This short piece of fiction is dedicated to someone who wants to remain anonymous, a regular reader of Literotica stories, and one who asked if I would be up for a little role-playing in her fantasy. Enjoy.


His finger teased her clitoris, gently tapping to the beat of the music.

“I wish you’d just get on with it and stick that monster in me,” Jude told the stranger, almost ordering him to fuck her. “I haven’t had a cock that big before,” she added, admiring her lover’s nine inches of solid meat. She lowered her head into his lap, stretching her mouth in an attempt to fit in the purple head and slightly bent shaft.


The night hadn’t turned out to be quite what Jude had expected. Her girlfriend, Sharon, had told her that there would be at least two boys to every girl. When Jude and Sharon entered the dimly lit club, the two were the only females there. At least thirty guys turned to watch the girls sit at a corner booth. A tall black thirty-something approached the girls and asked Sharon to dance. Sharon tossed her long blond hair over her left shoulder, winked at Jude and took his hand. They smooched on the dance floor, twenty-nine pairs of eyes watched as the black guy fondled Sharon’s ass, feeling for her underwear through her faded denim miniskirt; he found none, Sharon never wore panties or bra.

Jude began to feel vulnerable. A tall, dark, handsome twenty-something sat next to Jude. She could see a large bulge pressing hard against his trousers.

“Like to dance?” he whispered in her ear, gently kissing her lobe as he waited for her reply.

“I’d rather not,” answered Jude as a shiver coursed up her spine as she felt the stranger’s tongue taste her ear lobe. It was Jude’s weakest moment; she couldn’t resist giving in to anyone who touched her lobes.

“Perhaps you want something else?” has asked.


He placed a hand on Jude’s thigh and brushed lightly against her inner thigh. She wanted him to stop and she wanted him to continue. She was aware that she was now the focus of at least half of the men in the club, but she didn’t care.

The stranger sensed her thoughts, “Don’t worry about them, most of them are gay anyway, and the rest are here to see the band” he whispered, gently sucking her lobe again.

Jude reached out and rested her hand on his crotch, feeling his cock swell beneath the material. She had had sex in several public places in her thirty-two years with two ex-husbands and numerous ex-lovers. Once her juices flowed, she didn’t care who, where or when she fucked; and the thought of her having this stranger fuck her in this dingy night club did something to her that made her labia swell and her clitoris harden. Jude opened her legs further, letting the stranger have easy access to her sex.

His fingers brushed against her slit now. He could feel her wetness as he slid his fingers into Jude’s opening. His thumb teased her hard clitoris, making Jude gasp as her pleasure intensified.

Jude pulled his cock from the zipper she opened. His cock was the biggest she had held in her hand, and it continued to harden as she pull back his foreskin to reveal pre-cum, slippery and slimy, at the eye.

“I wish you’d just get on with it and stick that monster in me,” Jude told the stranger, ordering him to fuck her. “I haven’t had a cock that big before,” she added, admiring her lover’s nine inches of solid meat. She lowered her head into his lap, stretching her mouth in an attempt to fit in the purple head and slightly bent shaft.

The stranger began to tap her clitoris in time with the beat of the music. Jude felt an orgasm build inside her. She paid no mind to the prying eyes from the various tables and bar in the shady club. They way she was feeling, she could take them all on, and it wouldn’t take much to let them.

Jude dropped her head onto the stranger’s lap and struggled to take his swollen cock into her mouth. She wanted him desperately now, and nothing was going to stop her now.

On the dance floor, Sharon could make out her friend’s head in the lap of some guy. Sharon knew exactly what her nymphomaniac friend was capable of, and Sharon had no intentions of interrupting.

Jude straddled her stranger’s lap and eased his cock into her opening. Some pressure, then the usual filling her pussy loved; only now, she felt fuller than she had for some time. A memory of her first husband flashed into her memory - fucking her with the biggest black dildo she had chosen from a sex shop in Soho. Her husband had taken Jude into a small cubicle used for trying on clothes and underwear. The curtain fell short, leaving a gap of about 18” from the floor. Anyone in the sex shop would have seen exactly what Jude and her husband were up to, and that made Jude tip over the top, giving her the most thunderous orgasm she had ever had as her husband fucked Jude’s pussy with a 12” dildo.

The stranger felt Jude’s vagina clasp onto his shaft, massaging his full length the every push. “I’m cumming,” he gasped.

“Fuck it, fuck it hard, deeper,” Jude gasped as her orgasm climaxed, her juices running onto her lover’s balls, staining the material of the booth. Her lover’s cock pulsed as he erupted, filling her pussy of semen with every pulse of his body. They sat still, savouring the moment. Jude felt his fluid ooze from her pussy as he begun to shrink inside her.

“Thank you,” she whispered in his ear.

“No problem,” he replied as the band begun their second number.


Let me know if you enjoy my ramblings. If you do like this story, or any of my other ramblings, please do feedback and let me know - good or bad; and don’t forget, people have campaigned hard over the centuries to give us the right, so use it and vote!

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