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Stripper Tease


I have no idea how long I've been lying on the bed, naked and waiting. I stare at the dull yellow rings from the lamps on the ceiling. My cock stands at attention from the steady hum of the vibrating cock ring. The leather belt buckled around my ankles and the handcuffs locking my wrists keep me secure in the center of the bed. My arm and leg muscles twitch from being stretched and still for so long. Thoughts of Valerie kept popping in my head. I remember where I met her, and why I enjoy her teasing me like this.

I stopped at the Club Pussycat to see the strippers. I knew a couple of women from previous visits, but there were always new strippers to see. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. One of the new women came over and sat next to me. She had shoulder length brunette hair and a sophisticated face. She was wearing a nice beige blouse and a dark brown skirt.

"Hi, what's your name?" She put her hand out.

I took her hand, and kissed it. "Steve. What's yours?"


I waved at the bartender. He brought a drink for Valerie.

I talked about my life and Valerie talked about hers. She had a boyfriend, but wished she could move out. She said she was stuck with him because he paid most of the bills. I got her phone number, and called her a few days later. At first she didn't want to date a customer. I called her several times before she agreed to a date.

I took her to a nice Italian restaurant. We had a couple of drinks and relaxed. We talked and laughed, and I had a good time. After dinner she lit a cigarette and we talked about her boyfriend.

We went out every week for a couple of months before she asked me if she could leave her boyfriend and move in with me. I liked Valerie, and I wanted to help her. She moved in with me, bringing her work clothes and a few other outfits. We went shopping, and she bought five bra and panty sets, three sweaters and jeans.

We went to bed tired and happy. I'd seen Valerie naked before, but she made our first night together special. We kissed, cuddled, and fucked. I held her in my arms as we fell asleep.

Our work schedules were so different that I hardly saw Valerie during the week. She surprised me one morning by cooking me breakfast. I knew she'd been up all night, and I was happy to see her. After we ate, we went back upstairs and fucked. I left for work a little late that morning.

We learned a lot about each other once Valerie moved in with me. I found out how much Valerie liked anal sex. I'd never tried it before, but I found I enjoyed it, especially in the doggie position. Valerie thought it was funny that watching her smoke naked or topless aroused me. She was used to smoking after sex, not during.

I was surprised the first night Valerie suggested tying me down to the bed, but I was so glad she did. She kissed me, lay all over me with her naked body, and frustrated the hell out of me. I discovered how much she likes to tease and how much I really enjoyed her teasing me.

Valerie tried lots of different teases. She'd tie me to the bed, and take her time with the foreplay. She could take cigarette breaks, and know that I'd stay hard watching her smoke. She taught me how to eat her pussy the way she liked best. She took my cock in her ass and controlled her orgasms, as well as mine. With practice, she could tease my cock for longer periods of time without me cumming.

Valerie's teasing grew more and more elaborate. She'd tie me to a chair, the shower rod, or the sofa. She kept me bound for longer and longer periods of time. One Saturday she bound me to the bed and fell asleep lying on me. My arms and legs were stiff for almost an hour afterwards when she woke up and untied me.

Valerie brought home a pair of handcuffs one night. She enjoyed locking my wrists behind my back and teasing me with the key. One morning she put the key in her pussy. She made it clear that I was bound until I fished the key out of her pussy with my tongue. I crawled around the townhouse on my knees following her while she mostly ignored me and went about her day. Every so often she'd sit down, open her legs, and give me an opportunity to eat her. She was lounging on the sofa after dinner watching a movie when I finally fished the key out.

We played the whole day when Valerie brought home the vibrating cock ring. I'd never seen one before. Leather straps buckled around my cock shaft above and below my balls. She tied me to the bed, plugged it in, and experimented with the different speeds. We found out the highest setting would keep me aroused, but wasn't sufficient for me to orgasm.

The vibrating cock ring lets Valerie tease me when she's at work. She called last night, around ten, and told me to lock myself on the bed. I could hear other women laughing in the background. I told her I would. After I hung up the phone I wondered if Valerie thought about me while she worked, or if she was too busy.

I went into the bedroom and got undressed. I took the vibrating cock ring out of the dresser, plugged it in, and buckled it on. I sat down on the bed. I took a belt, wrapped it around my ankles, and buckled it. I lay down, turned the cock ring on, and locked my wrists to the handcuffs chained to the headboard.

The vibrations from the cock ring cause me to wiggle my hips. I have no idea how much longer she'll make me wait. I know Valerie doesn't get off work until two, or later, if she has a lot of customers.

My heart leaps when I hear the front door open. I wiggle my arms and legs while I hear Valerie fiddling around downstairs. My cock jumps when I hear her come up the stairs. She drops her makeup bag on the dresser, and comes over to the bed. She kicks off her shoes, peels off her sweater and jeans, lights a cigarette, and sits down on the side of the bed.

Valerie tickles my stiff cock with her fingernails. "Did you miss me, darling?"

I look up at her and watch her take a puff of her cigarette. My hips wiggle to her touch. "Yes, I missed you."

Valerie laughed. "The girls and I stopped off for a couple of drinks. We talked about how I tie you up and tease you." She runs her fingernails up and down my cock. "They were so jealous. They knew you'd be lying here waiting for me."

Valerie turns off the cock ring, leans over and kisses me. My cock throbs after the vibrations stop. I smell the perfume behind her ears and the cigarette smoke in her hair as our lips press together.

Valerie sits up and takes a puff of her cigarette. "At least twenty customers played with my boobs tonight." She closes her eyes and puts her hands under her breasts, squeezing them. "I love it when a man plays with my tits." She opens her eyes and turns to face me, wiggling her breasts. "Do my boobs look good, darling?"

I look at Valerie and smile. "Yes dear."

Valerie grins at me. "Really darling?" She cups her breasts with her hands. "They're not too small?"

"No dear, they're just the right size."

Valerie leans forward and kisses me on the forehead. "Thanks darling. I know it's been a while since you've seen them. Would you like to kiss them?"

"Yes dear."

Valerie gets over me on her knees, holds on to the headboard, and hangs her breasts over my face. I pick up my head, but her nipples are too high for me to reach. She lowers her breasts until her breasts are just above my face. If I try to kiss or lick her breasts, she slowly pulls them up out of my reach. When she gets tired, she sits down on the bed next to me. She closes her eyes and squeezes her breasts and nipples with her fingers, moaning and enjoying herself.

After a while Valerie opens her eyes, smiles, and lights a cigarette. She takes a puff and lies down next to my side. She puts her nipple into my mouth. "Suck me honey. I'm so horny tonight."

Valerie blows smoke in my face while I suck on her nipple. I know if I cough, she'll slap my cock hard to punish me. After she finishes her cigarette, she pulls her nipple out of my mouth and sits up on the bed. She has a big grin on her face. "I did five blow jobs. I had five different huge cocks in my mouth tonight." She leans over and kisses me.

Our tongues meet and dart all over each other's mouths. My cock twitches while we kiss. Valerie presses her lips against mine until I just about pass out from the perfume and smoke. She pulls away a little and I catch my breath.

"Could you taste the cum in my mouth, darling? I swallowed every drop those studs pumped into me."

Even though all I could taste was smoke, I knew what she wanted to hear. I imagined the cum shooting into her mouth as I told her, "Yes dear."

Valerie grins. She lies down next to me, puts her head on my shoulder, and tickles my chest with her fingers. After a while she gets up and straddles me, her pussy over my face. "A couple of guys fucked me to some fantastic orgasms."

I stare longingly at her pussy until Valerie slowly lowers it on my face. I lick her flowing salty pussy juice. My cock throbs while I think about the other men fucking her. I lick and nibble on her clit. I feel her body shiver as the orgasm rolls over her body. I nibble and lick her through two more orgasms before she slides forward and rests on my chest.

After a while Valerie tickles my cock and asks me, "Could you taste the cum, darling?"

I smell the strong scent and odor of sex wafting from Valerie's pussy. I think about all the sex she's had tonight. "Yes dear."

Valerie gets up on her hands and knees and licks my cock. "You'd like a blow job, wouldn't you darling?'

I moan from the warm wet feeling on my cock. Valerie's scent is driving me crazy. I whimper, "Yes dear."

Valerie licks and sucks my cock like an ice cream cone. My hips wiggle and twist. I'm near orgasm when she stops. I whine and thrust my cock into the air.

Valerie laughs, picks herself up, and straddles my cock. She slowly lowers herself onto my wet shaft, taking it with her ass. After she takes it all in, she smiles at me. "One guy fucked me in the ass. You know how much I love ass fucking, don't you darling?"

I smile and answer, "Yes dear."

Valerie grins at me. "You get so hard thinking about other men using me, fucking me, don't you darling?'

My hips wiggle as I answer, "Yes dear."

Valerie laughs. "I'm such a bitch. I love teasing you so much, darling."

Valerie slides up and down on my cock, slowly at first. After she loosens up, she moves faster. She bounces up and down until the ripples running through her body force her to stop. She rides my cock to another orgasm before she stops, my cock still up her ass.

Valerie rests a while, and lights a cigarette. My cock throbs in her while she sits and smokes. She finishes her cigarette, and climbs off. She gets a hand towel and cleans my cock. She stops rubbing just before I cum. I helplessly thrust my cock into the air.

Valerie giggles. "Not yet, darling." She gets a bottle of baby oil from the dresser. She puts oil on her right palm, and rubs it into my cock. The oil feels cool against my skin. She stops rubbing just before I cum.

Valerie stretches her fingers. "Do you think I'm beautiful, darling?"

I moan and wiggle my hips. I want to orgasm so badly. "Yes dear, you're beautiful."

Valerie's face glows. She rubs my cock lightly. I feel an orgasm building. Just before I cum, she stops.

Valerie stretches her fingers. "My hand's getting tired. Are you sure you want to cum?"

I want to cum more than anything. I calm down before answering, "Yes dear."

Valerie grins. She puts more baby oil on her palm and rubs my cock until it explodes. My hips thrust up and down, spurting cum. She waits until I stop bucking before she wipes up the cum with the hand towel.

Valerie kisses me, unbuckles the belt, and unlocks me from the handcuffs. I unbuckle the cock ring, and the sunlight peeks around the window shades as we go into the bathroom and take a shower together. We go to bed and sleep into the afternoon.

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