tagMatureStorm, Snow, and Sex

Storm, Snow, and Sex

byCute Breasts©

It was a busy and nerve wracking night. This was it. Jaspreet's dream was finally coming true. For the longest time, she had wanted to start her own catering company. And after some long hours and hard work, her dream was to finally come true. She had landed a contract with a local charity organisation that was holding their annual fundraiser. Through some shrewd negotiation and maketing skills, Jaspreet landed the gig to cater their entire event.

Jaspreet was truly happy. She felt like she was finally getting her life back on track after going through a rough couple of years. As it turned out, she had gotten an arranged marriage after she had finished going to a prestigious culinary school in Vancouver. But good fortune was not in her favour. The husband she had married ended up being an emotional drain on her. It got to the point where she could not stand it anymore and one day, she picked up and moved across the other side of the country to Toronto. It was there that she began the formal divorce procedures and after a year, successfully became a single woman after years and years of turmoil.

With some smart investments she made on the Toronto Stock Exchange, she managed to save up enough money to begin her own catering firm. Along the way, Jaspreet befriended a student, Rohan, that was working at the same restaurant where she was a sous chef. They had developed a good working relationship and when it came time to hire employees, Rohan was the first person she called and offered him a job.

After working the contacts she had developed over the years, Jaspreet managed to land a contract with a charity that involved raising money for Iraqi victims of war. Although this was a local charity, they had far reaching hands and had become very influential in the city. It was quite an exciting time for her.

The event turned out to be a huge success. The charity raised just under $200 000 dollars that night and everyone raved about the food. Jaspreet had made some good contacts that night that were sure to pay off in the future.

The event ended at around 11.30 at night, later than what Jaspreet had anticipated. Her team managed to do an efficient job at cleaning everything up and packing away the majority of the stuff. Given that most of her employees were students, and not to mention the fact that the weather had taken a turn for the worst, she let them leave soon after. Only Jaspreet and Rohan were left in the hall.

By the time Jaspreet and Rohan had loaded up the truck with everything, the snow was coming down pretty hard. This was odd considering it was the middle of March. But then again, this was Canada. It had also gotten bitterly cold as well. Combined with the wind, it was probably close to -25 Celsius.

As a favour to Rohan, , Jaspreet had agreed to pick him up from home and drop him off as well.

Needless to say the ride back to Rohan's house was quite slow. Visibility was really bad since the snow was blowing all over the road. It was almost whiteout conditions in the city.

"My car doesn't feel right," said Jaspreet as they came near Rohan's house.

"What do you mean?" asked Rohan.

"I don't know. It just seems like its driving heavier than usual...like something is holding it back," replied Jaspreet.

"It's probably because of the snow. I'll take a look at it when we pull up." Not long after, Jaspreet pulled up in front of Rohan's house.

"Let me just take a look at your tires," said Rohan. He got out of the car and inspected the vehicle. Sure enough he discovered what he had suspected. He ran back inside the car.

"I got some bad news for you. You have a flat tire," said Rohan.

"What? Are you serious?" exclaimed a disappointed Jaspreet. "What am I going to do now?"

"Well you know what?" said Rohan. "Why don't you stay the night here. There is no way a tow truck is going to come out in this weather. Plus, it's already 1:30 in the morning. It's not safe driving with a flat in this weather."

"No no Rohan, I'll figure something out. I don't want to be a bother to you and your family."

"No Bother. We can't do anything about right now anyways. And my parents aren't even in town. They went to a wedding in Surrey. They'll be there all week. The house is completely empty. I have plenty of room."

"I don't know Rohan, I don't want to be a burden," said a concerned Jaspreet.

"Don't be ridiculous. This is the least I can do for you after you gave me a ride."

After some hesitation, Jaspreet agreed to stay the night at Rohan's house. Jaspreet grabbed her essentials and ran inside with Rohan into the house.

When they entered into the house, the house was warm and toasty. Rohan took Jaspreet's coat and put it in the closet.

"Wow Rohan, you have a very beautiful house here," commented Jaspreet as she looked around.

"Thank you," replied Rohan has he smiled.

"Here, you might as well hang my blazer up as well." Jaspreet took off her blazer, revealing her lovely, long, low cut spaghetti strap dress. Rohan couldn't help but notice her large, plump breasts which could barely contain themselves inside her dress. As tempting as it was to take a peek at her chest, Rohan tried his best to look away.

"Come in, sit down. Make yourself at home." The two walked into the family room.

"Wow, this is really nice Rohan. I like the accent colours along the fireplace. It gives the room a nice, warm feeling," commented Jaspreet.

"Yeah, that was actually my idea. I painted that wall when my parents were at work one day. They were surprised at first but ended up liking it in the end."

Rohan told Jaspreet that he'll be right back. He ran upstairs. Jaspreet, meanwhile, spent some time looking at all the family pictures that were on display at various locations around the room. A few minutes later, Rohan came downstairs with an Indian suit in hand.

"I know you don't have an extra change of clothes so I found this in my mom's closet. I hope it's the right size for you," said Rohan.

"Oh Rohan, that is so sweet! I was just thinking of asking you if I can take a shower. I need one so bad," responded Jaspreet.

"Oh yeah, definitely. You can go upstairs. There are fresh towels in the linen closet. Feel right at home."

Jaspreet smiled as Rohan handed her the suit. Jaspreet went upstairs. In the meantime, Rohan got busy in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes that he had left the previous night and preparing some tea and samosas. About 15 minutes later, Jaspreet slowly came walking down the stairs, wearing Rohan's mom Indian suit.

The suit itself wasn't all that special. It was a simple lime green silk suit with matching trousers. The neck of the suit was a bit more low cut than Rohan had anticipated. And it was the top that was the kicker. The suit appeared a bit tight, but not too much, accentuating all Jaspreet's curves; her love handles, her curvy and voluptuous bum. The outline of her belly button was also visable through the thin silk. Most visually appealing, however, were her buxom breasts that pushed up and swelled, creating some amazing cleavage.

As Jaspreet walked down the stairs, her breasts bounced up and down gently and ever so gracefully and with class. Her wet hair fell and bounced off her cleavage as if to tease any eye that dared to lay themselves on her. She looked beautiful.

The second Rohan laid his eyes on Jaspreet, he was taken aback. He had never seen her boss look as beautiful as she did right there and then.

"Hmmm....something smells really nice!" exclaimed Jaspreet in a cheery tone.

"Yeah, I decided to make some samosas my mom had left in the freezer. I never got a chance to eat all day. I am pretty hungry and I am sure you are as well."

Jaspreet walked slowly towards the island in the kitchen, adjacent to the family room. Rohan watched as her thick, 5'4 figure and her massive bust walked over and leaned down over the island counter. She crossed her arms, massively swelling her tits.

"Oh Rohan, you are too kind," said Jaspreet, smiling.

Rohan tried not to look but couldn't help but take a peek at the titillating sight before him.

"No worries," said Rohan, smiling back. "Why don't you have a seat on the sofa. I'll be there with the tea in a second or two."

Jaspreet smiled again and turned back and walked slowly towards the family room. Rohan watched while her chunky, scrumptious ass moved back and forth.

While Jaspreet sat on the sofa, Rohan worked quickly to make the final preparations for the samosas. As soon as they were done, he poured the tea into two cups.

"How many sugars would you like in your chai?" asked Rohan. Jaspreet answered by arching her back as far as possible, trying to make eye contact with Rohan in the kichen across the room, "two tea spoons please," heaving her breasts high into the air, allowing Rohan to get a full view down Jaspreet's low cut suit. At that sight, Rohan felt a tingle in his young, still unerect dick.

As soon as everything was ready, Rohan brought the samosas over from the kitchen to the family room. Jaspreet got up and helped bring the two cups of tea from the kitchen. Rohan set the samosas and two plates down on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa. Jaspreet followed behind, bending over and setting both cups in front of Rohan on the coffee table.

This is where Rohan got a good clear view of her cleavage. The flesh of her breasts were utterly beautiful. The sight of Jaspreet's golden brown, smooth, soft, plump breasts with a hint of her bra visible began to excite his dick, slowly starting to get erect in his pants. A small rush of excitement churned in his stomach. Jaspreet looked at Rohan and smiled.

She then came and sat on the other side of the sofa and they began watching a movie. Things started to get a bit uncomfortable for Rohan an hour or so into the movie. Rohan had his feet up on the couch and slowly but surely Jaspreet had moved closer and closer to Rohan. It wasn't long before Rohan was sitting with his feet still up but with Jaspreet sitting between his legs, leaning against Rohan's body. She grabbed Rohan's arms and wrapped them around her stomach, with her hands over top of his.

Rohan couldn't resist looking down at the swells of her breasts. He was absolutely dumbfounded by the beauty of her cleavage. With the view of her breasts, along with the feeling of the warmth of her body radiating through the silk, the smell of her hair, the sent from her body, it was pretty much inevitable that Rohan's dick would get hard. As hard as he tried, he could not stop it. At first he tried to shift his body to the side in hopes that he could hide it. But the blood kept flowing and not long after, Rohan's dick was long and rock hard. There was no way to hide it.

"Aww...that was sweet..." whispered Jaspreet, referring to the scene in the movie. She looked up at Rohan smiling. At that instinct, without giving it any though, Rohan kissed Jaspreet on the lips...slowly and gently. When Rohan finally realized what he was doing, a sense of panic overwhelmed his senses. But Jaspreet had already given in. She closed her eyes and moved on hand up to Rohan's soft cheek, gently caressing his skin with the tip of her fingers. Her soft touch sent a shiver down Rohan's spin, making his dick even harder.

The two continued slowly kissing each other. Rohan began caressing Jaspreet's cushy stomach and her love handles. Jaspreet encouraged him, moaning ever so softly. Jaspreet began moving her body subtly against Rohan's dick. Her pussy began to tingle as she started to get sexually aroused. Her nipples began to stand erect, clearly visible through her bra and silk top.

They're kissing became more intense over time. Harder and harder they wrestled their lips together. Jaspreet then took Rohan's hand, which was still busy caressing her love handles and moved it down to her pussy. As soon as Rohan's hand made contact with her throbbing fruit through her silk trousers, Jaspreet broke off the kiss and gasped in pleasure. Rohan was amazed at how good her pussy felt, even through her trousers and panties. Slowly, he started to rub and massage her cunt with his fingers, kissing her neck and cheeks while Jaspreet took in the pleasure. In an act of boldness for him, Rohan dared to move his other hand, which was still working Jaspreet's love handles, further up. He began rubbing the side of her breasts and back-fat, caused by her bra. And then, feeling that his chances were good, he cupped Jaspreet's entire right breast with his hand, rubbing and squeezing the massive piece of flesh. Jaspreet shot her head back and moaned, whimpering, "yeah baby..."

As one hand worked her breasts and nipples, Rohan's other hand worked feverishly at her cunt. He began rubbing it up and down faster and more vigorously. Jaspreet started getting really wet as her sex juices began to leak out of her. There was a clear wet spot on her trousers that was visable through the silk. Her gasps and subtle moans had turned to yelps and groans. Her heart began to beat faster as did her breathing rate. Rohan could feel her plump body getting hotter and hotter. By this time Rohan had his entire arm wrapped around Jaspreet's breasts. He was doing anything and everything he could to them; massaging them, squeezing them, manipulating them, toying endlessly with her hard erect nipples.

Rohan couldn't believe how wet Jaspreet had gotten in such a short period of time. His fingers were near drenched by this time. Her body was hotter now than it was ever. She began yelping and moaning loudly. Her teeth were grinding against each other. Her face had turned to a flush red. She kept mumbling something that Rohan couldn't make out. Her legs were spread wide apart. Her own hand was vigorously working her left tit, squeezing it has hard as she could.

And then her orgasm hit her. She sat up straight with her legs spread. With her mouth wide open, her body began to shake and convulse, as if there was an earthquake inside of her. Then with a large gasp of air, she let out a loud grunt followed by numerous screams. Rohan couldn't believe what his fingers had done to her. He wrapped his arm around her tits, which were shaking as each wave of orgasm struck her. He squeezed her breasts as hard as he could while at the same time holding her as close to his body as possible.

"Oh my God....yes!" screamed Jaspreet. Pussy juice flowed out of her body freely. Rohan's hand was literally drenched in her cum. He still vigourously rubbed her pussy until it became so sensitive that she couldn't handle the shear amount of pleasure any longer. Jaspreet forcefully grabbed his hand and made it stop, allowing her body to orgasm to its final stages. Rohan took both his hands and put them on both her breasts, getting a good grip on each breast, squeezing and manipulating them, causing her breasts to swell up in size. Jaspreet continued to gasp and moan as her orgasm reached its finality.

Jaspreet leaned against Rohan's body. Still trying to catch her breath, the two began to make out again. Rohan, who couldn't get enough of Jaspreet's breasts, continued to squeeze and manipulate them, to the great pleasure of Jaspreet.

She then broke off the kiss. She got off of Rohan, turned around, and faced him. She was on all fours. Her low cut silk top allowed her cleavage to reveal themselves to Rohan once more. How beautifully they hung under the silk adorned material; two round pieces of soft meaty flesh, just begging for Rohan's attention.

It was almost as if Rohan's heart was perpetually skipping beats. His dick was never has hard as it was right now.

Jaspreet looked down eagerly at Rohan's buldge. Slowly, she slipped off Rohan's track pants and threw them off to the side. She stared down at his underwear, which was barely containing his large hardened dick. Part of his dickhead popped out over the waistband. Jaspreet looked at Rohan and smiled naughtily. Her pussy tingled at the thought of having her way with his young piece of sexual flesh. Rohan lifted his pelvis up and Jaspreet removed the last remaining entity that separated her from him. A rush of sexual excitement coursed through her at the instant Rohan's dick was exposed. Her heart began to beat faster. She was awed by the sheer beauty of his flesh. A perfectly circumcised head, thick, but not too thick, every vein placed perfectly along his shaft, and it looked like he had just shaved that area; not a single piece of hair remained to be scene. His balls, perfectly symmetrical to each other, hung down eagerly anticipating producing the very nectar that Jaspreet was yearning for. She sat for a second and admired it, watching it quiver up and down every so often. Sensing an overwhelming feeling of infatuation for Rohan, she squeezed her arms together, forcing her breasts to come together causing her massive cleavage to reveal themselves once more. Upon seeing those two massive pieces of meat come together, his dick quivered up and down numerous times. With that, Jaspreet knew that her tits were objects of his desires.

Feeling the heat of the sexual energy radiating through her thick body, she freed herself of her silk top, slipping it over her head, revealing her tits, barely being contained under her lace bra. Rohan's stopped breathing momentarily. As amazing as her breasts looked under the silk top, they were even more amazing with her bra exposed.

Jaspreet stood up on her knees, reached in and kissed Rohan while she unhooked her bra from behind. She broke the kiss and squeezed her arms together, allowing the bra to slide off her silky smooth caramel skin. She sat back down with her tits fully exposed to Rohan's yearning eyes. Shyly, Jaspreet squeezed her breasts together again. Rohan's heart skipped another few beats as he stared at them. They were utterly beautiful. They looked so smooth, smoother than the silk that just seconds ago was lucky enough to adorn her body. Her areolas were large, but proportional to the size of her bust. Her nipples stood erect, pointing straight at Rohan, as if they too were begging for his supple body. His dick continued quivering up and down repeatedly as the sexual energy continued to build in his thick cock flesh.

Jaspreet got off the sofa and onto the carpeted floor on her knees. She sat in between Rohan's legs. She looked up at Rohan and gave him a naughty look. Slowly, she took her hand and caressed his balls, gently juggling them between her fingers; then moving up along his shaft and eventually to the tip of his dick.

"God, your skin is so smooth...so soft," whispered Jaspreet, amazed at how good his smooth sex felt.

She then took both her breasts and began to rub his dick between them. Slowly, she started from the tip of his dick and moved her breasts down to his hanging balls and then up again. Rohan sighed in pleasure and shot his head back. You can only imagine how it felt for Rohan, his smooth dick being fucked by two large, soft pieces of mammary flesh. He looked down and watched his dick appear and disappear between her tits. Jaspreet began to sigh in pleasure as well, as the feeling of a hot, thick dick glided like silk between her tits.

A rush of infatuation coursed through Jaspreet. She squeezed her tits as tight as she could around Rohan, as if she wanted to hug it and nurture it.

"Yes..." whimpered Rohan as her breasts began moving faster up and down his cock. Rohan's body started moving in rhythm with Jaspreet's. While holding her tits in her hand, Jaspreet began massaging her erect nipples with her thumbs, rubbing them hard, sending erotic sensations all throughout her body.

"God baby, you feel so good," said Jaspreet softly, rubbing her tits against his cock faster and faster. She looked up at Rohan. His eyes were tightly shut and his mouth wide open. He began to sigh and moan softly, like he was eventually going to cum.

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