Stray Pet


He took both of her small wrists in one hand, and stood, pulling her up with him. He led her over to the case on the wall, withdrew two strong, but slender chains, and clasped them to her wrists, leading her to the two rings hanging from the ceiling. He strung the chains through each ring and pulled until her entire body was taut, and her feet barely rested on the floor. Then he took two more chains, clasped them to her ankles, and clipped them to two discreet rings embedded in the floor.

She couldn't move! Her breathing was coming in short pants as her mind raced and tried to figure out what was going to happen.

He walked back behind her to the case and made quite a bit of noise.

She tried to twist, trying to catch a glimpse of what he was doing. She couldn't see anything though. She huffed in frustration, at him, at herself. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders. Both of them dug in and scratched hard on the way down, all the way to the bottom of her ass.

She whimpered again. Finally, her voice would work again. "I'm sorry! Please, no Sir!" Before she could finish, he'd grabbed up a flail that he had lain just out of her vision, and drew it across her back, once, she moaned, twice, she screamed, three times. She screamed thrashing and trying with all her mite to get away as the chains held her fast.

He leaned into her ear and whispered. "Once for each time you've disobeyed tonight." He suddenly flicked a feather duster across her new welts "Shhh." The sensation of the feathers counteracted the pain and her body relaxed. CRACKKKK! "AHHHH!"

"Oh and you were late. Don't let it happen again."

Her body went limp, she was covered in sweat by this point. He hadn't even broken skin, but it sure felt like it. It had been years since she'd been whipped.

He knew that that had hurt. He went to the case, withdrew a key, and unlocked her chains, helping her back to the couch. He grasped the back of her head, then, got back into the same position as before. "Now suck that cock that you want so badly." And thrust it into her mouth and fucked her throat good and hard.

She had to focus! She relaxed her jaw, dropping it out of play let her tongue explore. She didn't want to feel the pain so she lost herself in her job sucking greedily until He slowed down.

"There you go, see, you just needed some encouragement. Now then, are you ready to have that cock buried in that greedy little cunt?"

She didn't miss a beat, she knew if she did, she might not get his dick at all. "Oh yes sir! Please? Please let me cover your cock in my cum!" She needed fucked.

He knew it. He rolled her onto her back and positioned himself between her legs.

She flinched as the lash marks on her back brushed the couch and he raised his eyebrows waiting to see if she would move. When she didn't, he finally, slowly, slipped his rod into her dripping slit.

She moaned in ecstasy at the reward that she'd worked hard for all night. He worked slowly at first massaging her inner thighs and dragging his fingers up her body to play lightly with her nipples. She was quivering, and began grinding harder onto his cock, looking directly into his eyes, asking if it was ok to move with her longing. He nodded slightly and, as her motion intensified, he began to pound against her, she screamed until she couldn't count how many times she'd come.

Finally, the sensations blended in simple bliss, she relaxed, and another moan escaped her. He pulled out. She jumped slightly and whimpered reaching out to him, begging with her eyes for more pleasure.

"Shhh now, you still have one more reward yet. You still want to taste that cum don't you?"

The words brought life back to her exhausted body. "Oh yes Sir!" She leaned towards him and batted her eyes seductively "Please cum for me Sir."

He led her back to the rug and helped her kneel. "Here you go, its right here, all you have to do is work for it. Show me how bad you want it, and I just may give it to you."

As she opened her mouth, she began to play and flirt with his cock, making love to it, playing with his balls and stroking her hands along his shaft as well. Gradually, she became lost and intensified her administrations, begging with all of her body for the sweet taste of his cum.

Soon when he could stand it no more he once again entwined his long fingers into her hair, and thrust once more down her throat, feeling it swell against her tonsils, giving her his pleasure, as well as her own. He felt her back arch as she suckled and licked, getting every drop in her eager mouth. He heard her moan her pleasure in his taste. When she had finished cleaning him up he spoke. "Now retrieve my pants. Then come and curl up with you head in my lap and we shall talk."

She did as she was told immediately, and settled down quite comfortably beside him, laying her head in his lap after he put the pants on.

Then he spoke in that low tone of his. "Did you enjoy yourself Harley?"

She gazed into his eyes contentedly and nodded.

"You won the bet my dear, you were right. I don't know if I ever could tame you, but I guarantee you that we'll never find out. Nothing could compel me to try. You are perfect just the way you are. Don't ever change."

She smiled, knowing he was pleased, and snuggled down into his lap, like the well-satisfied Pet she was.

The End

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