STRIP Ch. 13


"Oh no, we promised to wait." Bethany's face turned red.

"Maybe with your STRIP partner then? A little silent sex?"

"Oh no, we followed the rules."

Was Bethany a virgin? Her trembling voice said she was withholding something, or maybe she was still upset from her father's behavior. The pig! Dick had been a caring and skilled first lover for Penny. "Well, we need to take care of you, don't we? And I know just what to do. Come with me."

She led Bethany upstairs. In her closet, she fumbled through her nightgowns. "You're so zaftig, I don't know if I have anything big enough." She settled on a sheer flowing outfit that had some chance of fitting the busty teen. "Here, put this on and wait in the bathroom for my signal."

"But -"

"No 'buts' about it. You deserve to have a fulfilling sexual encounter. Dick should be home any moment."

"With Mr. T? Oh, I can't!"

"Yes you can, and you will. Now go!"

Cassi hurried downstairs to greet her husband. Finally, he could participate in their open marriage and give sweet Bethany some self-confidence. She heard the front door and opened it.

"Whose car is in the driveway? It looks like-"

Cassi took the milk carton. "Never mind that now." She gave Dick a long, hot kiss. "Did you know Rod has a new girlfriend?"

"A new one? What happened between him and Bethany? Say, is that Bethany's car-"

"Evidently he and his STRIP partner couldn't control themselves and went at it like dogs in heat. And at school, no less."

Dick's legs wobbled. He dropped the newspaper and staggered over to the sofa. "Quinn."

"You know Rod's STRIP partner?"

Dick seemed distracted, looking everywhere but at his wife. "He mentioned her once, a while back. Oh my God!"

"Yes, I was surprised as you are. Why couldn't he be subtle like the other students and just slip it in, undetected? But no, he went off on a rampage, at least that's what I heard."

"By whom? Quinn?"

"Now how would I ever have the opportunity to speak to her? From Bethany, or course."

"That is her car out front, isn't it? Where is she?"

"Upstairs. Yes, Bethany, poor girl, witnessed the whole thing. During their display, she heard Rod profess his love for this Quinn girl. Heartbreaking, really. Come with me."

Dick followed his wife upstairs. "You're right, its terrible. I wish there was something we could do for her. She's like a daughter to us."

Cassi led him into their bedroom. "Precisely. I'm so glad you agree. Come out, dear."

Bethany slowly crept out of the bathroom in a sheer pink negligee. She'd left off the bra and panties because they were too small. As it was, the negligee didn't close at the front, so she was practically naked. Her breasts were full and self-supporting. "Hi, Mr. T." She posed with her hands behind her, chest out, legs demurely crossed at the ankles.

Dick swooned and fell back onto the bed.

Cassi approached her husband. "What's wrong, dear?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Dick's fingers tapped the sheets.

"Honey, I think that you should give Bethany a lesson. Like you did Penny."

Dick's head flashed from his wife to Bethany and back, as if he was watching a tennis match. "You're kidding, right?"

"Don't you find her attractive?"

"Of course. Just look at her. Who wouldn't-"

"Then you have my permission. This will help her as well as us. You know-"

"And you're okay with this? Dick stood up. closing the distance to the barely clothed young woman. His hands came up and caressed her breasts.

Bethany moaned and licked her lips. His fingers dabbled with her nipples, which seemed to be hardening.

"Yes. Of course. Why would I have suggested it if I wasn't completely comfortable with the idea-"

Dick took Bethany in his arms. Hers surrounded him. Their heads tilted perfectly and their lips locked. She rubbed his back and his ass while his hands groped her all over.

"My my, I love your enthusiasm." Cassi tried to process what she was seeing. Dick hadn't been there while she had other lovers. "But be gentle, because this is her first-"

Dick spun Bethany around, threw onto the bed and ripped off his clothes. His penis was big and hard, fully prepared. "Yes dear." Bethany spread her legs, her labia an available target for Dick's throbbing erection.

"Take it easy, I said. She's never-"

Dick sucked one of Bethany's nipples. "I've got it under control!" Bethany poised Dick's cock at her pussy. With one lunge, he was buried full length. Bethany exhaled sharply then wrapped her legs around his waist. Dick withdrew and plunged over and over, taking opportunities to kiss and suck her breast mountains.

Cassi felt the slight tingle of jealousy. Dick and Bethany were having a good time. Perhaps too good. But wasn't that the whole idea? She decided she shouldn't stick around, potentially making the coupled couple self-conscious. Although they didn't seem to be shy at all. Quite enthusiastic after she gave Dick the green light.

Hearing about it afterwards was one thing, but witnessing their intimate coupling was another. But there was one person who needed to be chastised, and she was the perfect person to do it. She snuck back into the bedroom to grab a t-shirt and jeans. Dick and Bethany had changed positions, her on top, riding Dick's cock like a tittified cowgirl. Her pussy tightened. Bethany was a beautiful young lady. Evidently her large breasts didn't turn Dick off.

Cassi threw on her clothes and went out to the garage. Bethany's car was parked on the opposite side of the driveway. As she drove, she wondered what had come over Bethany's father, forcing himself on her. She and Rod had been a completely different thing. They both wanted it. Needed it. Repeatedly, over three days.

Cassi stood at the door to the Chaudri residence, a house too big for the lot. It was too bad, really, that Bethany didn't have a brother. That way, she could have offered him sex, just like Dick was doing with Bethany. That would have kept things symmetric. Mr. Chaudri answered the door in a silk bathrobe. Perhaps fresh from the rape of his daughter, he hadn't gotten dressed.

"My name is Cassiopia Treyshun. Penny's mother?"

Mr. Chaudri's face darkened. His voice sputtered. "Oh my! Yes, of course. We have seen each other before, I am certain. At a school function, most certainly."

Cassi burst past him. "Bethany came rushing over to our house just now, with a horrid story to tell. Do you have any comment?"

"Yes, of course. I am very ashamed. But I never would have considered doing what I did if not for your daughter."

"How can you blame Penny for this?" Cassi poked at his chest. "Aren't you man enough to take responsibility for you own actions?"

"Dear lady, did not you hear me? The fault was mine, pure and simple." He tightened the belt of his robe.

Cassi put her hands on her hips. "Hardly pure. So what does my daughter Penny have to do with this?"

"I will explain. But first, let me say how sorry I am about my performance with your daughter."

"What performance?"

"I assure you, when she came over here, while Bethany was at your home after our big fight, I had no intention on having intercourse with her."

Cassi was shocked. "You had sex with Penny?"

"Yes, just as she asked. Badly, I'm afraid. And she gave me the distinct impression that Bethany would be a willing partner, under the proper conditions. So, when Bethany came home, distraught about your son renouncing their relationship in public, I tried to explain that she was a beautiful woman in her own right. And when she refused to accept my words, I tried to show her, physically. I admit, I got carried away."

Cassi was still back at his previous confession. "You had sex with my daughter, and with your daughter at Penny's suggestion?"

Mr. Chaudri nodded.

This threw everything out of balance. If Penny had sex with Bethany's father, and Dick was at home in bed with Bethany, then Cassi's indulgences with the young man on the train and Doctor Murphy still had no corresponding match-up. Mr. Chaudri's words echoed. "What did you mean, badly?"

"I am not very good in these things. I lose control when I perform. My wife avoids having relations, leaving me quite frustrated. That was another reason I took my sexual energy out on Bethany. A wrongful act. I am so ashamed."

Cassi had been excited with Dick before she sent him on errands. She got even hotter watching Dick and Bethany go at it in their bed. Heat flared between Cassi's legs. "I can't believe you and your wife haven't perfected the act of lovemaking by now."

"I am hopeless." He hung his head.

"It can't be that bad."

"Just ask your daughter. She will tell you."

She couldn't help herself. "I'd rather find out first hand." She closed the distance between them and pulled open his robe. Mr. Chaudri wore silk boxer shorts. Her fingers found a wilted penis under the smooth material.

Mr. Chaudri stiffened. "Dear lady, what are you doing?"

"I'm sure I can get you straightened out." Her fingers manipulated his soft stick until it gained girth and a bit of length. "See, getting better already."

"I have no problem getting hard. The problem is in using it effectively. Once any woman and I get started, I become unaware. My mind leaves me, and my body loses control. It is dreadful."

"You just need a strong woman who takes control. Where's your bedroom?"

"This way."

Cassi had to let go of his erection. Mr. Chaudri led Cassi up a curved staircase. The whole house was opulently decorated. The Chaudris had money and plenty of it. Rod was stupid to dump a beauty like Bethany, especially with her wealth.

The bed was a four-poster, five if you counted Mr. Chaudri's wood. She pulled off her jeans, which she'd worn without panties. "Climb up here. Get in position." He let his robe and shorts drop. Although it was smaller than any organ she'd sampled locally or on her trip home, it was a penis and it was hard. "Lay down."

Once he was positioned on the bed, she straddled him, slipping his penis into her vagina. "Mmmm." She rocked back and forth. Full penetration was easily accomplished. Keeping his cock inside would be a different thing. His hips left the mattress. Cassi stayed on, riding him like a bucking bronco.

"How am I performing?'

"Shut up. Keep fucking." His hands went to her chest. Her nipples were hard under her t-shirt and sensitive even through the material. She could hear the squishing as her pussy leaked.

Mr. Chaudri was slowing down but not softening. Perhaps she'd broken him like a world-class cowboy busts a wild stallion. He wasn't built like a stallion, but his energy was right up there. "How are you doing?"

"Please, I am so tired, I cannot continue to perform." Yet his cock plowed her swampy vagina.

"I'm not satisfied yet. It is your obligation to satisfy me, and any woman with whom you have sex. Let's change positions." Cassi rolled off and pulled him onto her, into her, lifting her legs over his back. She wrapped her legs around his. "Not enough." She grabbed his buttocks to keep their bodies coupled. As soon as she had his ass in her hands, he went crazy, thrashing and bumping his hips forward. Where had this second wind come from? Cassi had never enjoyed such vigorous and enthusiasm, uncontrolled as it was. "Go on, do it. Fuck me. Perform, damn it!"

Mr. Chaudri chanted something she couldn't understand. He slowed again, as if the moment had passed. But Cassi wasn't done, by a long shot. She decided to prod him, reach behind his ass and touch his testicles, to get him moving again. One touch of his scrotum and Mr. Chaudri renewed his assault, humping for a few moments, then slowing down. Cassi timed her testicle tickling so that he was in a constant state of thrusting. "You'd better get me off, or I'll get even more physical." She squeezed his balls. Mr. Chaudri became motivated, actively fucking. Cassi removed one arm from around his torso and slid it down just above her slit. The only was she was going to get off was diddling herself. "Keep going. That's right." Her fingertips toyed with her clit.

With one hand on his ass and one hand on herself near his groin, Mr. Chaudri gained enthusiasm, as evidence by the return of his radical humping. Despite the fact that she'd wound her legs around his, his body movements were too erratic to control. He hopped up and down against her body, his erection pulling from her pussy, thwapping against her lower stomach and thighs. When she grabbed his cock to put it back inside, a hot mass erupted all over her t-shirt.

He rolled off and laid beside her, his dark skin shining with sweat. He was breathing hard. "You see, although I can ejaculate, it is never inside a woman. It is everywhere except."

Cassi's pussy clenched, longing for a hard penis to satisfy her. She rolled onto her side, facing her failed partner. "You just need more practice. And I have a plan. You and I will work on your technique."

"You mean, we will continue having sex? You are suggesting an affair?" His cock, which had shrunk back to normal, twitched.

"No sir, therapy. Physical therapy." She reached out, letting his penis grow in the palm of her hand.

Mr. Chaudri shifted his hips, rubbing his cock in her hand. "But what about my dear wife? I cannot cheat on her."

Cassi had a brilliant idea, one that would even things up in their open marriage. "Don't worry about that. She'll never notice. My husband will keep her distracted."

* * * * * * * * * *

### An Original H M Tale ###

So, Cassi continues to make plans for Dick while she pursues other lovers.

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Copyright (c) 2011, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved.

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