Strip and Sip Poker: A First

byTx Tall Tales©

"You heard 'em," she told Keith. "Take those damn pants off."

It looked like the choice of liquor was being taken off the table. So while Keith did as requested, turning bright red as he did it, I took the bottles of Scotch and Tequila and put them back under the bar.

"Good riddance," Karen observed.

It was clear that Keith was enjoying the game. We got a quick glance at the tent in his 'tighty-whities' before he slipped back into his chair, the tablecloth hiding the evidence.

If I was a bit nervous the next hand, I'm sure Keith was sweating bullets. He must have offered up some kind of prayer, because he drew a flush on the nut. I had a lowly pair of threes but still had Sue beat.

'This,' I thought, 'could be it. Would she dare go this far?'

She stood up and quietly removed her panties, her slip top still hiding almost everything from view. It came down just to about crotch level, and she slipped back into her chair before I could even confirm she was a red-head all over.

Keith looked over at Linda, appearing a bit worried.

"Go ahead; I know you're dying to see." She laughed.

"Uh, Karen?" He finally said, nodding to her chest.

She could have teased him and taken off her panties, but she was a good sport about it. She stood up and turned her back to him, showing us her red thong.

"It's hard for me to get this damn thing off, can you help me?" She asked coyly, looking over her shoulder at Keith, and giving me a wink.

Keith stood up, his magic wand pointing directly at the momentary center of his attention, and unhooked Karen's bra for her. She turned and lowered it off her arms, partially covering her magnificent mounds before seating herself. Then she reached up and rubbed her breasts, her hard nipples standing up like spikes.

"You're right, Linda, this is so much more comfortable."

Keith was shuffling the cards nervously. I think we all recognized that the next hand was the killer. Someone, or maybe two, was going to be naked.

When nobody said anything for a good 10 seconds he dealt the cards. "Three's wild."

On her fourth card, Karen laughed, and looked up to the heavens. "Thank you."

I had junk. I held onto a King and Jack of spades, hoping for a high pair. I knew if Karen won Keith would be naked, and chances are I wouldn't be far behind. Hoping for the best I drew three cards. A ten of spades and two threes. I'd pulled a straight flush.

Karen drew one. Once we all had our cards, she jumped up and threw them down. "Read 'em and weep boys, Four Aces." She had a pair of aces and the other pair of threes.

Keith just groaned, and Sue giggled loudly. She laid her cards down and all she had was a pair of nines.

I almost didn't want to do it.

"Sorry baby, but not this time. Straight flush." I told her, spreading out the cards.

"Are you fucking shitting me?" Karen said, with a wild look in her eyes.

"Sorry." But I wasn't, not really.

Keith and Linda threw down their cards, and the giggling Sue from a few minutes before became the hesitant Sue, after losing the hand.

I could see she was debating quitting. I was going to ask Linda to take off her panties. I looked over at her, trying to decide if I should wait for Sue, in case Linda chickened out but Sue didn't. Linda took the decision out of my hands, raising her cute little butt off the chair and sliding her panties off and tossing them to me. There she was, the prettiest girl I knew, only about a foot away from me, completely naked. Her soaked panties were on my shoulder, and I could smell her scent without even trying, it was intoxicating. The gods were smiling on me tonight.

I guess that decided it for Sue. She took off her top, completely naked now, exposing small breasts with very alert nipples puckered up, begging to be sucked. She was beautiful, much prettier than I thought she'd be naked, and I felt my own cock getting desperately hard.

"Is that it?" Sue asked, sitting there, covering her breasts with her arm. "Do we lose?"

Keith coughed. "We could change the game a bit," he started. He looked over at Linda, who was eyeing him warily. "We could say no more losers, just the winner can make one person take off something."

"But we're already naked," Linda said, stating the obvious. The deliciously obvious.

"Well maybe, if you don't have clothing, you could do a dare." He said hesitantly.

Damn, this was a bold plan. The game had already gone far beyond anything I had ever expected.

Linda stood up, and her incredible body took my breath away. Her tan line stood out against her heavenly breasts, her nipples large and deeply colored. Her hips sashayed as she moved, and my eyes were forced to look at her other bikini line, noting that she was very closely cropped down there, a dark brown triangle, pointing to the promised land. She walked over to the kitchen and turned out the light. We all watched, mesmerized. Then she went by the living room and turned off that light. She closed the door to the hallway. Then she went to the wall and turned the dimmer, lowering the overhead light to not much more than a glow. As she walked back towards the table, I could swear I saw the sheen of moisture tracking a line down the inside of her thigh.

She took her seat again with a smile, and reached for the cards. "My deal."

Sue leaned over to me. "Jack, could you get me another beer?" I could see she was still embarassed to get up, and was in close to the table, her arm doing too good a job of covering up her goodies. At that moment, I'd do almost anything she asked me to do. As long as she stayed in the game.

I stood in my t-shirt and boxers, my substantial hard-on waving.

"Make that two," Karen said with a devious grin.

"Why not make it a round," Keith said.

I went out to the back porch, and found 5 beers floating in the melting ice of the beer tub. I went back and walked around the table opening them in order and passing them around. I was brazen, openly ogling each of the women as I gave them their beers. Back at my seat I took a swig from mine and looked at the cards. Four, nine, ten, jack, queen. I was trying to be cool, barely seeing the cards, surreptitiously peeking over the top and taking in Linda's incredible pair, and I don't mean cards.

Holding my breath I asked for one card. Linda gave me my eight. The Gods of poker were smiling on me tonight.

As a result, Karen gave me her panties, to Keith's delight. Sue and Linda breathed huge sighs of relief when I made the request. Sue made some type of quip, and I leaned over and whispered to her, "Next time I'm choosing you."

It was my deal, but Sue picked up the cards and started shuffling. Oh well, I wasn't going to cause trouble at this point. It looked like she tried to help herself out but to no avail. Linda's natural full house won easily.

She tugged at my T-shirt. "This has got to go."

I wasn't going to argue, and pulled it over my head.

"Oh, nice!" Linda said, reaching out and touching my shoulder.

"You're such a tease," I laughed reaching out and touching her arm, "Ooh, nice." As I rubbed her arm she twisted into me, making my hand brush the front of her exposed tit. I clearly felt her stiff little nipple. I wasn't in any hurry to pull my hand away.

"Naughty boy," she said, slapping my hand. But she said it grinning.

Karen dealt, and Keith won this one. Somehow we guys were barely hanging on. The odds were against us. But not this hand.

All three girls were naked. Unless he asked me to remove my shorts, someone had a dare coming.

I don't know if it was a cowardly thing, or a brave thing. But he chose his own girlfriend, Linda.

"Linda, I dare you to spend the next round under the table. Causing trouble."

It only took a second for her to slide under the table. The tablecloth effectively hid her completely.

It was Keith's deal, and while he was dealing, we could see that Linda was a real troublemaker. The other girls each squealed and shifted in their chairs after Linda did something to them. Then I saw a big smile on Keith's face for a second. I suspected why shortly after. As I requested three more cards for my sad little pair of 10's, I felt a hand glide up one thigh, then the other. Then her hand was rubbing my cock. I was a little shocked when her hand slid in my boxers and grasped my cock firmly, stroking it. When her wet tongue crept up the inside of my thigh I almost jumped.

Sue won. As she laid down her three Kings, Linda crawled out from under the table.

"I can't be chosen for the penalty this round, right? Since I didn't get to play?" She asked.

"That sounds fair to me," I said, trying to speak normally while my hummingbird heart settled back down.

And as quick as that I was naked. Sue remembered my little threat from the previous round, and chose to have me remove my underwear. Which I did, under the cover of the tablecloth.

We were all naked but Keith. He'd won. But nobody said the game was over. And I wasn't about to.

Linda dealt the cards. "One-eyed Jacks and the man with the ax," she announced.

When the king of Diamonds smiled at me from my hand, I smiled back.

My three of a kind beat Karen's. She was never going to forgive me for just beating her out time after time.

"Sue, remember what Linda did?" I asked her, smiling devilishly.

"Yes," she answered slowly, cautiously.

"Your turn. Show her up."

I watched her take a deep breath, steeling herself for the job. She was a trooper, and slid under the table without a complaint. My deal.

Sue was a bundle of surprises. It wasn't even a few moments before she got Keith to jump in his chair. I didn't notice any response from Karen or Linda, so I think she was giving him all her attention there for a while.

But I wasn't ignored. And when I got some attention, it was hard to miss. She slid her hands up my legs, all around my erection without actually touching it. I could feel her cheek resting against my inner leg just above the knee, and her breath was warm against my balls. At last her finger traced a line up my cock, and then slowly encircled it. I felt her lips pressed against my leg, just a few inches away. Then, most surprisingly, I felt her tongue trace a line up my leg, and then slowly up the length of my cock. I desperately wanted her to take me in her mouth, but she never went that far. I was barely able to deal out the cards properly. Luckily the hand finished quickly with Karen winning, or I would have lost it.

She looked over to Keith and he got the message. He had his underwear off before Sue was all the way back in her seat. He was the last. We were finally all naked.

We all were a little edgy, waiting to see if someone would call off the game, or whatever it had become. Then Sue broke the ice.

"My deal, right?"

It was, and she was up to her tricks again. And better at it this time. Deuces wild, she had two again. "Gee Jack, I guess it's your turn 'down-under'. Why don't you make it two hands, this time?"

It didn't take anyone long to realize the implication of that. Next hand, with everyone naked, I'd be sharing the space under the table with someone.

I took my medicine like a man, and crawled under the table. It was very dark and a little stuffy. If I had any doubts as to their intentions or willingness, it was all cleared up now. Two of the three girls were sitting on the front edge of their chairs, their knees wide, and their feet tucked back out of the way. Sue's legs were open a bit, but crossed at the ankles.

What's a man to do?

Since it was Karen's deal, I left her for last. I couldn't resist going to Linda. I had lusted for her so badly and for so long and here she was, seemingly offering her treasures up to me. I left a trail of kisses up her thighs before using my hands to caress her closely cropped pussy. She was as wet as I had thought, and I rubbed her juices up and down her lips before opening her up and blowing lightly across her clit. I leaned forward and gave her a small kiss, lips to lips, and one long lick, before heading over to Sue.

Naughty Sue. She had sent me here, and I was going to make the most of my one opportunity. I reached down and uncrossed her legs, gently spreading them apart. She didn't fight me at all. I slid my hands under her ass and gave her a sudden tug forward, right to the edge of the seat. I heard her gasp, eliciting a giggle from the rest of the crowd. That gasp seemed to release a lot of tension, and I heard a little joking going on as I brought my mouth up to the edge of her honeypot, blowing gently across her skin. Her legs opened a tad more, just the invitation I was looking for. I dove in, licking her solidly from top to bottom, eliciting another "Oh!" from her. Then I penetrated her with my tongue, and sucked on her tiny clit. One last nibble on her tender clit, and I left her for my Karen.

It sounded like they were almost done drawing cards, so I didn't have much time. I reached out and rubbed her, nibbling on her thigh as I let my fingers penetrate her. This time it was her turn to gasp, bringing out another chorus of giggles.

"Poor Keith," I heard Sue tease, "no attention for you, poor baby?"

Hearing that, I couldn't resist. With two fingers buried inside Karen's gash, I reached over and thumped Keith's stiff cock with my middle finger. He almost jumped out of his chair, which broke everybody up.

I went back to fingering Karen, until I felt hands on my back. I turned to find Linda under there with me.

I wanted her so badly, and I was so fucking worked up that I just went for it. I took her face in mine and kissed her fiercely, running my hands up and down her body. She finally broke it off, and went to give Keith some oral attention. I watched in awe as she licked his shaft. Then she raised her butt up and looked over her shoulder at me.

It was an undeniable offer. I crawled up behind her just looking at that incredible ass, so perfectly round and bare. Stroking her cheeks, cupping them in my hands, I leaned over to taste her, but the angle was bad, and I was barely able to lick her ass, never mind that tempting pussy. I crawled forward, my thighs pressed against the back of hers, and slid my throbbing rocket down her ass crack before lodging it at the entrance to her sweet tunnel. All it took was an easy push, and I slid into her. I could have died right then. Her twat felt on fire as I slid all the way in up to my balls. On the next stroke she sucked Keith's cock into her mouth while I fucked her.

My first threesome was with my best-friend's girl, under the nose of my own girlfriend, while he had his cock sucked - never knowing I was fucking her at the other end. I reached out with one hand and played with Sue while fucking Linda. I looked up to see that Linda was even naughtier. While getting plugged at both ends she had her fingers up Karen!

"Jack, you're done." I heard Keith say, and I quickly pulled out of Linda. Just as I climbed back to my seat, Karen crawled under taking my place.

I looked at Keith to figure out who had the deal, and before I could even ask, I was being devoured under the table. From the look on Keith's face so was he. We looked at each other smiling as our girlfriends blew us.

I looked at Sue, who caught my eyes for just a second, then blushed such a deep red I thought she'd pass out. She looked away, gathering up the cards, and I could see her chest heaving. She was no longer trying to cover up her breasts.

She pushed the cards to me, and I couldn't believe that I was going to attempt to play a hand of cards, in this state. I shuffled them up and quick dealt out three hands, nothing wild.

Sue was in trouble. It was two-to-one against her, and she was the weakest player by far. Yet I had to hand it to her, she'd made it this far, and took on every challenge.

She asked for 4 cards. I passed them to her, AFTER she had discarded her four cards. Just then my delightful blow-job stopped, only to start up again after a few seconds of bumping and rustling under the table. When my cock was engulfed by warm lips, I realized that the girls had switched. I was being sucked by Linda. The mere thought of it brought me right to the edge.

"Three." Keith repeated, finally getting my attention. He was slouched way down in his chair making himself available to Karen.

I passed him his cards, and took two for myself. I had 3 Queens and was looking in good shape. I was almost sorry. I wouldn't mind being under that table right then.

Sue had already turned over her nothing, Ace high. Keith was showing a pair of 9's. But I was so far gone enjoying Linda's oral attention that I couldn't even say a word. I just turned over the cards, and crooked a finger calling Sue over.

"Kiss me, until I come in Linda's mouth," I told her, "then under the table with you."

Her eyes were burning as she lifted the edge of the tablecloth, completely up onto the table. We watched together as Linda's perfect face slid forward, engulfing my fat cock in her red, round lips.

"You bastard," she growled turning my face and kissing me deeply, her tongue almost raping me in its intensity.

It was all too much, and I moaned as I felt the cum launch itself from my balls. Linda eased back just in time, taking my seed in her mouth, and not down her throat. She continued sucking, taking it all, and I had a lot to give.

"God, I could feel that from here," Sue breathed into my ear, breaking off her kiss. "She's going to have to show me how to do that."

"What about Tom?" I asked, finally daring to broach the subject that had been rolling around in the back of my mind.

"Fuck him. If he can't stay sober tonight, with the wildest, craziest shit going on, and a chance to finally nail yours-truly, then I hope he doesn't wake up for a week, and I'm bowlegged before I leave here tonight." She sounded more than a bit angry.

"I promise to do my best about that bowlegged part," I told her, reaching out and cupping her small breast in my hand, flicking her puckered nipple.

Blushing, she giggled and said, "I'm going to hold you to that, cowboy. Ride me good. Hard and long. Leave we wet." With that she eased under the table, right there beside me, and was soon whispering with Linda over the finer points of devouring my sensitive cock.

I looked over to Keith, and he had dropped to his knees, and was fucking someone who was under the table. His hips were thrusting forward strongly, and with Linda and Sue visible to me, I knew that Karen was on the receiving end of his pole.

He looked over at me, and had the grace to look at least a little abashed.

"I don't want to win the next hand," I confessed.

"Fuck! Karen is hot," he groaned, ignoring my statement.

"Hell yeah. And Linda's mouth is the thing that dreams are made of."

"You ain't shitting," he grinned, slowing his thrusting.

I was being tugged under the table, and I realized that the game was over. I let my two new lovers drag me off my chair, and under the table. I was embraced and almost smothered under an ocean of smooth female flesh. I was feasting on Linda's breasts, then Sue's. There were hands all over me, and I was prodded and probed beneath the waist. I was able to get my fingers up one of the girls, but I wasn't even certain which. It was ridiculously crowded under there.

"This is nuts," I laughed, and crawled out from under the table, with Linda and Sue trailing me closely. As soon as we'd cleared the edge, they were rolling me onto my back, and Linda was lowering her finely cropped, pretty, brown-haired pussy over my waiting mouth. At the same time Sue was practicing her newly learned oral skills on my aching cock. I ate Linda for all I was worth, until she came hard on my face, almost choking me as she settled her full weight over my nose and mouth. I gasped for air when she finally crawled off, but wasn't given much respite as she and Sue traded places.

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