tagGay MaleStrange Night Between Friends

Strange Night Between Friends


Summer break from college. My plans were just to work and work up some good party money for the upcoming semester. My buddy Jim and I had worked at the summer camp where we were counselors and in between summer jobs we got together to party some. Most of the time this consisted of us making plans with girls and something always fell through. Some nights were planned gaming, drunken Super NES tournaments that would last all night. Just another summer.

Jim's mom needed a ride to Clearwater beach for a conference and she said she would pay for a room on the beach for the night for driving her the 3 hours to her conference. This worked out pretty well as we did not have much as far as prospects for doing anything else for the summer. Our hopes were that we could hook up with some girls and perhaps make the night enjoyable.

Dinner at BK (again, we were in college, not rich!) and we stopped by the liquor store to get some snacks, beer and Southern Comfort. We got our room and made plans to head to the beach. Weather was good, high 80's with a breeze. Perfect beach weather. We decided to just walk up and down the beach. We said some hellos, did some introductions, but didn't really find anything going on. We had hopes of finding a party. As our luck would have it, we didn't. Seemed this wasn't really the weekend or place for anything like that. As the evening started to get really dark we decided to retreat to our room.

We had two queen beds and we looked for something on TV. We still had about an hour before Cinemax started their "Adults after Dark" programming. Nothing was on TV so we were just talking about striking out tonight. We were pretty buzzed and working the beers down. The Jim did it again, asked me a question that made me uncomfortable. "How do you masturbate?" There was a long pause. I really didn't know how to answer the question. He has told me in the past that he never has done it, but never asked me about if or how I do. What is the proper answer for a question like this? This was my best friend, we had discussed just about everything (or so I had thought). I took a long draw from my beer and responded. "What are you talking about?"

Jim explained that he never masturbated. This surprised me. He has said it in the past but I never thought too much about it. He was 21 and had not ever took his dick in his own hands and pleasured himself. I personally couldn't remember a two day stretch when I hadn't jerked off. I don't know of anyone who discusses this. What was I to say? So, I started to explain the process. Never having done this before it seemed rather trivial in my mind but putting it to words was somewhat challenging.

I told him that you just needed to be sure you were somewhere no one was going to walk in or hear you. Never had any issues with this in the past but thought that might be helpful to explain. Doing it in a shower was always pretty simple and was an easy cleanup. I knew he wanted to know more but I was hoping the Skin-a-max on TV would make the subject easier to explain. I made sure the lights were off and the only light was from the TV. My delay seemed to work as the adult programming started. I let the terrible acting start and waited for the first scene to start. Looking over at him he was just laying on his bed watching the porn. "Are you hard?" I asked trying to see if the stimulation of the movie was getting him excited. He answered with a yeah and I told him to just unzip and pull his dick out. He put his beer down on the nightstand and unbuttoned his pants. "You could just do it with your hand dry or with lotion. Either way had its own feeling. Typically if you are doing it dry, you just cup your hand around tight enough so your fingers side up and down barely touching the head. You can squeeze the shaft and pull the skin up to the head. If you are having trouble doing it dry, lotion feels like a very wet pussy and typically goes very fast."

We sat in silence watching the movie. Occasionally he looked over at me, looking for confirmation that he was doing it ok. The mood struck me. I am not into guys at all, but the subject matter, the movie and the view of him stroking himself started to get me hard. Unconsciously I had my hand on my growing hard on and was rubbing myself watching TV. He noticed what I was doing and I noticed that he noticed me. I went ahead and unzipped my pants and started to stroke myself. I decided to go ahead and pull my pants off. The room was dark enough and it wasn't like I was worried about exposing myself. He watched me the whole time. After getting my pants down and was back to stroking myself he decided to take his pants off as well. We just sat in the dark room, watching the TV and stroking.

The first scene was still going on and I could hear the sound of him jerking himself. I looked over and he was fixated on the TV. It felt like sex in the room. We were both watching almost porn on TV and stroking ourselves. His hand was moving faster and faster. After maybe a minute more I heard the sound of a short exhale, halted breath as his body jerked with his climax. Looking back to the TV I watched the topless girl on the screen rub herself on some random guy and I could feel the uncontrollable throbbing. My hand started to go up and down to match my pulsating dick. I looked down at myself in the dim light and watched the head seem to be smashed as my hand went up and down. It had taken enough stimulation and the first shot of my cum landed on my stomach. I moaned slightly and the next few squirts landed up on my chest. With some of the cum just being squeezed out I was able to use it as lubricant to keep the orgasm going. The thrusts of pleasure got further and further away as I could feel my dick slowly get softer. I looked over only to see him looking over at me.

It was somewhat of an awkward moment in time. We were both just laying there with cum puddles on us. I did what most people probably do (I am not a fan of this, but it just happened) I wiped all of the jizz on the sheets. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth. I went back out and through the washcloth over to Jim and went back to the bathroom to wash my chest off. Jim had gotten up to do the same. I was leaving the bathroom as he was walking in. No looks, no words, just silence of awkwardness. I put my jockeys back on and laid in bed thinking about how strange but not strange this situation was. When Jim can back out an laid down on his bed we just made some small talk about the movie. Without words we both knew that it was a strange subject to discuss right after the fact.

The next morning started off quiet. As we were waiting to leave I asked if we were still cool with the situation. He stated that it was strange but fun at the same time. I agreed that although the night wasn't as planned, it was still a good night. I had never cum in the presence of another guy before and it was one of those moments that we shared and It made the friendship stronger. I didn't know how much we would share in the future, but whatever it was, I knew that it would be fun.

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