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Story of Seduction


You lay there. Naked. Eyes closed. Sweet scented candles perfume the night air. I stare at you. Absorbed, obsessed with your every detail. I know that this must be special.

I lean over you. Keeping my body from touching you. Gently, I bring my lips to your forehead. A soft kiss. Then another. Then a third. Shifting slightly I kiss your right temple. The top of your ear. Another on the earlobe. I suck it gently.

Trailing kisses down your neck.

Along your shoulder. Down onto your chest. I skirt around the swell of your breast. Kisses only never touching you.

Tender, excitement surging through me as I kiss your flesh. You feel my hot breath on your skin. My wet lips on your soft skin. I hear your breathing quicken. I see your chest rise and fall.

I feel the urge to hurry. But no I must be patient. My lips caress your stomach as I move down your body. Slowly, almost tortured, I reach your hip. Do I kiss between your legs. No down the side of your curved hip and down your thigh I trail kisses.

I hear your disappointment. Slowly, I continue down your thigh. My lips sucking softly at your flesh. I kiss the outside of the knee. Down the shin to your ankle. Soft, slow. Over your foot and down to the toes sucking each.

I change feet kissing back up your body. Slow, deliberate kisses aimed at awakening your flesh and firing the senses.

I watch your excitement build as you reach to touch yourself. Gently I stop you. "All in good time." I whisper. "Soon enough."

I watch as small spasms ripple through you from deep inside you.

I want you so excited.

Stomach, ribs, shoulders all get kissed. I nuzzle your neck. Nibble your ear. Kiss your eyes before looking lovingly into your eyes again.

I have been playing this game for thirty minute. I lean close to your ear. I mouth words asking you softly, "Shall I continue."

I smile down lovingly waiting your answer.

There we are alone. Naked. Your flesh tingling from the moisture of a thousand soft loving kisses all up and down your body.

Soft candle light makes your skin glow. Your beauty radiant. You are excited you breath is catching in your throat. "Yes." You pant as you struggle to catch your breath. "Oh God Yes!"

I want to make you beg so I repeat the process this time going no further than just above the swell of your breasts. I circle around the left breast. Kissing where it meets your flat ribs.

As my lips orbit your left breast you beg me to hurry. Slowly I continue after flashing you a smile that said everything and nothing in an instant.

As my kisses slowly climb you left breast, circling it, getting closer and closer; your breathing quickens with excitement.

Finally after a lifetime spend exploring your breast my lips find your hard nipple. I lick it. Kiss it. I suck it softly. Again a bit harder lifting your breast with my lips. Dragging it up by the nipple before releasing it to reshape it's self.

You cry out. Twice. Once from the pulling on your breast. Then from the release.

I turn my attention to your right breast. Working in the opposite direction I kiss, nibble and suck on your flesh. Closer and closer to your nipple. You hold your breath in anticipation.

Suddenly I seize the nipple with my mouth and bite gently. "Arhhh." You cry. "Yesssss." You hiss.

This time as I nibble your nipple I tweak the other between my fingers. Gently massaging the sensitive skin around the nipple.

I hope as I lovingly kiss and caress you that you are as excited as I am. I burn for you my lust painfully obvious as I lean over your body.

I feel the urge to rush forward but I must force myself to continue as I started.

I start to shift position kissing my way across your stomach once more. This time no wandering over your skin, no excursions seeking new flesh to tease. This time. This time my movement is deliberate. My breath hot and ragged as my own excitement threatens to consume me before I taste your delicate flesh. I cross from stomach to the gentle swell above your sweet, succulent prize. That part that is essentially female.

I stop. I look to your eye praying you will allow me to continue. You look up, smile and then moan as I kiss your tender, swollen lips.


I could not have hoped for a better acknowledgment of my performance as I seek to drive you wild.

Slowly my tongue explores the swollen folds between your legs. Licking one side then the other. Tasting your arousal, your own building excitement. My tongue parts your lips and opens you up. I lick at your clit. The nerves on fire send waves through you as you cry out.

I drink your desire like a cat lapping up milk for to me it is. That and more. Deeper into my tongue snakes. Claiming your sex as it's own domain; it's own territory.

Digging deeper I start to push into your tight vagina.

"God!" You cry as I enter you with my tongue. I know I can not stop with just tasting you.

I caress your flesh with a finger as my tongue flicks at your clit. Deeper they move until one touched you tight opening. Easing the pressure up I penetrate you.

"YESSSSSSS" You cry, tears streak your cheeks. "Please..." You beg. "I can't take much more..."

To be honest neither can I but I must stay in control. I need to prove to you that I am a worthy lover.....

A bit more pressure and more of my finger disappears from view. Each movement designed to open you up and help you accept me further. As I work my finger inside you I also tease you sensitive clit. You moan with pleasure. Carefully I add a second finger, working both inside you. The two stretching you, opening your muscles up.

"Ready?" I ask. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." You breath. "I am sure. I love you."

I draw my fingers away. I re-position myself, my hips above yours. I hold there, looking lovingly at you.

My hard erection finding it's way between your swollen lips as I move my hips closer to your own. Piercing you you cry out as my head drives slowly into you. I lower my body onto you supporting my weight as I kiss you. Our lips locking lovingly. Tongues massaging each other. I know I want you and now I feel how much you want me too.

Gently I draw my hips back. The tender, sensitive walls feeling my movements. Again I push forward with my hips as I feel your breasts squash beneath me.

Slow gentle movements of my hips each deeper into you, opening you up. I feel you gripping me just as your arms and legs wrap around me. Together we make love. My hips thrusting forward as your own rise up to meet me. We fall into a rhythm. Slowly at first, then quicker as you race towards orgasm. "Oh, god." You cry. "Yesssssssss."

I feel your body shake violently beneath me. Wave after wave of pleasure running through you. The spasms between your legs exciting me further. My hips take on more forceful, more aggressive movements as we join together in pleasure.

Faster and faster our love making moves. Legs entwined. I bring a hand to your breast. Cupping it. Caressing the nipple. Your own hands clawing at my back as a second orgasm rips through you. "Ohhhhhhhhh.."

Your nails bite into me flesh. Your cries of pleasure fill the room along with the aroma of our love.

I feel my own impending orgasm build as you have your third. Now it is my time to be noisy. I grunt with each thrust of my hips. My hands holding your legs as I lift you up to get deeper.

Gone the gentle lover I am now something different more primal. More aggressive. My movements in you become harder, faster more animalistic.

I slap against you. My hips grinding against you with each thrust. My eyes are closed but then yours are too. I am close and I feel your own growing pleasure as we move towards climax.

"Oh God." I cry.

"Yessss." You scream.

A few more strokes and we join together in pleasure. Our joint orgasm ripping through us. I cling to you, holding you tightly. Our bodies coated in moisture from our activities. I whisper in your ear. "I love you." We kiss deeply basking in the feeling and sensations we have just shared.

Sleep overcomes us as I slip from between your legs and curl you up in my arms.

"I love you." You whisper as you drift off to sleep, laying naked with your back to my chest and my arms holding you close.

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