tagGroup SexStrip and Sip Poker: A First

Strip and Sip Poker: A First

byTx Tall Tales©

One of my favorite and most vivid memories was of a party I attended in high school. It was near the end of the year, and everyone was letting loose. The party had not gotten too badly out of control, and was finally winding down.

I was dating Karen at the time. We'd been going out for about six months. We knew our time together was growing short since we'd soon be heading off to college, she to Radcliffe, and I to Johns Hopkins. We were taking every chance we could to be intimate. I'd been with a few girls before, but Karen had been my first long term intimate relationship, and we'd taught each other lots.

The party was at Keith's house and we were helping him clean up. There were only six of us left, Karen and I, Keith, his girlfriend Linda, Tom and his girlfriend Sue. Linda lived just a few doors down and had invited Karen and Sue to spend the night. Tom was going to spend the night at Keith's house. Conveniently, Linda's parents were out of town until tomorrow noon, so nobody really had anywhere they had to go, and once we'd done a fair job of cleaning up we are able to sit back and relax.

Keith was my best friend. We had a lot in common, even if we were a bit of a "Mutt and Jeff" in appearance. Both of us tall, I had a wide body, result of my Hawaiian ancestry, while he was lean and blonde. I'm 6'1" but he had a good 2 inches on me, and had long hair past his shoulders. Mine is brown and curly, and usually just goes whereever it wants. I'm strong as an ox, he's lean and fast. But we had similar taste in women. On more than one occasion I teased him that there was no way he deserved to be with Linda, our high-school goddess, and he was extremely envious that I had Karen, our big-breasted sexy bombshell, as my partner.

Karen and Sue were close friends. If we'd had Diana here, the triumvirate would have been complete. They had all been innocents until that year. Diana was dating, and Karen told me that she and Ryan were 'almost there', doing everything except the final act. Karen hadn't done much of anything until we'd gotten together. But we didn't let grass grow under us, and we made up for a lot of lost time. We'd had sex plenty, and she'd sucked me off more times than I can count. I'd even fucked her incredible tits a couple of times. Sue, it turns out, was the late bloomer. She was still an innocent according to Karen. Kissing was as far as she'd gone, although it seems she'd rubbed Tom's dick through his pants, and he'd had his hands on her mound, even if the underwear was still in the way. But Karen was hinting that this party might be Tom's lucky night.

We were joking about some of the antics that had been going on at the party. Linda in particular was a lurker; she'd sit back and watch all the activities at the party and was always good for a few laughs.

"There were some really desperate people here tonight," she said. "Can you believe Gary tried to get a game of Spin the Bottle going?"

"I can't say I really blame him," I answered with a grin. "Not every guy there is as fortunate as us to have such gorgeous girlfriends, or any girlfriend for that matter. Hell, I wouldn'd mind playing it now!" That earned me a poke in the ribs from Karen.

Sue chimed in, "Why is it that every party ends up with some lame guy trying to start some stupid game like Spin the Bottle, Post Office, or Strip Poker?"

"Now that's a stupid question," Keith answered.

"And why is that?" Linda asked, pointedly.

"Isn't it obvious?" Keith replied.

"No." Linda and Sue answered in unison.

"Do you want to tell them?" Keith asked me with a nod.

So I explained the obvious. "Because they ARE desperate - and sometimes it works."

"Oh please!" Karen said.

Keith was a real instigator. "You guys have never played Spin the Bottle?"

The girls looked at each other. "Maybe a few times, but certainly not in the last year." Linda finally answered.

"And how about Truth or Dare?" Keith continued egging them on.

"Well sure, but usually only with people we know really well," Karen answered this time.

"Usually." Keith echoed with a grin. "And it's not like you've never played Strip Poker."

The girls looked at each other quietly no one answering.

"Oh come on," I teased, "Karen I know you've played Strip Poker."

"Not really. I watched part of a game, but then they chased everyone not playing out of the room. Why? I suppose you've played it?" She asked with a dangerous tone in her voice.

"Sort of. In camp we started a game but it got raided before we got anywhere." I confessed, drawing a laugh from the guys. "Laugh it up, go ahead. Have you guys played it to completion?"

That shut them up.

"I'll get the cards," Linda said.

"What?" Sue almost leaped out of her chair. Karen echoed her moments later.

If Karen's gossip was to be believed, Sue had never done more than kissed. Not even a hand-job for poor Tom's troubles. I wasn't surprised that she was against the idea.

"Come on." Linda urged, "We can't possibly graduate high school and never have played Strip Poker. And if you were ever going to play, can you think of a better crowd to play it with?"

She had a point there. We were all good friends, and nobody in this group would look bad in the buff. We'd all seen each other in pretty immodest attire as it was, and most of us had seen at least one other 'au-naturel'. Plus, we could all keep a confidence within the group.

Keith was about to say something, and I kicked him hard. He looked at me, and I shook my head. I wanted to grab him by the collar and shake him. Let the girls talk each other into it and we stood a pretty good chance, but if we acted like we wanted this, we'd be shot down in moments. This gave me an idea.

"It's pretty late anyway, and it could get a little awkward." I said. Now Tom was looking daggers at me.

"Geez, Jack. Don't you want to finish your camp game? We're not going to bite." Karen teased, belying her words with a nibble on my shoulder.

"No, you guys can't back down now," Linda insisted.

"So maybe you and I can play our own game," Keith told Linda, getting the feel of where I was going.

"Hell, just get the cards Linda," Sue finally spoke up. "They'll play or we'll just go home."

I couldn't believe it. The most likely impediment to this game getting off the ground had just threatened to leave if we didn't play.


* * *

We sat around Keith's dinner table, beers at hand, while I shuffled the cards. "How do we play?" I asked.

"How did you play last time, at camp?" Sue asked. Her words were a bit slurred, she was still drinking and was by far the smallest person present. Come to think of it, I'd never seen her drunk. I guess there's a first time for everything. Maybe a couple of firsts for Sue tonight.

"We played straight poker, and the winner could choose one person to remove an item." I told them.

"How did that work?" Tom asked.

"Not really good. We had five girls and two guys. We had snuck into their side of camp, and we were losing badly." I admitted. "How did they play the game you were watching?" I asked Karen.

"It was crazy. All the losers lost clothing. In like three hands everyone was half-naked." She told us.

"Ouch!" Linda laughed. "We're NOT playing that one."

"We could play with chips, and have to buy new chips with clothing," Tom suggested.

"Too complicated," Linda answered.

"How about 5 card draw, and the lowest hand loses an item?" Tom offered.

Keith spoke up, "There's really no incentive to win. All you care is that you don't lose."

"No, that might work." I said, offering up my two cents. "How about this, we play 5 card draw, with the loser removing one item. Also, the winner can make one OTHER person remove an item OR drink a shot. Their choice."

I watched them ponder that one. A little faster, a little more risky, and more incentive to win. Plus you couldn't pick on one person too badly.

"I like it," Linda finally said.

"Me too," Karen added, and soon we were all agreeing to play "Jack's Strip and Sip Poker".

"So deal 'em up," Keith said.

"One second." It was Sue. She wasn't backing down was she? "How many items does everybody have?"

We had to agree that shoes could be counted individually, and socks were counted as one item. We all had between 3 and 7 items. So the sevens stripped down to six, and we gave Linda, who didn't know where her shoes were, and wasn't wearing socks: a hat, and my shirt (I had a t-shirt underneath) to go with her dress, panties and bra, and we agreed to count her watch. We were almost ready to begin.

"Keith, what do you have for shots?" Tom asked.

"Tequila, Scotch, and Vodka," he answered, looking in his parents' bar. He pulled out the Tequila and Scotch. "We better stick to these, the Vodka is almost empty, and they might notice if we clean 'em out." The other bottles were huge, and only a third empty, so we probably wouldn't get busted. We still had beer outside if it came down to it.

Once we had played about half-a-dozen hands it became clear that Tom, Sue and Linda didn't know much about playing poker. They lost 2 hands each, and Tom was forced to drink twice. Linda had a shot of Scotch. I'd had a shot of Tequila, as had Karen and Sue. Karen and I played a lot of cards together, even if it wasn't Strip Poker, and I suspected that the two of us would have cleaned out the other four if we were playing for cash.

With two items down, Sue had on shirt, jeans, panties and bra. Tom had shirt, pants, underwear and socks. Linda had taken off her hat and watch. The next loss for Sue would be interesting. I was a little concerned since she was the obvious choice to chicken out.

Tom was already blotto, and was drinking while he played, on top of the shots. If he hadn't been a bad player already, this certainly wasn't helping. I hoped he stayed conscious. Sue had made a couple of comments already about his lightening up, but the dope was still downing the drinks like they were water. I couldn't figure him out, but he ignored all hints to slow down.

All I could think was that if I suddenly found myself with Sue, ready to finally toss a little caution and morals to the wind, I'd listen to her every recommendation. She was a real cutie - not stunning like Linda, or sexy as hell like Karen, but slender and pretty, with an angelic face, and short red hair that just had to make you wonder about how she looked below.

The next round Sue finally won, and told Keith to drink.

"I think I'd rather stay at least a little sober," he grinned, removing a shoe.

Karen to my surprise was the loser, and removed a shoe as well.

The next two hands went true to form, with Tom and Linda losing. Karen won a game, as did Keith. Tom lost his socks, and Linda lost her shirt - mine actually, but she was wearing it. Of course it didn't show anything since she had a dress on underneath it. They were all getting into interesting territory. Karen made Tom drink again.

"Love to," he laughed, making a boilermaker with his beer and scotch.

I was tempted to pull Karen aside and ask her not to exasperate problems with Tom, but I think my words would have fallen on deaf ears. Karen didn't really like Tom, and didn't think he was good enough for Sue. If she could get him drunk and embarass him, she'd go for it.

Keith on his win hit Karen for the shot.

"I think I'll pass this time as well," she said with a smirk, and removed her second shoe.

We were seated boy-girl around the table. I was at the head, and Karen was opposite me. I don't think there was any special intention, but we ended up with the couples sitting opposite each other, with Linda on my left, and Sue on my right. Keith was between Sue and Karen, while Tom was between Linda and Karen. Unfortunately, or so I thought, the table had a tablecloth, which was going to block a lot of the view if the game got far enough along.

It was Karen's deal, and although we were playing 5 card draw, we were allowing the dealer to call what was wild. She called deuces wild, which was nice since I pulled two pair on the deal, twos and kings.

Sue got the low hand. Another missed inside straight. She looked to be hesitating, and then, after a glance over at Tom, who wasn't nearly as interested as he should be, she got up and stripped off her jeans, giving me a quick glimpse of small black panties. I nailed Karen with the drink.

This time she accepted the shot, making a face afterwards. "God, I hate Tequila!" she gasped.

"So have the Scotch," I offered.

"Shit no! I hate that crap even more." She admitted.

Keith won the next hand, and Tom lost another one. He had to lose his shirt, and he nearly fell off his chair taking it off. Two items left for him. He was in trouble. Sue was offered the choice of strip or drink, and even though she was pretty obviously drunk herself, she drank the tequila, rather than remove her shirt and being left with just her underwear.

Sue won on her own deal. She drew three cards before she discarded, but I wasn't going to complain; she only dealt once in every six hands, and I didn't want to hurt any feelings. I think she wanted to keep playing, but would have chickened out if she was the only one getting naked. If that's what it took to keep her in the game, so be it. Keith lost for the first time, and removed his second shoe. To my surprise, and everyone else's I believe, Sue had Tom drink, making a smart ass comment as well. She had to practically wake him, and he still drank another boilermaker.

I dealt the next hand and, against my better judgment, I tried to find a fifth spade to complete my flush. I ended up with nothing, 9 high. It cost me my first shoe. Linda won, and did a little dance for us, before telling Keith to take a drink. He was still slowly sipping his beer, and was being unusually quiet. He removed his socks instead. I couldn't figure out if he was trying to stay sober, or if he was an exhibitionist.

The next hand was an early turning point, although I'm not sure who of us recognized it as such. Tom lost and Keith won. When Tom stood to take off his pants, he tripped getting out of them, hitting the table, and nearly knocking over our drinks. It was obvious he was three sheets to the wind. Looking green, he mumbled he had to go to the bathroom, and we saw him hurry off down the hall in his underwear.

"I think that last boilermaker blew the boiler," I told them.

Keith had Linda drink, probably revenge for the last round, and with Tom absent, it was Karen's deal again.

"Should we wait for Tom?" she asked. She pointedly looked at Sue. I was worried that without her partner, it might be the end for her. It worked out just the opposite. She seemed to make up her mind: damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

"Aw, the hell with him. Nothing there I wanted to see anyway. I'm offered a chance to see that ALL the time." Sue laughed with a toss of her head towards the back of the house.

"Best thing for him is to avoid a few hands," Keith chuckled, and we agreed to play without him.

It was a close one. But Sue's nothing queen-high just beat out Linda's nothing jack-high.


"Sorry babe," Keith told her, fighting hard not to smile. I lost that same fight.

Linda stood up and pulled her slip of a dress over her head. She was wearing very short panties in beige, and a matching beige bra. She filled it out very nicely. She didn't look to have a huge chest, but in her under things, she seemed to have plenty.

Linda was the real beauty in the group. A stunning brunette, with long legs and a drop-dead gorgeous body, I still wondered how Keith had ended up with anything that looked that good. And she was fun and easy to be around too! Unbelievable.

Karen had won again, and just smiled at me.

I took off my second shoe.

On the next deal, I finally won a round after having missed a few, and Sue lost with a pair of Jacks. She couldn't believe it, but took her shirt off gracefully enough. No hesitation this time. She didn't have a bra on after-all, she had some kind of slip top. Sue was a beauty, but it would have been a stretch for her to fill out a b-cup. Her fair skin was freckled, and when she blushed as she took off her shirt, you could see it was a full body flush. Keith gave a wolf whistle, and she smiled, actually perking up and preening a bit. It wasn't hard to see her erect little nipples poking through her shimmering silky top.

"Turn about's fair play," I told Karen, pouring her another shot of Tequila.

"If you drink that for me, I'll take off my shorts." She said playfully.

It seemed like a fair enough deal although Linda called foul. Sue dragged Linda off to the side and explained that Karen could have taken off the shorts anyway, and this way I had to drink. I watched the conversation with fascination, both girls standing to one side in their underwear. I finally got a good view of Sue's black panties, which were just barely covering most of her ass. Linda's panties were even shorter, and I could clearly see a lot of her crack, and the swell of her mound. She shouldn't have worn beige - there was an obvious dark wet spot in her panties; someone was really enjoying the game!

While that discussion was going on, Keith returned from looking in on Tom.

"He's passed out on my sister's bed. Luckily he made it to the bathroom before he got sick. I think we've lost him for the game." He shook his head in wonder.

"His loss," Sue said, with a bit of irritation in her voice. In all the commotion, somehow she and Linda switched seats, so that she was on my left, and Linda was between Keith and me.

The next hand was an eye opener. Linda lost again, and Karen won again.

Linda gave us a smile. "Well boys, looks like you're in for a treat." She reached behind her and removed the bra without any ceremony, massaging under her breasts afterwards.

"Damn it feels good to be out of that thing," she laughed, but her massaging became more of a handling, showing off those perfect breasts.

"Linda!" Sue hissed in mock horror.

"Jesus, Sue. It's just tits. It's not like Keith has never seen them. And Jack there gets to see a lot more than this!" She laughed, hinting at Karen's almost legendary bust. If Linda was a full C, I knew from a lot of first-hand experience that Karen was a very perky, very solid double-D.

Karen pinged me again for the drink, and I settled for the socks this time, not desiring to be overly dressed for this affair.

"Well," she said, watching me remove the socks, "now things are getting a little interesting."

It was my deal again, and Linda finally got the straight she was always looking for. Sue, to my surprise, had two pair. Looking around, I saw Keith looking at his cards in dismay.

"Oooh, take it off baby!" Linda cheered, as he removed his shirt, down to his last two items. Then she looked over at me, waving her card hand. "And why don't you join him, Jack?"

I guess I could have taken a drink, but I wasn't feeling all that shy, and decided to take her up on the offer, removing my shirt to the cat-calls and wolf-whistles. Ouch, back-to-back clothing loss.

Damn it. Karen was winning.

Sue's turn to deal, and the little minx looked at the bottom card, a four, and called fours wild. It didn't come as much of a surprise to me when she won again, with 1 four giving her three of a kind.

And Karen finally lost a hand.

Karen gave Keith a bit of a show, slowly unbuttoning her shirt, and easing it off her shoulders. He goggled at her overflowing bra.

"See," Linda said to Sue, "now THOSE are tits."

Sue was eyeing both Keith and I, deciding who to bestow her gift upon. "Which one?" Sue asked, looking to her partners in crime.

"Keith," Linda answered promptly.

Sue looked at Karen, raising an eye inquisitively.

"Sure," she answered.

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