tagLoving WivesStrawberries For Dessert Ch. 09

Strawberries For Dessert Ch. 09


Chapter 09 – Reconciliation

Jody stared out the window and swirled her hand in the warm soapy water. As it began draining from the sink. She laid the freshly washed soup kettle aside to dry. Her eyes remained focused on the distance below a sun still low in the morning sky. She dried her hands and leaned on the countertop and sighed quietly.

Three days had passed with no word from Melissa.

"Well, if Mohammed won't come to the mountain, I guess Mohammed will have to go to the mountain," she muttered quietly. She rehearsed silently for a time then dialled the familiar number of Melissa and George.

The phone rang a few times and she began to hang up. Just before the receiver hit the handset, she heard a voice and scrambled to get it back to her ear.

"Oh, sorry, I thought... is that you Melissa" she asked.

"Yes, hello Jody. Listen, I'm sorry I haven't called,..."

"No, no, it's my fault. Thought you might need a couple days to get over the jet lag,.."

"Well, that is true. I'm fine though. Fine."

"Good, I know how that can be."

There was an awkward pause and both began together.

"Sorry,... go ahead,... what were you.."

"I thought we should have lunch?..." Jody left the sentence hanging, a question mark suspended in air.

"Yes,.. today, you mean?"

"Today would be fine. I'm free. How about the club at noon?"

The time was set and Jody sat staring at the phone, relieved to have the ice broken. And it truly was ice, given Melissa's look when she walked in on their threesome on the bearskin rug. Jody rolled her eyes and took a deep breath remembering the uncomfortable scene.

"Gawd! Talk about being caught! Good grief, naked between their two husbands, holy cow!" she muttered, shaking her head in anguish.

She hated being caught off base at anything, but this was a big one. Jody thought about a hundred ways of starting the conversation during the rest of the morning. None of them were any good.

There was no need for her anguish. Melissa put aside any fears, as she extended her hand from the table she had selected in a far corner.

"How can we get past this? I apologize for being such a prig the other night! I know I'm in no position to be snotty after dropping out for nearly a year with a lover. If any one is to blame it must surely be me!" Her words came in a quiet rush.

"Melissa, it is so good to have you back!" Jody pulled her close in a hug. "I feel the same way,... but, I guess we have to talk about it, eh?"

Melissa smiled and looked down for a moment. "I guess it would be a bit strange if I didn't confess being curious." she said, finally.

"I think George and I are going to try to get through this. We aren't sleeping together yet, but, I think we both have decided we want to be together. Perhaps I've had more time with it than George, but I'm hoping he will come around soon and we can get on with it. We both still have a lot to lose, of course,... you know, Jennifer, and,...you know, family things."

"I'm glad of that, Melissa. That's great!"

Nodding her head, Melissa continued. " I have to explain what the past year has meant, and why I am back. It's good to have an old friend to unload on. I hope you don't mind?..."

"Not at all, I'm glad to have you back to talk with, too."

"I'm not apologizing. That's the first thing. It's just the way things are, that's all. I fell in love with Ellen. Completely and totally,.. in love! You will have trouble grasping that, I'm sure, but I tell you for sure it is the truest thing I have ever said."

She sipped the white wine and put the glass on the crisp white tablecloth, then twirled it idly between manicured nails with a clear polish.

"I would not change anything,... except perhaps the end of the story," she said, a sad little smile crossing her face. But, of course, the age difference should have told me that in the beginning, I suppose. Still, life dishes up strange situations. That's one thing I've learned. I am so much better as a person than when I left. More confident, more sure of myself. Really!... Am I rambling?"

"No, not at all."

"Well, it was idyllic for nine or ten months. You have no idea what it was like, a new start, a new and wonderfully loving lover, London, everything. Sex was thrilling once again. I,.. I,...there's no way to explain that part of it,... no way."

"But, in the end, it was clear that Ellen had to have her younger friends. And it was sadly clear that after awhile, I didn't fit into the young group. Any way, long story short, Ellen had a young man as a lover. We tried to make that work somehow, but,... well,.. it didn't really work,... so, I began examining my life."

"I wouldn't have missed it for the world, though. I decided that I wanted to come back. Wanted to get back the good things that George and I had. That's really where I am. Does any of this make sense?"

"I guess so. I think I understand." Jody said softly.

"So, here I am, stronger than I have been in years, asking George to take a chance on me. That's about it. I'm realistic that he might have trouble with it, but it is worth taking a shot. That's what I think."

Melissa looked around and lowered her voice. "To be honest, finding the three of you together,... while I was a little,.. er, a lot shocked, may actually be a blessing. The 'pre-Ellen' Melissa couldn't have handled it! I would have been back on the 'crazy ward'" she laughed. "That probably sounds stupid, but it's true. But, I do have one question. You and George didn't,... I mean before...?"

"No, we didn't have an affair before you left. Not at all. George and I have always liked each other, that's not a secret, but not an affair."

"Oh, yes, I know, George has always adored you, and I know that you thought he was super, too. You two are soul mates, I always thought so. I mean, ideas, the things you like to talk about. All that stuff. Jack and I always had our own discussions when you two would get going! Can I ask how,...?"

"What led to the bearskin rug?"

Jody sipped the last of her wine and signaled for another.

She began outlining what had happened during Melissa's hiatus. She tried to tell the whole story, but held back things that she thought should come from George. At the end, she felt emotionally drained. The lunch crowd had left and the two of them sat alone in the large dining room amid the clink of silverware being picked up and re-set.

Melissa nodded and reached for her hand.

"Thanks. Wow, it would make a novel, wouldn't it?" she smiled. "Sounds like, you and Jack were really supportive of George. Which is what I would expect, of course. But, wow!"

She was quiet for a while. Jody waited to see what was next.

"You know, Jody, I think I can understand it. Understand how it happened, between close friends. That's what I mean, without going off and doing what I've done, I know I couldn't possibly understand it, but,... today,.. today I'm comfortable enough with myself and sexually confident enough to understand it. I can see that it may be what has saved poor George."

They both leaned back in their seats and looked at each other for a long time, finishing their wine, fiddling with the silverware, waiting for one or the other to decide where the conversation should go.

"Listen, why don't you come to my house for awhile? It's a great day, let's have a swim, perhaps? George won't be home, he's out of town. Want to?"

Melissa said it firmly, decisively. Jody concluded that she really had been changed by the last year's experience. She had been so tentative and frightened of everything then.

Melissa poured more wine and slid open the patio door onto a bright sunlit afternoon of a sweltering Midwestern day. The secluded patio was enclosed by high bushes and looked out over a hilly forest beyond the end of the swimming pool.

"I didn't bring a swimsuit." Jody said.

"Want to be naughty? It's just us girls? I have become accustomed to swimming nude in Europe and I like it."

Jody shrugged and watched as Melissa stepped out of her dress and stood looking her in the eyes. Slowly, she unzipped her own dress and stepped out of it. She couldn't help staring as Melissa unsnapped her bra in the front and left it clinging to two grapefruit-sized breasts.

"Fine with me. I wish I had lost a couple pounds, though." She muttered defensively, looking at Melissa's sleek body.

"You look terrific, Jody, who are you, kidding?"

Melissa tugged at the two cups and then let one go, baring her breasts with a jaunty air.

"I hope it doesn't scare you to undress in front of a 'confessed' lesbian?" she said teasingly, but with a tinge of truthful concern. "We usually don't attack, you know."

Jody laughed, thankful for the tension being lowered a notch.

"Oh, my god, Melissa,... you're,.."

"Bald. Yes. Shocked? Ellen taught me that," she said as she dropped pink panties on the chaise beside her. She gazed with an unselfconscious grin at Jody, still looking prim in lacy white panties and bra.

"No, I... well, I've thought of it, but never done it." She laughed and had trouble taking her eyes off Melissa's shaved mound. "You look pretty. I like it! Wish I had the nerve."

"A little bit out of date, though." She said, rubbing her fingers over the stubble on either side of her slit. She dove into the pool with a tiny splash and swam off to the other end, then lazily backstroked back to find Jody laying her panties and bra in a neat pile with her shoes.

Jody slipped into the pool as Melissa returned, spitting water from her mouth and pushing wet hair back from her eyes.

"Would you like me to shave YOU? Would that be a surprise for Jack, or what?" she spluttered

They loafed in the pool, hanging onto the side and lazily kicked their legs in the clear refreshing water. Their conversation was mostly idle chitchat and local news, but interspersed with questions about the last year. They became more and more confident to discuss details of what they had experienced. For her part, Jody became more and more interested in how it felt, being in love with another woman.

"I'm turning into a prune." Melissa muttered, and bounced up out of the pool and sat on the edge, legs dangling. Jody stayed in, taking a languid backstroke across the narrow pool, then pushing herself off the other side to float, arms outstretched, back to the other side. When she emerged, her hands touched Melissa's dangling legs and she looked up at her friend and wiped the water from her eyes. When she opened them she was staring straight up between the Melissa's legs into smiling eyes high above the bald mound that captured her attention.

It would have been unnatural to move too quickly to the side, so she stayed there, hanging onto the side of the pool and squinting up at her friend.

"Isn't it dangerous?" she said.

"What?" Melissa asked,

"You know, shaving there." Jody giggled like an embarrassed schoolgirl, then laughed heartily at sounding so naïve.

"Well, you have to be a little careful. You know. But, no it is not dangerous. Why? Do you want me to show you?"

"Yes! As a matter of fact, I'd like to watch." She giggled more, ducked under the water and stayed there a few moments.

Melissa came out of the house carrying a razor and a tube of Noxzema shave cream. She sat on the side of the pool and grinned down at Jody.

"No big deal, Jody, no big deal." She laughed at Jody's discomfiture.

Jody stared wide-eyed at Melissa. She brazenly spread her legs with one foot on the side of the pool while she smoothed the fluffy shave cream on her pussy. Beginning carefully, she moved the razor along the inside of her leg toward the tender fold of her pussy.

"You know, I've never looked at another woman like this, Melissa. You're pretty down there."

"Mmmn. " Melissa muttered, her attention on the delicate operation between her legs.

Jody watched as the razor cleared a swath of stubble leaving a clear smooth path. Melissa rinsed the razor in the pan and returned to her task, carefully easing the razor over the soft folds of her pussy and letting it return to shape behind the razor's cut. Her fingers spread the soapy lips and she carefully trimmed along one lip and then the other.

Jody stared at the bright pink of her pussy, glistening between perfectly smooth lips. She swallowed hard, and realized the operation was erotically stimulating to her. She said nothing, but simply stared, fascinated by the beauty of the smooth pussy.

"I used to leave a little heart-shaped patch up here,..." Melissa said quietly, noticing Jody's fascination between her legs.

She smiled into Jody's eyes and then slowly began shaving smooth the mound of her pussy.

"But Ellen preferred,... you know,.. perfectly,.. bare, well, perfectly bare ME," she laughed. "Splash some water on me, will you?"

Jody splashed her pussy and watched as the smooth, uncluttered beauty emerged.

"Wow. Wow, that looks so neat!" she laughed a little self-consciously. " I would never have the nerve! I'd cut myself." She stopped talking, aware that she was babbling on and showing too much interest. She tore her eyes away from Melissa's pubes and ducked under the water to cool her thoughts.

"Uh,.. can I just feel how smooth it is? I'm silly,.. sorry... never mind!" she said the words tumbling over each other. "Oh, my god, I'm embarrassed."

"It's OK, go ahead. I don't mind."

Tentatively, Jody reached up from the pool, between the open thighs of Melissa and touched the top of her mound.

"Ohmigod! That is so,... so, smooth!" her fingers trailed downward until she touched the lips, soft and inviting. She pretended to faint and pushed backwards to float across the pool on her back and then swam back with a smile on her face.

"Want me to shave you, now?"

Jody thought about it. "Oh, Melissa, I don't,...knowwwww!"

"OK, just thought you might like,..."

"OK, why not. I'm intrigued. Jack will go nuts, though, won't he?"

"Probably!" Melissa laughed. "You know how men are!"

Jody laid back on the diving board and Melissa sat astride it calming her patient.

She rubbed her hands together and began spreading the shaving cream on Jody's mound, barely touching. She parted Jody's legs a little more and then smoothed the cream down between her legs, trying not to linger too much.

Jody felt an electric thrill spring from the center of her body when the fingers touched her sensitive pussy lips. Moisture had already begun to flow between her lips. She thought it was ironic that her mouth felt suddenly dry while her pussy was suddenly drenched. She closed her eyes for a moment as she felt the razor bite into the forest on her mound. She stretched her hands protectively on her stomach, fingers pointing plaintively toward the slit that would soon be uncovered.

"God, be careful!" she whimpered.

"I will, don't worry." Melissa said, the strain evident in her voice.

Jody was spread wide now, and she had never felt more exposed in her life.

"You have a lot. I mean you did have a lot." Melissa giggled and surveyed the smooth mound and held apart Jody's legs as she began carefully, with tiny strokes at first, cleaning one lip of Jody's pussy.

"You're pretty, too," she said quietly.

"Thanks." Jody replied sheepishly, and put an arm over her eyes.

She waited for the scratching of the razor on the sensitive skin of her pussy. She could feel the razor pull slightly and feel her pussy being caressed softly by the razor. She leaned up with curiosity and watched as Melissa made the last few strokes.

"It looks so strange!"

"You'll get used to it, I think. Besides, it's too late now!" Melissa winked at her and laughed. She patted the smooth mound and poured water over it to rinse away the cream.

"Ohmigod, look at that! I like it. I like it!" Jody said, standing up and bending almost double to look at herself.

The two women dove into the water and swam two laps and pulled up in the deep end and hung on the edge once again.

"Melissa, it feels so sexy swimming like this. I can't believe it. I feel so sensitive and nice now. Mmmmm, thanks. I can't wait to try it out on Jack."

"Is that a bad pun? 'Try it on?'" Melissa joked.

Jody couldn't keep her hands away from her newly bald pussy. She hoisted herself up out of the pool but then slipped and fell back on top of Melissa, swamping her in a huge waterspout.

As she grabbed for something to hold on to, she and Melissa ended in each other's arms spluttering from the dunking.

"I'm so sorry! I slipped." She said quickly, still holding Melissa. "Are you OK?"

Melissa had one eye closed as if clearing her head and Jody tried to comfort her guiltily.

"I'm OK, I'm OK," she laughed. "You almost drowned me, you cow!"

It registered on Jody's mind that Melissa's breasts were bumping against her own as they clung and supported each other. One leg slipped between Melissa's and their smooth mounds nudged each other in the water.

Neither said anything for a moment, neither moved.

"Oh,... " She said quietly, feeling another woman's pussy against hers for the very first time.

They parted slowly and climbed out of the pool. Sitting side by side on the chaise, they recovered and made plans for getting to dinner the following week. Jody was having trouble stringing her thoughts together. Her mind was still actively going over the feel of Melissa's pussy against her own, her nipples brushing Melissa's perkier breasts. Her feelings were slightly jumbled by the erotic feelings of the past hour.

"I have got to get going! Jack will be home in an hour."

"It has been such a nice afternoon, Jody. Thank you for calling me."

"Melissa, thanks for the wild new hairdo! I can't believe it. Jack is in for a surprise." Standing in panties and bra, she let the dress tumble down into place and turned to let Melissa zip it while she finished the sentence.

They exchanged a kiss at the front door and Jody pulled out of the curved driveway and looked in the mirror to see Melissa striding back into the house. She had been shaken by the emotions of being naked together and she took several deep breaths. Her panties felt strangely sensual against her newly bared pubic mound. She felt sexy and feminine, wildly feminine. She shook her head in wonder and put her hand under her dress to feel the smooth silkiness of the panties on her bald pubes.

At the stoplight she pulled her hand back and looked guiltily around to find a teenager in the next car looking in her direction. She wasn't sure if he saw her, but her face turned crimson anyway.

"A special dinner." She muttered, and turned to park in front of Gino's.

"My favorite customer! How are you? You've been sending your no-good husband to do the shopping lately! I haven't seen you in... too long!"

"Hello Gino, what have you got that's special?" she laughed, pleased with his flirting. "And don't say 'me'."

"Ok, Ok, what you got? Anniversary?"

"No, no, nothing like that, just something a little special."

"Aha, romantic dinner for two! You gotta have rack-of-lamb, then. How 'bout that?"

"Perfect! What wine should I get?"

"Don't you worry your pretty head, Gino take care of everything!"

She arrived home with a box laden with several packages and two bottles of a Chianti Classico that was a little expensive, but Gino insisted on it. The kitchen was filled with robust aromas when Jack came in the door.

"I'm home!" he called.

Jack came into the kitchen and slipped his arms around her from behind as she finished putting a mint sauce over the rack-of-lamb. His lips nibbled at her ear.

"Something smells good! Besides you, I mean. Did I forget our anniversary again?"

"No, that's just what Gino said!"

He surveyed the preparations. "Something special, dining room set with candles! You have a dress on! Gino's best wine! Good grief! It's my lucky day?"

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