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Stranger Things


The hustle and bustle of New York was bad enough without adding lateness to the agenda. I was late by exactly 48 minutes and was hating it. I pushed my way through the crowds, shouting excuses and pardons at every contact.

Breaking through the crowd I saw Sam still waiting at the cafe, bless his heart. How he keeps his temper with me I'll never know. His personality was flawless to be honest. Even as attractive as he was, he was still humble. At 6'2 with black, unkempt hair and beautiful green eyes, he was my Prince Charming. I'm not a stunner, I mean I'd consider myself to be a bit of a head turner but nothing spectacular. I'm 5'10 and 130 pounds, contributing to my slender yet curvy figure. I pride myself on my long black hair and I love that my lips have the perfect amount of pouty fullness to them but everyone always tells me my best feature is my eyes. They're slightly larger than average giving me a porcelain doll image and are the deepest blue you could imagine. All this framed by thick black lashes and a bit of a self confidence boost.

I walked towards his table, straightening myself up when I made contact with someone.

'I'm sorry, excuse me.' I said, giving Sam my full attention. He had noticed me now, and had stood with his trademark half-smirk.

My steps were halted as my arm was grabbed and I was swung around to face the person I had bumped into. Opening my mouth to scold whoever dared put their hand on me, I looked up to see two smoldering brown eyes staring down at me. He was extremely handsome with his angular nose and long hair tied loosely at the nape of his neck. But he was rude, and handsome or not, I wasn't about to tolerate that.

'I said I was sorry, would you like to put me down before I put you down?' I glared at my would-be attacker.

He laughed, letting his head fall back and his eyes close, reveling in whatever the hell was so funny.

'Well? Let me go!' I pulled against his restraint, only to feel no give in his grasp. I caught Sam's eye and beckoned for him to come across.

'I have waited a long time for you, sweetness. Far too long.' I turned to face the stranger's nonsensical ramblings to be greeted with his lips against mine. I gasped at the intrusion, only to feel my bottom lip sucked into his unforgiving kiss.

Pushing against his chest only seemed to spur him on more, one hand wrapped around my waist and the other still firmly gripping my other arm.

'What the fuck is this?!' I heard Sam yell and the hands on my body fell away.

'Leave, now. She is not your concern boy.'

I looked up towards my 25 year old fiancé and saw anger in his eyes. I mean, the guy couldn't have been older than his mid 30's.

'My soon-to-be wife would disagree with that. Now back the fuck off.'

The strange man looked at me with such hurt and confusion I had to wrack my brains to think if I knew him before'

'You..you are taken?' He said, lips pursed.

I raised my eyebrows as if his previous statement was exceedingly obvious. 'Yeah, hence the pushing away.'

The hurt left his eyes and was replaced with a burning fury that made my temper look positively kitten-like. Before I could even react, he reached out and twisted Sam's head with a deafening snap that had passer-by's jumping out of their skin.

I knew I was screaming as his body hit the floor, but I couldn't hear it. New York silenced as tears flooded my face. My entire life was gone with that moment, shattered on the pavement.

People started gathering around Sam's lifeless corpse as the stranger ushered me away from the scene. My feet seemed to be moving of their own accord, lacking the strength to stop him.

He pushed me towards a black Ford on the street corner when my brain snapped into gear.

'What did you do?!' I screamed at him, swinging my fist to connect fully with his jaw.

He didn't flinch, just remained still gripping my arm disallowing me release.

'Get off me, you sick fuck! I swear, I will fucking kill you. I hate you, I fucking hate you!'

He span me around, mimicking our initial meeting minutes earlier, only this time pulling me inches away from his face. My breath caught in my throat, as his once beautiful face only instilled disgust and hatred inside me.

'Your name?' His glare burned me


'Emma, you are mine. You were made to belong to me. He could not have you and no one will. Now get in the car.'

This statement from a man I had never met, who I had never spoken to or made contact with was the last straw. The weak hold on my temper was broken.

I lifted my knee, aiming to put this man to the ground. Before my foot lifted an inch, he lifted his hand and stabbed something into the crease of my neck. This sudden movement knocked me off balance and my knees went weak, forcing my body to fall back into him. I could feel a cloud starting to cover my mind, blackness taking over my eyes. He picked me up like a small child and placed me on the back seat of the Ford.

I heard him walk around to the front passenger seat and buckle up.

A second man's voice shattered the growing quiet in my head.

'Where to, Klaus?'

'Home please. I'm taking her home.'

Panic flooded my mind before the darkness swallowed me whole.

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