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Story Of My Life


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My story happened almost two years ago this month. My name is Susan and my husband’s name is John. I'm considered to be attractive and have always taken good care of myself. I'm proud to say my husband’s friends have always told him they were envious of him to have me. Most men find me attractive, but my large breasts (34d), flat stomach, and especially my firm bottom and muscular thighs get the most attention, although I have to admit I've never really dressed to show them off. I'm not really old fashioned but I guess I've always dressed conservatively.

We dated through most of our college years and married soon after graduation. I remained a virgin until our wedding night, which was something my husband had insisted on. I continued working part-time at one of his businesses for a few years until we decided it was time to start our family. After trying for two years with no results we decided it was time to seek some professional help.

We found a doctor who suggested to abstain from sex for about six weeks to let my husbands sperm count build up in combination with putting me on a strong fertility drug. Then at the most fertile time of my cycle we should try again. We checked the calendar and in six weeks a wedding reception was coming up. A friend of John's from school was getting married and we both looked forward to the very much-needed night out together. We marked it on the calendar as our "date night".

Since the night of the reception would be my most fertile time I planned to make the most of it by buying a new outfit much different than I normally wear to surprise John. It was a very short aqua colored dress that was made of a nylon spandex like material that gave it a kind of shiny metallic look as it tightly hugged my curves. It showed a lot of cleavage and was very low in the back with a zipper. To match I bought a pair of shiny aqua panties of the same material that matched perfectly and decided not to wear any kind of a bra, something I've never done even though I knew my nipples would probably show through if I got cold.

When the night arrived I put on my new dress, and stood in front of the mirror. Wow!, it didn't even look like me. Even though the dress was supposed to look classy it was so tight it appeared to be painted on my body. I knew I looked hot and couldn't wait to see John's reaction. I was already feeling a tingling sensation in my panties just from the way it made me feel to wear this almost "slutty" outfit.

Then the phone rang. It was John and he said they were having some serious problems at work and he didn't think he could get away. By the sound of his voice I knew he felt terrible. John convinced me that Brad would be there and would take care of me and introduce me to the other guests. Brad is John’s business rival. They are good friends, but were very competitive and were always trying to get the best of each other. I didn't really know Brad very well but I did remember him to be about 6'4' and built like any women's dream.

When I got to the party, I felt a little uncomfortable since I didn't recognize anyone. Then I saw him. Brad was even more of a hunk than I remembered. I could tell he was also impressed with the way I looked too. He smiled, walked up, and kissed me hello asking where John was tonight. I explained the situation to him, which didn't seem to disappoint him much and with a curious gleam in his eye he asked me if I wanted to talk and get a drink. As we walked to a table he told me he was alone too, loved to dance, and would be honored to be my partner tonight. Since John isn't much of a dancer, I figured it might be fun.

Hours went by fast and I found him to be very charming, although I did have to watch him on the slow ones to keep him from touching me a little too close. Later as the night went on I began to relax and found myself enjoying him so close to me. I started to look forward to each slow dance. It felt good to be held so close as we swayed with the rhythm of the music. One problem though was his muscular body was rubbing so close to the thinly covered material on my breasts it was stimulating me and causing a renewed tingling sensation in my panties. I just hadn't expected this sensitivity since I never usually go bra-less. My breasts have always been very sensitive and my husband knows it's the quickest way to get me hot. Several times as we sat and talked I knew he must have accidentally gotten a view of my sexy matching panties as the shiny material tightly covered my mound. I was embarrassed and worried that he could see how wet I was getting. My god, I was getting turned on dancing with this man. I wasn't the only one who noticed. I looked up and saw Brad staring down at the shiny material covering my nipples and realized that they were erect and sticking through like bullets. I could feel the blood rush through my face as I blushed. Several times in the evening I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom.

When we danced again he reached around me and began to caress my ass as we swayed together. I didn't resist. I could tell he enjoyed the feeling of the spandex dress against the shiny panties covering my tight bottom, because I could feel his growing erection begin to press against my flat tummy. I couldn't tell how big it was but knew it must be much bigger than my husband. I wondered to myself as we swayed what a big cock might feel like and began rubbing myself against it, until to my disappointment, the dance ended. This snapped me out of it and I quickly realized I was starting to go too far. I was getting very drunk.

When I told Brad I needed to go he insisted I wait awhile until I sobered up a little. I have to admit I was having trouble walking. I told him I wanted to call my husband to come and get me and asked him to just help me find a phone. He agreed and we began walking to the lobby since the reception was at a rather large hotel. As we walked and laughed we realized neither of us had change for a pay phone. Brad offered to let me use the one in his room and I joked with him that a lady would never go to a stranger’s hotel room. We laughed again as he bowed and assured me he was a gentlemen.

Once inside, I stood trying to dial the phone to call John. I was feeling better but was still rather unsteady and felt Brad standing behind me to balance me when I dialed. As it rang Brad gently rubbed the sides of my hips. When he didn't answer I turned to tell Brad and the next thing I new his mouth was touching mine. His lips were unlike those of my husbands, and even though I knew I shouldn't be doing this, I opened my mouth and we began kissing. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and pulled me close as he began to rub my bottom again. It felt so good. But, I knew I had to stop him. I broke away from his kiss and reminded him I was a married woman and also his friend’s wife. I told him I should go back to wait in the lobby. He whispered his apology in my ear and told me he was having trouble controlling himself because I looked so hot as I stood there swaying in that tight dress. He said John was a very lucky man to have a woman who looked and dressed like me and that he was sorry that I didn't want him, but he also understood. Boy, he really knew what to say, and he was such a gentleman about it! And I was so horny!

I told him that it wasn't that I didn't want to, but I was married and couldn't get carried away. I don't know why but I had to kiss him again. I opened my mouth to feel his tongue once more before I left. Six weeks was so long. I was just getting ready to break away again when he began to gently stroke my left breast through the soft shiny material of my dress. Just a few minutes longer and then I would go. I wasn't too worried because I knew I could just stop him anytime anyway, he wasn't being forceful at all but still a gentlemen. I convinced myself that it was just a little harmless petting, something I had done with other guys while still in college. John would never know, just a little harmless thrill.

It felt so good I had to let him continue. He pulled the top of my dress down a little exposing my nipples further as we kissed. He began to gently roll them between his fingertips as I rubbed his muscular chest. This man was gorgeous. When he unzipped the back of my dress and pulled my breasts out of the top to lick and suck them it startled me. I started to pull away so he increased his sucking to a point it felt to good to stop. I just couldn't believe what I was doing and my mind was racing so fast. My knees started getting weak and I had to sit down on the edge of the bed. Just a little longer I told myself, after all it had been six weeks.

We lay back on the bed and I could feel his hands begin to caress the silkiness of my inner thighs. When I didn't resist his hand pulled the hem of my dress up and I could feel him softly begin massaging my pussy through the material. Direct contact, this is what I needed. I moaned. His hands pushed my legs farther apart and he gently cupped the soft moistness of my cunt through my panties. I thought I would wet my pants right there. It felt so good. I figured I would let him do this for a few minutes more and then I would have to make him stop. Brad pulled the crotch of my panties aside and his hand was now inside with one of his fingers moving into the tight opening of my cunt. As my pussy got wetter and hotter he just continued to insert more fingers. Finally I moaned, "Brad, we have to stop, please! I'm getting so hot, I shouldn't be here!" He responded by moving his mouth down my stomach and began to mouth the shiny material of my panties over my clit. My God! He was going to eat my pussy, something my husband has never done! When he began to pull off my panties I finally stopped him and told him we were getting carried away and I couldn't let that happen. He said he understood and again promised he wouldn't do anything I didn't want him to do and would stop when I said so. He promised me no one would know. With that assurance I lifted my hips to let him pull my panties the rest of the way off. I just had to feel this sensation of his mouth on my opening.

I lay back and he began by slowly kissing the area around my labia before he began to lick my very wet cunt lips and clit. While he did this he continued to pinch my nipples and move his fingers inside of me. I was in ecstasy as it was everything I imagined it would be. He knew just what to do with a woman. Before long I began to feel my orgasm build within me. I looked forward to the release that had been building for so long. John very rarely makes me come so I was really looking forward to it and told myself I would stop afterwards. I needed it too bad. I was getting so hot now I was moaning very loudly and didn't even notice him remove his pants and move up between my legs.

When I felt his lips touch mine I opened my eyes to see Brad above me and looked down to see him guiding his huge cock in between my quivering cunt lips. It was enormous and nearly twice the size of my husbands. I trembled at the huge size as he began to push the fat knob of the head into me. "Brad no, stop, we can’t. I’m not protected!", I screamed. His next response surprised me, "I promise I'll pull out, please...I have to feel inside of you for just a few moments, oh you, yes...feel...so gooood!", and he continued to piston a few more inches into me. I was horrified. He wasn't going to stop!!! He was going to fuck me! I protested again, "No, Brad please!, don't please, please! I begged, "I can't...not today...my husbands...waiting for me...I'm ovuulatttingggg..ooohhhhhnnnoooo!". I tried to squeeze my legs together, but I was too close, I was starting to cum already as he sank in further, stretching my cunt lips apart, already more than ever before. My body then betrayed me as my hips began to push and move against him with my building orgasm. I couldn't help it. I couldn't even speak. I could only moan and push back as he began to fuck me towards climax.

He thrust in and out, sinking deeper into my pussy with every push until finally his entire shaft was into the hilt filling me completely. His pubic bone ground flat against mine. I started to mouth a protest again when I felt his huge shaft push even deeper until it touched my cervix at the opening of my womb. That did it. I exploded in my first real orgasm ever I thought I was going to pass out as wave upon wave of pleasure went through my body.

When I finally recovered I realized my pussy had adjusted to his huge size and his massive cock was sliding smoothly in and out of my wet slit. All thoughts of my husband and my unprotected eggs were gone. I was in love with his huge cock. My body finally had what it had been waiting for all night. I was moaning as he slammed himself into me, bucking with the pure pleasure his cock was giving me. It was fantastic having such a large, powerful forbidden cock inside me, and I felt my second climax building up in my stomach very quickly. I was going to come again! Brad's thrusting then got stronger and I realized he was about to come too. I was somewhat disappointed because I knew he would have to pull out before I came again. I was so close.

Then I felt it. The feeling that I've yearned for again every day since that moment. His whole body lurched forward and I felt the tip of his penis smash against my cervix. He groaned loudly and shot the first spurt of his semen deep within me. My god, he wasn't pulling out! He was coming inside of me! I was filled with both the feelings of ecstasy and absolute terror. I tried to push him off , but it was too late. His hands were holding down mine and he was pushing into me with all the strength and intensity of his orgasm. What really surprised me is it felt so incredible! When my husband comes it just dribbles out of him. But with Brad I could feel his hot sperm literally shooting into me. It fired with enough force and quantity I could literally feel each forbidden jet hit my cervix and penetrate through my womb. "You said you..would pull out!", I gasped, "Oh...I..can feel it.. your coming...inside me...oh no...oh no...not.now..oh,..feels..so good.. I'm comming...ooohhhh.!", as my hips again involuntarily began to push hard against him. The most intense orgasm I've ever had hit me as he continued to thrust and all I could do was grab his ass and pull him into me further. My entire conscience was focused on this pleasure between my legs now and I screamed with the greatest sexual experience of my life. Wave upon wave of ecstasy went through my body as I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me deeper. It was wonderful. I could feel his seed pouring out of me and down the crack of my ass as he kept spurting. I couldn't believe there was so much of it. As the waves subsided, I could feel the hot warmth of his load spreading out into the depths of my body, searching for my eggs. I just lay there in a dreamlike state marveling at the feeling of what was happening inside me.

When reality began to return the fear of what I had done returned too. I looked down between my spread out legs to see the shiny coating of his seed as it clung to the shaft of his cock still partially inside of me. What had I done! I began to cry. Brad noticed and looked deeply into my eyes as he continued to slowly pump his now shrinking tool. As he did I could feel more of his come oozing out of my swollen pussy. "You said you would pull out...you promised! What if you got me pregnant, your not my husband!", I whimpered. His response shocked me, "Susan I'm sorry, you looked and felt too good... I never imagined you would actually let me fuck you...Susan...John's beautiful wife!...when you said you were fertile tonight...well... I just had to give you mine...to make sure you had my baby... ".

I paused and looked at him. It all became perfectly clear. I understood now it was really just another competition. He was getting the best of John. I began to get angry then not at just Brad, but John, for letting me get into this situation.

At that point it didn't matter anymore. It was done. I could never explain this to my husband. The night we planned together as our "date night". I had let Brad achieve the greatest victory of one rival male over another. John would never be able to do better than that.

As I thought about how crazy all of this was I realized my legs were still wrapped around him and he was still gently thrusting his cock inside of me as he held me down. It really was a soothing feeling and even when he was soft he was still larger than my husband. I looked up at him and realized my body was starting to respond again. He kissed me again very gently and began softly licking my nipples. To my surprise I could feel his member was beginning to get hard again. My husband had never been able to recover so fast. I knew I had to stop this time, just in case there was a chance it wasn't too late. I couldn't be so stupid to let him take me again! I let Brad fuck me once and now he was starting to do it again. But as he continued I realized I couldn't stop him. I was still very turned on by what I had done. It felt too good. I was getting exactly what I needed and didn't ever want it to stop. My hips again began to meet each of his thrusts. He released my hands and we began what turned out to be a very slow, even romantic fuck. We continued for a long time as I blocked out all thought of everything except how wonderful his large cock felt pistoning in and out of my wet cunt. His big dick again filled me completely and was stretching my pussy to it's limits, something I knew that my husband will never be able to do. I had no idea sex with another man could feel so good. As we fucked I had several smaller orgasms that seemed to just run together. I lifted my head up and began to suck the nipples on his chest. After a while Brad panted, "I'm going to come again, should I pull out?" My response still surprises me to this day. As another orgasm built up inside me I begged, "No, come inside me, I want to to feel it...again..come inside of me...please!" He smiled, kissed me, and picked up his rhythm. Before long he stiffened, and again I felt him shoot an incredible load of his sperm into me as I pushed my cunt up to meet each thrust. I could feel each jet hitting my cervix again, which triggered another deep orgasm as it penetrated into my womb. When it hit me, I screamed and clawed at his back. It felt as if the whole world was whirling round; it was so wonderful. Even my nipples burned. God, it felt so wonderfully taboo to think I was letting another man intentionally impregnate me with his child. It was the ultimate betrayal of my husband and I had completely submitted to him in every way. I knew that this betrayal is what excited me and made my orgasm so intense.

When he finally rolled off of me and pulled his long cock from my red and swollen pussy. I slowly sat up on my elbows and looked down at how totally fucked I looked. My pretty dress was bunched up around my waste and my soaked panties were hanging on one ankle. My pussy was swollen and red and my pubic hair was matted and soaked with his cum. My breasts were red and covered with marks from his intense sucking. But what was really amazing was the river of cum that was oozing from my stretched out opening and pooling on the bed beneath me. I grabbed a pillow and put it under my bottom to help elevate my womb. I wanted to keep it's warmth inside of me a little longer. I was so opened up as I lay there I wondered if I would ever be able to feel my husbands small cock inside of me again. Brad laughed and assured me it would be our secret.

I knew I couldn't go home like this so I jumped into his shower and cleaned up as well as I could. When I finished I returned to see Brad sleeping on the bed with his wonderfully slimy cock lying peacefully across his stomach. I slipped my dress on and pulled up what was left of my panties. I left wondering if I would see him again but didn't want to risk arousing him again either. When I got home luckily John was sleeping. I quickly went into the bathroom and slipped on a nightgown that covered my red and swollen breasts, put on fresh panties, and climbed into bed. I was terrified that somehow he would smell his rival's scent on me. John finally woke up as we lay there in the darkness. He snuggled up next to me and rubbed my tummy saying we will try again for our "date night" later. In the darkness I couldn't help but smile...

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