Strange Days Ch. 75-77


Gliding my hands up her back and around to her front, I cupped her warm breasts, then caught her nipples between thumbs and fingers, pinching and rolling. Sarah gave a sharp gasp, her eyes flew open, and a tremor ripped through her body. Her hips fell and hot cunt clamped down on my cock, every last achingly hard inch of me, and she came with a silent scream, gazing down at me in wonder through her climax. She took several gasping breaths, her insides clenching and releasing over and over, wetting my thighs with her powerful come.

When her climax faded, she gave me a determined look, raised her hips, and slammed her body down into my lap. It was my turn to gasp. Up and down her hips went, and side to side, fucking me harder, faster. I moved my hands back to her butt and held on as the tight feeling in my belly grew once more. She shifted closer, firm breasts pressing against my tits, cheek to mine, breath hot on my ear.

Her warmth surrounded me, her scent filled my senses, and the backs of her thighs slapped against the tops of mine. She fucked me on the couch, driving my thick cock deep into her body harder and faster, until I she was pounding me in and out of her almost brutally. My dick throbbed, hot bliss rushed up my shaft. I grabbed her ass, hissed her name, and pulled her down, shoving every rigid inch of me inside her. With my cockhead pressed tight to the end of her quivering passage, I came, every muscle in my body going rigid as hot cum spewed out of me and into her, and she came with me.

As our climaxes faded, my hands fell from her ass, arms limp at my sides. Sarah rose up until I fell out of her, then relaxed against me, her arms pushing behind me to wrap around my neck. She held me close, our naked, sweaty bodies pressed together, cocooned by our robes. She kissed me behind my ear, her hand cupping my cheek on the other side, then she kissed my jaw, my cheek, and when her lips found mine, I took a sharp breath and kissed her hard and deep.

God, I loved her so much.

Cupping her ass, I picked her up - making her squeal with delight - and with some effort, managed to turn us around and her lay her down on the couch. Sarah giggled softly as I scooted her butt to the edge of the cushions. I hiked her legs up over my shoulders and promptly shoved my still turgid dick into her. Her giggle became a satisfied groan, a delightfully sexy sound. She threw her head back, spine bowing, mouth gaping open prettily. Holding her hips firmly in my hands, I fucked her again, adoring her body, the sounds she made, the scent of her, everything about her. It wasn't about me. It was about her, wanting to see her come one more time.

When she did, I had to cover her mouth with my hand and let her scream into it.

"Holy fuck, Amy," she gave a whimpering sigh, and the dreamy desperation of her tone made me chuckle.

I pushed up onto my arms, and swore that I caught movement from the corner of my eye. I jerked my gaze to the foyer, but didn't see anyone there.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked, pushing up onto her elbows and looking that way.

The shock of someone possibly having caught me fucking Sarah, whether it be Aunt Claire or my mom, made my erection fade in a flash. By the time I'd put my robe on, my limp cock had vanished inside me. Tiptoeing, I made my way to the foyer and peeked around the corner, up the stairs. No one was there, and none of the doors were open either. Just to be sure, I went back through the living room, through the kitchen, and to the short hallway that led to the laundry room and the second guestroom. Aunt Claire's door was closed too.

When I made it back to Sarah, she was standing in front of the couch in her robe.

"What was that about?" she asked.

I shook my head at the foyer. "Could have sworn I saw someone there."

Just then, a car drove past our house outside, and the shadows shifted with the passing headlights, causing the coatrack in front of one of the windows to cast a rather person-shaped shadow across the wall near the stairs and living room.

"Someone was," Sarah whispered ominously, and when I gave her a sharp look, she added, "Mr. Raincoat."

I lunged and slapped her ass, making her laugh.

Chapter 77

"So, we have a plan, right?" I asked, wringing my hands in my lap, watching the houses fly by my window.

Aunt Claire had let Sarah drive her Lexus, an IS F, so that she could, in Aunt Claire's words, 'Reintroduce Amy to the family in style'.

"A plan?"

"Yeah. You know, this thing with your parents?" I offered.

Sarah smiled, watching the road. "We need a plan?"

I snorted and said, "You don't think we do?"

"Why would we?" She shrugged, shifting gears as she whipped us around a corner pretty fast, giggling as we came out of the turn. "I have got to get one of these. This fucking car is making me wet."

"Sarah," I said, and she briefly glanced at me. "The plan?"

"Relax," she smiled again and patted my leg. "I was going to talk to my dad first. That way, we'll have his support in case Mom flakes out. I don't think she'll make a scene or anything, but just in case."

"She wasn't too happy when your dad told her about walking in on us messing around."

Sarah chuckled and took my hand, giving it a squeeze before putting it back on the shifter, "She got over it."

"But she wasn't happy," I said, giving her a level look. "And that's kind of the point."

"I'm happy," she shrugged, turning the car onto her street.

"Yeah, but..."

"Hey, did you just hear what I said?" She interrupted me, squeezing my hand sharply and speaking rather firmly. "I'm happy, with you. You, Amy. It's not about my mom, or even my dad. It's about you and me. I like us. I freaking love us. End of discussion."

I don't know why, exactly, but what she told me just then struck right into the heart of me. If it weren't for the fact that she'd been driving, I would have jumped her right there in the car and showered her with love.

Sure, sex would be involved too, but let's focus on the love part. It sounds more romantic, and it might make me sound less like a nympho too.

"Thank you," I told her softly, almost a whisper, and I lifted her hand to kiss it.

"For what?" she smiled, pulling into the driveway of her home - or was it her former home now?

I shook my head, at a loss for words. I wasn't sure why I felt so secure just then, more confident about facing her parents as more than just her best friend. I really wasn't nervous at all. All of my apprehension, my fear, it was just gone.

"I guess I just needed to hear that," I replied.

Turning off the car, Sarah leaned over and kissed me, soft and sweet, yet still taking my breath away. When she settled back into her seat, she gave me a pretty smile.

"Do you realize that we haven't even had a fight yet?" I asked.

"I know," she frowned, then bounced her eyebrows and grinned. "I can't wait. Should be fun."

I gasped playfully. "How can you say that about fighting?"

"Three words, baby," she said, opening her door. "Make-up sex."

"Technically, I think that's two," I said, laughing.

We walked to the front door of her home, hand in hand. Sarah reached for the doorknob, held it, and looked at me, the corners of her mouth turning up.

"Ready?" she asked.

I gave her a quick kiss for an answer. Sarah opened the door and yelled into the house.

"I'm home!"

Sarah's mom and dad peeked around the corner from the kitchen, saw us at the door, and both of them ran over to us, her mom squealing with delight.

"Oh, I missed you, baby!" Penny cooed, hugging her tightly.

"Hi pumpkin," George smiled warmly and kissed Sarah's cheek.

Sarah giggled and jumped up into his arms, so that her dad could spin her around a few times.

They were so happy to see her that I found their giddiness infectious, and I was grinning stupidly. Penny regarded me first, smiling.

"Hi, Mrs. Burke," I smiled back.

"Hello, Amy," she said, giving me a hug. "And call me Penny, sweetheart." She held my shoulders and stepped back to look at me, shaking her head. "My, my, have you ever grown up. Both of you," she added, glancing at her daughter.

Sarah smiled happily, then she took my hand in both of hers and hugged herself to my side, and I forgot to breathe.

Her mom raised an eyebrow, and her dad grinned, his eyes twinkling as he regarded us.

"Well, come on in and tell us all about being a grownup," George told us, motioning us into the house.

After hanging up our coats, we followed him to the kitchen, where a freshly baked peach pie was waiting on the table. Sarah's mom closed the front door and caught up to us. I glanced at her over my shoulder, nervously. She was looking at Sarah, not me.

"So," George said, handing me a plate with a slice of fresh pie. "How's the apartment?"

"It's wonderful," I told him.

He shook his head. "I'm still amazed that you got such a good deal on that place."

Sarah was sitting beside me, and she took my hand under the table and held it.

"We finally put some walls up," Sarah told him as he gave her plate of pie too.

Penny came over and set down two glasses of milk for us. "Oh, good. That must be nice, having some privacy now and then."

"We don't need privacy," Sarah waved her hand. Her mom raised an eyebrow again, and so did her dad. Sarah popped a bite of peach pie into her mouth, chewed and swallowed in record time, and added, "Besides, Violet moved out."

"Oh? Where to?" George asked.

Sarah took another bite of pie and mumbled around it, "Moved in with her girlfriend."

Penny blinked wide eyes at her daughter. "Violet is a..."

"Lesbian?" Sarah grinned around her fork.

Her mom blushed furiously, and sitting down beside George, mumbled quietly. "I can't imagine what her mother is going through."

A lump formed in my throat. Was that how Penny would see us, how Sarah and I love each other, as something to get through?

"Who's to say she's has to go through anything?" George replied, frowning at his wife.

Penny frowned right back. "The gossip, George."

Clearly, they disagreed on this. George opened his mouth to say something, but Sarah beat him to it with an amused snort.

"Mom, trust me. Violet being with a girl is the most tame rumor possible."

"She does like football, I hear," George nodded innocently, but when he cracked a grin at Sarah, she burst out laughing.

Penny slapped his shoulder. "Stop it, George."

"Oh, come on," he sighed, taking her hand in his before she could snatch it back. "It's the age. They're just learning who they are, discovering their bodies. It's all perfectly natural."

Penny's cheeks flushed again, and she hissed, "George!"

"Seriously, Mom, what's the big deal?" Sarah asked flippantly.

"Expectations, young lady," Penny replied, somewhat firmly. All eyes at the table went to her, including mine. Penny leaned forward and gave Sarah a level look. "I'm not saying it's unnatural or anything, but parents develop predictable expectations for their children."

George sat up straight in his chair and looked like he was about to argue with her, but Penny just kept on going.

"For example, parents expect daughters to find a nice boy to marry. They do not expect them to shack up with another girl. When rumors start flying, all the women whisper quietly about how terribly the mother must be suffering, what she must be going through, having a daughter like that."

Sarah dropped her fork onto her plate, loudly. "A daughter like that?"

Penny waved her hand and sat back in her chair, "Sarah..."

"No, mom, let's explore this," Sarah interrupted her, leaning forward with her arms on the table. "Violet was one of the sweetest girls I know, one of the most amazing people I've ever met." Sarah glanced at me and smiled sweetly. "Present company being an exception."

I smiled back.

Sarah regarded her mom. "Violet dating a girl doesn't make her any less wonderful, and it certainly doesn't make her a bad daughter."

Penny's mouth fell open in shock.

George held up his hand. "Whoa, I don't think anyone..."

"Sarah," Penny gasped, leaning forward to mirror her daughter. "I did not say that Violet was a disappointment."

Sarah gave her an unfriendly look. "Really? Because just imagine what her mother must be going through," she growled at the end.

George was flicking his gaze back and forth to them, and he looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. Sarah and her mom looked ready to explode.

Slowly and quietly, I pushed my chair back from the table and moved to get up. "Maybe I should step outside for some fresh air."

"Sit down," Sarah barked, still glaring at her mouth.

My ass promptly dropped back onto the chair.

Sarah pointed at Penny. "Mother, no matter how socially unacceptable Violet's mom might find her behavior, I can promise you that Violet won't give a shit."

"Sarah Burke..."

Sarah cut her off. "If forced to choose between her mother's acceptance and her own happiness, Violet will choose herself. And you know what?" Sarah said, standing up so fast that her chair slid loudly across the floor behind her. "Violet wouldn't be particularly unique in that decision."

And with that, Sarah grabbed my hand and jerked me out of my chair, dragging me out of the kitchen.

"Christ, Penny," George muttered.

"Oh, don't you start," she hissed, and I could hear her clearing the table.

Maybe if I got really lucky, her mom would leave my mostly uneaten slice of pie alone.

The hushed tones of George and Penny arguing retreated behind us, and Sarah took me outside, to the backyard. Her hand was tight around mine, dragging me along with her to a bench swing at the very back of the yard. I wished Sarah had let us get our coats, because it was pretty damn cold outside. Sarah plopped down angrily on the bench swing and I sat down beside her. After a moment, her hand stopped trying to crush mine.

I sighed. "Well, that wasn't a good sign."

Sarah snorted. "Who cares?"

"You do," I said softly.

Sarah looked at me, her big brown eyes shimmering with anger, and a touch of disappointment. Shivering in the chill air, Sarah tucked one ankle under her thigh and turned on the bench to face me, lips pursed angrily.

"Listen to me, Amy. I don't care what my mother thinks. I love you, I'm with you, and she's going to have to accept that."

I held her hand. "Sarah, you do care what your mother thinks. You might not agree with her, but you still care."

Her lower lip trembled, and she threw herself at me, hugging me tightly.

"I want her to be okay with us," she whispered over my shoulder, her body shaking lightly, either from the cold or what she was feeling. "But she doesn't have to be. It would just be a lot easier if she was, is all."

"I know," I nodded, stroking my hands up and down her back.

I just held her for a while, the bench swing gently rocking back and forth. After a few minutes, she loosened her hold around me a little, though she was still shaking. Actually, both of us were. The winter wind wasn't letting up, and we were getting colder by the second. Soon, sharing our body heat wouldn't be enough to tolerate it.

Sarah turned her head and buried her nose into my hair.

"Maybe we should wait," I offered.

Sarah pulled away from me. "What? Why?"

I shrugged. "Well, your mom just doesn't seem open to the idea."

Sarah frowned. "I don't care."

"Sarah, it's Christmas Eve," I pleaded gently, holding her hands. "We don't have to ruin Christmas for her. We can tell her after tomorrow."

She sighed and looked away, at the house. I could see her parents through the window, arguing. Her dad was leaning against the counter, looking surprisingly relaxed and supremely patient, while her mom gestured wildly with her arms, clearly still riled up. I had a good feeling that they weren't arguing about Violet specifically, and that they knew something was going on with us.

"Come on," Sarah sighed, standing up. "It's cold. Let's go inside."

Inspiration struck me. Or maybe it was suicidal stupidity.

"I'll be right there," I told her.

Sarah gave me a nervous look. I smiled back, hoping it would put her at ease. It seemed to work, because she gave my hand a gentle squeeze and headed inside. I sat there on the bench, watching her enter the house. Her dad pushed away from the counter when she shut the door behind her, then left the kitchen to join her. Through the sliding glass door, I saw Sarah walk out of the living room with her father. That left Sarah's mom alone in the kitchen, which was what I'd been hoping for.

Making my way inside, I stepped into the kitchen and leaned against the counter, close to where Sarah's dad had been just moments ago. Penny was washing dishes at the sink. I pushed away from the counter and went to help her, picking up a dry towel and holding out my hand for a dish.

"Thank you, Amy," she murmured, handing me a wet plate.

I dried the dish and set it down on the counter. Penny and I fell into an easy rhythm, washing and drying. Neither of us said anything. I glanced into the sink and saw that over half of the dishes were done. I was running out of time. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"I love her," I said quietly.

Penny froze. It was suddenly so quiet in the kitchen that I could hear my blood roaring in my ears. I spared a sideways glance at Sarah's mom. She was looking at the faucet, but not really. Her hands were still in the soapy water, not moving at all. I couldn't tell if she was angry, shocked, sad.

"She means the world to me," I added, holding my breath at the end.

Still, she said nothing, and for so long that I would have welcomed a rebuke, whether screaming and yelling or calm and cold. Eventually, I couldn't take the silence anymore.

"What are you thinking?" I asked timidly.

Sarah's mom took a deep breath and sighed, straightening up a little.

"I'm deciding if I should take it back," she said, her tone flat. I wasn't sure what she meant, but then she added, "To have you call me Mrs. Burke."

Okay, I think that meant she was mad. My suspicion was confirmed about two seconds later when Penny - er, Mrs. Burke, I guess - clenched her jaw. After a long and incredibly uncomfortable silence, she finished washing the glass in her hand and gave it to me to dry.

"How did this happen?" she asked, barely a whisper.

She made it sound horrible, like Sarah and I falling in love was a terrible accident, like a plane crash or a building collapse. To my surprise, it made me mad.

"High school," I replied, trying to keep the anger out of my voice. "He didn't know it, but Trevor was breaking my heart. Sarah was there for me."

Penny nodded, but she didn't say anything, so I went on.

"Things just kind of grew from there. She's been my best friend since the moment I met her. She's a wonderful person, kind, thoughtful." My tone had shifted to reverence. I glanced at Penny and said, "You raised an incredible young woman, Mrs. Burke. It was easy to fall in love with her."

That made her look at me. Her jaw was still clenched, and I could see emotions warring in her eyes. She was mad at me, but she also loved her daughter dearly.

"She was confused at first," I told her, maintaining eye contact. "I pulled back a little, gave her room to breathe. After that, our relationship just...progressed," I shrugged, at a lack for words.

Penny looked away and snorted, the corner of her mouth lifting, but it wasn't a happy grin. "I'm sure that living together didn't hurt."

I shook my head. "No. It didn't."

We resumed washing and drying dishes, in silence. Several minutes passed, and her shoulders, gradually relaxed, and her jaw finally unclenched.

"She's never argued with me like that," she said quietly, shaking her head in thought, and frowning a little. "When George...walked in on you two," she said, blushing red. "I was so mad, so afraid that rumors would start spreading. We never talked about it, me and Sarah, I mean."

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