tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStrangers On The Train

Strangers On The Train


I'd gone into the city to meet my cousin for lunch. She was older, out of college now, and I tried to see her at least once a month to hear about her adventures, career, boyfriends. Plus, it was an excuse to get my parents' permission to go into the city by myself.

I boarded the subway train that would take me to the city's main train station. After two stops, the train car was filling up. I grabbed onto a pole at the end of a bench seat to maintain my space and not get knocked down. I was surrounded by people. I ended up standing three inches from a guy, but of course we both avoided eye contact, ignoring the fact that normal personal space rules were being broken. I could smell his intoxicating aftershave and see the beginnings of his five o'clock shadow. I was very aware of his body, inches from mine.

I jumped a little when I felt a hand lightly touch my leg. I looked down, quickly assessing that it wasn't the man in front of me. I looked around until I noticed the man sitting on the seat below me and to my right. He was holding my leg as casually as if it were a railing. His black eyes briefly met mine, and since I didn't scream or move away, he slid his hand higher under my skirt.

I held my breath as his hand slide up my white thigh-high stockings. I shivered when his hand reached the top of my stocking and touched my bare skin. He gave my thigh a squeeze before continuing further. His fingers traced my pussy lips through my satin panties. I started breathing a little harder. Then I was aware of someone pressing up against me from behind, even though we weren't at a stop and no more people had boarded. I turned my head a little to see the man who was standing behind me. He was leaning forward to get a better view. I could feel his cock pressing into my ass. (He wasn't much taller than me because I was wearing my stiletto boots.)

Sitting-man had now pushed my panties aside and was fingering me. I could feel myself getting wetter and my nipples harden under my shirt. That drew the attention of the man standing in front of me. Gazing first at my erect nipples, his eyes were easily drawn to the motion under my skirt. He then looked up into my eyes to see the blatant hunger there.

At that opportune moment, Ass-man pressed harder against me, throwing me against Front-man. I quickly felt Front-man's reaction as well.

I was now sandwiched between two strange men, with the hand of a third in my cunt. But because I was so surrounded by them, nobody else could see how I was being molested in the crowded train. Ass-man's hands grabbed my hips, pulling me more firmly against him. Front-man brought his hands up to my firm tits.

Sitting-man was rubbing my clit as he pumped his fingers in and out of me. Front-man began unbuttoning my blouse, revealing my full breasts encased in a lacey white bra. He cupped them and pinched my nipples through the sheer lace. I was glad I'd chosen to wear a bra with a clasp in the front. He opened my bra, revealing my full tits to him and to sitting man. He brought his lips down to suckle on my left breast, still pinching the right one.

I was grateful when the train stopped yet again that the doors opened on the opposite side of the train. Ass-man's hands were now under my skirt as well, cupping my rounded ass cheeks. I felt him push aside my panties in the back and rub a finger along the rosebud of my asshole.

Simultaneously, as if they could see what the other was doing and were able to time it exactly, Front man twisted my exposed nipples hard and Ass-man thrust a finger up my butt. I came with no warning, burying my face in Front man's tie to muffle my scream.

The train was making another stop and as the train screeched along the tracks, Ass-man took the opportunity to shove his cock in my ass. Trying not to draw any attention, he very slowly pumped himself in and out of my ass. Sitting-man, now had three fingers inside me, filling me.

Front-man took my hand and brought it to his stiff cock. I unzipped his pants slipped my hand inside his boxers, stroking him as the others stroked me. Releasing my grip on him, I reached down and pulled the hand from my pussy. My eyes met his as I gave his hand a "thank you" squeeze. I then guided Front-man's cock into my empty pussy. I pressed up against him as the three of us found a deep, but subtle rhythm. I pressed my face into Front-man's chest again as I had a second, stronger orgasm, my ass and pussy squeezing the cocks inside of me.

They both shot hot cum into me.

I looked up to realize the next stop was mine. I stood on my toes and gave Front-man a quick, deep kiss of gratitude, buttoning my shirt over my free tits. I leaned down to give Sitting-man a much longer kiss, as he'd started everything and hadn't had any relief. I gave his cock a quick squeeze while thrusting my tongue in his mouth. Ass-man's cock was still buried in my ass while I was bent over. I pulled away so I could turn to face him. Giving him a rough tongue-kiss, I reached around and gave his ass a quick squeeze.

The train was stopping. I quickly darted out of the closing subway doors, not giving them a chance to follow me out.

I need to tell my parents that I really should visit my cousin more.

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