...' and here she looked at her watch 'over half an hour late. He's done this once too often. So I would be very glad to go to dinner with you. Let's go.' And then she took my arm.

As I walked through the mall with this internet goddess on my arm I was feeling ten feet tall. I must have been the envy of every man who looked our way."

"Are you trying to make me believe you actually got to take Tawnee Stone to dinner?"

"I'm not trying to make you believe anything. I told you before I started that I didn't think you'd believe my story... ...Out in the parking lot as we reached the car she must have recognized it as a rental because she then asked, 'You from out of town, Steve?'

'In town on business.' I said, 'Staying at the Big As Texas hotel.' THIS IS WHEN THE NEXT MIRACLE HAPPENED.

She said, 'Even better. We can get dinner from room service, if that's alright with you?'

I undoubtedly broke laws and probably endangered lives driving to the hotel. When we had entered the room she said, 'It's still a little early for dinner. Since you're a fan of my work maybe I could show you a few poses. Would you like that?'

'Hell yes.' I said.

She crawled to the center of the bed. I pulled a chair over and positioned it for easy viewing. She was wearing a pretty black sweater top and blue jeans that looked very much like an outfit I remembered from one of her photo shoots. She removed and tossed her shoes to the floor and then knelt with her hands on her legs, arched her back, smiled at me and said, 'click' She placed her right hand on her left breast, held the pose for a second, and again said, 'click'. With two hands she pulled the black sweater top up past her navel, stopped a moment with her hands held between her breasts and again said, 'click' With each new pose she would say 'click'.

--Sweater removed and held over head with some of her hair still clinging to it.-- --Several poses in bra and pants, sitting and laying down.-- --Standing on the bed with pants unbuttoned and panties just barely visible.-- --Pants pulled down just past the knees, pretty white bra and panties plainly visible.-- --Jeans completely removed facing away from me with hands on ankles giving me a wonderful view of her delicious ass.-- --Then several more poses in bra and panties, some standing, some sitting, or kneeling, some in reclining positions.-- --Some poses she'd pull down a bra cup to give me a peek at her nipple.-- --Some poses she played with her panties, giving a peek of pussie here, a peek of bare ass there.

Then she knelt closer to me, her chest pushed forward. She said, 'This bra unhooks from the front. Would you like to unhook it for me?'

So I did. I stood up, walked over and unhooked her bra. As the bra fell aside I cupped those firm round boobs, one in each hand and felt the nipples stiffen. Emboldened by this response I gently placed my lips on hers, felt her lips part slightly, so I slid my tongue into her mouth. And then she started twisting her tongue around in her mouth and in mine in wickedly wonderful ways and I suddenly thought, 'I'm kissing Tawnee Stone and She's kissing me back!' As we kissed I continued to fondle her breasts and I felt her unbuttoning my shirt. Then she was unbuckling my belt and unfastening the my pants button . Then she was pulling the zipper down.

She brought her hands up pushed gently against my now bare chest while withdrawing her tongue from my mouth and pulling her face back from mine. She then said, 'Finish undressing Steve and then I'd like you to help me off with my panties.' Putting both her hands on my cheeks she gave me a firm closed mouth kiss on my lips and then she lay back on the bed."

"Are you saying you actually fucked Tawnee Stone?"

" Actually, I believe what I've said was that I met her, she went to my hotel with me, posed for me, that I fondled her breasts and that we kissed. Now would you like to hear the rest of the story?"

"Sorry, I'll let you tell it your own way. Please tell me the rest of your story."

Steve looks at his watch and says, "Unfortunately the rest of the story will have to wait for another time. If we don't get a move on we'll be late back to work"

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