tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStrip Searching Sister Girl

Strip Searching Sister Girl


Delores worst fears materialized when she saw the flashing red and blue lights of a police car. Two slender white cops walked up and tapped on the window.

"Was I speeding officer?"

A bright light flashed in her face.

"I see Big Matt has one of his bitches behind the wheel tonight." Officer Doyle was so milking white his face shined in the darkness of the night.

"Don't be calling me out of my name. I ain't no bitch. Yo mom's a bitch."

"Get the fuck out of car." Officer Doyle reached into the open window and forced the door to Big Matt's dark blue Cadillac coupe open.

Delores tried to push away his hand. Officer Doyle grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the Cadillac.

Delores screamed when she got slammed against the side of the car. "Get your fucking hands off of me." She tried to free her arms and accidentally smacked Officer Doyle in the face.

"So you like it rough," He said as he held his face. "Turn your black ass around and spread em."

"Fuck you." Delores said defiantly.

"No fuck you." Officer Doyle grabbed her and spun her like a twist cap. He forced her to bend over the trunk. "Spread your fucking legs home girl." He kicked open her legs as he pinned her arms behind her back.

"Don't you know that half of the police force has their eyes on Big Matt after his brother Mark shot up that bank?" Officer Williams added as he held a pair of handcuffs. He put them around her wrist.

"Get your fucking hands off of me." Delores took offensive to Officer Doyle using one of his arms to force her down on the trunk. She felt his dick poke into her behind.

"Are you carrying any drugs or weapons on your person?"

He had one of those stern white voices that irked the shit out of her.

Delores felt Officer Doyle clammy hands caressing her thigh. "Don't touch me."

Delores had on strapless dress that exposed a lot of her long, slender legs. Officer Doyle took his time and slowly made his way up her other thigh.

"Are you hiding any drugs on your persons?" Delores legs were cold but her inner thighs felt warm. Officer Doyle pushed his raging cock against her ass.

"I don't have any drugs on me."

"But you do have drugs in the car?" Office Williams asked as he watched his fellow officer's hand disappear up her dress.

"Stop touching me. Stop....Ah...." Delores felt his cold fingers nearing her pussy. She chose the wrong night to go panty less. "You are a fucking pervert. Get your hands away from my vagina."

"Hey, sister girl, you are the one that don't have any panties on." Office Doyle patted down her pussy. "Besides, you might be smuggling Big Matt's drugs in that tight black snatch."

"Don't move are you will be arrested." Office Williams screamed.

Office Doyle patted down Delores's ass. "I think she's clean," He mocked and continued to grind his dick into her ass. "Check the inside of the car."

"Let me up you dirty bastard."

"Shut up," Office Doyle said nonchalantly.

"My lawyer is gonna file a compliant against your racist ass."

"Yea, yea, yea, while you are down in the station you can explain Big Matt's role in a bank heist that claimed the life of off duty cop Frank Locus."

"What kind of man handcuffs a woman that only weighs one hundred and twenty eight pounds?"

"They are for your own safety." Officer Doyle said with a smirk as he continued to force Delores's face against the trunk. "I wouldn't want to have to arrest you for assaulting a police officer with those Freddy Kruger craws of yours."

"You are a sick pencil dick pervert. I felt you humping on my ass."

"That was the gun on my holster."

"No that was your little tiny pink dick." Office Doyle snatched Delores by the arms and pulled her off the trunk. He turned her around to face him. "You have some mouth on you. Do you kiss your Bay Bay kids at night with that cunt mouth?"

"Your momma is a cunt."

"You think you are some tough bitch huh?" Office Doyle had his right hand around her throat and his left hand gripped around her ass. "Once my partner find what we know is in the car then you'll little black ass will be hauled off to jail. Have fun fighting off all the dykes that going take a piece of your sweet black berry ass."

Delores was a slim piece of black berry meat. She was five-foot-eight with big breasts that looked extremely huge on her petite frame. So did her ass. She had some thick and juicy lips that dominated her face. Those good dick sucking lips that Office Doyle envision had sucked the come out of several of the home boys' cocks.

"Let me go!" Delores demanded in a strong manner.

"What's in the car?" Office Doyle patted her ass.

It was a black void of highway stretch. Delores prayed the someone; anyone would come down the highway with their head beams on bright. She knew that she played right into the cops' hands but she hated being called a bitch. Never give the police a reason to search the car. That was Big Matt's cardinal rule. But this asshole officer with his ghostly white skin and piercing blue eyes got under her skin. He was on of those tall, slender men with an arrogant voice and stern disposition. His partner was a block head with a football player's stocky build. She knew she was in trouble.

"Look, let's just start over, okay? Officer..."

"Officer Doyle," He said proudly.

"It's late and there is absolutely nothing in the car. I'm sorry I got loud and ignorant with you. Can we please be friends?"

"Oh yea, hey Shawn, I think sister girl out here wants to be our friend." Office Doyle yelled to his partner.

Officer Williams was searching under the backseats of the fancy Cadillac coupe. He immediately stopped and joined his partner on the side of the highway.

"How can you be a service to us?" Officer Williams stirred at Delores with lustful eyes.

"I think our new friend here wants to show her appreciation for the fine police work we are performing every night."

"I think we can accommodate her." Officer Williams motioned his head toward the trench that separated one side of the highway from the other.

It was a deep trench of grassy hills and cement bottom that served as the highway drainage system.

It provided the perfect place given the circumstances. It was much to dark for anyone who might have been driving by to look down and see what was going on.

"You take her downhill. I'll park the squad car so that it is hidden from view."

Delores rubbed her slender wrist when her restraints were removed. Officer Doyle snatched her left arm and marched her down the glassy slope. She slipped and broke a heel.

"Come-on goddam it," Office Doyle yelled at her.

"Okay, dam, a bitch is trying to walk in heels here."

"I can't wait to fuck that whore's mouth of yours." It's OK. It's OK. Delores mentally reassured her.

"I want you inside this whore's mouth." She said seductively.

Delores plan was to talk shit and suck both of the officers' dicks until they were spent. Men normally came faster when a woman talked shit. She planned on giving these two white boys the sloppiest, wettest, dirtiest blow jobs they ever had. She wanted them to be coming hard and too spent to want to do anything else put let her go on her merry way.

"I know you want my black lips wrapped around your little white cock."

"This is far enough." Office Doyle stopped at the bottom of the hill. "Get on your fucking knees you black bitch."

"I like it when you talk dirty to me." Delores licked her thick lips and lowered her knees until they reached the grass. She helped Office Doyle pull down his trouser and was surprised by the size of his cock. It was at least eight inches long and thick. "That's a big dick. You give your wife that big ole dick every night."

"Shut your pie hole," Office Doyle jerked her face closer to his exposed cock. He was hard and elongated and in the mood to punish this loud mouth black cunt. "Shut...." He slapped his cock across her cheek. "Your..." He slapped it across her chin. "Pie Hole..." He slapped it roughly across her lips.

Delores felt the coolness of the earth below her knees and a cop's warm cock pressed against her face. She grabbed it. It felt so strong in between her fingers. She tried to start off slow but his long, thick cock jack knifed through her fingers and punched at her throat. She struggled to breathe as her mouth bubbled up with juicy saliva. Her spit dripped down the burrow of his cock, down to his big set of ivory balls.

Office William hurried down the hill to join in. He could hear the throaty gurgling of aggressive oral sex. He saw his partner with his trouser downs and his hips moving. The suspect was down on her knees and sounded like she was choking. Her lower face was wet and some of her saliva dripped down to her breasts and left them soaking wet. Officer William quickly lowered his trousers.

"Hey partner let me get a piece of her."

Office Doyle had had one hand full of weave, his head tilted back and his hips rocking back and forth. "Okay, sure, partner, take this hot mouth whore."

Officer Williams pulled Delores away from his partners cock and long string of saliva hung from his dick to her tongue.

Delores stirred at the pair of huskier white legs and was glad to see them. Officer Williams didn't have the taunt physique of his partner. His belly was a little softer, his legs thicker and so was his neck. Office Doyle was long and lengthy and so was his cock monster that he fucked her mouth with.

"Remove your hands." Officer Doyle yelled and jerked his long cock monster.

Officer Williams handled Delores in the same course manner of his Partner Doyle. He rammed his hooked cock in Delores mouth and slid his angled cock deep in her mouth before rocking his hips. Delores swallowed down Officer Williams hooked beef. He had a decent size penis but it wasn't a long and thick as Officer Doyle's tool.

Officer Williams groaned like a man about to bust. He tried to his best to push his hooked pirate down Delores throat. It got him so hot to have a black chick sucking down his dick and fucking her mouth at his whim. The perks of being a state trooper.

"Let me take a shot at her." Delores felt like a Virginia Slim passed about and used up. "Wait....shit....damn...."

"Suck that dick down." Officer Williams cheered as her saliva still dripped down his hooked beef. Officer Doyle groaned deeply and stuffed his long white cock monster as far as he could in her mouth.

"You like that sister girl." Delores's jaw shook. Her mouth was being stuffed until her throat felt sore. Officer Doyle punched and punched away at her esophagus. He seemed to enjoy making her gag.

"Shit..." Officer Doyle's cock monster dangled down her throat. Delores bowed her head and emptied a part of her stomach on the grass.

"Home girl lost her lunch." Office Doyle gloated as his cock monster cut through the night air.

"Make her do it again."

"Come here you black bitch." Office Doyle grabbed her face and pounded his thick cock monster in and out of her mouth. In his eyes, Delores was not a person, she was lawless cunt trafficking death and drugs across his beautiful state. It was his right, no it was his obligation to tame this wild street whore.

He pulled her hair back. He wanted to look into the whore's eyes. The contrast of their skin excited him. The look on her face satisfied him. So much for a pencil dick he had a cock monster and her sassy mouth was sucking all over it.

"Mmm...mm....home girl wants to taste of white cum down her throat." He grabbed her by the chin and pulled her to her feet. "It's time to play pin the tail of the hood rat."

Delores felt her body been spent like a chamber of a revolver. She landed facing Office Williams. Officer Doyle put his forehead in her back. She was forced forward into Officer William's chest. He smacked her ass and tugged her hips back. She knew what was about to happen next. Officer Doyle wanted to fuck him some black pussy.

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