tagErotic CouplingsStranded in Jamestown

Stranded in Jamestown


I collapsed into my comfortable chair in the family room and used all my senses to absorb the sights, smells and sounds of another Christmas holiday. The tree was ablaze with lights and Nat King Cole was crooning something about chestnuts roasting and Jack Frost nipping. The wafting scent of balsam pine mixed with the steamy aroma of a holiday dinner on and in the stove as Stephanie worked her magic in the kitchen. Suddenly the pitter patter of tiny feet brought me out of my yuletide stupor.

"Daddy. Daddy. When will they get here?" My 3 year-old daughter jumped onto my thigh, brimming with excitement and the sensory overload of Christmas day. I glanced at my watch and responded to her bright-eyed question.

"Aunt Chloe will be here in about half an hour, Sally."

"Oh goodie!" She clapped her hands in delight, eyes sparkling with excitement, and ran off to report the news to her little brother who was still ensconced in his high chair, overseeing progress in the kitchen.

Stephanie's younger sister would be arriving with her husband of two years, Charles, in tow, but also their month-old newborn son. The chance to meet her new cousin had Sally absolutely jumping for joy. And as I enjoyed a few minutes of peace amidst the holiday storm, I sank further into my leather chair, plopped my feet up on the ottoman, and reflected back to this very time of year ten years ago -- and I smiled. While Chloe had finally settled down, gotten married and entered motherhood, there was a time when her wild ways had us all shaking our collective heads.

I had met Stephanie toward the end of my junior year of high school. She was a year younger than me and while we had both dated a little here and there, neither of us had ever had a serious boyfriend or girlfriend. That all changed the following summer as we became inseparable and formed a bond that lasted through college and led to our marriage shortly after her graduation. Now, we were a family of four -- and life was good.

I had gained a few pounds since college, but nothing that couldn't be hidden comfortably on my six foot one frame. A serious jogging regimen also helped keep the calories from staying too long on my rather lanky frame. My thick brown hair didn't curl over my collar the way it had in college and I now dressed a bit more conservatively, but Stephanie regularly commented on how I'd maintained my youthful look and didn't look terribly different from my days on campus. Pale skin and deep blue eyes rounded out an overall look that had always seemed to appeal to women, but was often shortchanged by my shy and gentle nature.

Stephanie was a beautiful woman and had always been my best friend and closest confidante. I think I knew from the day I met her that we were destined to be husband and wife. She had a medium build at 5'-6", long dark brown hair and a sort of "girl-next-door" quality that sometimes masked her cutting sense of humor and incredible mind. We had always been compatible in every way and had grown together during my senior year of high school as we began to explore our sexuality in the comfort zone of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. While there were certain activities that had always been off-limits to her, there was nothing missing that jeopardized our deepening relationship nor caused me to ever consider straying - except for once.

Stephanie's sister, Chloe, had always been a handful. She was two years younger than Chloe and, while they were blood relatives, they were different in so many ways. While Stephanie was somewhat conservative and refined, Chloe had a wild streak and was the "rebel" within her family. While Stephanie and I dated steadily once we started going out, Chloe seemed to date everyone under the sun and their brothers. Stephanie was a one man woman; Chloe was, clearly, not. While Stephanie was the good girl, Chloe was the bad girl; the sultry sister.

Physically there was a definite family resemblance. But Chloe had a darker more sensual beauty and her body eclipsed Stephanie's a little bit in just about every department. She was a little bustier, had a little more sway in her walk and, while Stephanie was very pretty, Chloe was often referred to as the "beautiful" sister. And Chloe had gotten the flirt gene in spades and always seemed to have a seductive, come-hither look on her face.

Her extremely good looks and flirty nature meant a steady stream of paramours passing through their household over the years. More than once Stephanie and I had come back to her house after a date to hear Chloe in the basement with her latest beau; one of them obviously fucking the other to the wall. Stephanie would roll her eyes and pull me to another part of the house; away from the conjugal bliss echoing from the knotty pine rec room below.

Stephanie occasionally bemoaned the comparison between her and her sister, feeling a bit jealous of their subtle differences. I would, of course, always ease her mind in that department and point out all her fine qualities. Stephanie was very beautiful in her own right, and I was a lucky man -- no question. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't enraptured and intrigued by Chloe's devil-may-care style and her overt sexuality, especially for someone so young. I never admitted my fascination to Stephanie. But any man would have found Chloe sexy and alluring, and I was certainly no exception.

I had gone off to college in Syracuse, New York, while Stephanie decided a year later to stay closer to home and attend Ohio State. Our relationship never faltered in our college years and only strengthened each summer as I returned home to work in my father's printing business. As we marched through our college years we watched as Chloe slowly developed from a precocious teen into a ravishing beauty.

And while Chloe and I had a very friendly boyfriend/sister of girlfriend relationship, she always had a sparkle in her eye that intrigued and excited me. There was something in her look that said, "You may be my sister's boyfriend, but I know you want me, and you can't have me. Too bad for you!" Perhaps it was all in my mind, but Chloe sometimes seemed to go out of her way to lean over me a certain way, making sure I couldn't help but notice her soft magnificent cleavage. Or she'd give me that impertinent smile and flash a grin that never ceased to send a little bolt of excitement through my inner core.

She particularly seemed to relish the times when we were hanging around outside their pool patio in the summer, giving her the right to prance about in the tiniest bikinis or tight tank tops; her wonderful breasts heaving and bouncing with impunity. More than once she'd turn quickly as she walked by, her ass cheeks jiggling so firmly, and catch my gaze following her. She'd smile as if to say, "I knew you'd be watching my tight little ass, you bad boy." Then she'd flip her hair and saunter off with that impudent grin on her face. Sunglasses helped me hide my furtive glances to some degree, but she knew I liked watching her and I always had the impression that the feeling was mutual -- she loved being watched and noticed. And while she was off limits, so was I. While I might not be her usual type, I was her sister's long-term boyfriend and I could sense her intrigue.

And on those nights when Stephanie and I might hear muffled moans and banging coming from the basement, (or, when their parents were away, her bedroom), it never ceased to excite me in a secretive way. I loved Stephanie, of course, and she was destined to become my wife and lover for life. But, in all truth, I can't deny also having a burning desire, wrong as it seemed, for Chloe.

During Christmas of my junior year while home on break, Stephanie and I took Chloe to one of our mutual friends' New Year's Eve party. She was now a senior in high school and gave the impression, or liked you to think anyway, that she'd fucked most of the good-looking guys in high school. She had her sights set on college now and a life beyond greater central Ohio. But for the moment she was still a high school senior -- and a stunning one, at that.

Stephanie and I hadn't noticed how drunk she'd gotten at the party until we were ready to leave. We helped her to the car and having her lean that luscious body against mine for support was certainly a burden I could bear. I deposited her in the back seat and glanced at her long slender legs as the short skirt she was wearing slid up her thighs, exposing a brief glimpse of black satin panties.

As we drove home that night, Chloe began to sing the song "My Favorite Things", making up absurd lyrics as she went along. At one point in a faintly slurry voice she said, "You know what's one of my favorite things?" Not waiting for an answer she plowed on. "Sucking cock," she stated matter-of-factly, giggling in that throaty way that never ceased to stir me.

"I mean, is there anything better? God I wish I had a dick in my mouth right now."

"Chloe," her sister reprimanded her sternly, "that is enough. You've had way too much to drink."

"You're right, sis. I have. Whoops," she giggled. "But that doesn't change how much I'd like a cock in my mouth right now. In fact, it makes me want it more."

I knew better than to get involved in this conversation, but the silence in the front seat only seemed to spur her on, goading for a reaction.

"I mean, I feel like I have so much power when I've got a guy's cock in my mouth," she continued. "A guy is pretty much putty in my hands -- or my mouth. There's something about the spongy texture of the head and that pumping spasm as he begins to come. Mmmm, God, I love the taste of cum."

"Chloe! Stop! You're embarrassing yourself." Steph looked at me and shook her head in disgust.

My silence was not going unnoticed and Chloe turned her sights on me; hoping to lure me into the conversation, spurred on by how much she was clearly annoying her sister.

"What about you, Peter -- my future brother-in-law? Is my sister any good at sucking cock? Does she drink your cum, dude?"

The comment struck somewhat close to home and drew an immediate reaction from Stephanie. She spun in the passenger seat and glared at her sister, who was smirking and giggling drunkenly in the dark back seat.

"Chloe, I am never taking you to another party. You're a lush and you haven't even graduated from high school. Now stop," she said firmly.

"Well, Peter? You didn't answer my question." Chloe was not to be contained as she continued her goading questions.

Truth was this had been somewhat of an issue between Stephanie and me for some time. She really wasn't a great fan of giving oral sex and we'd had more than a few discussions on the topic. It wasn't that she wouldn't do it, but it was clear that she didn't really enjoy giving head, and certainly didn't welcome release in her mouth. So much of the joy of receiving a blow-job, I'd been told, was the enthusiasm exhibited by the giver, and that was not a characterization that came to mind when Stephanie was mouthing my dick; benign reticence was more like it.

Stephanie crossed her arms and stared sternly out the windshield. I was at a loss for words. I remained silent.

"Ahhh," Chloe continued. "Me thinks I have struck a nerve. Well, Peter, if you ever want to feel what it's like to have a woman suck you dry and love it, you just let me know. And," she continued, as she lowered her sexy voice for emphasis, "I swallow."

Chloe laughed hysterically as Stephanie glared at me -- annoyed at me, annoyed at Chloe, just plain annoyed.

"Every drop," she continued, giggling with abandon.

"What?" I shrugged my shoulders as Steph glared at me. I'm not sure there was a right way to respond to this outburst of sexual bravado from the back seat, but clearly silence wasn't the right response either. Sometimes you can't win. I was embarrassed, however, when I suddenly realized that this conversation had given me an erection. We drove the rest of the way home in silence, as Chloe continued to sing like Julie Andrews in the back seat

The sobriety of the coming days left our fellatio conversation to die a long slow awkward death. But Chloe's comments were never fully erased from my memory. And more than once I found myself fantasizing about watching my cock slide between her full lips or enjoying the sight of her licking her way up my shaft as she looked up at me with those big sexy brown eyes.

Time slipped by and suddenly I found myself back in upstate New York and wrapping up the first semester of my senior year. My agenda upon graduation was to return to Columbus and work for my dad while Steph finished her last year of school. Then, according to our long-range plan, we would get married the next year. My future seemed to be pretty well planned out.

It was a few days before I was slated to head home for the Christmas holidays that I received an email from Stephanie:

Hey luv. Could you do me and my family a huge favor? Chloe needs a ride home from school and I think she gets out just about the same time you do. Could you pick her up and bring her home with you? That would be so great. I can't wait to see you -- so much to catch up on.

Love U -- xxxxxx -- S

Chloe had ended up going to college in Ithaca, about sixty miles south of me, and while it wasn't exactly on my way home, it was certainly a detour I was more than willing to make. I responded to Steph and told her I'd take care of it. Over the next two days Chloe and I made arrangements for our journey back to Ohio. I'd pick her up that Thursday morning and we'd wend our way across western New York and be in Columbus by late that evening. I was rather excited by the prospect of spending a long car journey with Chloe and was curious how she might have changed with a semester of college under her belt. I played it low-key with both Stephanie and Chloe, but underneath my calm exterior I was rather looking forward to our trip. Chloe's emails seemed a little more serious and reserved than her high school days, and I wondered whether she had matured in the short time she'd been away from home.

As that Thursday approached I tuned in the Weather Channel to see what kind of weather we might be facing on our journey. It didn't, in fact, look too good. But I had a new set of tires and had never minded driving in a little snow. The thought of not departing on the date planned never crossed my mind, and Chloe was up for the ride, regardless of conditions. It was all good as far as she was concerned.

I arrived in Ithaca that Thursday morning under a light snow and a forecast for diminishing conditions. I was undeterred. It was break and I was getting home one way or the other. I followed Chloe's directions across campus and found her low-rise brick dorm. I buzzed her, she let me in, and I proceeded up to her room on the third floor. She was almost ready to go and was just pulling together a few last minute additions to her bags.

Now Chloe had always looked good to my eye, as I've already explained. But something had changed in her, and it was for the better. She suddenly didn't have the immature high school demeanor that had always characterized her personality. She seemed a little more grounded, yet still sassy. She was a college girl now, a co-ed, and the teenage impudence of high school had transformed into a subtle confidence from spending a few months on a large campus away from home.

She looked absolutely scrumptious. Even though it was beginning to snow to beat the band, she had on a short form-fitting gray ribbed wool dress. The plunging neckline showed off her magnificent breasts and supple cleavage and the tight bottom hugged the perfectly round cheeks of her tight little bubble butt. She wore high heeled boots that looked warm, but rather impractical.

Her hair was thrown casually into a pony tail that was sort of cocked to the side in a casual manner. It was longer then when I'd seen her last and the full locks cascaded in thick bouncy waves out of the tie at her pony tail, falling lushly on her bare shoulder. A purple bra strap peeked out from the broad neck of her dress,

She stood with her back to me, bent over, packing the last items in her suitcase. I admired the way her dress hugged her exquisite ass and I tried to discern a panty line. There was none to be found. My ogling did not go unnoticed, as Chloe turned and gave me that knowing smile of hers, pleased to see that my eyes were grazing slowly up and down her body. Her turn pressed her protruding left breast into profile and I couldn't help myself from observing its perfect form and shape; so full and aching to be touched and fondled. I realized I needed to speak up to deflect my obvious leering.

"You don't exactly look like you're dressed for winter weather," I observed.

She turned pertly to face me, placing her hand on her impudently cocked hip as she responded.

"Are you planning to tie me to the luggage rack with bungee cords, Peter?" she inquired.

"No. I wouldn't do that to you."

"Will I be riding in the back seat?"

"No. Shotgun is still available."

"And does your cheap ass car have a heater?" she continued.

"It does indeed and you, as navigator, are welcome to the controls, Chloe."

She shrugged and her breasts bounced very subtly.

"Then stop your bitching. I'm dressed quite comfortably, thank you, and as long as your old crate has heat, I'll be fine."

I couldn't disagree and was enjoying thinking of her full feline form curled in the passenger's seat for the next 10 hours.

"Fair enough," I stammered.

"Are you ready to go? Or are you just going to stand there drooling all over your shirt?" she queried.

I smirked as I picked up some of her belongings and headed for the door.

"Let's rock," I stated as she locked her door and we headed down to the car.

The white stuff wasn't coming down too heavily yet, but it was falling at a steady clip, and the weather report was predicting some very serious snow in the mountains down by the Pennsylvania border. The plan was to take back roads south until we hooked up with I-86. Then we'd head west across southern New York, past Erie, to Cleveland and then find I-78 for the home stretch south to Columbus.

The first hour of our drive was animated and lively. She caught me up on her first semester of college and asked probing questions about my senior year and impending graduation. She was a great traveling companion; easy to talk to; funny and quick. The conversation helped the miles roll by, but as we merged onto I-86 and headed west, the sky continued to darken, from the hour of the day as well as the thickening storm. I had not made the kind of time I usually would have under normal conditions. The snow was falling steady and thick now, and beginning to coat the Interstate in a white glaze.

Chloe had curled up with her legs to the side, facing me, and her feet tucked up under her thighs. This position forced her already short dress to creep further up her exquisite legs and I found myself continuing to cast quick glances down at her smooth taut thighs.

"You know, you really should keep your eyes on the road, Mister. It's pretty lousy weather out there."

"Well you could have worn a dress that wasn't quite so revealing too, you know."

Why I had said that, I had no idea. She pulled her feet out from under her thighs and turned forward to sit straight again. I really did need to focus on the road, but I was finding my companion more than a little distracting.

"I see," she said coolly. "And you would prefer that I was wearing a granny dress then?"

"Of course not, Chloe. Geez, you look great. I can't help it that I'm distracted." She smiled.

"Do you like my legs?" she asked in a suddenly very sexy voice.

She turned her head in my direction and I could feel her intense gaze. I glanced at her quickly before returning my eyes to the road and the worsening weather.

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