tagFetishStory of a Sissy

Story of a Sissy


With a bit of red wine and a cigarette, I strip down and run a warm wash cloth over my privates making sure I'm moistening and softening my skin for the cool yet fiery cream that will take away my ugly hairs. I stand in front of the mirror, growing hard as I smooth a thick layer of cream from my waist down to my ankles. Thankfully I don't get hair on my feet.

I stand admiring my work, one hip thrust out in a slutty fashion. I stare up my cream covered legs past my hips and up to my chest. I look at my lips and face as I draw deep on my cigarette. I'm getting good with the lipstick, but my face still looks like a 14 year old girl did it. My skin is used to the burn, now it actually serves as a stimulant for my hardness. My clit/cock is standing at right angles to my torso and I smoke...drawing in my cheeks deeply and thrust my chest and ass in opposite directions as I exhale. I'm such a dirty girl and I can hardly restrain myself, I wish the effects of the hair cream was instantaneous. I sip my wine and smoke my Newport, I admire the lipstick stains on the filter and on my bulbous wine glass.

It's ready to be removed and I take the plastic spatula that comes with the package and slowly remove my hair. I started using the cream when I moved to Europe. Shaving was so tedious and messy. I struggled with the instructions because they were in a foreign language, and the first time I did it I used two tubes instead of one that I've since learned to make due. I start the removal at the base of my cock and balls to get the cleanest removal and then along my ass crack, then my thighs and calves. I run warm water over my smooth body and revel in the silky smoothness of my feminine lower body. I am hard as steel and my mind is actually tingling with excitement.

I get out of the shower and run water for a bath. Candles and slow jazz fill the air with delicious femininity. I pour bath beads in the tub and set my wine and smokes where I can reach them. Getting in the tub is sensual and I lounge in the water drinking wine and listening to music.

About a half hour into it, you come home. You stop in to the bath and you're only wearing your work blouse, white-collared, starch with tapered tails that drop just over your pantied ass and front. Your thighs look like milk and your sipping a glass of red wine. You stare at me knowingly, you know all about my girlish fetish and you don't care, you seem to like it. You seem to want it as much as me. You put your fingers in your panties and rub them along your slipperiness as you saunter toward me. I see them glistening as you pull them from out of your panties and slip them into my lipsticked mouth.

"Taste me darling," you say and I comply. You slip and slid your two fingers in my mouth and I suck them like a cock. My eyes closed, my tongue running along the tips I imagine it's the tip of a cock and I moan softly. Your fingers slide out and your hand caresses my smooth face and you look lovingly in my eyes. You caress my face with your fingers and hands and I respond blissfully.

We have two baths on either side of our master bedroom and you retire to yours to go thru your ritual. It's a lovely routine that is dripping with sensuality. I towel off, powder myself with baby powder and lay on the bed on a pile of pillows watching you thru the open door. You are permanently shaved—electrolysis. You are smooth as silk all the time. Your pussy is perpetually wet, it was one of the things you treated yourself to when you became a corporate lawyer and had the money.

"It's because you are such a wonderful pussy licker honey," you told me when you had it done. "It is one of my great turn on's knowing I'm silky smooth for your wet mouth and tongue. I love that my pussy is always ready to be taken into your mouth at a moment's notice."

God, I knew you were the one when you did that—when you said those words to me. You smoke cigarettes while you remove the makeup from the day, strip, run your bath and lay back and enjoy the warmth and fragrance of coconut and lavender. You use the shower head submerged in the bubbles and I can see the look on your face, your wonderful smile tells me that you are enjoying yourself. I lay on the bed lightly caressing my smoothly shaved crotch and ass. My knees up, legs spread, revealing my lower body to your view. I lightly rub circles on my smooth balls imagining I'm rubbing a clit.

You finish your bath and look at me hungrily. You close the door to finish your routine. I put on my thigh-high stockings, satin thong panties, my negligee, and sit down to paint my toes and nails. I finish and walk around the bedroom looking at myself in the many mirrors on the walls of our room. I feel wonderful. I feel like a sissy-boy, I feel like a lover, I feel submissive and sexy at once.

You come out and sit on the vanity and I bring a chair to sit across from you. You are wearing a Victoria secrets open-bottom silk girdle, six silk straps with thigh highs snapped into place. No panties under your girdle and a matching bra—a pair of heels with straps—like an Egyptian goddess would wear are waiting to be put on. I get the nail polish—the same color as mine—and I paint your nails. I tease you while I slowly brush your nails...I'm also slowly, languidly petting your smooth pussy. Because your sitting on the chair with your legs casually spread, I can see your smoothness—it's as if it's oiled up, but I know you're wet. Your panty girdle is open bottom so I have easy access and in between each nail I paint, I fondle lightly and playfully with your cunt. Not ever rushing you, or feeling like we need to get to the finish...I want you to urge me, to want it more quickly than I am willing to give.

You love the game. I sometimes slip two fingers inside so I can get a taste of your loveliness. Sometimes my fingers seem to drip with your current. You love the game even more and by the time I'm ready to paint your toes you are kissing me wildly on my mouth. The same mouth that's been swallowing your cum and I know that because of the urgency in your lips that you love the taste of your own pussy. You swab my mouth with your tongue and I push you back down in your seat.

I take your foot in my hands to start painting your toenails. Your feet are the most lovely affairs I've ever had. I know this sounds shallow, but your feet are a huge reason why I believe you are the one for me. They are smooth, soft, dainty—your arches are splendidly curved and your toes fit perfectly in my mouth. You love my wet mouth on your toes, between them, sucking them, licking them—worshipping them. I draw your left foot up to my mouth and run the tip of my tongue along the tips of each toe as lightly as I possibly can imagine doing—then I try to be more delicate. I swipe softly back and forth along your toes, dipping occasionally along the silken pads of each toe and then back across the tops and then underneath, I'm making love to your toes, like your toes are a cock or a pussy, like your feet are sexual organs that if they could shoot cum on my face, I would be delighted. Your eyes close, your mouth opens, and from within you escapes a moan that sounds as if it's coming from inside my mind, the moan itself is like a guiding hand, telling me what to do next, how to lick and suck your toes and you are turned on but you can't touch yourself because your nails are still wet but your urgency is immediately clear as you thrust your hips up and your feet deep into my mouth. Your entire foot is in my mouth and I'm slobbering like a hooker on your foot. You either had a little orgasm or forced yourself to stop, probably the latter because you place your foot in my lap and I dry it off and finish painting your toes.

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