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I was a normal fresher at university. Getting settled into the basic accommodation, may be best described as very basic. It had a bed, wardrobe, a desk area and draws. Guess that was all I needed. There was a kitchen shared between 9 others as well as a room with sofas and a TV in it.

It was a normal first term, the usual parties and getting to know the people who I was to be living with for the best part of a year. Plenty of drinking and general student behaviour.

I will begin by describing myself. My name is Fiona, Fi to my friends, I am nineteen years old, Shoulder length brunette hair and a very petite frame. I have had a normal upbringing in all aspects really.

It was a normal Friday night, apart from it was end of term so there was only myself, Lisa, Steve and Dave still at the flat, the rest had gone home for the holidays. We had had late lessons that Friday so were going back home the following Monday when the train fares were cheaper. We were all watching TV which to be honest was very dull as there was very little to watch. It was Steve who broke the silence and suggested that we played a strip game.

Lisa and Dave said yes immediately sitting upright, so all eyes turned to me, who was quite shocked to tell you the truth. I was a little interested I must admit, both Dave and Steve were hardly bad looking, both had athletic builds and on the occasion I had seen them walking round the flat in underwear it was a very nice sight. Then my mind went back to the thought of what if I lost. I pondered for a while and answered with a question, asking what would we be going down too, what game would we play and would it be teams or everyone for themselves.

Steve answered "If by "what would we be going down to" means would the losers underwear be coming off the answer is yes, losers would be naked. Strip monopoly is fun, but any game we all know how to play really, and teams or everyone for themselves is fine"

After careful consideration and a fair amount of persuasion I agreed as long as it was teams and we all had equal in terms of items. We went through the rules which Steve seemed to know rather well for my liking, but he claimed he had never played it before. The rules were as follows: Standard monopoly game, 2 teams, girls vs boys. If a member of the same team landed on your property you couldn't charge them. If you were getting short on money you could either sell clothes, or just borrow against them. If you sold them they came off immediately, if you borrowed against them you kept them on for as long as the money gained from that transaction lasts. You can buy back sold clothes for item cost + 50%, you can unborrow against clothes for item cost + 10%. The only exception was for your last item, this you got the full amount for it when borrowing against it, so when that money ran out you were naked. The losers properties were transferred to the person who took their last money but all without houses / hotels and mortgaged

The agreed prices for the girls items were: Top = $500 sale, $250 borrow against Trousers / Skirt = $1000 sale, $500 borrow against Bra = $1500 sale, $750 borrow against Knickers = $2500 borrow against

The agreed prices for the boys items were: Top = $1500 sale, $750 borrow against Trousers = $1500 sale, $750 borrow against Boxers = $2500 borrow against The higher price for the Top as they didn't have 4 items on and we refused to only wear 3, claiming that we had more to hide.

At the end of the game the losers had to stay naked till they went home. Which considering it was Friday night was 2 full days of being nude, the losers also had to do various forfeits, anything goes, but agreement has to be got before hand if they involved touching. Who does the forfeit would be decided by paper scissors stone.

I went back to my room to get some more alcohol as I had a feeling I may need it for the bravery, while I was there I also changed into some "nicer and matching" underwear that was just in-case. By the time I had got back the game was set-up on the floor and the other 3 were sat round it waiting for me. Me and Lisa had a quick whispering discussion so the boys couldn't hear us and agreed to sell our tops and maybe borrow against our trousers to get property on the buying stage of the game

I was quite nervous and I was sure that the others could hear my heart racing with nervous excitement. I had never been in this situation before. The realisation was setting in that I was about to play a game with people I had only known for a couple of months which if I lost involved me being naked in front of them. At the same time I was excited as well, it felt naughty the thought of what I was doing. It may not sound that exciting to a lot of you, but I had only been seen naked by an ex boyfriend in my life, obviously not including when I was a child. I was jolted out of my deep thought by Lisa asking if we were all ready to begin.

We all shuffled around the board to get comfier, the starting money got handed out, the rules got reiterated and the game began. I am sure you all know that monopoly is a slow game, so turn by turn would get a little boring. I will instead just concentrate on the high lights, or low lights depending on your team.

The properties at the end of the buying rounds were quite even with value and amount, which I was quite annoyed about as both Lisa and myself had sold our tops and Lisa had borrowed against her trousers to afford to buy one of the sets of properties off one of the boys. I was very conscious I was showing my bra to all to see, Lisa was more concerned she only had a few hundred left of the money borrowed from her trousers. The boys in comparison were in a good position. Only Steve had sold his top and Dave was fully clothed, although he didn't have much money left so unless he was lucky his top was going to come off in the opening few rounds (hopefully). Incidentally Steve looked very sexy topless, nicely toned and muscley.

Before the game began Dave smiled at me and Lisa and said "If you give up now we will let you keep your knickers on". Lisa just laughed and told him to f**k off, I stuck my finger up at him, although his words brought back the realisation that my knickers could be on the floor in a couple of hours. Anyway, the game began as I predicted Dave lost his top early on to me, which I was happy about. Unfortunately Lisa lost her trousers and had to decide whether to borrow against her bra of sell it as she still owed Steve $200. he said that if she sold the bra he would let her off the rest of the charges. To my amazement she reached up behind her back and unclipped the bra, hunching her shoulders so it fell forwards and off exposing her breasts.

I am not a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination, but she had amazing breasts, she must have been a large C cup, if not a D cup and her breasts didn't drop down at all when not supported by the bra. I had to consciously stop myself staring as they were frankly, amazingly nice. The effect on the boys was similar, only I could see the start of a pair trouser tents as they responded as nature intended, which set my imagination off, how big were they, would they get hard if they lost etc. etc.

Steve, as promised let Lisa off the $200 she owed him, which although it gave her slightly more money, it didn't do much to hide the fact she was only wearing her knickers. Seeing her sat there half naked as though nothing was wrong was strange to me. It also got me thinking how I would react to it, what if I started losing, she was so confident and I was nervous sat in front of them only showing my bra. Then it hit me, what if Lisa lost and the boys got all her properties as well, even mortgaged they would probably have enough money to at least pay off the mortgage then it would just be how long it took for me to be naked.

"Fi!!", oh, you are back, welcome. You seriously zoned out then thought you were going to be sick you went very white.

I insisted I was okay, jolted out of deep thought again we took a break for getting more drinks and for me to get a fresh bottle of orange for my ever decreasing volume of vodka. While the boys were away I said to Lisa about the situation that she lost. Lisa simply responded with we had better make sure we didn't lose then. Which didn't do much to make me feel better, although looking back there wasn't much else that could be said.

The game continued and the pace slowed down, or it may have been my perception of time as the vodka was starting to take hold. The game went on and we finally got Dave down to just his boxers, even though I had seen it before this time it felt naughtier, and not just because he was sporting a rather healthy hard on. Which me and Lisa commented on causing him to blush slightly which I found adorable.

My money was staying stable, I borrowed against my trousers on occasion but could soon pay the loan back to secure them again. Lisa was starting to get in trouble, she had borrowed against her knickers and was down to a $1000 or so. I looked at her with the "oh shit" eyes. She shook her head so the boys didn't notice and we both knew it was just a matter of time. Then it happened, Lisa landed on one of the green properties, I forget which one it was as from where I was sitting it didn't really matter. The colour from her face just drained as Dave thumped the air in celebration, commenting that I bet she wishes she stripped to knickers at the start. She just looked at him and hugged her knees. She was about to start to protest when Steve just told her to stand up, take the knickers off and go and get the drinks in.

She stood up and hooked her fingers into her knickers, she faced us all as she pulled the back of them down exposing her bum that we couldn't see but keeping her pussy covered, she then visibly took a deep breath, closed her eyes and slid them down. I couldn't help but notice that her breasts still hardly moved even when bent over stepping out of her knickers before throwing them at Dave who caught them and held them for a bit and commenting on how he liked the feel of still warm knickers. As she stood up again I found my self staring again, she was totally shaved, totally naked and she looked really really sexy. Again I would like to reiterate that I am not a lesbian and I don't fancy girls, but the sight truly was amazingly sexy. Her perfectly shaved pussy, her perfect breasts and as she turned round as requested her amazing arse was truly a sight to behold.

I broke my stare long before the two boys did which was only broken when I commented that it looked like Dave's cock was making a break for freedom. Seriously stretching at his boxers. For the record he looked big. Both Dave and Steve started to collect all Lisa's properties as I counted my money and tried desperately to think of a way out of the inevitable ending that was staring me in the face. Lisa shrugged her shoulders as she put my drink down and smiled at me. I just smiled back, not sure why, but it could have been something to do with seeing Dave adjusting himself and his huge erection giving me a very small peak up his boxer shorts leg. He had nice balls as well, I assumed the other would be the same as the one he flashed accidentally.

My mind went back to thinking of a way out of this mess I had gotten myself into, which I edited in my mind to the mess that Lisa had got me into and was only stopped when Dave said "I bet you also wish you had accepted the offer to keep your knickers on don't you"

I just glared at him knowing he was right and although I was in a decent position of having trousers, bra and knickers to go, I only owned a 3rd of the properties and it was only a matter of time before I was as naked as Lisa was. In desperation I asked hopefully if they were going to offer the same deal, they replied asking if I would accept it, and I meekly replied that in the situation I was in I would seriously consider the offer. I noticed in the corner of my eye that Lisa has sat down on the sofa and had crossed her legs, as I glanced over I caught her eye and she mouthed "sorry" at me and shrugged her shoulders again.

I pressed for an answer, clinging into hope that they would at least let me keep my knickers on, which when I thought about it was still a poor deal in the grand scheme of things, but in the situation I was in, being naked apart from knickers was the best I could hope for. Their reply was what I expected, and it was highly likely I was going to be naked soon enough, they did say that if I wanted we could forget the game and I could just undress and start the forfeits. I declined their kind offer and the game continued.

It didn't go well, I quickly lost my trousers so was sat just my underwear, least they were matching I laughed to myself inside. Then the tough decisions, do I sell the bra and get $1500 for it? Or do I borrow against it keeping it on for longer, but only delaying the inevitable. My decision took even me by surprise. I stood up and reached behind my back and unclipped my bra, I knew I was no where near as full as Lisa was, my breasts barely needed a B cup, still, I thought to myself there is no point delaying the inevitable and I let it fall away from me. My breasts were on show, the cool air perking up my small nipples as my small pert breasts got their first public viewing. They both whooped and cheered as my breasts were uncovered, not sure whether they were humouring me or if they just liked breasts. I concluded it was the later, mainly for my self esteem.

I then did something amazing, or at least the boys were amazed, Lisa looked dumb founded and I shocked myself. As they were counting out $1500 for my bra from the bank, I put my foot on the money to stop them, they looked up and I hooked my thumbs into the elastic of my knickers. Incidentally my knickers were black, with a white band round the elastic with a small playboy bunny logo on the front of them. I pulled them down at the back just like Lisa did as I exposed my bum to Lisa who was slightly behind me which caused the front of them to go loose around my pussy. I could see them staring, willing them to move,willing them to move enough to let enough light past to see my pussy. So much flashed through my mind, what would my parents have said if they saw what position their innocent daughter was in right now, I wished my breasts were bigger, but the biggest wish I had, wasn't surprisingly that I never started this stupid game, but after seeing Lisa's fully shaved pussy, I wished I shaved, don't get me wrong it wasn't a wild bush down there, I was neatly trimmed and under control,so to speak, but the sight of Lisa;s perfectly shaved snatch made me wish..... As that thought left my mind I closed my eyes and pushed downwards bending over. The rush of cool air between my legs as my knickers headed for the ground, the gentle lick of the cool air around my pussy actually felt quite nice and I would have been lieing if I claimed I wasn't slightly turned on. The cool air between my legs made me realise I was a little wet as it chilled me a little. I was naked, in front of 2 boys and 1 girl who I had known less than 3 months, and to add to the weirdness of the situation, I was enjoying it, at least on a subconscious level..

I slowly stood back up, giving a full frontal view to the boys and a side profile to Lisa. I opened my eyes to 2 boys staring between my legs, my pubic hair in a short neat triangle, seemingly pointing to what they were looking at. Then alternating to my breasts and rock hard nipples. Lisa just said "nice arse, great tits" to which the boys agreed. I did the twirl and showed them everything god had given me. The feeling was somewhere in-between embarrassment and excitement. The 2 boys cleared the game away and I went and joined Lisa. Crossing my legs and folding my arms in a vain attempt to hide my nudity. As myself and Lisa were going to be naked for more than 2 days there wasn't much point really.

The boys took our room keys off us and locked our clothes in our rooms. As they said we wouldn't be needing them for a while. For the next 48+ hours our only privacy would be when they blinked. We were to sleep on the sofa, wearing nothing doing as they requested.

After a while we had all settled down to watching the boring TV again. I was getting more attention than Lisa, which made me feel quite sexy. My confidence growing I relaxed unfolding my arms and adjusting my sitting position so I was sat on my legs. For the first night the forfeits were quite tame, basically getting them drinks and food, laying on our backs and opening our legs and bending over, at about half 2 we were tired, and the boys went to bed saying they would see us in the morning, the emphasis being on the work "see". I sorted myself out for bed, brushed my teeth and settled down onto the sofa.

Considering I wasn't used to sleeping naked, I soon got comfy. I am more a PJ's and teddy sort of girl. I don't know if any of you have experienced it before, but after so long of being naked you start to forget you are naked. Maybe forget is the wrong word, I suppose you just get used to it. Lisa came back from the bathroom and got onto the other sofa after switching the light off. We started to chit chat about various random things and it inevitably soon turned to us losing. Lisa commented how shocked she was when I gave up and just stripped for them, I didn't let on that I was probably more shocked than she was.

The topic soon veered towards other things. I plucked up the courage and asked what it was like to be shaved, she corrected me by saying "waxed" and just said it is smooth and in her opinion looks nicer, immediately back tracking by saying she didn't think I looked bad being unshaven as it was trimmed, basically digging a hole. I stopped her and said I agreed, shaved does look so much nicer. She asked if I was turned on when I got naked, and I quietly and shyly said I had been. She smiled and said she was as well. I was beginning to wonder where this was heading, then the subject changed again after a short silence.

We were talking about what tomorrow would be like, joking about the predicament we were in, having a moan that we didn't get to see one cock and I commented on how lenient they had been with the forfeits. Lisa responded by reminding me they still had 2 full days for those, I just acknowledged it with a grunt. She then asked me if I knew what day it was tomorrow, I just replied "yeah, Saturday, why", she continued waiting for me to see where she was coming from, it was then I remembered that the cleaners do the cleaning Saturday. Not normally a problem as they don't clean rooms, unfortunately ours were locked, with us not in them, both of us naked.

As she said there was nothing we could do about it, but we would get them back with a rematch at some point. I wasn't so sure, it was going to be a long and embarrassing two days

I was surprised how well I slept, probably a lot to do with the amount of vodka I had drunk. The following morning I was in the stage just between asleep and being awake it started to come back to me the memories of the night before and again I was starting to get turned on by dreams reliving the night before, my awareness not picking up that I was in the lounge area with no clothes on. I could hear quiet talking from Lisa, Steve and Dave one of the boys half stating, half asking "Wow, is she wet", and quiet laughing. Then I heard a loud CLICK. I was suddenly very aware I was naked. As I woke up I was laying on my back, my arms were above my head and one leg was straight out and my other leg was bent at the knee pointing to the side. I realised I was naked, on my back with my legs open I instinctively threw my hands over my pussy, my fingers feeling my own excitement while my sleepy brain tried to work out what was going on. I closed my legs and sat up, opening my eyes. It was then I realised what the click was. A camera phone was being ogled by Dave and Steve. I composed myself and asked what they took a picture of, Steve threw the phone to me. I was looking at a full body length naked picture of myself with my legs open my labia was open with my wetness and my pussy on show. I glared at them and deleted it as I went a very bright shade of red.

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